The Giver

By: Lois Lowry
Student Workbook

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All about the Author: Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry was born March 20, 1937 in Hawaii. Her father was an Army dentist and
the family lived all over the world. She attended Brown University, but finished her
degree at the University of Southern Maine. Lois Lowry fulfilled a childhood dream when
she began writing in the mid-1970's.
Lois Lowry, author of over 20 novels and winner of the Newbery Medal (twice!), has
become a favorite author of both children and young adults. She has tackled a number of
topics in her literature including adoption, mental illness, cancer, the Holocaust and
futuristic societies. Whatever the theme, Lowry portrays realistic life experiences to her
audience. In her books, Lois Lowry throws her characters and readers into many thoughtprovoking situations about society and its imperfections. Lois Lowry told Contemporary
Authors that she measures her success as an author by her ability to "help adolescents
answer their own questions about life, identity and human relationships."

Some of Lowry’s books:
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Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye.
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Anastasia Again! Boston, MA:
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Anastasia at Your Service. Boston,
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Taking Care of Terrific. Boston, MA:
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Anastasia Ask Your Analyst. Boston,
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Anastasia on Her Own. Boston, MA:
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Switcharound. Boston, MA:
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Pre-Reading Project


Utopia (noun)- a. any idealized place, state, or situation of
b. any visionary scheme or system for an ideally
perfect society
In other, words, a utopia is a place in which social, legal, and
political justice and perfect harmony exist. Brainstorm:
What are some famous utopias?
Now that you have brainstormed some traits and examples of
utopian societies, you will be creating one of your own! You will
be creating a brochure for your utopia.
Before you begin, answer the following questions about your
1. What is the name of your “perfect” community?
2. What is the government like? How are society’s problems
3. What does it look like? What is the weather and climate?
Where is it located?
4. What do people in this community do to pass the time? What
are the responsibilities of each citizen? How are the citizens

5. How does this community keep up its “perfect” existence? In
other words, what is the penalty for rule-breakers? How are
history and painful memories dealt with/forgotten in order for
your community to grow and move forward?

Directions for your Pamphlet:
1. Front Right Panel (page 1, on the right): Name of your
2. Front Left Panel (page 1, on the left): Mission Statement of
your community. This paragraph should include:

a. The purpose of your society (why was it
b. Basic beliefs or rules of your society
c. How people in your society spend their time
and stay productive
d. How your society maintains perfection
e. Any other fun facts or features of your society
you may want to add
3. Left Inside Panel (page 2): Location and size of your
community. Physical description of your community.
4. Middle Inside Panel (page 2): Roles and responsibilities of
citizens in your community. Any details about education.
5. Right Inside Panel (page 2): Briefly explain how the
government is set-up.. How are laws enforced?
Pictures:Each panel must have a graphic (drawn or printed out)
that represents the topic being described.

Before you Read:
Directions: The following is a list of true or false questions.
Complete them to the best of your knowledge, circling either “T”
for true, or “F” for false. Then, write 1-2 sentences explaining
your choice. I would like to see how much prior knowledge you
have about the novel The Giver, which we are about to begin


It is good that the world is full of different people and different things. __________________________________________________________________ 6 .T F 1. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ T F 4. Others make them for me. In society today. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ T F 3. Kids wouldn’t be missing out on anything if they did not know their grandparents throughout life. We should always celebrate uniqueness. The perfect world is one where I don’t have to make any decisions. Families should not be allowed to have as many children as they want. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ T F 2. only the most educated should have access to books. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ T F 5.

If the government discovered a way to control the climate.__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ T F 6. they should use it. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Before you Read: Preview: Based on the cover alone (without reading the summary on the back of the book) what do you think The Giver might be about? What clues tell you this? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 7 . __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ T F 7. It would be better if people could forget bad memories that they have had.

Before We Read: Discussion Questions 1. What if you were only allowed to read books chosen for you? How would that make you feel? 8 .

Have you ever visited a place where you felt stupid or strange? 5. Does your family have schedules. or routines that are followed daily? What are they? 3.2. How far back can you remember? Have you ever traced your family history? Do you think it is important to know your family’s “roots”? Themes 9 . rituals. What happens when people do not obey rules? 4.

2. Individualism1. Memory1. B. D. “Coming of Age”1. Five of the themes have been provided for you below. 2. A. C. As you read the book. E. 2. Find a definition for each theme (or define the term in your own words) and examples of each theme as you read the book. Choice1. 10 . 2.The Giver is composed of many themes. Characters One of the aspects of a book that makes it exciting and fun to read is a “cast” of detailed and interesting characters. find four character traits for each main character and write them below. Feeling and Emotion1. 2.

D. 4. The Giver 1. E. 3. 2. Then write a sentence for each word. F. Gabriel 1. Jonas’ father 2. 3. Before you Read: Vocabulary and Spelling Words Chapters 1-3 You will receive a definition for each word. 3. Jonas 1. 4. Chapter One: 1. 4. Jonas’ mother 1. 3. 2. 4. 2. Intrigued11 . 4. C. 2. 3. 3.B.

Chastise- 12 . Apprehensive- Chapter Two: 1. Dwelling- 3. Recreation- 2. Affectionate- Chapter Three: 1.2.

Why was the community so shocked about the two planes that went over them? 2. What does it mean to be “released” from Jonas’ community? 13 . Remorse- 3. Bewildered- Comprehension Questions for Chapters 1-3: 1.2.

What is physically different about Jonas. What is the name of Jonas’ father’s job? What does he do at work? 5. What is a “comfort object”? At what age are they taken away from children? 8.3. In this society. How does Jonas feel about it? 14 . What does Jonas’ family do at the end of every meal? 4. how are families formed? 6. Describe the incident with the apple. which he also notices in baby Gabriel? 7.

Activity: Pretend that you are Jonas. The Ceremony of 12 is ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________. In my community. 15 . I am concerned about the Ceremony of 12 because _______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________. Fill in the blanks as if you are answering from Jonas’s point of view. the month of December is very important because ____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________.

Hasten- Chapter Five: 1. Chapter Four: 1. because ____ ____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________. Perspire- 16 .I am concerned about the Ceremony of 12 for my friend. Asher. Before you Read: Vocabulary and Spelling Words Chapters 4-8 You will receive a definition for each word. Then write a sentence for each word.

Prestige 17 . Solemn- 2. Meticulous- 3. Emblem- 3.Chapter Six: 1. Interdependence- 2. Transgression- Chapter Seven: 1. Relinquish4.

Benjamin? Why doesn’t he ever tell him how impressed he is? 2. What happens at a “Release Ceremony”? Compare and contrast a “Release Ceremony” to a funeral. Anguish- Comprehension Questions for Chapters 4-8: 1. 18 .Chapter Eight: 1. What is the “House of the Old”? 3. Why is Jonas so impressed with his classmate.

4. Who makes this possible and how? 7. What ritual does Jonas’ family do every morning? 5. Why does Jonas think that Asher’s family waited so long before applying for another child? 8. baby Gabriel is granted another year to grow. Instead of being released for not growing adequately (enough). How are people in Jonas’ community treated for “Stirrings” (having romantic feelings for others)? 6. 19 . Explain the story of Caleb.

What assignment does Asher receive? Why do you think they chose him for this assignment? 11. 10. What is Jonas selected to be? Why is this selection so rare? 20 .9. Pick two age ceremonies and describe them. What happens when it is Jonas’ turn to receive his assignment? How does he feel about this surprising turn of events? 12.

we have heard several references to “release”. So far. How does Jonas feel about his selection? 15. ______________________________ e. Where do you think people go when they are released? 1. ______________________________ b. 3.13. Give three examples of “release” from “The Giver”. Activity: As you know. ______________________________ c. ______________________________ d. The Capacity to ______________________________ 14. 2. in Jonas’ community a group called “The Council of Elders” chooses the profession of each and every member of the 21 . What are the qualities that a Receiver of Memory must have that the committee saw in Jonas? a.

like it is in our society. The rules of GCMS are written in your planner. which rules are needed? Which are not? 22 . Based on your answers to the questions. the 10-question quiz will decide what type of career would be best for This website will lead you through a career test.allthetests. Grover Cleveland Middle School. Would you ever consider taking this job? 3. What type of career did the quiz decide on for you? 2. Visit the website: http://www. and you had no say in what job you could choose? Journal Entry  What do you think of the community’s rules in The Giver? Which are good rules? Which are not?  Think about the rules of your society. “Choice” is not an option when it comes to choosing a job. In your opinion. After you take the quiz: 1. How would you feel if this quiz really did decide your

Don’t forget a topic sentence and a closing sentence! ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Before you Read: Vocabulary and Spelling Words Chapters 9-13 You will receive a definition for each word. Dismount23 . Then write a sentence for each word. Be sure to thoroughly explain your answer in TWO welldeveloped paragraphs. Chapter Nine: 1.

Diminish- Chapter Eleven: 1. Admonition24 . Quizzically- Chapter Twelve: 1.2. Alcove- 2. Dismayed- Chapter Ten: 1.

Irrationally- 2. What do we know so far about the person who was chosen to be the Receiver of Memory ten years ago? 25 . How do Jonas’ parents feel about his assignment? 2.Chapter Thirteen: 1. Indifferent- Comprehension Questions for Chapters 9-13: 1.

3. What will The Giver be transmitting (giving) to Jonas? 26 . How is The Giver’s dwelling different from Jonas’? 6. How does the female attendant treat Jonas on his first day of training? Why do you think this is? 5. Why is Jonas shocked by the directions in his folder? 4. How does The Giver explain his old appearance? 7.

and Fiona’s hair.8. What is “Sameness”? 27 . Why is there no longer snow or sunshine? 10. Why doesn’t Jonas describe his first day of training to his new classmates? 11. Jonas finally discovers the mystery behind the change in the apple. the faces in the crowd at the ceremony. What is the first memory The Giver transfers to Jonas? What is the second? 9. What is he seeing for the first time? 12.

What explanation does The Giver give for why people are no longer allowed to make choices? 15. What is the first disturbing memory The Giver transmits to Jonas? 16. 17. What warning does The Giver give Jonas about applying for a spouse and starting a family? 28 . Why does Jonas feel that it is unfair that he cannot see colors regularly? 14. Name two ways Jonas tries to share his new knowledge with others.13.

Activity: The first memory The Giver transmits to Jonas is a memory of sleigh riding. answer the question below. Then. Use the box below to draw this memory. How does this memory make Jonas feel? What emotions do you think he feels as he experiences this memory? Activity: 29 . 1.

the chapter and page #. Pg.Utopia Double-Entry Journal Compare our world with the community in the novel. Rules/Norms in the Community (The Giver) Chapter and Page # Like our community? Different from our community? How? Ch. Think of how they are alike and how they are different. Pg. and explain how The Community is alike/different from our world. Ch. List the example from the novel. Pg. Activity: Utopia Double-Entry Journal II 30 . Ch.

Why this example makes the Community a utopia Pg. Ch. write a specific example from the novel that shows what the Community does to be a utopia. Before you Read: Vocabulary and Spelling Words Chapters 14-18 You will receive a definition for each word.Use this chart to record examples of how the Community attempts to function (work) as a utopia. Then write a sentence for each word. 31 . On the right side. Pg. explain why this example makes the community a utopia. On the right side. Example from the book Chapter and Page # Ch. Pg. Ch.

Perceive- 2. Invigorating- Chapter Fifteen: 3. permeate- 2. Luxuriate- Chapter Seventeen: 1. shallow32 .Chapter Fourteen: 1. Contorted- Chapter Sixteen: 2.

3. Suppress- Chapter Eighteen: 1. rueful- 3. imploringly- Comprehension Questions for Chapters 14-18: 1. What happened on the sleigh ride this time? 2. dejected- 2. What does The Giver refuse to give Jonas after the sleigh accident? 33 .

34 . What happens when baby Gabriel sleeps in Jonas’ room? 5. Name three happy memories that Jonas receives after the warfare memory. Describe the memory of war that The Giver transmits to Jonas. especially hunger? 4.3. What wisdom is gained from learning painful memories of the past. 6.

8.7. What does Jonas learn and realize from The Giver’s favorite memory? 9. Describe The Giver’s favorite memory. What does Jonas ask his parents when he gets home that night? How do they respond? 10. How does Jonas see the world around him after so many months of receiving memories? 35 . What surprise do the citizens of the community receive at the start of the chapter? 11.

12. What does Jonas realize after seeing kids playing “good guys and bad guys”? 13. What does Lily think might happen if the twins receive the same name? 15. Describe Jonas and Asher’s interaction after the war game. 14. What happened to Rosemary’s feelings and memories after she applied for release? 36 . What is the name of the Receiver-in-Training before Jonas? What happened to her? 16.

17. what warning does The Giver give Jonas? 37 . Even though Jonas is a stellar swimmer.

compare and contrast the novel to the SpongeBob episode we have just watched. Also. How is it similar to the community. middle. take notes about how Squidward feels about his surroundings during the beginning. The Giver Both Squidville ____________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ . you may complete the graphic organizer below. and end of the episode. how is it different? Afterwards. As you watch the episode. take notes about Tentacle Acres. “Squidville” Using this graphic organizer.Activity: The Giver vs.

Answer the following questions in a detailed. sort of like how a grandparent may give grandchildren a happy or sad memory from their own childhood. Then describe the memory and why you might want to share that memory with a child one day.Activity: Memory Share The Giver gives Jonas his favorite memory. twoparagraph response.  What is a happy or sad memory an older person has told you? Why do you like or dislike this memory?  Can you think of any memories you would tell someone younger than you someday? Pick one. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ .

__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ .

Wince- Chapter Twenty: 1. Chapter Nineteen: 1.Before you Read: Vocabulary and Spelling Words Chapters 19-23 You will receive a definition for each word. Solace- Chapter Twenty-One: 1. Astonished- 2. Stealth2. Then write a sentence for each word. Customary- .

3. Exquisite- . Condemned- 4. Languid- 5. Vigilant- Chapter Twenty-Two: 1.

Lethargy- Comprehension Questions for Chapters 19-23: 1.Chapter Twenty-three: 1. what does he say Jonas is permitted to do to find out more? . When Jonas keeps asking The Giver about release. Feeble- 2.

How does Jonas react after he finds out exactly what release is? 5. What does The Giver say about “feelings” and who really experiences them? .2. What exactly is release? 3. What happened to Rosemary after she applied for release? 4.

Jonas’ first insight was color.6. What plan do The Giver and Jonas come up with? Why? 7. Why doesn’t Jonas allow The Giver to transit the memory of music to him? 9. Why is Jonas nervous about the plan? What memories does The Giver plan on transmitting to Jonas to help him with his fear? . What was The Giver’s? 8.

Who was The Giver’s daughter? 11. Why is Jonas afraid of the planes? 14. How does Jonas avoid the body-heat sensors on the planes finding Gabriel and himself? . What does Jonas decide to do once he has learned of Gabriel’s fate? 13.10. What decision has been made at the Nurturing Center regarding Gabriel? 12.

15. How does the landscape change as the days go by (at least three ways)? 17. How does Jonas warm Gabe and himself up once it begins to snow? . Why does Jonas begin to regret his decision to leave the Community? What makes him then change his mind again? 18. Why are some of Jonas’ memories become dimmer and harder to recall? 16.

Use the t-chart below to list both reasons why Jonas should not have escaped (ways the Community was a perfect place to live) and reasons why he should have escaped (ways the Community was not a perfect place to live). You decide to write a letter to the Council of Elders about what Jonas and Gabriel have done. . and trudging up the hill? 20. Write a letter either in support of or against Jonas’ decision to escape based on evidence you have gathered about the Community either as a utopia or a dystopia. What kinds of memories help Jonas move on once he is utterly exhausted. and realizes that they have finally reached “Elsewhere”. Jonas hears music very close by. You and your fellow Community members must suffer with the painful memories released after yet another Receiver’s departure. think of both sides of the argument. weak. Before you right that.19. Why do you think Jonas thinks that he hears music coming from the Community he left behind as well? What could this be symbolic of? Post-Reading Persuasive Writing Assignment Imagine that you are a citizen of the Community left to deal with the aftermath of Jonas and Gabriel’s escape.

Jonas should not have escaped! (Utopian qualities) Yes.No. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ . Jonas should have escaped! (Dystopian qualities) Now. choose a side and write a two-paragraph letter to the Council of Elders explaining how you feel and why (use your Tchart!).

2. Design a front cover for the CD that relates to the novel. place the songs in order and write 2-3 sentences that explain why each song was chosen. Requirements: 1. You and a partner have been put in charge of creating a soundtrack and CD cover design. to end. 3. Choose a list of 10 (minimum) songs (school appropriate) that you feel best represent the story from beginning.__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Final Project (Three options) Option 1(limit: 2 per group): CD cover and SoundtrackImagine that The Giver is being made into a movie. . middle. On the back of the CD cover or on a separate piece of paper.

I chose this song to play in the movie while Jonas receives the memory of sunshine in chapter 11. Must be in DVD form or uploaded to Youtube. do not wait until the day of.Film a movie trailer for the feature film based on Lois Lowry’s The Giver. 4. Trailer must be 2-3 minutes long. Discuss important characters and who will be playing them in the movie. 3.Write a chapter in the sequel (the book after The Giver) or the prequel (the book before The Giver) Requirements: 1.Example explanation: Song 5: Here Comes the Sun. Come a few days earlier so that you are not stuck with a project that doesn’t work on presentation day. by The Beatles. It is a perfect song to describe his newfound feeling of warmth and happiness brought by the sunshine. The sequel must discuss what life was like after Jonas and Gabriel left the Community. 2. Option 3 (individual project): sequel/prequel. The trailer must communicate the basic story line (plot) accurately without giving the ending away. Option 2 (Limit: 4 per group): Movie trailer. Requirements: 1. If you want to test that your DVD works. 5. . You must mention the name of the novel and the author at some point. The prequel must explain why the Community went to Sameness and the process that followed to get people to follow Sameness OR to be presented to the class.

How do both societies attempt to control their people? 4. How is population controlled in both societies? 6.3. Final essay the giver vs. and must follow grammar. How are Jonas and Luke similar? How are they different? 2. you will be examining the similarities and differences between the societies and characters in Among the Hidden and The Giver. punctuation. and spelling words. The work must be 1-2 pages (written or typed). Are both societies utopias? Dystopias? 5. with font no bigger than 14. How is food distributed/controlled in both societies? Requirements: . Points to be included in your essay: 1. among the hidden For this essay. What does Jonas do in retaliation against his government? What does Luke do? 3.

no bigger than size 14 Double-spaced (don’t forget to indent new paragraphs) Must be five paragraphs long: .Conclusion: 1 paragraph  Your essay must answer each of the above questions  Your essay must include detail and direct. . your class.Introduction: 1 paragraph .Body: 3 paragraphs . specific examples from both books  Your essay must be written in the 3rd person point of view. or “my”). “me”. and a title A readable font. (No “I”. the date.     Must be typed Must include your name.

Final Essay Graphic Organizer Question #1: How are Jonas and Luke similar? How are they different? Ways they are the SAME Ways they are Different Question #2: What does Jonas do in retaliation against his government? What does Luke do? How does Jonas retaliate against the government? How does Luke retaliate against the government? Question #3: How do both societies attempt to control their people? .

How does Jonas’ society control the people? How does Luke’s society control the people? Question #4: Are both societies utopias? Dystopias? Is Jonas’ society a Utopia or a Dystopia? Is Luke’s society a Utopia or a Dystopia? Question #5: How is population controlled in both societies? How is population controlled in Jonas’ society? How is population controlled in Luke’s society? .

Question #6: How is food distributed/controlled in both societies? Food distribution/control in Jonas’ society Food distribution/control in Luke’s society .