“When two of our friends, Eyal and Yael, were murdered in a cold-blooded terrorist attack, we knew that

we had to do something in their memory. Starting a social revolution that will bring about change in the Negev and the Galilee is our way of commemorating our friends.”
Dany Gliksberg, YOUTH FUTURES activist

Youth Futures

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More than 350,000 of Israel’s 2.2. million children are at risk. In response to this harsh fact, a movement among thousands of young activists has evolved which is devoting their lives to making Israel a more just society. YOUTH FUTURES is an unprecedented program of national scope that brings these two groups together to ensure that children at risk are given comprehensive, high-impact tailored intervention that will allow them to take their place as independent, constructive members of society. Through YOUTH FUTURES, young idealistic Israelis – university students, college graduates, discharged soldiers, young couples and youth leaders – lead intervention for children and youth ages 6-13, in personalized afternoon programs. Every one of these young adults is trained on-thejob and mentored to become a Young Educational Trustee (YET) for a group of 10 children. In addition, intervention for teenagers utilizes an array of excellent initiatives – programs such as Net@ and Atidim – designed to give youth at risk equal opportunities. The YOUTH FUTURES partnership in every location, aided by an educational consultant, reviews successful programs and matches them with each one of the at risk youngsters. Centers of Opportunity provide a venue for children and youth to participate in activities that will help them develop in the same way that children from more affluent families do in Israel and around the world. Each child and youth, in coordination with a YET, chooses a skill to learn or expand upon based on personal strengths and interests. Cost: The average cost per child to participate in YOUTH FUTURES is $1,500.

Opening the Door
YOUTH FUTURES is the first allencompassing strategy, based on a breakthrough partnership model, that targets youth at risk. Combining all available resources, YOUTH FUTURES is ensuring that every child at risk has

to a Better Future

personalized educational opportunities to fill critical gaps and put them on a level playing field.

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