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El Idioma


Due date #1: ______________________________


Español 3AC: Unidad 1 Etapa 2
Este es un cuento real sobre
estudiantes que viven en Ann
Arbor. Explorarás 3 actividades
para completar. Esta hoja sería
estampada y entregada por
puntos al final de la unidad.

Due date #2: ______________________________
Due date #3: ______________________________

Find out what happens when language STOPS being a class and starts being REAL!

Make a presentation (Prezie,
Powerpoint, poster etc) about
chores in your family. Who does
what? What do you enjoy doing?
When is it your turn to do things?
What about your parents/siblings?
Use at least 6 different gustarlike verbs and an 8 slide

Create a Fotobabble using a
full body picture of someone
or yourself. As if you were an
announcer at a fashion show
describe what the person is
wearing with a minimum of 8
sentences and using 10 of
the vocabulario: la moda.

Search Goolge Images to find
a Mafalda comic strip in
Print it out and translate all the
unknown words.
In Spanish explain the
meaning of the comic and why
it is funny or important. Also
write why you chose this comic.

Find a news article in Spanish.
You will need one that uses por
& para, so be sure to find a good
Print a copy of it. As you read
circle all the uses of por in one
color, and para in another. In the
margins write the rule that
explains the use of each one.

Read the following website and how
it details celebrating New Years
Nnochevieja) in Spain.
Create a Venn diagram comparing
how it is celebrated in Madrid and

Use Edu.Glogster or
Videolicious to create a vision
board about yourself 5 years from
now. You need at least 8 visions
for your future. Record yourself
explaining each vision in Spanish
using future tense verbs.
Be sure to include details, not just
simple sentences!

Write 5 sentences about how your
family celebrates the New Year.

Go to the following website and follow the guided
questions to write a letter to one of the three kings. While
you are doing this activity, write down all the present
perfect verbs that you find in the audio//writing and
translate them to English. Staple this paper to a copy of
your final letter and turn it in for credit.

Create a book or Pic Collage
with 10 New Years resolutions
for 2015. On each page/text
box write use the future tense
to write two things you will do
to help make that resolution
come true. Be sure to include

Send me an email or post
on social media and take a
screen shot about what you
did during the break. Use a
variety of subjects and at
least 5 of the gustar-like
verbs. Minimum of 12

Listen to the following audio
about Carlos’ chores.
Write, in English, all the
chores that Carlos does in
Sevilla. Does he like each one
or not? Why does he do
Make a list of the chores his
parents do when he is home.
What does he do and doesn’t
he do?