AP Statistics

Unit 5 – Advanced Regression Topics (Chapter 9)
Big Idea:

Before performing a statistical procedure like linear regression, one must consider if it is appropriate for the
given data. Residual plots are helpful in determining whether or not data has a linear form and if linear
regression should be used. Outliers can potentially affect regression results. Such outliers are called “influential
points” and can even change the direction of the regression line. Although a data pattern may be nonlinear,
regression may still be appropriate for a subset of the data and useful for making predictions. Finally, a causeand-effect relationship can never be concluded between the response and explanatory variables based on the
strength of the correlation due to the possible existence of lurking variables that are influencing both of them.


Interpret the slope formula to explain the meaning of “regression” – Lesson 1
Construct and interpret residual plots – Lesson 2
Identify outliers as having high residuals, high leverage, or both – Lesson 3
Determine if outliers are influential points and describe their effects on correlation and slope - Lesson 3
Identify potential lurking variables and understand the difficulty of concluding causation – Lesson 4
Identify subsets of data that have linear trends– Lesson 5

Extrapolation, outlier, leverage, influential point, lurking variable, residual plot, causation, subset, linear trend
Project/Activities :

“Pasta Bridges”


AP Free Response Questions (informal assessment)
Unit 5 Quiz (formal assessment)


“Test A” and “TEST B” from publishers on units 1-3
Barron’s review problems

1. Monday 12/01/14

2. Tuesday 12/02/14

3. Wednesday 12/03/14

Before class:
 Get lots of rest and prepare for next 3 weeks of Stats!!!
 Video 44 and journal assignment
During class:
 Continue review problems from “TEST A”
 Lesson 1: “What Does ‘Regression’ Mean?”
Before class:
 Video 45 and journal assignment
 Homework Assignment – AP Free Response Question
During class:
 More Problems from “TEST A”
 Lesson 2: “Residual Plots”
Before class:
 Video 46 and journal assignment
 Homework Assignment – residual plots
During class:
 Continue “TEST A” review problems
 Activity – “Pasta Bridges”

4. Thursday 12/04/14

5. Friday 12/05/14

6. Monday 12/08/14

Before class:
 Video 47 and journal assignment
 Finish report for “Pasta Bridges” activity
During class:
 Review Problems from Barron’s
 Lesson 3: “Influential Points”
Before class:
 Video 48 and journal assignment
 Homework Assignment – Influential Points
During class:
 Finish “TEST A” review problems
 More Practice: Influential Points
 Lesson 5: Lurking Variables and Causation
Before class:
 Video 49 and journal assignment
 Homework Assignment – Subsets and Linear Trends
During class:
 Warm Up – More Subsets and Linear Trends
 Unit 5 Quiz