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The state through its laws and society through traditions and norms put constraints to give equal
and respectable status to woman. But unfortunately our society is man-dominant society and
governmental failure is clear to give complete protection to women against sex discrimination
that caused many social problems and woman is suffered a lot and forced her for unwanted
decision that later produce complications for her remaining life. She is even compelled to leave
her sweet home either by choice or by force for unidentified destiny. For such women state runs
a specific institution called Dar-ul-Aman to provide not only a legal shelter but also a place,
where a woman can acquire a skill, an education to support herself or her children in future.
Dar-ul Aman is basically an institution aimed at protecting and reclaiming women who are
deprived of family support due to some reasons. Its purpose is to rehabilitate destitute women
either by arranging, reconciliation or by marriages after the decision of the cases.
The present study deals with a detail study of Dar-ul-Aman as an institution for destitute
women. This study also highlights the social and cultural barriers and some psychological
factors which were the basic reasons to leave the house of parents or of husband on one reason
or to other.