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Name: Khalid Jamal AlMahmeed


Tutor: Eman AlShamlawi

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The meeting was in 30/OCT/2014
Name of the interviewee: Nasser Ahmed
Nasser Ahmed is a School teacher who teach math in Omar Bin Abdul-Aziz Elementary school
(Government) in Muharraq. His major at university (UOB) was math. He was interested in teaching
especially young students because the education between 6 -10 years old is the most important period
for the human life. Like any other job there are advantages and disadvantages, according to Nasser one
of the advantages is challenging yourself, the teaching process especially for elementary students is
very hard but Nasser find that the challenge itself is what makes this job interesting. An example of this
challenge is being creative and interesting to seek the student’s attention but at the same time deliver
them the education that they need. Another advantage for this job is that there is no physical effort
and the salary is good for a single person. On the other hand, according to Nasser there is two major
disadvantages which is the pressure from the ministry of education, ministry of education want to apply
new programs and it’s a good thing but they do not give the teachers the time to prepare themselves in
order to be able to deliver the information to the students in the best and simplest way. As a result of
this issue, the teacher found it very hard to make the students understand the new method (Numerical
Culture).The second disadvantage is documentation, ministry of education require the teachers to
document each activity they do with the students which it takes a lot of effort to prepare and that
makes the teachers don’t bother themselves to create special additives to the students, this lead to lack
of creativity which will affect the students in very bad way. There is no routine in teaching because every
day the teachers have new materials and lessons. The atmosphere in the work depends from one school
to another but in Nasser’s case it was good atmosphere between the teachers and employees in
generals, they are helpful and understanding. In order to be a teacher in elementary school he is
required to have: diploma in education and Bachelor in the major he will teach to the students.
Furthermore, the teacher should have certain skills such as patience, persuasibility, class control and
communications. The salary as we mention before is good for single person but if the employee want to
marriage he will find it very hard cause the salary will not be enough to cover the family expenses (The
Basic Salary for a school teacher is BD560). This is one of the main reasons that makes Bahrainis avoid
this job. The future plan for Nasser is to be manager Assistant at school. The message that Nasser want
to deliver for the people who are interested to be teachers in future is “ if you are interested to be part
in developing the young generations in Bahrain and if you like to challenge the difficulties you will face

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in this career then you are welcome be a teacher but if you are searching for high salary and comfort
0this is not the place you want to be in”

Research: Elementary School Teacher
Elementary school teacher teach the students between 6 – 10 years. All teachers are required to
have Bachelor degree and education certificate that allow them to work at school. In addition, the
teacher must have continuing education courses to be updated with the latest teaching methods and
techniques. The average salary for school teachers is BD 7800 annually. The main skills required in order
to be competent school teacher:
1. Monitoring the students’ performance and development.
2. Using logic to identify the problems and solving it.
3. The teacher must manage the time to deliver all the information on every lesson.
4. The teacher is required sometimes to think like a young student in order to understand student
5. The teacher should have Patience regardless of the student behavior.
6. Good communication and teamwork.
(Career Planner, n.d.)
Most of the negative opinion about this job talks about the salary. Moreover, the community
nowadays does not carry the same amount of the respect or trust for the teachers as before. In addition,
the teacher feels restricted by the rules and regulations made by the ministry of education.
Furthermore, one the main issues that makes the people don’t want to be in this job is future dreams ,
people think that being a school teacher will not make them able to be in a high position in the future .
On the other hand, teachers find teaching children very nice and noble thing to do. Moreover, it is an
interesting thing being a teacher.

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Advantages &





1. Challenging yourself.


2. No physical effort.

2. Interesting.



Noble career.


1. Feeling under pressure.

1. Low salary.

2. Documentation.

2. Lack of trust

3. Low salary

3. Lack of respect.

1. A bachelor in the major you
want to be teaching at


Bachelor degree.

2. Educational certificate.

2. An educational certificate
that makes you qualified for




1. Patience.

5. Monitoring.

2. Persuasibility.

6. Using logic.

3. Class control.

7. Time management.

4. Communication.

8. Psychology.
9. Patience.
10. Good communication
& Teamwork.
(Career Planner, n.d.)


Future vision

BD6720 Annually

BD7800 Annually

School Assistant

being a school teacher will not

The future plan for Nasser is to be allow them to be in a high
manager Assistant at school.

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position in the future.

In my opinion, I believe that I have many gaps to be filled. For the qualification part, I need to
finish my bachelor and study education in UOB in order to get the diploma. There are few skills i need to
develop such as lack of Patience and time management. In my opinion, I think I could be a good teacher
in the future but after the interview I had with Nasser, I saw this career from a different view. As an
example, Nasser mention that the teachers are required to document every activity they make with
student and he said that it takes almost 80% from his time. Moreover, patience is skills that people
usually are born with which I am not. As a result I don’t want to be a teacher in the near future.

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Career Planner. (n.d.). Elementary School Teacher. Retrieved from

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Interview question

1. What do you do?
2. What makes you interested in your job?
3. What things you like/dislike about your job?
4. Tell me about your job routine?
5. Do like the atmosphere?
6. What skills you should have in order to be qualified for the job?
7. What’s the average salary?
8. Does the responsibilities divided between the employees?
9. What hazards you might face in your daily work?
10. Where do you see yourself in five years?

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