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BreAnna Franklin

CI 350


I. Analyze Learners:
Learners are in the first grade. They are in the special education program. There
are ten boys and seven girls. Seventy percent of the students are white; twenty percent are
African- American; and ten percent Hispanic. Of the seventeen students, seven have ADHD.

II. State Objectives:

Students will be able to cite the twelve months of the year in order starting with
the first month of January.

III. Select Methods, Media, and Materials

I will use a method to help with memorization. I will ask if anyone knows any of
the months of the year. The media that will be used in this lesson will be a CD player to play a
CD with a song about the months of the year. The materials I will need will be a personal
calendar for each child. Also there will be a month of the year worksheet at the end of the lesson.

IV. Utilize Media and Materials

First, see if any students know the months of the year in order. Then have the
students recite one by one their birthday. Then have selected areas for each month, and have the
children group together by their birth month. Have the selected areas go in a circle in the right
order. Then have each group recite aloud their month and have them do it in order. Then give
each child a calendar. After that, go through each month in order and talk about things that
happen in that month, the weather, holidays, etc. Then, recite the months in order aloud a few
times with the students. Tell them to study them and write them down in order. After that teach
them the words to the months of the year song and them let them sing along with the CD.

V. Require Learner Particiapation

Make sure every student is participating. Let students discuss the difference in the
months and what months are important to them and their family and why.

VI. Evaluate and Revise

To evaluate have the children do a worksheet that has numbers they have to match
with what month goes with what number. Give extra help to those students who did not do so
well on the worksheet. Give participation points to all of those who participated in the activity
and in the singing.