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Español 3AC: Unidad 1 Etapa 1


Este es un cuento real sobre
estudiantes que viven en Ann
Arbor. Explorarás 3 actividades y
las compartirás con tu clase. Esta
hoja sería estampada y entregada
por puntos al final de la unidad.
actividad por crédito extra!

Find out what happens when language STOPS being a class and starts being REAL!
Take a selfie and print it out.
Use the vocabulary from
descripciones personales to
write 10 things about
yourself. Be sure two write in
full grammatically correct


Find a picture, from a magazine or
online, or someone in a setting.
Write an 8-sentence paragraph
using Ser and Estar verbs to
create an identity of who this
person is. (What are they doing?
Where are they? Why? Where are
they from? What time/day is it?
Etc.) Turn in the paragraph and
the picture

Create a Voki or Fotobabble
using a childhood picture.
Record yourself describing
what you were like as a child,
what did you like to do, etc.
Minimum 9 sentences.

Attend the Día de los Muertos
Charms making event at the
Ann Arbor Public Library.
Either bring in a charm or a
picture of you at the event to
prove your attendance.
The event is Wednesday
10/29/2014 7:00pm-8:00pm

Make a scrapbook of your
childhood memories and
describe what you used to do.
Use 10 pictures minimum and
write 1-2 sentences per
M picture. Be sure to use the
correct past tense verbs in
your sentences.

Make a videlicious or Imovie
in which you illustrate 10
original sentences. Each
sentence must use the verbs
ser or estar or
preterite/imperfect in a
different context. Remember
the different uses for each

Read the story Katrina la
brujita caprichosa. Highlight
all the preterite verbs in one
color and imperfect verbs in
another color. Translate the
verbs to English in the
margins. Be sure to read
carefully to find all verbs!

Look up Guinness records.
Write 12 sentences using the
perfect tenses detailing the
amazing things people have
done. Be careful to make
sure you are using this tense
correctly in how you
structure your sentence

Research the Día de los Muertos tradition of papel picado.
Write a short paragraph (5 sentences or more) Then follow
this link (
to learn how to make papel picado. You must turn in a
paragraph describing the traditions, origins, and uses of papel
picado in Spanish and a papel picado for credit!!!
Templates for the art Project can be found on our class

Listen to the audio
description at the following
(link is on my website)
Write down the positive
and negative qualities that
María describes in herself.
Draw a picture for each
one. Write the word in
Spanish and the
translation in English.