Real World Seduction 2.


By Swinggcat

Many a man has been at a bar, spotted an attractive woman, and
thought to himself, “Wow, she really works those breasts, bouncy
In an attempt to get to know the woman behind the mammary glands
(or just to take a closer inspection), he moseyed on up to her. But within
the first 30 seconds of conversation, he went belly up as she hammered
him to jelly. He walked away hunchbacked and long faced, wearing an
existential funk 10 times the size of his deflated ego.
When he returned to his friends, they harangued him with the
confidence crushing words, “Why do you waste your time on girls like
that? You need to go for someone in your own league.”
On an emotional level, he agreed.
Did his looks or age turn her off?
It’s easy to think so. Many women yap on and on about how important
physical appearance is. If you’ve perused online personals, you’ve
probably seen the heaps of female profiles warning: “If you stand below
six feet, rake in under a hundred grand a year, and sprout more hair on
your back than your head, don’t bother replying.”


W. Without bettering yourself.This can take a crippling toll on a man’s self-esteem. I’m going to be brutally honest with you: there’s some truth here. Although he doesn’t sport Brad Pitt’s Mug and Vin Diesel’s body. Forewarning: for the next few months. social status. endures condensed into a single pang. you could pay a plastic surgeon a small fortune to lodge two silicon fun bags into your rump. rare exceptions excluded. and skill with women. you need to practice the concepts and tools in this book ‘til they’re etched into your brain. If you want the skill and confidence to succeed with women others think are out of your league. (They only make platform shoes so high. Some of your characteristics are set in stone. I’m going tell you about a friend of mine beat with the ugly stick at birth who usually gets the girl over men blessed with model good looks. and acquaintances (and maybe even you) believe there’s a glass ceiling put on the types of women you’re capable of dating and attracting. But probably not in the way you think. Before you read any further. family. When it comes to dating and attraction. that pool is minuscule). However. Later on. every time your derriere plops onto a chair it’ll experience the years of agony a tortured P. Here’s what this book isn’t: . You cannot change every part of you. You may feel like I just ripped into your tender heart with a machete. Good news is lurking around the corner. your pool of women will not magically expand. confidence. The things you have the most control over improving – your confidence and skill at attracting women – have the largest impact on expanding your pool of potential mates.O. osmosis doesn’t reap results. I should warn you: this book may not be for you. This book gives you a roadmap to developing your skill and confidence at attracting women. for example. This unique combination determines our pool of potential mates (and for some of us. he has two things far more important: the confidence and skill to attract the women he desires. Your friends. you’re never going to be 6’6”. If you’re over 25 and stand 5’6” buck naked. All of us possess a certain amount of looks. personality. my friend. You may have your fingers crossed that this belief is nonsense. Don’t give up on me so soon. But just owning this book isn’t going to make you better with women. If you’re unhappy with your butt.) However. plastic surgery has come a long way.

I’ve included three real world examples of me spotting a female stranger and having sex with her shortly after. it takes less effort than lifting a finger to steward your interaction with her in the direction you desire. You understand that if you practice and implement the concepts and . The fourth section teaches you how to deal with women’s tests and barriers. emotionally compelling women to chase you). If. I’ve divided the book into five sections. You'll learn how to quickly gain Prizability. she’d take it as a loss. I don’t even mention these topics – and for a good reason that’ll become obvious to you shortly. you’ll receive a complete education on building sexual tension and Prizing (i. you can find truckloads of books covering this topic at a Barnes & Noble near you. A manual to pleasing.A guide to manipulating and hurting women: The secrets you’ll learn inside give you the power to play a woman’s emotions like a fiddle. The first section deals with Prizability in broad brushstrokes and dins into your brain the tools and concepts you need to come from a place of confidence and power with women. You’ll discover how to turn them into attraction In the fifth section you’ll learn a seduction formula that gives you the exact steps to go from spotting a woman you’d like to meet to doing the nasty with her. I’ve discovered that women universally feel attraction for men they perceive as the Prize. but and this is a big but… in a way that leaves her better off than when you first met her.e. you’re adamant about learning the fine art of ass kissing.0 is all about: Inside this book you’ll learn how to approach. and use that attraction to take your interactions with them in the direction you choose. To further din this structure into your brain. and winning the approval of women: If you’re looking for the secrets to winning points with a woman through kissing her ass and buying her flowers and jewelry.. you’re in for a big disappointment. In the third section. Through in-depth research. trigger attraction in the women you desire. giving you specific techniques for developing a magnetic personality and compelling women to see you as a Prize. What Real World Seduction 2. The first two sections pump you full of tools and concepts for emotionally driving women to perceive you as a Prize. engage. In this section. getting validation from. The second section dives into the nitty-gritty of Prizability. Prizability is having enough value in a woman’s eyes that if you walked away or didn’t show interest in her. Once a woman is chasing you. you’ll learn how to create Prizability out of thin air. however.

stop reading 15: Tests & Venomous Frames Women Create because Chapter you’re wasting both of our time. you will become better at attracting women. All Rights Reserved. Chapter 16: Women's Token Barriers Do I have your commitment? Chapter 17: Using Reframes Okay. Chapter 2: Obtaining Rock-Solid Inner Confidence & Congruence With Women Part 2: The Nuts & The Bolts Of Prizability Chapter 3: Intro Into Frames Chapter 4: Setting & Controlling The Fourfold Meta-Frame Chapter 5: Prizable Body Language: Non-Verbal Secrets To Controlling The Fourfold Meta-Frame Chapter 6: Secrets To Cold Approaching The Women You Desire Chapter 7: Vibing Chapter 8: Cold Reading Chapter 9: Storytelling Part 3: Prizing & Sexual Tension Chapter 10: Open Loops Chapter 11: Push-Pull Chapter 12: Qualifying & Challenging Chapter 13: Prizing Women With Physical Touch & Body Language . To Handle & Venomous Frames let’s Tests get started. right? Part 4: How To Deal With Women’s Tests. Venomous Frames. & Thaw Away Token Barriers Chapter 18: Using Outframes To Handle Tests & Venomous Frames & Thaw Away Token Barriers Table Of Contents Part 5: Putting It All Together Prologue: How I Became Swinggcat: The Lurid Tale Of How A Chapter 19: The Seduction Formula Dilapidated Gimp Mutated Into A Certified Pimp Chapter 20: Swinggcat's FieldThe Reports Part 1: Foundational Pieces To Becoming Prize Chapter 1: How To Develop Attributes That Unconsciously Drive Women To See You As A Prize They Want To Win Over Copyright © [2003-2009] by [Superior Living].Prizing Women Through Role-Playing tools in RealChapter World 14: Seduction. If you aren’t willing to make this commitment. & Token Barriers I want you to commit to practicing and implementing these concepts and tools.

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