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H INDUISM T oo,,y was founded on January 5, 1979, bx Satguru Sivaya Submmuniya- PUBUSHEI: Satgur u Sivaya Submmuniyaswnmi

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Affirming Sanatana Dharma and Recording the Modern History of a Billion-Strong Global Religion in Renaissance

APRIL, 1997'
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Religious Freedom: Germany Reins in
the Church of Scientology 17
Cover Story: Sri Limkan Tamils Tell
Tales of a Desperate Diaspora 22
Lady Astronaut: Kapana Chalwa, First
Indian to Fly the Space Shuttle 34
Devotiorr~ Rudraksha Chariot Restored 38
Russian Revival: Tantra Worship
Catches Fire in Russia 49
Enlisted: Meet South_AFrica's
First Hindu Military Chaplain 52
fnsight: Lanka's Remarkable Mystic 30
Buslile~s: Cremation Ashes in Orbit? 40

• Publisher's Desk: Raising Children
Without Hitting Them
Ed,torlal: Unintended Consequences 8
My Turn: Saving Our Culture
in Turbulent Times 10
Lfrers 14
A rology: What P~rtends Hale-Bopp? 38
Healing: Mercury Fillings, Are We
Slowly Poisoning Ourselves? 44
-!plster's Message: Your True
~mpanion: the Self Within 50
5:" Quotes'" Quips '9 Evolutions 44
. Dlaspora 11 Digital Dharma 54
04 . Briefly 20

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Of Inspired Talks
(e-mail) Daily News Summary
. Pondering his problems: A teenager sits alone in the shrine ~oom,
PUBLISHER'S DESK having upset his sister. Mother says, "Time out for 15 minutes."
................................................................................................ .............................

vored punishments....It tells the child that if he cannot behave in

Time.In and Time Out: a reasonable ~ay, he will be separated from other people." K.F.
. McCormick, M.D. , explains the procedure: "Time Out means mov-
ing the child from the problematic situation to a quiet place apart

Two Sides of Discipline

from others. Sitting in a corner at school is also a form of Time
Out." He summarizes the rules as follows: "1. Decide which behav-
iors will result in Time Out. 2. Count how often these behaviors
occur in a day. 3. Pick out a boring place where the child will ob-
serve Time Out. 4. Explain Time Out to the child.l
Counteracting a rueful and 'supposedly traditional prin- "When lllisbehavior occurs: 5. Place the child in a Time Out
quickly with only a brief explanation (explanation having been
ciple thc~t values physical punishment for raising children done prior to the event). 6. Using an egg timer, leave the chilci in
Time Out one minute for each year of age. 7. REilllove all attention
from the child while in THTIe Out. 8. When the bell rings, ask the
B Y, SAT G U R U S I V A Y A SUB RAM U N I Y A S W A M I children why they were placed in Time Out, then remove them."
Dr. Dodson advises Time Out as a remedy for most kinds of
HE LATE, MOST REVERED solace and love, without the presence of misbehavio~ for children three years and older, but cautions it
Sri la Sri Sankaracharya of grandma, auntie and others. , should never, ever be used as a threat or a punishment: "Thats the
Kan.chipuram, near Chennai, The working mother slaps her chil- last straw, young man, now you're going to have a Time Out and
once said he was privileged in dren at home because they add stress to see how you like it!" "Time Out should be administered in as cool, /
his decades of extensive travels her already stressed-out nerve system. calm, collected and prompt a manner as possible.... Once you get
throughout Bharat on foot_to have . Father has a tough day on the job and the child in his room, it matters not in the slightest what he does
heard virtually all the human ills, takes it out on his son's back or face . there. The purpose of the Time Out is to disrupt the undesirable
wants, regrets, sufferings and joys. with the hand, strap or cane. Does it behavior, and simply being in his room does that."
This maybe-just maybe, along with give a sadistic joy to hear yow;g children Time Out works best in c0njunction with its opposite, Time In.
his results obtained l?.r sadhana, cry in pain? Does it ynhance the feeling Time In is quality time \> pent with the child in an activity he en-
extreme tapas and livmg the life he of ''I'm in charge here! You are not!"? joys, and just being together. Time In includes letting children
was born to live-greatly added to Maybe theres a lot more fop me to see share their feelings, positive opnegative, with parents lending a
his attainmelft of supreme rrwksha. and learn about the "inside" of the Hin- receptive, understanding ear. "When a child can express his feel-
Our experience is paralleL It has du home. Frankly, I hope I know all I ings in words, they are over and done with and out of his system.
been 48 years since my ministry need to know, but I'm still open to learn. When a child cannot express his angry feelings in words,.he will
started, way back in 1949. Now, in In the past 80 years we've had two most likely engage in some sneaky, antisocial behavior as a substi-
its maturity, there are uncounted encounters to rely upon, much world. wars iIDd hundreds of smaller QIles. tute for 'expressing the feelings forthrightly," says Dodson.
ex,perience to guide the fellowship and much energy to march into Killers come from among those who have What is discipline? The root of the word is the Latin discipulus,
the future of futures. Among the concerns, one has become crucial been beaten. The slap' and pinch, the meaning diSciple. Dr. LameLlce Balter, author of Discipline with-
to parents, who ask, 'rue there better ways to raise our children? sting of the paddle, the lash of the strap, out Combat, writes, "That word best expresses the ideal relation-
We are entirely dedicated to ahimsa, noninjury, physically, emo- the blows of a cane must manifest ship of child to parent. A parent acts as teacher ~d model, helping
tionally and mentally, But how is this lofty ideal possible to follow through those who receive them into the his child to develop self-control, character, orderly conduct, a sense
when troubled by emotions that are too easily released by taking lives of others. But there is a price to pay. 0f values, good judgment, empathy for human beings and other
them out, in the fire of the moment{on those we love? How can The abuser one day becomes the abused. creatures and, most important, self-diScipline." "The real tragedy,"
misdeeds that happen in the home be absolved, and examples set This is a law of life seen manifesting :00dson p.oints .aut, "is that s~ ~~y parents simply accept s,Pank-
that p'revent their repetition generation after generation?" . every day. Iti s called karma. Action gives mg as theIr mam means of dlsclplme... . They do not realize what
Before we discuss solutions, perhaps you, the reader, can help an equal or more intense reaction, de- a vastly different youngster they would have and how enormously
me understand something that has eluded us all these many, mfillY pending on the intent and the emotion more satisfying their relationships with him would be if they used
years but was revealed in a recent l~tter I received: There is an old behind it. Corporal pllIlishment is ar- such creative and humanistic discipline teclmiques as the positive
saying in Tamil,. a teenager wrote, often reci~d before or after guably a prelude to gangs on the streets,' reward system, the Time Out technique aFld othE:\fs .. .." His books ,
slapping or beating a child: Adium uthaium uthavu vathu pol an- thos,e who will riot on call, and others and others can counteract the traditional misinformation about
nan thambi uthava maddar. It means, "Even the help of one's who suffer in silence and hide behind a raising up Hindu children. Don't take that beating that you
younger and older brothers cannot compare to the benefit of being desk or in a routine profession, fearing received out on your children. Be strong. Anger shows weakne§s of
kicked and beaten." It seems t) proverb, printed in certain school reprimand and punishment, never talk- character. Love them and don't forget: a hug a day keeps violence
books, is taught to students. ing b!ick or offering an opinion. I away. LQve is the sum of all laws, mote powerful than any lash. It
This makes me ask the Hindu community worldwide: What Is there.,:a covert consciousness that accounts for the fact that for glect or abuse them in any way. Cu(sed are those who do. Aum." can combat xJolence in the home, community and country.
fearful exp'ectations are we nurturing in young minds by repeating 48 years, until early 1996, Ldidn't even know that t;:hildren of my This goes along with the innovative approach being taken by psy- Ipositiuc Approaches to Discipline, KF. McCormick, M.D., Ccntcrfor Effective Discipline
such an edict? Study until midnight to avoid a plastic rod. across .- international congregation were being beaten? Perhaps. Hindus chologists, sociologists and educators, in consideration of the tur-
the back? Obey tl}e teacher or get hit with a strap, then slapped in know its wrong in their heart of hearts, but are blindly obeying moil that engulfs tod!iY's world. The truth is being acoepted that TEXT S HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
the face at home for getting b'eaten in school? Are there more the cultural·attitude expressed in this himsa, violent, proverb, and methods that rely on what Dr. Fi'tzhugh Dodson calls "punishment
slokas for himsa,.violence, in the' home-guidelines for corporal thoughtlessly reacting to their own stress and anger. They don't power"-scolding, taking away privileges, spanking-do not illicit How to Discipline with Love, from Crib to College,
pUnishment? Is it our iJ;ltention to pass this information from gen- even look for a better way. ,Well, there is a better way. more'desirable behavior in children (or adults). Rather, they pro- Dr. Fitzhugh Dodson, Signet, 342 pages, $5.95.
eration to generation? It seems to be. My young Asian monks can There are new methods and new sutras, if you will, such as this duce hostility, resentment and the desire for retaliation.
recite the above verse from childhood memories. I for one hope guideline from my book Living with Siva: "Siva's followers shall For parents seeking effective nonviolent alternatives, educators Who's in Control, Dr. Balter's Guide to Discipline without Com-
the rules will change in this nuclear-family age, for there 'are more never ever govern their offspring through fear. They are forbidden recommend a strategy called "Time Out." Dr. Dodson explains, bat, Dr. Lawrence Balter, Simon and Shuster, 187 pages, $8.95.
seeming reasons to hit and fewer places a beaten child can find to spank,.slap or hit their children, use harsh or angry words, ne- "Time Out or 'Go to your room' nowadays is one of the more fa-


EDITORIAL ery was outlawed and intended to fill the
coffers 'of European businessmen. In a
massive undertaking between 1830 and
Oops,: U'n intended
1850, the British shipped hundreds of thou-
sands of East Indians to work their prof- "All great ones have ~nderbne suffering.
itable plantations. It was not the intention
of Anglican colonists to empower these la-
horers, but rathei- to exploit them. What 'None can eS,c@pe ~hat is ordai.ned."
Consequences ultimately came oftheir efforts would cer-'
tainly stun planner~. Most workers put
down roots, had families and in time took
Sage, Yogaswami (1872-1964)

over the islands. In Mauritius and Guyana I sought Him in terms of I and you. But He who knows not I from
How Hinduism's problems turned out to. be today Hindus are a majority; in Fiji and you taught.\lle the truth that I indeed is you. And now I talk not of
Trinidad they are nearly so. Ironically and I and you. Tlrumantlram, Verse 1441
opportunities, and other things·that bite back inadvertantly, the British handed 0ver sev-
eral small and beautiful countries to the
. Hindus. Unintended consequences. Onqe a chief minister, in a: sudden spirit of renunciation, said,
BY THE EDITOR English was introduced into India to cre- "I don't want to possess anything, I just want to be free." He
ate a class of clerks and subordinate func- renounced the world and went to sit in front of a temple. The
ONSIDER THE HUMAN PLIGHT, MADE PITIFUL NOT BY SOME tionaries to interpretate between rulers and the ruled. Instead, it king went tq the minister and inquired, "What is it you have
merciless OmnisCience but by meddling man himself Try- became a major tool of nationalists who engineered the' country's
gained by leaving everything to sit here like thiS?" The mi~ister
ing to do one thing, he inadevertantly invites the complex independence. It also opened the doors of modern professions' to
forces of karma to retaliate in sometimes vindictive and al- Hindus abroad and fueled a Hindu renaissance. Ditto the transla- looked up at the king and replied, "Yesterday I was standing and
most always unpredicted ways. Let's survey how man has tions of Indian texts and scriptures, scribed by missionary scholars you were sitting. Today I am sitting and you are standing.
scientifically improved things to the brink of disaster, wreaking so they could better understand and expose the pagan texts as That is the first gain."
havoc where help was his -hope, drawing down n~ture's revenge. "containing precious little." In fact, these translations' created new
Here in Hawaii a blatant example slithers around-the rapacious respect for Sanatana Dharma, attracting inquiring minds like
"A spiritual man has to have the upper hand on the lower nature."
mongGose, brought to the islands by plantation owners to control Emerson and Thoreau. For the first time, Europe came to know
rats who were ~evouring sugar cane crops. Not only was the rat the profundity of Indian philosophy, and, as Delhi's Ram Swarup
nocturnal while the mongoose was diurnal (so they never met), but notes, "Christianity began to be subverted from within, without a pne day two children were talking as children do. One said, "If
the mongoose morphed from savior to savager, killing chickens and single missionary from India visiting Europe." Something similar you show me where God is, ru give you a mango." The other child
driving rare "!:>irds to' ex~inction's edge. Unintended consequences. happened with the monumental scholarship of Sir William Monier

looked around for a moment, then offered, ''I'll give you two man-
Behold the ominous green sea of kudzu taking over the American Williams, who labored for decades on A Sanskrit-English Dictio-
goes if you can show me where God is not!"
Southeast and costing hundreds. of millions to eradicat!1. The vine nary to empower missionaries in translating the Bible and thus
didn't come from Mars. Seventeen million seeds were intentionally make·Christian propaganda more effective. Far from serving that
introduced from Asia by govern- r-;;~V"'7""""'~""""::::-:-:~-::-==="""""""""..,.,.,.=;;+.:-::====-, purposE<, today his work draws Question: What do you get when you cross an agnostic with a
m,ent agriculturalists seeking to ,.. ~ thoughtful scholars into Hinduism dyslexic insomniac? Answer: Someone 'who stays up all night won-
stop erosion and revitalize the ~£ through the language and strengthens dering if there really is a'Dog.
soil. Its vigorous, astonishingly un- ~ g the Hindu's self-ul1derstanding. Unin-
managable growth habits were ~~ tended consequences. ltfoM,
It is easy to get what you think of, if you can get yourself to think
never considered, ans:! it now de- :: ~
stroys entire forests, 'engulfs build- ,..,..
ings and pulls down telephone /~:;
Its happening ag~ today. Witness
the massive diaspora of Sri Lanka's
Tamil Hindu community. Ethnic fight-
Nor of it. Tirukural, Verse 540

poles (really!). To kill it, spec;:ial ~~ ing has driven 700,000 Hindus from "Not compassi~ to jivas) but service to them as Siva."
herbi~ides were developed, B~ their homeland, forcing the~ to find "Knowledge devoid of devotion is like chewing stones." Sri Ramakrisna (1836-1886)
which, wouldn't you know, so ef- ~ ~ refuge around the globe [see story
Mata Amritanandamayi
fectively poison the soil that noth- 8 ~ page 22]. But they are not languishing.
ing can grow for a year. Erosion ac- Their innate. ambition, love of educa-
tually increases where it was planted! tion and commitment to community I'VE EVEN TAKEN A FIRM VOW
Unintended consequences. have brought Lanka's refl,lgees more opportunity than oppression. NEVER TO EAT ANYTHING
Edward Tenner calls these "revenge effects" in his bestseller They have become profeSSionals, buitt temples and strengthened . AFTER I GO TO SLEEP, AND
Why Things Bite Back. Tenner distinguishes such consequences their situation in almost every case. Yes, they have suffered sJ.eeply. BEFORE I WAKE UP.
from mere side effects in this )Nay: "If a cancer chemotherapy But they are now established, and their enhanced financial and in-
treatment causes baldness, that is not; a revenge effect, but if it in- telleqtual resources are feeding back to families and causes in Sri
duces another, equally lethal cru;¢er, that is a revenge effect." His Lanka. T:t:Sing to rein in the Tamil Hindus, the Singalese Buddhists
catalog of such events is mindboggling. He notes how home securi- have spread them like wildflower seeds across the .planet where
ty systems installed by the hundreds of thousands diminished safe~ they (along with their spiritual and cultural heritage) are taking
ty. Why? Because. cheap systems became popular, and these flood- root and flourishing as never before.
ed police stations with false alarms. In Philadelphia, a mere 3,000 One is reminded of a Guru Nanak story. Inhospitably received
of 157,000 calls over three years ·were re!tl, diverting the equivalent in a village, he bestowea a seeming blessing, saying, "May God
ot58 full-time officers to answer them and promoting crime in keep you together always.".Warmly welcomed in another, he ut-
these neighborhoods. Unintended consequences. tered an apparent curse, '':May God scatter you e.verywhere."
Hinduism has historically been more the foisted upon than the Pressed to explain, he offered: "It is better that bad people stay in
foister, and thus is a net beneficiary of revenge effects. Consider one place so their influence is limited; similarly, it is best that good
the British enterprise of indentured laborers, developed after slav- people are dispersed so their influence becomes widespread."



Savin Our Culture USA TEMPLES

For the Next

In Tur ulent Ti'mes Generation
J=\plan was ~ecently released
We can and m\lst continue our Sri Lankan after ten years of work by the
Delaware, USA, Hindu Temple
Tamil Hindu heritage in our new homelands Association. Noteworthy is the
broad, integrated community
Judy Thorp with her daughter~ agenda that centers on a place
BY, T H I R USA T K U N END RAN of worship but encompasses
CROs.5-CULTURAL youth education, positive com-
ORN IN BEAUTIFUL SRI ing or shelling. We learn of food munity relations and services
Loving Ganesa, at once simple,
to Hindu parents, t shortages, skyrocketfng prices Asian Roots such as "helping needy local
fortunate to live very and the urgent need for caSh, as families, opening the down-
deep and practical, teaches ever so close to the famous Nallur the economy is at a standstilL
Amidst all the killing and may-
TfIE us ADOPTION NETWORK stairs hall to the communify for /
Kandaswamy Temple in Jaffna. I called "Spice" conducts meetings on local issues." Past .
many ways that Ganesas grace In July, 1983, riots erupted hem, religion and culture have South Asian Culture Camps or- president Bharat Gajjar hopes Catholic and Hindu ministry, inside Swaminarayan Mandir
istand-wide, and thousands of not been forgotten but, on the ganized by US parents to ex-- the temple will s,em the youth
Tamils were killed by Sinhales other hand, are waxing stronger. pose adopted South-Asian chil- drain: ;'In Delaware, 90 percent INTERF A ITH
can be attained by sincere devo-
rioters. The.murder, looting and Our Hindu belief is that during dren to the culture and religion of Hindu girls have married
arson were condemned world- periods of calamity God wor- of their birth parents of India, outside the Hindu fold. Now }.\rchbishop Visits UK Shrine
tion, song, prayer and meditation wide. This was the beginning of ship is the only solace that will Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal the temple can offer them a
an exodus of refugees to many countries. bring peace to the Ipind and souL and Pakistan. Judy Thorp, with Hindu wedding and sufficient HE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY, THE MOST REVEREND
to bring greater harmony. As a result, one can see Tamil places of
wor9hip, shops, food outlets, newspapers
Tamils, wherever they go, fortunately
take their culture and Hindu philosophy
three Bangladeshi and ,Indian
daughters, told HINDUISM To-
education so at least they will
raise their children as Hindus."
T George Carey, made an historic first visit to a British Hindu
temple on December 13-the Swaminarayan Mandir in Neas-
contentment and spirituality into and TV, programs in many places in the with them. Even so, there are a few black DAY, "My children are den, London. He was given a tour by the mahant of the temple,
world. World cities such as Toronto, Paris sheep who have hugged the Western style, baptized as Catholics, but Sadhu Atmaswarupdas. Rev. Carey spoke eloquently on interre-
and London have adjusted themselves to have lost re~pect for the elders and the law we believe all religions ligious understanding and cooperation. 'We need to express
ones daily life. An SOD-page illus- of the land. Freedom comes with a price,
accommodate·this sudden explosion of a leadto the same God. generosity and genuine tolerance in listening to the experiences
new ·culture. In just six years the Sri and here in Canada it is sometimes abused There is only one God. of those from traditions different to our own. Interfaith dia-
trated resource by Satguru Lankan population in Metro Toronto has by a few, and the sh~e has to be borne by Many Hindus help us. logue is not an option but a necessity. Building on a foundation
grown 600 percent and is still burgeoning. the rest of the community. Some are suffer- We take children to of our common humanity, our shared spiritual quest and our
Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. $19.95 I was. fortunate to enter Canada with my ing from culture shock, others from stress. Hindu temples, hold fes-, common longings for peace, acceptance and love, we can speak
family, as I already had two brothers and a Our newcomers to the West should not tivals at home and try n, and act together in a number of ways. For instance, we can
sister here. But not everyone in Sri Lanka grasp the Western style of "live today and use Hindu scriptures." together stand against the evils of racism, and challenge the ma-
plus shipping (US $2,
was able to escap~ the continuing agony. die tomorrow with no regrets." Instead, To help, or for help: terialism that threatens to become all-enveloping. We can
We encount~red many difficulties. Our they should learn to live for thei{ spiritual JUDY THORP, 14655 WIGWAM LANE together work for the protection and enhancement of our
Foreign $4). Also in bookstores. children were unable to speak English flu- . upliftment. They should observe age-old BIG RAFlo.: MICHlG"':' 49307 USA environment; we can together bring practical help and support
ently. There wa~ then only one place of Hindu traditions and guide their children PHONE; 61 6--796-8627
Delaware temple, on 4.4 wooded acres J to those who suffer, both in this country and around the world."
1-800-890-1008 worship-for Lord Ganesha-in a mobile 4:0 follow the same, to lead a meaningful
trailer in a lonely spot outside of town. life, with due respect t.o parents, guru ap.d
1-808-822-3152 Everything was new to us. The Canadian God. We have among us today highly IN DIA sion mission of Islamic and comple.x outside Mumbai. After tianity back to Hinduism, and
cold winter was not a pleasant experience, experienced teachers and other professional Christian missionaries." He W!iS reconversion the VHP "have 275 VHP service projects there
kauai. hi. us/ashram
but determination and worship of God Tamils, and our youngsters in univer~ties Bringing Hindus addressing VHP workers at a . not left them high and dry," he had "wiped out" the Christism
helped us tremendously. We had to go in are shining, which is an encouraging sign. gathering after visiting the par- said, but were busy "acclimatiz- missionary impact. In West
sub-zero temperatures and tread through If we do hot build up our culture, all our ,' Back Home ty's new 200-acre development ing" the .converts by organizing Bengal, 250 service centers are
knee-deep snow to pray at the Ri,fhmond efforts in having built temples and even our rit~s, discourses by countering conversion to Islam.
Hill Ganesha Temple. language itself will be forgotten by the next EW DELHI'S ASIAN AGE RE- Hindu saints, celebm- VHP has set a goal to float
LOVING Back home in Jaffna, people are living in
a bygone era with no electricity,. no com-
generation, and our children will blame us I
for our failure to guide them.
Nported that in a December
speech Vishwa Hind\ll'arishad
tion of festivals and
providing health and
10,000 Hindu missionaries by
the year 2,000. Singhal lament-
GANESA munication, no water supply and little food.
There is no medicine, no hospital facilities,
We hope and pray that on this 125th
birth anniversary of His Greatness, Siva
president Ashok Singhal told
party ,workers, "52,000 Muslims
educational services.
In Bansawada dishict
ed that before the 1947 parti-
tion, Hindus constituted 75
no freedom of movement. Peace is not in Yogaswami, our prayers will be answered. returned to Hinduism recently another 5,000 had , percent of India's popUlation,
HIMAlAYAN ACADEMY PUBUCATIONS sight. We exchange correspondence only; in the Gyawar area of Ajmer converted .from Chrls- but now form only 61 percent
107 KAHOlAlELE ROAD and that fakes several months. In every THIRU SATKUNENDRAN, 51, has resettled in district in Rajastlian as a result of the combined population of
KAPAA. HI 96746-9304 USA letter come s disheartening news of known Toronto, Canada, with his family . He works of the Parishad's new p0licy to Hindus gathered at India, Pakistan and
and related .l(eoples' demise due .to bomb- as an account clerk in a local firm. vehemently counter the conver- Rajasthan f estival Bangladesh.


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. lows Hindu groups to thrive.
The Organizer reports that in Just being,a good human being
October a Hindu Raksha Ban-
dhan festival was held -by the MUSIC MODEL
No ethnic walls or polarizations at Anchorage, Alaska, Deepavali
Sanatana Dhamma Palaka As- Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training The Journey of a Master
sociation at a SLOCR office Soul Man's Soul
and the Minister for Religious Swami Chinmayananda: the Journey
Snowland's Ethnic Harmony Affairs, Lt. Gen. Myo Nyunt, IRTUOSO VIOLI:NIST AND
4-weeks intensive in the
of a Master, by Nancy Patchen.
'{he Journey of a Mosler

spoke on the importance of the

mettha, loving kindness, in-
V fusionist, L. Subramaniam,
is a family man and a role
Sierra foothills of California.
May 3-Jun 1 '97. "... the life of one of the leading
interpreters of Advaita Vedanta.
Tho Mal. !he Pofh. IhO Teac:twlg


M aloof and socially withdrawn. Whatever the reason,

the Alaskan Cultural Association of India brings to-
gether Indian Hindus, Bangladesh Muslims, Parsis and even
voked by this important Hindu
festival. Hindus/also organized
a formal presentation of robes
model. In an interview for Life
Positive he says, "I tend to treat
Gods and Goddesses as my
friends. Ganesha is dearest to
Meditation • Mantras
Raja Yoga • Vedanta
Bhagavad Gita • Kriyas
Excerpts where Swami answers his
followers' most urgent questions."
US$15 plus $3.75 postg. • Chinmaya
Publications • 560 Bridgetown Pike,
American converts to Hinduism. True, most immigrant com- and alms to Buddhist monks of Anatomy • Physiology
munities accept light "on the job" cross-ethnic socialization. But the State Sangha. me, for He symbolizes the tri- For Free Brochure: Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm Langhorne, PA 19053-7210 USA
in Anchorage they have taken down all community barriers of- umph against all odds. 14651 Ballantree Lane, Grass Valley, CA 95949-9731 USA Tel: 888-CMW-READ or 215-396-0390.
ten found in UK, Malaysia, Canada and USA, where Tamils, My personal religion is Tel 800-469-9642 or 415-681-2731 E-mail:
Gujaratis, Pakistani Muslims, Kerala brahmins and Caribbean to speak my truth gen- (founded by Swami Vishnu-devananda, pictured) . http://www.chinmaya.orglpublications
Hindus, though neighbors, are worlds apart. An Anchorage tly, not to hurt anyone
Daily News report by Eric Burkett (a Bu.ddhist) says Alaskas and to try to be a. good
small 200-strong, isolated Asian community has little choice human being. It may
but to stick together. Niraj Chandra told him that a high level of sound like a cliche,
education helped the mostly professional group push beyond but it is so difficult in
barriers. ACAI's new president, Anil Roy, held his first board today's world. There is
meeting over lunch at his home, hosting a Muslim, Pakistani so much strife and An extraordinary Roy Eugene Davis,
and an American Hindu. It was warm inside, if not out. cOJllpetition." new book authored a widely-traveled teacher,
Raksha Bandhan celebrated in Myanmar by H.D. Swami author and direct disciple of
Prakashanand Paramahansa Yogananda,
ROME "400 representatives of differ- TRENDS & TRADITIONS Saraswati, founder has taught in the kriya yoga
ent religions, Christians, Jews, of the International tradition for more than four
In God's Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus,
Society of Divine decades.
Shintos, as well as more Qbscure
Name? Japanese and Indian cults," Pasupati's Polluted River Love, Barsana
Dham and Shree Request information about
gathered for three days of prflyer Raseshwari Radha his books and classes in the
I and dialogue. Sant'Egidio's EPAL' S KATHMANDU VAL- USA, India, Europe and
W:;atholic Community of Sant' members work for understand-
ing and leadership for peace
N ley, with its sacred Bag-
mati River and powerful Pashu-
Rani Temple.
other countries.
Egidio, held a gathering called The Divine Vision of Radha Krishn is a Divine gift by Shree
"Peace is the Name of God." In- "with each religion maintaining patinath Temple, is fast joining Swamiji. It is a practical guide for all who sincerely desire to Center for Spiritual Awareness
side t he Vatican reported that its own faith and characteris- the ranks of environmental experience the loving Bliss of Radha Krishn or any other p.o. Box 7-H
tics." Some Catholics wor- disaster areas. This mystical form of God as described in our scriptures. It fulfills the de- Lakemont, Georgia
ry Sant'Egidio may end up cleft of beauty nestled below votional quest of everyone, from a highly educated open- 30552-0007 USA
"syncretistic," ignoring reli- Earth s rughest peaks occupies minded aspirant to a simple-hearted devotee of God who is
gions' differences. But 1. V. only .4 percent of Nepal's land longing to receive His love and vision. • It incorporates the Tel: 706-782-4723 • Fax 706-782-4560
says the Vatican supports but carries 66 percent of its philosophy and theme of more than 400 scriptures and gives http://web.infoave.netl-csainc • E-mail
them and "hopes their verucles. Here, over 80,000 ve- a crystal-clear view of the path to Supreme God. • For the
work may have a real evan- hicles run on just 200 miles of first time in hundreds of years, such a book in the English In India:
gelical and peacemaking roads. Pilgrims are disillu- language has been published that reveals, in extensive detail, A Master Guide to Meditation (Rs. 55)
role in the years ahead." sioned to find the Bagmati water unusable for worship. Even the true Divine form of Radha, Radha Krishn, Divine Vrinda- The Book of Life (Rs. 65) by Mr. Davis.
Omshanti! the temple has stopped using the water for ritual ablution and ban and raganuga bhakti. • 464 pg. • $30 • Available from: Motilal Banarsidass
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Ayurveda Holistic Center A Comprehensive Approach to Yoga.•.
LETTERS Books by Swami Shankar ... based on the teachings of
Hard to Be Hindu for family members to stay in the same place cause their money benefits the economy In Purushottam Tirtha:
Paramhansa Yogananda
THE ARTICLE, "IT'S EASIER TO BE A HINDU and still survive economically. People have to Somalia, Africa, Christian missionaries tried (author of Autobiography
to ~pread Christianity among local Somalies Yoga Vani
in, Ireland than in India," (MY TURN, Janu-
ary '97), deserves my vote of thanks. In my
move where the jobs are.
PRADEEP SRIVASTAVA py offering food, shelter and education. But Instructions for the attainment
ofa Yogi). . 11
own case, I was born outside India to de- DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA the Somalia people were ready to die of of Siddhayoga during sadhana. • Yoga and Meditation
vout Vaishnava parents but received very \o, hunger rather than to convert. They chased postpaid: US$13.50 (USA) Retreat.
scant teachings. I was lost as to how to the Western missionaries away at gunpoint $16.50 (Canada) • Yoga teacher training.
learn to be a practicing Sanatani rather Ah,Shucks Every Muslim child is taught Islam when • Spiritual communities.
than just roaming about with a ':Hindu" la- I HAVE NOTHING B1:JT SUPERLATIVES OF they reach age six. If every Hindu could Guru Bani • Catalog of books,
beL I picked up superficial knowledge from the new manifestation of Hinduism Today learn and ~nderstand the greatness of Hin- 100 ways to attain inner peace. music and videos.
reading life biographies of' great saints Extraordinary! Distinctive-no, unique! duism, I'm sure the problem of conversion How to live a spiritual life-for • Ananda's home-study
which gave me food for thought and a Beautiful! Soulful! Inspiring! Encouraging! would be less. I don't ask Hindus to die in monks and families. course in yoga and
thirst for deeper understanding. Educational! Up to the minute! Global! Mys- hunger, but don't exchange your religion fo,r postpaid: US$9.50 (USA) meditation.
PREMJEE .... tical! Supernatural! The new look transmits food or a luxurious life. $12.50 (Canada)
RUE DE LA GARE, SWITZERLAND a spiritual and also earthly beauty wide K. KUMAR SHARMA
awake that was sleeping in the previous for- JOHOR BARRU, MALAYSIA Ayurvedic Products Distributors-wholesale or retail For a free cassette on Mystical Music and Talks
"IT'S EASIER TO BE HINDU IN IRELAND mat. You have risen to new heights, while catalog: $1.00 (free via e-mail) • Consultations. I-year call or write:
than in India" gives a clear message that keeping all that was important and precious Just Happened to Be a Hindu Ayurveda Certification Courses in person or by correspon- Ananda
something is ailing India. By invading the about the previous HINDUISM TODAY. Con- TO SAY SAl BABA'S MISSION IS TO SPREAD dence (US mail, or e-mail). 14618 Tyler Foote Rd
social infrastructure through the mute of gratulations millions of koti-s of times to you Hindu culture is not right. His mission is to Nevada City, CA 95959-8599 USA
health care, social care, education and job alL A triumph! I feel as if I did it myself; I bring back the Vedic knowledge to its origi- Ayurveda Holistic Center
possibilities, foreign.religions in India have am taught this is real "oneness." • nal value. The misconception is to reckon c/o Swami Narayan Tirtha Math Tel: 916-478-7560 Extension 7025
outsmarted the native Hindu religion. DR. KUSUMITA P. PEDERSEN the Vedas with only Hinduism. The Vedic 82A-H Bayville Ave • Bayville, NY 11709-1671 USA
Hinduism is not offering any practical so- JAMAICA, NEW YORK, USA culture just happened to be Hindu culture. Tel/fax: 1-516-628-8200 Ananda Home Page:
lution to the present-day problems of edu- SABAPATHY SIVA M.D. Ask for Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha E-mail:
cation, health, economics and social order. Food for Thought COQUITLAM, CANADA E-mail:
In today's world Hinduism, too, needs to I AM ENCLOSING AN ARTICLE ON GENETIC '
acquire effective strategies, image-building engineering of food. You should address this Web:
and salesmanship. Then people can realize issue in one of your future publications. As Self Perpetuating Free interactive dosha self-test and articles.
it is not only a great philosophy but can your arficles are characterized by careful re- YOUR RESPONSE PROVIDED TO DR. MUKU-
also bring solutions to the day-to-day mis- sear~h, intelligent arguments and the support nda Rao-to give a proportional voi€e to
ery to which nine hundred million Hindus of scripture, any word from you lends greater every Hindu lineage-is commendable
are subjected in the land ·of their birth. impact on the international readership. (LETTERS, January '97). Hinduism is not
DR. VATSALA SPERLING MARION ZOBOSKI personality based. It is well founded on the The Tea That Stirs the Maker Chinmaya Family Talks and Camps
ROCHESTER, VT, USA TOKYO, JAPAN Vedas and Upanishads. For a serious seeker,
\o, the journey from paroksha jnana (percep- Nestled in the foothills of the By Swami Tejomayananda.
GIVEN THE FACT THAT THE CURE TO MANY tive knowledge and physics) to aparoksha rain-drenched coastal range of A happy blend of spiritual,
Let's Move On cancers and infectious diseases may eventu- jnana (metaphysics) happens to be a tortu- Oregon, a small community of cultural and social interac-
SINCE INDEPENDENCE, LOTS OF CHANGES ally be from changes in genetic structure, it ous one. Fortunately, the tools of hypothesis, Ammachi devotees creates the tion. Experienced teachers
have forced the break-up of the joint family may not be wise to use religion to stop such logic, induction, validity and self-disputation world's finest chai. Pure ... offer the essence of Hindu
system ("Joint families, a Venerable Tradi- progress. The major caveat is that in the were used by different system builders to es- premium spices; cardamom, scripture at all levels: adult,
tion in Jeopardy," SPECIAL REPORT, January manner ultrasound was used to detect fetal tablish and propagate the Hindu lineages. clove, ginger, black pepper and youth, and children.
'97). The total lifestyle in India has changed. sex and induce abortions (as is done indis- RANJI RAO DESHISTA cinnamon, are exquisitely .Bhagavad Gita
Economic conditions, decline in education criminately in India), genetic engineering SAN DElCO, CALIFORNIA, USA combined with Assam black tea ·Sreemad Bhagvatam
and..upbringing, political corruption, disre- may be used to manipulate the very core of ' (or peppermint in our caffeine- ·Other texts • Meditation
gard 'of religion, blind following of the West, our beings in a commercial manner. free beverages) for a nourishing • Interactive groups
etc., are some of the major causes. In North RAJA BHATT, MD ... Corrections taste of heaven on earth. We • Drama, cultural programs
America we ha\(e to find better solutions. In- ' 'V" Mahatma Gandh(s photograp/;; page 29 have four unique blends: • Arts and crafts
novative ideas have to be searched for by January '97, was courtesy of ,Dinodia. • Sattwa Sun: a classic blend of • Recreation, and more...
our social thinkers and philosophers. The Know Your Religion V" The Hindu S1Iudents Council's (USA) cor- premium spices and black tea
earlier we do this, the better it will be for us. MOST YOUNG HINDUS IN MALAYSIA HAVE rect e-mail address is such as you might drink at a TalkslJ nana Yagnas:
converted easily simply because they are Visit their informative culrural and religiOUS fine Indian restaurant-if you get lucky. July 7-11 Buffalo, NY
PRAKASH MODY 716-633-1633
NORTH YORK, ONTARIO, CANADA blindly following rituals without knowing home page at www.hindunet.orglhsc-canl • Kovalam Spice: like the "Sun" only blended for more fire. July 12-18 Toronto, Canada 416-663-6553
' the meanings behind them. Some of our Same premium, all natural spices, same black tea, but July 19-25 Washington, DC 301-384-5009
Hindu practices are scorned at, and most of Letters with writer's name, address and daytime
heavier on the clove, black pepper, and ginger.
THE JOINT FAMILY SYSTF;M, DISCUSSED IN us feel apologetic for them. I find HINDUISM phone number, should be sent to: • Shanti Herbal: Sattwa's natural caffeine-free chai. The Vedanta for spiritual growth. Values for lasting happiness.
your January issue, sounds good on paper, TODAY attractive because it brings together Letters, HINDUISM TODAY same wonderful spices with a pinch of local Northwest
but there are several factors that make it un- the different views that make up I:!induism. 107 Kaholalele Road peppermint for a truly delightful evening tonic. Family Camps:
workable in contemporary society The joint KAPAA, HI, 96746-9304 USA • Choco Chai: to the traditional Sattwa spices we've added
or faxed to: (808) 822-4351 July 27-Aug 3 Michigan 810-732-0288
family system was an economic necessity KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA our own proprietary chocolate base. No artificial flavors. Aug 4-10 Vancouver, Canada 604-433-3441
\ or e-mailed to:
and an arrangement of convenience when letters@Hindllism Today,kau'ai.hl.lls No harsh chemical dutch processing. Just pure chocolate. Aug 11-17 San Francisco, CA 408-998-2793
the economy' was agriculture-based. With I DON'T AGREE WITH DR. ASHOK K. JAIN Letters may be edited for space and clarity and may Cost: Four-pack with 20 individual servings per box just Chinmaya Mission West • Krishnalaya
the advent of industrial growth and a ser- (LETTERS, December, 1996) that we should appear in electronic versions of HrnDUISM TODAY. $25.00, including shipping. 1 and 51b. bulk quantities available. PO Box 129, Piercy, CA 95587-0129 USA
vice-based econ0my, it is no longer possible tolerate Christian missionary activity be- '- INDICATES LETTERS RECEIVED VIA E-MAIL For orders and free brochure call toll free 1-888-841-CHAI or Tel: 707-247-3488 • Fax: 707-247-3422
503-538-4715. Fax: 503-538-5125 (USA).
14 HiN DUISM TODAY APRIL, 1997 Email: Jai Ma! Jai Baba Lokenath!
Autobiography of a Yogi Superconsciousness
LAW "an end to this shameful/pattern
by Paramhansa Yogananda by J. Donald Walters of organized persecution," which
The verbatim reprinting of
Yogananda's original 1946 unedited
edition, with all its inherent power,
(Swami Kriyananda)-$10.99
A culmination of nearly 50 years of
teaching the science of meditation to
Germany's it likened to Nazi Germany's
treatment of Jews in the 1930s.
Furious with the comparison, the
just as the great master of yoga first
presented it. A treasure for all
truthseekers! $14.95
thousands of people worldwide, by a
leading exponent of yoga and medi-
tation. Full of insight for advanced
Clash .with government dismissed the ads as
an insult to· the victims of the
Nazis. The Church sajd Kohl's
To order or for a free catalog, call
Crystal Clarity Publishers:
To order or for a free catalog, call
Crystal Clarity Publishers
1-800-424-1055. http://www.
SCiento'logy dismissal "is typical of the con- \
tempt and indifference shown by
highhanded German officials to the, Church's extensively docu-
/CrystalClarity High -tech faith claims mented complaints of discrimi-
nation over the past five years."
organized persecution In January, US State Depart- '"
ment spokesman Nicholas Burns,
rebuked both sides in the dis1
Shiva Mahavatar Babaji Think . N DECEMBER 1996 GERMANY'S FED- pute, but said authorities in Bonn
::~ eral and regional governments adopted ''have interfered, we believe, with
Written by Pola Churchill. Read Think, a quarterly publication 't a package of measures to counter what the religious rights of many Sci-
Amazing new book! Records to encourage unbiased, non-partisan ill they called the "expansionist aims and entologists, among them Ameri-
people's dreams, visions and encoun thinking among fellow human beings. daim,to domination" of the Church of Scien- can citizens." ,
_11"-_iUO .... ~qIMI1w1"

Critically acclaimed by many scholars, tology. Scientology is an applied religious In Greece, an Athens court j
~ ~
ters with Babaji-known to millions
through Paramahanasa Yogananda's publications and independent thinkers. !:'.::::::=~
_rr.. ..........
'efJ philosophy of self-imprpvement, founded in
1954 by American science fiction writer and
called the Church a danger to so-
Autobiography of a Yogi. His message Its thought-provoking essays and Aoo(IofI<rr.."Jf_ I'I~ ciety and ordered'1t to close, stat-
~.- .... --", ~
philosopher L. Ron Hubbard, who died in ing that "It is an organization
of Truth, simplicity, Love and humor are guaranteed to stimulate and ~ ... __ ,., \,,~19

karma Yoga. 27 stunning photos of entertain a thinking mind. ------ \)'\eS'f\l 1986. The Church, centered in Los Angeles, with medical, social and ethical
~\.'" estimates eight million members worldwide Grievances: SCientology leader with open letter tQ Kohl practices that are harmful." The
Babaji. $13.91 (incl. tax, sib) overseas, One year (four issues): US$6.00. 0.'" .
$15.08. Checks to: Pola Churchill, THINK, Box 451 (including India), and 30,000 in Germany. move followed numerous com-
PO Box 1537 Beverly Hills, CA 90213 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0451 USA Trouble in Germany surfaced last sum- into bankruptcy, splitting their families and plaints from relatives of members of the
USA. Tel: 213-980-7927. Email: mer when youth members of Germany's rul- seeking "demination" of German society, ac- Church who claimed their Greek center
ing Christian Democratic Party demon- cording to a NEWSWEEK report. The re- transformed their kin into moody or suicidal
strated against the hit movie "Mission spected, magazine noted, "The Church has automatons. Scientologists called the case a
Impossible" because its star, Tom Cruise, is often been accused of brainwashing and sham. International president Jentzsch crit-
a Scientologist. In December, Germany said fleecing its members and of intimidating its icized the case in a letter faxed from Los
Printworld Services Pte. Ltd. it would set up a central office to coordinate critics with threats and lawsuits." Angeles, stating "It is unfortunately reminis-
a federal and state carhpaign against the Scientologists countered with newspaper cent of the former junta that ruled Greece
Shri Anandi Ma-Master in Specialists in English language books from around the world Church of Scientology, and would keep peo- ads, most recently an open letter to Kohl in as a totalitarian state, and the assault today
the tradition of Kundalini which focus on Hinduism, Indian civilization and culture. ple linked to the group out of certain public the International Herald Tribune signed by is simply because the mission is not ortho-
Maha Yoga, will be offering jobs, such as counseling and teaching. Ger- 34 non-Scientologist Hollyw.ood VIPs includ- dox according to the prevailing vested inter-
public meditation programs in: • Ma, Who is a Hindu? By N.T. Nair. Provides a common man Chancellor Helmut Kohls government ing Goldie Hawn, Dustin Hoffman and ests in Greece."
platform for all sects and classes of Hinduism. Not dry or accused the Church of driving its recruits Oliver Stone. It called on Germany to bring From Associated Press reports
• Albuquerque, NM: Mar. technica. Suitable for enhancing life's everyday.
14 & 15. Tel: 505-899-9135 • Yoga Philosophy by N.T. Nair. Insights into the philosophy
• Tucson, AZ: Mar 21 &
22. Tel: 520-744-1891
and practices of Yoga, as well as its goal: the unraveling of
the mind's mysteries, leading to the Self and emancipation. 'Owner's Manual for. the Human Mind'
• Pleasant Hill, CA: April • The Worship of Lord Ayyappan by N.T. Nair. The Pilgrim-
4 & 5. Tel: 510-757-5054 age to Holy Sabrimala and the worship of Lord Ayyappan.
• Midland, TX: May 2 & 3. • Journeys to The Lands of the Gods by Rajalingam Rajathurai. UTHOR L. RON HUB- norm," Hubbard asserts, and tional behavior. Therapy re-
Tel: 915-563-3718 The authorinduces in the reader a desire to realize-self- bard began his move- "Observation of his activity quires working with an 'audi-
• Jersey City, NJ: May realization and God-realization-through pilgrimage. ment with the 1950 demonstrates that he pursues tor' to confront engrams in or-
9 & 10. Tel: 212-877-7339 • Understanding Hinduism by P.N. Unni and T.P. Paran. The publication of Dianet- existence with vigor and satis- der to 'clear' or free the mind."
harmonious synthesis of theory and practice of Hinduism ics: The Modem Science of faction." Dianetics believes in a thetan
Shaktipat initiation will be offered by appointment each integrates the temporal and spiritual life. Hinduism is man- Mental Health. The book was The Encyc/:opedia Britanni- as the soul OI: life energy
weekend. "With Shaktipat, the student is saturated with centered. From the vast body of speculative and rational an immediate best seHer. It is a ca explains, 'f\.ccording to Dia- which. reincarnates. Most
Divine Energy. After Shaktipat, the Kundalini is permanent- literature on Hinduism, this book extracts the essence of 650-page account of Hub- netics, every experience is parishioners believe in God,
ly awakened and, like a mother, constantly cares for and Hinduism. Supported by appropriate graphics. bard's theory of the mind, recorded in the mind as a but it is not a requirement of
nourishes her infant. One may be of any religion, caste, or • The Shakti Worship in Hinduism by N.T. Nair (in preparation) called Dianetics. Its goal is mental image. Painful experi- the system, nor are personal
creed to benefit; for all persons, the field of inner joy is the • The Non-Resident Indian- From Non-Being to Being by to create a "Clear." A Clear, ences, called engrams, are not observances such as vegetari-
same. After Shaktipat, the Shakti will take the student to the Chandrashekhar Sastry. "A verbal panavision of the Indian Hubbard explains in the intro- completely available to the 'an- anism. It holds that man is
ultimate goal, without doubt." immigrant the world over. Flawlessly authentic. Every Indian duction, is a person free of all alytic: or conscious, mind. fundamentally good, and what
should read this highly researched work." psychoses, neuroses and re- When stimulated by later ex- is called evil results from aber-
For general information about Shri Anandi Ma, Kundalini pressions as well as any psy- periences, engrams, which are rations whioh can be removed
Maha Yoga or Shaktipat contact: Printworld Services Pte. Ltd. • 80 Genting Lane, Genting Elk chosomatic illness. His intelli- part of the 'reactive or sub- permanently through self- Bible of Scientology: A com-
Dhyanyoga Centers • PO Box 3194 #04-02 Ruby Industrial Complex, Singapore 349 565 gence will be "high above the conscious mind, cause irra- knowledge. plex analysis of human psyche
Antioch, CA 94531-3194 USA· Tel: 510-757-9361 Tel: 65-744-2166 Fax: 65-746-0845. E-mail:
Website: APRIL, 1997 HINDUISM TODAY 17
The Sathya Sai Saba Compendium South Asia Books
Ganapati sitting (or dancing), Ram A Guide to the First 70 Years Your path to India for 28 years.
Edited by Brian Steel. Pandit Pravin Jani, Vedic
Darbar, Lakshmi, Shiva-Parvati, 4,000 titles in active stock.
astrologer for over 30 yrs.
Durga, Shirdi Sai Baba, Hanuman,
Santoshi Ma, Tirupati Balaji, Vishnu, • First book of its kind! A Newest titles in stock
Shiva Nataraj, Krishna, Krishna with comprehensive, indispens- • Life reading
(Prices net and include shipping)
Cow. 3 to 5" (7 to 12 cm) high. $19.95 able aid for study, research • Prediction of life events
and inspiration. • Marriage compatibility
to $39.95. $3.50 shippg. Catalog. • Mahadevan. Hymns of Sankara. rep. us$ 7.50
Discounts for retailers and temples. • Information on over 300 • Medical astrology
• Griffith. Hymns of the Rigveda. 28.00
-Nirvana Collection- topics arranged alphabetically • Business or career
• Pandey. Hindu Samskaras. 8.00
including: Ashram Life, • Auspicious timing of events
289 Route 416, RR3, Campbell Hall, • Hiriyanna. Essentials of Indian Philosophy. 12.00
Hinduism, Karma, Miracles, • Spiritual interpretation
NY 10916 USA • Tel: 1-800-374-2304 • Monier Williams. Sanskrit-English Dictionary 40.00
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Krishna." Mauritian President Cas am political success in the elections." HINDU STRENGTH REMAINS a target for Chris-
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adequate" by the India's National Human prince. The largest, albeit ina~tive , Hindu
Rights Commission, are now going-veggie. SRI LANKA IS SUPPORTING UN observans e of temple in the world is Angkor Wat in Cam-
Having considered regional differences and two Islamic holidays. Eid-ul Fitr and Eid- 00dia. It is a common tradition in South-
requirements, and based on advice from ul-Adha, the end of Ramadan and the Hajj, east Asia for young men to spend a certain
the National Institute ~~~ir.~!i?i~ which fallon different dates each year ac- number of months as monks.
of Nutrition in Hy- ~ cording to the Islamic calendar, will now
derabad, "We recom- join Christian Good Friday and Christmas CONSTABLES CAN'T WORSHIP KALI anymore-
meI}.d only a vegetar- as thy only religious festivals observed by at least not in the precincts of Tripura.
ian diet, and its cost the United Nations. There is no indication Such annual worship is customary but, as
comes to about th{lt other world religions will receive the ,., Press Trust of India reports, "in a bid to
US$O.SO per day." said same recognition. 'dissociate govern- /' w----.r""",,,,='"
NHRC chairman Jus- ment machinery
tice Ranganath ANONG, THE FLOATING NUN, is attracting thou- from all kinds of reli-
Misra. Now, veggie cuisine sands of tourists each day to he' temple in gious activity, the
Kanchanaburi, 70-miles west of Bangkok, . government in Tripu-
SPEAKING OF SOUND SCIENCE... Tom Kenyon, . Thailand. Ten times daily the Buddhist ra has directed the
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Acoustic Brain Research, writes, "The temple pond, raising her arms and crossing performing worship
Vedic rishis of ancient Intlia coined a term- her legs in poses of the Buddha and Hindu of Deities inside ,
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Fourteen years of bitteF civi~ war between
Sinhalese Buddhists and TanHl Hindus forced
, 700,000 Tamils to flee Sri Lanka. What began as
a temporary diaspora in search of safety ~as
become, for most.' a":permanent resettlement.
Many are asking themselves, will'their Hindu
religion and culture survive?
N 1975 THE UNITED NATIONS HIGH reports, this group Had flown from Colombo
Commissioner for Refugees estimated to Singapore to Nigeria. They were deported
2.5 million refugees worldwide. To- -from Nigeria and flown to Mumbai where
day the UNHCR reckons there are 27 they were refused entry and sent away on
million refugees from war and p0liti- the doomed flight to Lagos. In Jury, 1994,
cal, religious or ethnic persecution in Europe was stunned when 18 Sri Lankans /
140 countries. The 700,000 Tamils-one- suffocated while locked in a shipping con-
third of Sr-i Lanka's pre-war Tamil popula- tainer abandoned in Hungary. They were
tion-are a small part of this global dis- being smuggled from Russia into Europe.
placement. Many refugees, such as the six Each had paid $7,600 to be flown from
million ~ho fled Afghanistan at the height C:;olombo to Moscow and transported
of conflicts ther-e, wait out hostilities in through Eastern Europe. Until 1985, the fa-
neighboring countries. Similarly, 20»,000 vored route was through East Berlin, from
Tamils, as2cording to international relief where it was easy to enter West Berlin. Un-
agencies (1'00,000 by Sri Lanka government til 1989, 19arents could take the desperate
count), are waiting in India. India has no in- method of sending children as young as five
tention of allowing this community to re- or six to Germany directly, as visas were not
main. When the war is over, whether next required for those under 16. Unaccompa-
year or next decade, they will be sent home. nied children usually arrived with only the
A half-million Tamils have fled around the phone number of a relative or family friend.
globe. This group, too, thought their asylum Whatever the route, the resulting reality
temporary. But the prospect of peace is no is a foreign country with a different climate,
closet now than ten years ago. Slowly, this re- language, culture and diet. Adjustments are
. ality is being acknowledged. Those in COUR- hard, but Tamil refugees are as resourceful
tries that offer citizenship, such as Canada, as they are desperate. The first order of
Australia and Denmark, are actively taking business is survival-housing, jobs, school-
it. Those in nations without this option, such ing for the children. Somewhere down the
as Switzerland, are finding their way to list comes the need to establish culture and
places with more settlement opportunities. religion and successfully transmit 'it to the
Economic crisis, especially rising unemploy- rrext generation-initially by language class-
ment, iripotential host countries and the un- es. Such transmission of religion and culture
precedented global flood of refugees has in;.m alien environment is certainly possi- -
caused even previously hospitable societies ble: though most Hindu Jamils expressed to
such as Canada to restrict entry. our journalists no clear idea how they' would
How did all these people enter so many do it. Catholics have moved their religion
different countries on Sri Lanka passports? from country to country with little dilution,
For security reasons, those directly involved as have the Muslims. In both cases a trained

is erse r
tend to wax vague when pressed for details. priesthood and lay ministry see to the sys-
Several tragedies have inadvertently re- tematic teaching of c!J.ildren, and oversee
... vealed some of the methods. The most re- the necessary adjustments .
. cent was 'the apparent sinking of a boat and In ' this global su(vey, HINDUISM TODAY
unconfirmed drowning of 209 refugees-in- spoke with Sri Lankan Tamil Jeaders in
cluding 50 Tamils-in the Mediterranean on more than a dozen nations who candidly de-
December 25, 1996. Police reports cJfsclose scribed their situation and the future. Each
~ the Tamils had paid US$8,OOO each to a Co- lamented the daily agony of knowing their
~ lombo/ 'agent" to be transported by air to family and friends suffer, back in their

Jaffna in London: The Gopu-Thangavelu nagasvaram

troupe escorts the groom into the wedding hall. The
full-time Jaffna musicians travel all over Europe.
- ~
Cairo lli}d then by boat to Italy. On Novem-
ber 23, nine Tamils died aboard the hi-
jacked Ethiopian airliner that crashed into
~ the ocean off Comoros. According to news
beloved homeland, Lanka, yet they can do
nothing about it. This harsh reality over-
shadows daily life, even as displaced fami-
lies adjust to new and safer environs.


- ,
' SI) _~CIAL_ HEPOHT J children raised in Canada with no /religious lished. Those coming for family reunifica- sent generation -are fervent followers of Hin- kan Tamils are in New Zealand; most en-
or cultu'ral education who are indistinguish- tion are well-educated people who easily duism," he said, "and so see to the creation tered through official channels. The country,
able from ordinary Ca~adians, except for mov.,e among Australias middle- and upper of temples. But the participation of the next
Commonwealth Settlers their darker skin. A concerted effort is
needed to avoid .this becoming the norm.
The 35,000 Lankan Tamils in nearby USA
middle-class, observed Maheswaran.
Mo;t Hindu temples in Australia-and
every-major city has one or more--.:Game up ,
generation is only because the parents force·
them to go. If something doesn't happen
very rapidly, the resurgence of Hinduism
he said, promotes multiplicity and accepts a
small yearly allotment of refugees from the
UNHll.C. Many Tamils in Kiwi Land are
professionals; others do factory work.
came as professionals, or under the family after the exodus. Sri Lankans joined with among Jaffna Tamils won't last long."
Most Tamils flee to English-~peaking countries reunification program. They are a prosper- Indian groups to start them. \'Childrens
Yogakumar, 30, came to New Zealand af-
ter three years in Canada. He is optimistic
ous, even elite, community. US immigration classes are planned," said Maheswaran, ''but
has consistently refused asylum status ex- not much is . happening yet. The Ceylon
Dr. Rasalingam of about the future of Hindus here. Sri Lankan ,
Auckland, New Zea- Tamils in Auckland are planning to build a
ApPROXIMATELY cept when forced by the courts. As a result, Tamil Association in Melbourne .gnd the land, is presid,ent of Ganesha temple. There is a New Zealand
160,000 Sri Lanka the country is a mere waystation for Tamils . T~y Society in Sydney run som~ Tamil the Ethnic Council Tamil Society, and an International Tamil
Tamils now live in enroute to Canada, nearly all of whom pass . language classes which include children of and much involved in the care of refugees Culture Society which are "working quite
Canada- 7 percent of through the US. - all faiths and do not teach religion. "The pre- from all countries. He estimates 2,000 Lan- well to improve culture and language." . .
the island's pre-war Tamil population ~nd
the largest contentrabion in the Western 'The greatest number
world. Toronto alone has 125,000-by'far the of Lankan Tamils in
biggest and most stable of ail expatriate Hin-
du communities. "Canadians are very favor-
able toward the refugees," said Tiru Rajarat-
Europe live in the
United Kingdom. Ac-
cording to a UK publisher ~nd elder,
I Jaffna Priesthood
nam Gunanathan, secretary of the Tamil 100,000 Lankan Tamils and one' million In-
Eelam Society of Canada. But, faced with a dians live among the Brits. A sizeable group
Keerimalai brahmin builds new
flood of refugees from many countries, even
Canada has in the last two years begun re-
was present in 1983, before the war, and this
has facilitated the flow of refugees. Most Sri
• I temple for Sri Lankans in Canada I
stricting entry. _ Lankan refugees live in the London area.
Arriving refugees live on welfare for six London is prospering as no 'other city on UMARSWAMI KYRUKAL you get on has six or seven," says
months, according to Gunanathan, and by Earth! immigration is a major political issue is the foremost priest !n one resident. It is a tribute to
then have gotten one, two or even three jobs in this ethnically troubled country. The Toronto. His family was the religiosity of th~ community
in factories, bakeries, restaurants or as secu- small island nation is dealing with millions brought centuries ago that virtually all Sri Lankan
rity guards. E~en qualified doctors, engi- of former colonial subjects. Early Lankan from Banaras tq Sri Lanka by liturgists who have come to
neers and teachers start like this. "There are arrivals were mostly professionals, now es- the Jaffna King Vijaya Mahara- Canada are serving as full-time
mixed feelings amONg Canadians about the tablished as engineers, accountants and ja to do puja at the now 500- priests. 'They are very much in
refugees," he said. "Some care a lot. Others teachers. More recent immigrants are gener- year-old temple of Keerimalai, demand, do good. service and
detest refugees, thinking they have come to ally less educated and accept menial jobs. one of Lanka's five great Siva earn good money, said Gu-
grab jobs." Tamil and Somali refugees far Hinduism is well established in the UK, temples. Keerimalai was . de- runathan of Toronto.
outnumber all others. "We are treated as il- with manY ,Hindu organizations, temples, stroyed by aerial bombing in Kumarswami started the
literates because people in Canada don't yet newspapers anet even three professional 1990. His father, thel temple's Kandaswamy Temple as a pri-
realize Tamils are highly educated," the re- Tamil poets. Sri Lankans have blended ef- chief priest, moved to Colombo vate enterprise. When it turned
spected elder complained. At Toronto Uni- fortlessly into this stable infrastructure and while Kumarswami, 42, and his into a public trust, he became
versity, 35 percent of all engineering stu- been instrumental in building several new wffe Chadhayru fled to Canada. executive officer. "I have ob-
dents are Sri Lankan Tamils. Conversion, he temples. Many brahmin..:priests from the Now they are Canadian citizens served that overseas the con- Ancient priesthood:. Kumarswami Kurukal with wife Chadhayni
said, is not much of ll' problem here. homeland are performing daily rites and with a four-year-old, Canadian- tact between devotees and the
"The religious tradition is very I strong," teaching the religion. There are a number of born daughter, Bhagavati. He is priest is cut by temple trustees," dia or Lanka, but have our own Kumarswamis relatives report.
states Gunanathan. "There is hardly a week- schools and independent teachyrs of lan- chief priest and founder of the he said. "But at this temple peo- trained priests. We are begin- Three people died and many
end op which you will not have several Hin- guage, music, dance, etc. Still, said the elder, Canada Kandaswamy Temple. ple can talk to the priest freely ning the school to prevent our were injured at Keerimalai in
du programs. On the Tamil New Year, in "We have doubts whether the second gener- in Scarborough. So many Sri and tell their problems." A hun- children from becoming ordi- the 1990 bombing, during a
April, you can't get near the temple. You ation will be strong Hindus." Tamil parents Tamils live in this dred people visit daily, 1,000 on nary Canadians and leaving the festival attended by 500 devo-
have to park two miles away, take a shuttle Commonwealth welcome: (top ) Canadian emphasize education, and their children's Toronto suburb that, "every !;>us weekends and more than 5,000 priesthood." Twenty of the tees. It was the second aerial
bus, then squeeze into the temple." Temples devotees parade the Deity around the im- entering the profession,s. at festival times. priests are governmeut-ap- attack on the holy shrine. "We
are built in collaboration with the larger In- posing outer walls and gopurams of Rich: Last Vijaya Da- proved marriage registrars: On were in the midst of a homa to
dian Hindu community, though Sri Lankan rrwnd Hill Ganesha Temple. Lankan Tamil Thirty thousand SQ. sami, he and 51 some auspicious days there may Goddess A~an when '" the
Tamils are among the prime movers. As to children in performance of Saiva Thamil Lankan Tamil~ have other Toronto be 30 weddings in the Toronto temple was bombed. After it
religious education, "The Hi,ndu teaching Sangam in Zurich, Switzerland. fled to Australia. A lib- area priests from area: / was over, we found the Amman
given is at a very high or very low level. eral family reunifica- Sri Lanka formed Kumarswami reports that Deity intact, but She had
There is nothing for the middle cIass of peo- them under control. But when th!i(child first tion program allowed many to legally join . the Canada Hin- the destruction of the ancient turned and faced the wall."
ple," said Gunanathan. goes to school in Canada he is told, 'If your relatives already in the country in 1983, re- du Pries"€: Society. Keerimalai Temple was raised The temple ';Pas destroyed cen-
Tamil language study is a primary con- mother or father hits you, dial 911 [the po- sulting in an exponential growth, according' Their goal is a in Sri Lanka's parliament in turies ago by the Portuguese
cern, as the children live in an almost entire- lice].' Here you cannot beat a child." to Jai Maheswaran, 38, of Melbourne. He is pries~-training December, 1996, and a de- Catholicsl and rebuilt in the
ly English-speaking enclave. "Even the chil- "North Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese all world coordinator of the Tamils Rehabilita- school for their mand made to restore the his-
:>i late 19th century. The sea-side
dren of some of our priests don't speak speak their language and maintain their cul- hon Organization. About 30 perc~nt of the children. "There
Tamil," said Gunanathan. "Many give up try- ture," the elder observed. "But we Tamils total came as refugees. Now the situation ~ are many temples
toric monument. The Sinhalese
government promised to look
sanctuary, which faces India's
':>i-<" shore a few miles away, will
ing to teach it because of the environment in want to speak English at home, be Western- has changed, and "every attempt is made to coming up," said into the matter. The temple, one day become the responsi-
Which children grow up." Child welfare is ized, look like any other Canadian. Yet, my discourage immigrants, regardless of where "
~~~~~~~~__~~__-k~~~~~ . Ku.marswami. like many others, is in bad con- bility of this eldest son, who in-
the hardest thing to deal with, admits Gu- Portugues~ neighbor speaks Portuguese. In they are coming from," said Maheswaran. War's ruins: The bombed-out historic Keeri- "We don't want to dition. "There is no temple in tends to return' and restore
nanathan. ''When we were in Sri Lanka, we thirty years in Canada he has never both- The government does not offer much help malai Sivan Temple ofNorther:n Sri Lanka have to rely on In- Jaffna which is not damaged," Siva's home on the island. ..,.;
punished children, caned them, to keep ered to learnEnglish." One can meet Hindu flirectly, but it is relatively easy to get estab-
which has been inundated with refugees ning it was very hard. We are not always
from many nations, especially the former treated well. We have not been learning Hin-
Yugoslavia. Relations with native Germans
are not always smooth, notably in economi-
du r.eligion, excep,t what we read and hear
from our father. We've also seen Ramayana
Far Corners
cally depressed East Berlin.
, There are about 25 temples staffed with
and liJahabharata in movies." r
Sri Lankan priests and 40 Tamil schools in
The' Danes are making a concerted effort ,
to assimilate the 7,000 refugees, but turn
Scattered worldwide
Germany. The Siva Temple in Dortmund is
extensive. More than 10,000 devotees (in,
away new arrivals. Those accepted are given
intensive training in the Danish language
by choice or chance
cluding many ethnic Germans) have attend- for the first 18,months. They are able to gain
ed festivals at the Amman temple in Hamm. permanent residence and, after s~ years, ERHAPS 20,000 LANKAN TAMILS
Eight Tami~ language newspapers and mag- citiz§Ilship. Initially almost 2,000 converted are in Africa, most as contract
azines, plus several radio stations, serve the to Christianity. Many others were going to ' workers, or "stranded" refugees
Sri Lankan community. ' Catholic churches and "worshiping the Hin- . trying to get to Canada or Europe.
Conversion is a problem, and economi{: du Gods there since there were no temples," Muralitharan is one of 240 contract
inducement is the method of choice. One said one devotee. It was observed that these workers in Botswana, a landlocked
new convert got in treuble with his pa'"stor converts tended to' leave Christianity after desert nation directly above South
;when he fell down in church and cried out, two or three years and float between the Africa. They return to Sri Lanka every
"Muruga! Muruga! " "Converts are very ac- two communities. The priests started con- Into Africa: Rapidlg developing countries two or three years to renew their con-
tive and aggressive," said Veeragathiyar, 'but ducting....the Vratyastoma ceremony to for- such1as Zimbabwe w elcome Tamils tracts and visas. Their status is "fairly
after changing faith for jobs and privileges, mally bring them back into Hinduism. secure," he said. Lankan Tamils are re-
they still come to the temple and pray to Th~ Danish. government, under the inspi- 1983-once he reached this remote land. He ported in Nigeria, Angola, Zambia, Zim-
Paris: Thousands of delighted Parisi'Elns 1Iwmed out to watch Lord Ganesha's char~ot parade Mun}ga." Some German churches bring ration of Queen Margaret II, has progi"ams was granted asylum in three weeks, and is babwe and South Africa. There are
through the streets. 'Pte sponsoring Ganesha temple was founded in 1985. Tamil Catholic priests from India to conduct in all schools to teach cllildren their mother now a citizen, as are his wife and three chil- 60,000 in the Gulf States, all on tempo-
Mass in Tamil. ,. tongue. Tamil children take Tamil class sev- dren. Tamils are widely aispersed in the rary contracts. Hindu religious life is dif-
SPECIAL REPOHT eral times a week from first grade. The first country. He said there is no organization of ficult in these strict Muslim countries.
Language is the major graduates mostly educated in Denmark are Tamils, no temples, and outside the home "It A few Lankan Tamils are in South-
barrier for the 60,000 entering professions and "showipg we can is not P9ssible to practice Hinduism." Siva- east Asia. "Not more than 100 Sri
The European EXperience refugees in France, ac-
cording to V. Sanderase-
achieve something," said Sallaswamy. lingam was a research assistant at the Uni-
versity of Helsinki before retiring, an¢ still
Lankan profeSSionals are in Singapore,"
reports Dohadeva Shanmuga. There are

karam, 51, founder and . Sivalingam, 63, of Hel- teaches Tamil there. He gained local fame in Tamils stranded in Thailand, the Philip-
trustee of the Sri Manika Vinayakar Alayam sinki, was the first to ar- 1994 for his Tamil translations of the nation- pines and Taiwan, according to Dr.
Governments struggle with flood of refugees of Paris. Refugees are treated well by. the rive of 100 Sri Lanka al epic Kalevala-a book of old Finnish bal- Rasalingam. A few contract workers are
government, he explained, but only 300 Tamils I).ow in Finland, lads, lyrics and prayers as precious to Finns reported to be in Brunei and Sabah.
have passed the stringent citizenship re- which lies at the north- as the Devaram hymns are to Tamils. Some Sri Lankans pass through Malay-
SWITZERLAND HAS ENJOYED dozen small temple's around the cC'lUntry. quirement to read and write French fluent- ern end of the Baltic Sea between Sweden The reception for all refugees in Finland sia on their way to other countries.
"a thotisand years of peace Many areas have Tamil language and reli- ly. Like Germany, France is struggling with and Russia. ' It was easl for him to stay in has changed dramatically since 1983. The
and, at 700 years, is the old- gion classes, but the Mamandram. president a huge refugee population and a soaring un-
est democracy in the world. was not at all satisfied with the level of ed- employ~ent rate. ./ ,
It has achieved this despite uc'ation. The temples are staffed by brahmin The Tamil community has s~veral temples
being divided, like Sri Lanka, into regions
according to language-German, French
and Italian. Switzerland accepts asylum
priests from Sri Lanka who are doing. the
pujas and samskaras. The priests also have
to work, but they appealed to the govern-
that celebrate all festivals and provide sam-
skaras. There are also a few language and
culture classes. Christianity has claimed
Warm Welcome
seekers, and cares for them generously, but
there is simply no future for. them in the
country. Of the 40,000 Sri Lankan Tamils
ment and were granted permission to find
jobs, in flower shops instead of meat- and
liquor-serving restaurants.
about 4,000 converts here, says Sandera-
sekaram. "They promise to get yqu a jon. But
if they can really do it, why don't' they help
in Cold Norway
ther~, only a few dozen may ever achieve Christian conversion is a significant prob- the millions of unemployed French people?"
citizenship, according to the president of the lem, ~d in 1993 the Mamandram. organized The Christian-dominated country imposes Earlier Jaffna project opened ~oors
Swiss Hindu Mamandram.- About 20 per- a conference to fight it. Even two brahmins ~ignificant restrictions on other religions-
sons a month have been deported back to ha~e been converted and now go about con- for example, no non-9 hristian place ofwor- PRE-lg83 .BOAT-BUILD- the ' maritime project. Fifty
£ri Lanka, mostly recent arrivals. High un- fusing the people by reciting Sanskrit ship may be identifiable from the Street. ing project in Jaffna have graduated as doctors so
employment is contributing to a growing mantrams and saying, "This mantram is not sponsored by Norway far, others as engineers~an
Swiss resentment. Peter Wittwer, the gov- for Murugan, it is really -for Jeh'ovah." Esti- Sallaswamy's wife died provided an unexpect- early example of the second
ernment representative in charge of all for- mates are that 3,000 have been converted: in the aftermath of the ed access to this Scandanavian generation moving easily into
eigners in Zurich, commented favorably 1983 riots, "for wan't of country. Tiru N. S. Pirabu of top' professions. Forde: Tamil children join in city's International Day parade
upon the conduct and religiosity of the Sri "We are all Jaffna, our >pedical attention in Co- Drammen, a government trans- The fIrst arrivals had:to make ,.
Lankans when he attended a large peace children are half Jaff- lombo," he states, with- lator and social worker, reports do, however, and as a result are with saving a local industry in music. Now in its fifth year, it
ceremony-held at Zurich'~~:Sivan Temple. nalhalf German, and our out further elabQration. He was left with there are now 8,000 Tamns in spread all over tll.e country the town of Vardo. has 15 telfchers and 280 chil-
Employment opportunities are limited. fear is the next genera- three boys, ages six, four and three months. Norway, of whom half are ~iti- . working in restaurants, facto- Refugees have established dren, ages 3 to 18. All the
The Mamandram. preSident, for example, tion German," laments E. Veera- Devastated by his loss, he left the boys with zens. The first batch ot Tamils ries, health and the fish indus- . five privately funded Tamil sch001s operate in public
was an accountant and university lecturer gathiyar, 50, of Berlin. He has beer; in Ger- relatives and fled to Europe, ending up in were a thousand students ad- try. Tamils are respected for schools. Sivada-s is principal of schools rented at nominal rates
in Sri Lanka. Today he is a waiter, managing many since 1985 along with his wife and son, Denmark. Now 54, he lives in Skjern work- mitted to language school in their disciplined work habits, the Cultural Center for Tamil from the local municipal coun-
a restaurant liguor buffet. Even tHis is 'con- 18, -and daughter, 16. An accou~tant in Sri ing as a translator for the Danish govern- 1984, as a result of contacts be- and earn enough that most own children in 'oslo. It is a week- cil. "This is better than other
sidered a step"up from the kitchen jobs held Lank:a with a government post, he delivers ment with no intention of returning to Lan- tween Jaffna famils and gov- homes and cars. A' recent news- end school teaching Tamil lan- European count't ies for Ta-
by most refugees. Nonetheless, pay is good. newspapers in Germany. There are perhaps ka. His boys joined him in 1989. His eldest ernment personnel involved ,in paper report credited them guage, Hinduism, dance and mils," said Sivadas. .,.;
Since 1994 the community has begun a 50,000 Sri Lanka TaIllils in the country, son, Kumaran, now 19, said, "In the begin- , )

country is now flooded with thousands of the displaced-Tamils in recent years have en- TIMELINE
foreigners, including Somalis and others . couraged ~hem to settl~ down in their new
from Africa. ¥ost Tamils in Finland try to country, accept t1e karm~ that brought them 500 bee: Prince Vijaya and 700 followers
move on to other countries. Those that stay there, attain citizenship and think about the from Bengal arrive in Sri -Lanka.
aI}! often sent to the North to work-the future of their children. Tl:J.ey are beginning 306 bee: Sinhalese become Buddhists.
frigid outpost where nomadic r:appland~rs to do this. As seen in this report, a certain lev- 432 ee: Tamil Pandyan king invades.
herd reindeer. There they experience the el of economic security has been attained in 470: Pandyans ousted by Sinhalese.
"midnight sun," as the area lies above the most countries. Nearly all refugees are better 1017: Rajaraja Chola annexes Lanka to India.
Arctic Circle. For 73 days in the summer the off than they were ilJ. war-torn Lanka-a fact 1070: Sinhalese oust Cholas. ,
sun never sets below the horizon, and for 73 that compounds guilt with daily distress as 1200: South Indians briefly· wle Lanka.
days in winter never rises abo~ it-hard- 1:hey worry about family and frien:ds left be- 1400: Tamil kingdom founded in Jaffna.
sl)ip duty for those born and raised,in the hind. CommUI}ities have recognized that cul- 1591: Portu,guese gain control of Lanka.
balmy tropics. If they can stick it out, each ture, religion and language are not being ad- Massive Catholic conversidn activity follows.
will be granted permanent status, but most equately transmitted to the new generation. 1658: Dutch gain control.
try for Canada, Germany or France. Tamils of the diaspora have begun a 1796: British gain control.
Pirabu of Norway reports there are about unique "peace prayer" at meetings. Each 1910: Growth of nationalist movement.
25,000 Tamils in Italy. Some work in vine- touches the forehead, then raises both arms 1947: Independence granted; English-edu-
yaras and housekeeping "in very baa condi- head-high, palms out, chanting "aum" sever- cated elite rule the country. PEACE PROSPECtS
tions." One group is well established near al times while thinking thoughts of peace 1956: Bandaranaike's SLFP comes to power,
Palemlo, according to the TRO. He believes and well being. By thus sending energy;
there' were once 30,000 Tamils in the Neth- prana, back' to loved ones in Lanka, they
erlands, but government pressure forced sooth their own emotional strain an(1 subtly
Sinhala declared sole official language, state
support of Buddhism becomes law.
1959: Bandaranaike assassinated.
Can They Find a Solution,
some 10,000 to leave. Unknown thousands serve peace's possibility. In Lanka, too, re- 1978: Tamil secessionists gain strength. i
are helplessly stranp.ed in Hungary, Turkey, ports are that people are becoming more re- 1983: LTTE kiU 14 soldiers; thousands die Mutual distrl:lst remmns the biggest hurdle
Poland, Russia and ' other East European ligious, ·turning to God in their hearts and in organized anti-Tamil Dots in Colombo.
countries, unable to get jobs or move on. relieving hardship through prayer. Yet real 1987: India and Sri Lanka sign peace ac-
Hindu religious leaders traveling among peace reID-ains a distant hope. ~ cord with devolution of powers to Tamils. RI LANKANS ELECTED CHANDRlKA heavily-armed encouragement. Parts of the
Indian army enters Jaffna. Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, in 1995 on former VSSR have peacefully become inde-
1990: Peace accord [ails, Indian army leaves a platform of peace. She acknowledged pendent countries.
1995: Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratun- that previou~ governments had not Tamil leaders acknowledge the ,devo-
Wh~re 'Have Lanka's Tami~ Found Refuge? ga, admitting Tamils' '1egitimate griev- only failed to solve her country's situation, lution pac.kage initially presented by Chan- Lost landmarks: (from top to bottom) Cen-
ances," elected president on peace platform. but that their insincere "methods resulted in drikas government is generally acceptable. tral post office and Veerasingham Hall; bad-
The majority of the Lankan Tamil reflJgees have found sanctuary in Canada, Australia, 1995: Chandrika presents wide-ranging de- acts of outright violence." A year and a half That plan creates a federation of regions ly-damaged Jaffna public library; the now
New Zealand and ,the J]K, Commonwealth countries wherein their status is most firm. volution package. Cease-fire fails. later military acl:ion has only increased and wherein councils would control local police, headless Saint Auvaiyar statue in down-
European countries accepted thousands to tens of thousands. Some are well settled, oth- 1996: 400,000 Tamils flee in front of "Oper- peace is no closer. At the moment, the Sin- education, land use, industry and taxation. town Jaffna near the bus station
ers are unsettled guests. Thous~mds are stranded in former Eastern Bloc countries, Rus- ation Riviresa," as army conquers Jaffna. halese hold Jaffna and have the upper hand. It grants a level of autonomy similar to that
sja, Africa arid Soufueast Asia. A sizeable number, 60,000, are contract workers in the 1997: India sends minister to Colombo with But they face c6ntinue'd desertions from of each state in the USA. But, they say, some
Gulf. States and some African and Asian countries. India supports 200,000, most~ in camps. renewed commitment to govt. peace efforts. their army and periodic military setbacks. third party must take an interest. Who
The worst of these took place in the fall of might that be? India has tried in the past.
•. 1996when 1,200 Sinhalese soldiers died in a The "UN is preoccupied with other conflicts.
single attack on the Mullaitivu army base. The oil-less island is low on America's list ~
Still, ethnic disputes of equal or greater priorities. The Tamils have suggested Nor-
violence are being resolved in other parts of way or Canada as a mediator (60 Norwe-
the world. The Israelis and Palestinians are gian observers are guaranteeing the latest
reaching agreements on coexistence in a sit- Israel-Palestinian agreement). One thing is
uation with many parallels to that of Sri certain: Unless Sri Lanka gets on the world's
Lanka.;rhe Serbs, Croats and Muslims of agenda, the 14-year-old conflict between
the former Yugoslavia have finally stopped two peace-affirming communities, Bud-
killing each other- albeit with NATO's dhists, and Hindus, will not end soon. ~

Chandrlka Bandaranaike Kumaratunga:

President of Sri Lanka [left] , stated August
5, 1995: "Our new approach is predicated
, on unqualified acceptance of the fact that
the Tamil people have genuine grievances
for which solutions must be found. We
have the mandate to l"esolve this problem ."
"<z Velupillai Prabhakaran: Leader of the Liber-
ation Tigers of Tamil Eelam told the Euro-

pean Parliament in 1995, 'We are con-
vinced that the Tamil national question can
be resolved by peaceful means. It is the
< government which should take the initia-
tive to resume the peace process.»


INSIGHT himself to celibacy and renounced a place in his fathers business be-
cause it did not allow him time to meditate and study the sc'riptures
he loved so deeply. Around 1890, he found a quiet job as a storekeep-

He is mother, father and guru: Each morning in his austere hut
er for an irrigation project in Kilinochchi. Here, he lived like a yogi,
often meditating all night long. He demanded utter simplicity of him-
self, and purity. Purity would be what he later called all his devotees
to achieve-in mind, speech and action. What appeared to others as
incomprehensible austerities were, to Yogaswami, natural, necessary
and even blissful strivings which brought him ever closer to God, who
he called Siva. Yet, all of this was just a rudimentary preparation for
He held Truth in the palm of his hand, with its cowdung floor, Yogaswami would rise before the sun and the life he would live with his satguru.
spreading love and knowledge of Siva light camphor to drive the night outside. His only worship was con-
ducted at a small shrine which held the holy sandals of his satguru,
Yogaswamis satguru, Chellappaswami, was intense, unpredictable,
unfathomable. Once Yogaswami related to a devotee, "If it were you,
Chellappaswami. He would offer a few flowers to the tiruvadi, and you would not have lasted one day with Chellappa." Yogaswami lived
E STRODE POWERFULLY ALONG THE ROADS light an oil lamp. Soon devotees would arrive, eager to catch him ear- over five years with him, from 1905 to 1911. At another time, a devo-
1y before he marched out on the roads, for he would daily walk 20 to tee said to Yogaswami, "Chellappaswarni has gone away, but he gave
and fields of his island each day, and those who 40 miles, alone. He continued this reginlen into his eighties. Devotees everything to you." Yogaswami at once clarified the process of his
saw him coming would move warily to the oth- would quietly come forward, touch his feet and sit on the mats. At his gurus "giving." "Did I receive it freely?" he retorted. "I obtained it by
er side, avoiding the man whose look and voice could gesture they would sing, usually from the Thevarams and other Tamil digging up a mountain! " Chellappaswami's outward appearance was
scriptures and mystic poems. of a rumpled vagrant. He would speak to himself and shout at those
pierce the soul and shake the spirit of anyone he met. A Sri Lankan teacher, the late Tiru T. Sangarappillai Thirunelveli, who passed by. He ate with the crows. Very few people recognized or
The white-haired, dark-skinned sage knew their vividly remembered the ashram during its height in the 1940s and acknowledged his divine stature. Thus, when Yogaswami began to
1950s. "I used to go early in the morning. I would see hand carts, bul- follow Chellappaswami as a disciple, he was also deemed a madman,
thoughts, and sometimes spoke them aloud. He saw lock carts and motor cars all lined up on the road. Many would come
their future, and not infrequently intimated what lay out bearing fruits, fruit trays and paper bags. Others would enter, tak-
a guise not uncommon among masters of the Natha Sampradaya.
Yogaswami knew, however, that the day-to-day life that most peo-
ahead. If you didn't want to know your inmost Self, ing milk and fruits. On one side people would worship. On the other ple led could not give him the truth he sought. With his guru, he joy-
people would chant the Tamil Vedas. People would wait patiently fully denied himself the most basic of physical needs, including food,
you didn't want to meet Yogaswami on the roadside. outside unable to enter. Inside people would be seated in silence. shelter and sleep, and ultimately transcended all of them. After Chel-
He dressed in white and lived simply, immersed Such was the sight of the devotees. He would shower his grace on lappa's passing in 1911, Yogaswami spent years of intense tapas under
each one. He would sit in perfect silence; then he would sing. He an olive (illuppai) tree. The junction at the illuppai tree was well traf-
not in things of this world but in an expanded con- would ask the devotees near him to sing. On many occasions I stayed ficked, so Yogaswami always had stones at his side to pursuade loi-
sciousness of the timeless, formless, spaceless Self, the night. At times we could sleep only after midnight. Even then, terers to move on. His practice during this period was to meditate for
Paras iva. Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims Gurunathan would wake up by four, perform his ablutions and sit in three days and nights in the open without moving about or taking
deep meditation. After his meditation, he would worship God with shelter from the weather. On the fourth day he would walk long dis-
and even atheists sought his wisdom, whether it be divine songs. In this way his humble ashram slowly became known as tances, returning to Columbuthurai to repeat the cycle.
delivered with heart-melting love or heart-stopping a temple to a living God." After some years, Yogaswami allowed a few sincere seekers to ap-
You are not these flesh and bones: Sage Yogaswami passed his proach. They worried that his sadhanas were too severe, and urged
power. It was 125 years ago that Sage Yogaswami, the early days in search of God, and lived his later life in union with Him him to take care of himself. Eventually, they persuaded the yogi to
satguru of Lanka's Tamil Hindus for half a century, [see timeline below]' His devotional and contemplative nature blos- move into a nearby one room thatched hut they had built for him.
was born. Inwardly, it is believed, he continues to somed early on. Even in his childhood, he rushed to the temple, cried Even here he forbade devotees to revere or care for him. He prohibit-
tears of joy during worship and eagerly undertook penance, such as ed anyone even to rethatch the roof. His closest followers would do so
guide his followers, now scattered around the globe. rolling around the temple in the hot sun. As a young adult, he vowed only when he was away, being sure to be finished before his return.

A Masterful [ife loudly at the passing

brahmachari, "Hey!
Who are you?" Sadasi-
completely to his guru,
and life for him became
one of intense spiritual
place. Following
this ordination,
their sannyas dik-
arduous foot pilgrimage
to Kathirgama Temple in
the far South. In 1910, af-
Few recognized his at-
tainment. But this
changed significantly
van was tfansfixed by discipline, severe austeri- SM, he sent the ini- ter returning to Jaffna, one day when he trav-
1872-1964: At 3:30AM ram, Sri Lanka. He was The decisive point of that simple, piercing, in- ty and stern trials. One tiates away and two devotees witnessed eled by train from
on a Wednesday, in May named Sadasivan. His his life came when he quiry. "There is not one such trial, ordered by never received Yogaswami's "corona- Colombo to Jaffna. An
of 1872, a son was born mother died before he found his guru outside wrong thing!" '1t is as it Chellappa, was a contin- them again. tion." He met with Chel- esteemed and scholarly
to Ambalavanar and Sin- reached age 10. His aunt Nallur Temple in 1905. is! Who knows?" the uous meditation which Kathiravelu was lappa, who greeted him, pandit riding in another
nachi Amrna n0t far and unGle raised him. As he walked along the jnani roared, and sud- Chellappa demanded of rock. Chellappa came not seen again. Yogaswa- saying, "Come! I give the ful of the hardship, and car repeatedly stated he
from the Kandaswamy In his school days he road, Sage Chellappan, a denly everything van- Sa€lasivan and Kathirav- each day and gave them mi began the life of the crown of Kingship to serene as ever. This was sensed a " great jyoti" (a
temple in Maviddapu- was bright, but indepen- disheveled sadhu, shook ished in a sea of light. At elu in 1909. F0r 40 days only tea or water. On the wandering ascetic, beg- you!-for as long as the his home for the next light) on the train. When
dent, often studying the bars from within the a later encounter amid a and nights the two disci- morning of the fortieth ging for his food, visiting universe endures." few years. Intent on his he saw Siva Yogaswami
alone high in the mango chariot shed where he festival crowd, Chellappa ples sat up0n a large flat day, the guru brought temples and chanting Chellappa passed in meditative reginle, he disembark, he cried,
trees. After finishing camped and shouted ordered him, "Go some stringhoppers. In- hymns. He undertook an 1911. Yogaswarni, obey- would chase away curi- "You see! There he is."
school, he joined within; meditate; stead of feeding the hun- ing his guru's last ous onlookeFs and
government ser- stay here until I re- gry yogis, he threw the orders, sat on the worshipful devotees
vice as a store- turn." He came food high in the air, pro- roots of a huge with stones and
keeper in the irri- back three days claiming, "Thats all I olive tree at harsh words. After
gation department later to find Yoga- have for you. Two ele- Colombuthurai. much persuasion,
and served for wami still waiting phants cannot be tied to Under this tree he he was convinced to
years in the ver- for his master. one post." It was his way stayed, exposed to move into a nearby
dant backwoods Yogaswami sur- of saying two powerful the roughest thatched hut provid-
of Kilinochchi. rendered hinlself men cannot reign in one weather, unmind- ed by a devotee.


Holding fast to his self-reliance, he do you want to be cleansed?' He gen- Mahatma Gandhi. He related, "Two European ladies came to see
would not even permit a lamp to be lit tly beckoned us into his hut. Talking me. They had been in India to see Mahatma Gandhi and wanted a
by another person. Day and night to him was unnecessary, for one had message from me. I asked them what Gandhi had told them. The
Swami was absorbed in his inner wor- only to think of something and he re- Mahatma had said, 'One God, one world.' I told them I could not
ship, guiding the karmas of thousands, plied instantaneously. Yogaswami was think of a better message and sent them away." Yogaswami also met
down to every detail of a marriage pro- aware of my thoughts all the time." the great sage Ramana Maharshi on a pilgrimage to India.
posal, a health problem or a close fol- In another account, the late Dr. S. Good thoughts: Yogaswami articulated his own teachings in over
lowers business transactions. Politi- Ramanathan Chunnakam recalls a 3,000 poems and songs, called Natchintanai, meaning "good
cians would always fall at his feet humbling lesson received in 1920. "I thoughts," urging seekers to follow dharma, serve selflessly and re-
before embarking on their work. went to visit Swami with advocate So- alize God within. These gems flowed spontaneously from him,
Every Sivaratri he would meditate masunderam of Nallur. In my youth, I sometimes while in a devotee's home, often seated at the small side
through the entire night. Devotees de- was proficient in sword fighting and shrine to Parvati in a nearby Siva temple he frequented. Any devo-
scribed seeing brilliant light in place of similar arts. As a result, I was a little tee present would write them down, and he occasionally scribed
Swami's body on these nights. Others arrogant. While on the way to the them himself [see right]. Natchintanai have been published in sev-
were amazed to see him sit statue-like ashram, Swami appeared in the mid- eral books and through the primary outlet and archive of his teach- Natchintanai: Above is a famous song of Satguru Yogaswami written
for hours on end. On one occasion dle of the road and felled me. I can ings, the Sivathondan, a monthly journal he established in 1935. in his own hand in Tamil. The transliteration is: Appanum Am-
which he liked to recall, Swami was never forget this incident. Even mar- These publications preserve the rich legacy of Swami's sayings and maiyum Sivame; Aria sahotararum Sivame; Opil manaiviyum
seated in perfect stillness, like a stone. shal arts instructors cannot show the sweet songs. The Natchintanai are enchantingly composed, and a Sivame; Otarum maindarum Sivame; Sepil arasarum Sivame; Deva-
A crow flew down and rested several proficiency in their hands and legs joy to sing. Swami's devotees soulfully intone them during their dai- di devarum Sivame; Ippuvi ellam Sivame; Ennai andattum Sivame.
minutes on his head, apparently think- that Swami displayed. After I got up, ly worship and discipline as much today as when the great sage A poetic English rendering: Father and mother with Siva stay;
ing this was a statue. Swami took me into his hut and show- walked the narrow lanes of Jaffna. Natchintanai are a profound and Brothers and sisters light Siva's day; Wife with no equal treads
Soften your heart and let it melt: :; ~
ered me with love. But it was only powerful tool for teaching and preserving Hinduism's core truths. Siva's way; Beloved children are Siva's play; Rulers and kings
As the years passed, Swami relented a " z years later that I understood the di- Professional, modern recordings of Natchintanai are numerous, the under Siva's sway; All Gods and Goddesses to Siva pray;
little, permitting his ever-increasing ~ vine sport that made me eat the dust latest being produced in the UK early this year. All of the cosmos is Siva's clay; And my Lord, You are Sivame. /
fold to express their natural devotion. In repose: At a devotee's on the road to Swami's ashram." Based in pure Saiva Siddhanta, the Natchintanai affIrm the oneness
He allowed his hut to be cleaned, the Contemplative contemporaries: of man and God. Though Yogaswami dauntlessly stressed the nondual
snakes removed and a new cow-dung floor installed. Yogaswami revered and was deeply motivated by the other Hindu nature of Reality, he could never be labeled an Advaitic or Vedantin. He
Yogaswami was equally feared and loved. Even his ardent devo- leaders of his time. In 1889, Swami Vivekananda was received in Jaffna acknowledged ilie utmost peaks of consciousness as well as the foothills
tees approached him with trepidation, for he somehow always knew by a large crowd and taken in festive procession along Colombuturai that must be traversed to reach that sUlllffiit, and constantly spoke of
their innermost thoughts and feelings-the good and otherwise. If Road. As he neared the illuppai tree that Yogaswami later performed the Nayanars, the 63 Tamil saints who embodied his Siddhanta her-
their motivation was not pure, he would berate them or pelt them his tapas under, Vivekananda stopped the procession and disembarked itage and ideals. His message was summarized by him in two words,
with stones or see they never entered his gate. He was not a stranger from his carriage. He explained that this was sacred ground and that Sivadhyana and Sivathondu-meditation on Siva and service to Siva.
to rough language, using it to keep the wrong people at bay. When he preferred to walk past. He described the area around the tree as an With these two, he ever asserted, one can complete the journey. ~
one of his disciples complained about his sometimes incendiary tem- "oasis in the desert." The next day, the lS-year-old Yogaswami attend- Don't go halfway to meet difficulties. Face them as they ~
per, he replied, "Is not a big fire necessary to burn so much rubbish?" ed Vivekananda's public speech. He later recalled that Vivekananda come to you; God is always with you, and that is the ~
Still, even those he rebuked felt blessed, reckoning it a spiritual paced powerfully across the stage and "roared like a lion"-making a greatest news I have for you -Sage Yogaswami ~
cleansing. Susunaga Weeraperuma, a Sinhalese Buddhist, recounted deep impression on the young yogi. Vivekananda began his address <
that in his first meeting, "Yogaswami was sweeping the garden with with "The time is short but the subject is vast." This statement went HINDUISM TODAY IS SEARCHING FOR ANY AUDIO, PHOTOGRAPHIC OR VIDEO RECORDINGS OF ~
a long broom. 'I am doing a coolies job,' he said. 'Why have you come deep into Yogaswamis psyche. He repeated it like a mantra to himself E DITORIAL OFFICE BY PHONE , FAX OR E-MAIL WITH ANY INF ORMATION YOU MAY HAVE. F-<
to see a coolie?' He chuckled with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. and spoke it to devotees throughout his life. ~L- __________ ~~~~L- ________________________ ~~~

Where you can acquire Yogaswami's spiritual teachings

I interpreted his words to mean, 'I am a On one occasion, Yogaswa- HIMALAYAN ACADEMY PUBLICATIONS , 107 KAHOLALELE ROAD, KAPAA , HAWMI 96746-9304 USA. Free from birth on Earth: This rare photo of the venerable Sage
TEL, 1-808-8220-3152; FAX, 1-808-822-4351.
spiritual cleaner of human beings. Why mi divulged his respect for HTTP://www.HINDUI S ~fTODAY.KAUAI. H I.Us/ASHRAMiYOGAS WAMI . HTML
Yogaswami was taken hours before his cremation on March 24, 1964

their lives profoundly. would feed her and at- from afar. He Not a word was spoken. as he always did. Valli age 91. The nation
Many realized how tend to duties as she sat would prepare Back in Jaffna he ex- was a gentle cow. But stopped when the radio
b1essed they were only in samadhi. Upon her di- remedies for ill plained, 'We said all that this day she rushed her spread news of his Great
after years had passed. rective, her devotees, devotees. Cures had to be said" master, struck his leg Departure, and devotees
Yogaswami's infinite some the most learned always came as Followers became and knocked him down. thronged to Jaffna to bid
compassion never ceased elite of Sri Lanka, trans- he prescribed. more numerous, so he The hip was broken, not him farewell. Though en-
The pandit cancelled his to impress. He would ferred their devotion to When not out visiting went to India on pilgrim- gave them all work to do, a trivial matter for an 89- lightened souls are often
discourses, located and regularly walk 10ng miles Satguru Yogaswami after devotees, Yogaswami age to Banaras and seva to God and to the year-old in those days. interred, it was his wish
rushed to Siva Yogaswa- to visit Chellachchi Am- her passing. would receive them in Chidambaram. His fa- community. In Decem- Swami spent months in to be cremated. Today, a
mi's ashram, prostrating maiyar, a saintly woman He would mysteriously his hut. From dawn to mous letter from Banaras ber, 1934, he had them ing both "servant of Siva" the hospital, and once temple complex is being
at his feet. His visit to immersed in meditation enter the homes of devo- dusk they came and lis- states, 'Mer wanderings begin his monthly jour- and "service to Siva." released was confined to for he could no longer erected on the site of the
the hut became the clari- and tapas. Yogaswami tees just when they need- tened, rapt in devotion. far in an earnest quest, I nal, Sivathondan, mean- As the years pro- a wheelchair. escape on long walks. hut from which he ruled
on call that here indeed ed him, when ill or at the In 1940, Yogaswami came to Kasi and saw gressed, Swami more Devotees were heart- He was, he quipped, Lanka for 50 years.
was a worshipful being. time of their death. He the Lord of the Uni- and more enjoyed tra- stricken by the accident, "captured." With infi-
From then on people would stand over them, verse-within myself versing the Jaffua penin- yet he remained unshak- nite patience and love,
of all ages and all walks apply holy ash and safe- The herb that you seek is sula by car, and it be- en. He ever affirmed, he meted out his wis-
of life, irrespective of guard their passage. He under your feet." came a common sight to "Siva's will prevails wiili- dom, guidance and
creed, caste or race, was also known to have One day he visited Sri see him chaperoned in and without-abide in grace throughout his
went to Yogaswami. remarkable healing pow- Ramana Maharshi at his through the villages. His will." final few years.
They sought solace and ers and a comprehensive Arunachalam Ashram. On February 22, 1961, Swami was now con- At 3:30 AM on a
spiritual guidance, and knowledge of medicinal The two simply sat all af- Swami went outside to fmed to his ashram, and Wednesday in March of
none went away empty- uses of herbs. Countless ternoon, facing each oth- gi~e his cow, Valli, his devotees flocked to him 1964, Yogaswami passed
handed. He influenced stories tell how he healed er in elequent silence. banana leaf after eating, in even greater numbers, quietly from this Earth at


Space ready: US Space Shuttle in orbit
works on-the Hubble te~scope; Dr: , !
Chawla and the 1995 astronaut class

"Do something because

you really want to do if.
If you're doing it just
for the goal,. and don't
enjoy the path, then I
think you're cheating

ZL-__________________________~~------_.--------------------------------~~----------------~----~ DR. KALPANA CHAWLA
In training: Dr: Kalpana Chawla in space suit for astronaut training session at the Johnson Space Center in Texas, USA
" . , lator of the space shuttle cockpit where all you don't even dare ask." found and marI;ied her own man, American
PROFILE the s,\",itch layouts and the displays are iden- Indeed, Chawla has always marched to flying instructor Jean Pierre Harrison, who
tical to the real thing." the beat of her own drummer. A passionate shares her passion for flying.

Sky"$ Not .the Limit·

Also memmable was the water survival flyer, she holds commercial pilot's licenses Kalpana Chawla has suc;cessfully blended
training which prepares astronauts for for single and multi-engine airplanes and her Indian values with her Western educa-
mishaps if they land ,in the water. The single-engine seaplanes, and enjoys flying tion. She didn't have any ro4;: models in the
trainees were launched-from the deck of a aerobatics and tail-wheel airplanes. workplace while growing up, so how did she
boat by parachute. After landing in thfi! wa- She believes that mothers, even those liv- believe enough in herself to go in for some-
ter, they had to wait for the reSGuers to turn ing in a traditional society, can make things thing which was considered totally a man's
up. Cha'fla said, "They don't tell you when easier for their. daughters by not pressing
Ka.lpa~a Chawla to be first Asian woman astronaut on the Space Shuttle they'll CQme, but you know at the end of the them to conform to societys norms. Says
job? She says, "I honestly didn't think of it
·that way. When I jOined engineering, there
day someone will get you." Chawla: "I think +wouldn't even call my were only seven girls in the whole engineer-
So, while most Indian women are Earth- mom conservative, though she is from a con- ing college. I was the first girl to go into
By LAVINA M1':LWANI , NEW YORK Chawla is scheduled to blast off in Octo- because, "everything i:qside is so clean." , bound, how is Kalpana Chawla daring to ~rvative family, and I think everyone .thinks aerospace engineering. The department
HO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT ber, 1997, on board the shuttle Colombia. .A native of Karnal, India, and now an reach for the skie~ and beyond, especially of her that way. But as far bac,k as I can re- chair; kept trying to channel me into electri-
that a young Indian girl with During 16 days in orbit, the specialists will American citizen, she has a bachelor of sGi- given her very traditional famify background? member, she's always said that you really cal or mechanical, and I thought this is
feet firmly on the ground study the affects of microgravity on a vari- ence degree in aeronautical engiI).eering Her father, Banarsi Lal, is a businessman and must do what pleases you." Once in the US, weird, why is he trying to do that?" Fin,ally,
would one day fly jnto the heav- ety of materials, focusing on how materials, from Punjab Engineering College and a her mother, Syongita, a housewi(e. Coming Chawla was able to map out a path to her the professor got the message that she was
ens? While for most peo~le out- including metal and crystal!!, solidify when master of sbence degree in aerospace engi- froni a conservative background, they were goals. She was hired by MCAT Ipstitute, San determined t6 pursue aerospace engineer-
space is uncharte4 territory, .removed from the distorting affeG.,ts of grav- neering from University of Texas. In i988 not keen for her to go to the US . Yet, as Jose, California, as a scientist to sUP:R0rt re- ing, and he would tell his other students, all
for Dr. Kalpana Chawla, it is reality, a place ity. Takao Doi, the first Japanese astronaut, she earned a doctorate in. aerospace engi- Chawla explains about her family, they have search in the area of powered lift at NASA males, "She's here because this- is what she
she w.ill surely find herself visiting in the will conduct a space walk. neering from the University of Colorado. I retained the best of old values while re- Ames Research Center, California, in 1988. wants to do." She adds, "That's the message /
next few years. The 34-year-old Indian- "The training was really exciting, a lot of For 14 months, Chawla and her fellow maining open to th~ new. She says, "They She was responsible for simulation and I'd want to give other women: do something
American came a bit closer to her goal fun. In fact, it would be hard to top the ex- trainees underwent rigorous training at the are conservative, but in a strange way. I analysis of flow physics pertaining to the op- because you really want to do it. So even if
when she graduated from NASAls astronaut perience!" says the effervescent, petite astro- Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, think . they are very different from lots of eration of powered-lift aircraft such as the it is a goal which is not necessarily within
trllining program in 1995 along with 22 oth- naut who looks far too young to hold a doc- working with mock-up shuttles, motion- othex;'parents. For example, my father never Harrier in ground effect. reach~it may be something which only a
er trainees, including five women. When torate. She told India West that the NABA base simulators, T-38 jets and parasails. gave me a hard time on career choices. When you come from a certain back- handful can do-but if you really like what
she applied t6 the NASA program, there doctor who interviewed her after an x-ray They also experienced survival training on There was no, 'Nd, absolutely not.' You could ground in India, when you reach the right you do, then you've never really rost any-
were 2,000 candidates, out of which only 23 asked if she was a vegetarian. When she said land and water, in Florida. Says Chawla: "A always say, 'But-I want to do it.' If you said age, you are expected to nave an arranged thing. But if you're doing it just for the goal, .1
were chosen. She is the first Asian woman she always had been, the doctor told her lot of our training was finding malfunctions it enough times, then you would have it. I marriage and do things the way they are and don't enjoy the path, then I think you're
astronaut. with a grin tliat he knew that to be the case and learning survival sl9.lls. We had a simu- think in families that are truly conservative, done in the community. Chawla, however, cheating yourself." ..


Classical Music of North and South India
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HE RUDRAKSHA-COVERkD CHARIOT round like a mirror without a • III: Introduction to manage-
of Vaidyeswara temple in Talkad (near tail, appearing in the North- ment of imbalances
Mysore) ventured out in procession for east, that are children of t~ (Spring).
the first time in many decades last No- Earth and threaten with fa-
vember 16. Dr. S. R. Rao, a soil engineer in miRe. There are three benefic • Correspondence Course by
Karnataka, found the abandoned chariot comets that originated from the Dr. Robert Svoboda, Ayurvedic Physician Pooja, Devotional and Wedding Items
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have a rudraksha chariot. I saw one in the possessing three tails and three returning each person to his or her balanced state. and Hindi • Kohlapur
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t:r~e. He hired a Mysore carpenter to do the
work, and local, villagers strung the seeds.
Talkad js famous for its Panchalingeswara
Multi-Tailed when it does the world will
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161$ a fiery comet with three
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turies until excavated by Indian archaeolo-
Comet Visits tails appeared over Sri Lankan
skies filling the whole country
with fear and dismay. A Por-
gists. Talkad was once the capital of the tuguese historian related it was
Ganga dynasty. Each of these temples once Spectacular objects portend "followed by an outbreak of ill- Vedic Astrology
had a huge Chariot ~ntirely co~ered with ness which affected both man
rudraksha beads. change-good and bad and beast. Fish died in such The Major Distributor of
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trouble. Rishi Varahamihira writes in Brihat King Edward VII died. Not long after, Por: Saraswati. pap. $12.95 Council of Astrological Sciences (founded by Dr. B.Y.
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character of 1,000 different comets. As of tion and the dethronement of their king. Muktibodhananda Saraswati. pap. $14.95 positions in government, finance and publishing. He is a
1995 modern-day scientists had identified The soon-to-arrive iceball from heaven, • Third Eye & Kundalini. B.S. Goel. $22.00 long-time devotee of Sri Ma Anandamayi and has close
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IMOTHY LEARY AND GENE RODDEN- Fax: 408-464-1333. Telecommunications. Inc. Fax: 313-936-0996 • E-mail:
berry were scheduled to blast into
space in mid-February. Leary, the '60s
guru, died in June, and Roddenberry,
the creator of "Star Trek," died in 1991, but a
small portion of their cremated remains
were to be included in a planned rocket
launch to release their ashes and those of 23 Sri Chinmoy Ayurvedic Institute
other people into Earth orbit. The biography of Gurudeo Pandit
"We are going to strengthen The Sri Chinmoy Institute of Ayurvedic Sciences offers
They are part of a trend in the American Shree Ram Sharma Acharya, known authentic training in the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic
funeral industry that favors cremation and as "Pragya Avatar," the incarnation
Hinduism in our area. Our orphan- Medicine. Comprehensive programs taught in all areas:
other alternatives over traditional burial. of purified intelligence. This unique nutrition, pulse diagnoses, Ayurvedic skin care, massage,
The Cremation Association 'of North book is powerful, impressive and Panch Karma (cleansing and rejuvenation), and herbal
age children are good in studies America reports that cremations have in- inspiring. It makes an ideal gift. medicine. Taught by Vrrender Sodhi, MD. (Ayurved), N.D. and
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year .2010 nearly 40 percent of all deaths in Gayatri Pariwar Yugnirman Yojna Sri Chinmoy Institute of Ayurvedic Sciences
America will result in cremation. Illinois Gayatri Yug Literature Center,
life. The gurukulam is playing a 2115112th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004-2946 USA.
state has one of the highest percentages for Mrs. Kusum Patel, 8413 W. North Tel: 1-206-453-8022 • Fax: 1-206-451-2670
cremations, Springer said. Terrace Ave, Niles, IL 60724-2329 USA e-mail: • http/
vital role in preserving and main- Much of the change in funeral tradition is
being attributed to baby boomers-a name
taining our Hindu identity." These given to the generation of large numbers of
babies born in America in the period imme-
diately after World War II. As boomers ap-
are hard times for Sri Lankan proach their life expectancy, more changes Saraswati Devi: A Remarkable Album Worldwide Construction
in the funeral industry are being anticipated
children. Please give freely to by funeral directors and industry analysts. Enjoy 75 min. of Sanskrit and Sankara and Sons
B60mers have left their mark on almost Hindi songs composed and
every field. The funeral industry is respond- performed in a North Indian • masonry
the Endowment Fund for the
ing to boomer buying trends. classical style by Aditya Verma, • concrete .
Bonney Kelley, president of Kelley & Sons a dynamic young artist whose • construction
Tirunavakkarasu Nayanar musical lineage draws from • specializing in
Burial Vault, said cremations are much more
accepted now than in the past. As more peo- the greatest teachers and difficult concrete Hawaii License Be 18936
Gurukulam in Batticaloa. ple decide on cremations, they are often con- performers of Indian music, formwork.
fused about what traditions to maintain and Pundit Ravi Shankar and
which to adapt to their own desires. "I call it What a blast: Cremation ashes into space Ustad Aashish Khan. "A good foundation
1-800-890-1008 Ext. 235 'tradition in transition.' People just don't ,. is needed for
1-808-822-3152 Ext. 235 kn'ow what to do with the ashes, and those of balloon from Paris tq..San Francisco. Other A musical tribute to the Goddess any project."
us in the industry are trying to help them specialty items becoming more pof>ular due of inspriation and beauty.
identify how they can cope," Kelley said. to cremations are small keepsake urns that Saraswati Devi celebrates classi- We will travel anywhere.
http://www. Hinduism Today. Gary Gartner's Houston-based company, families can give to family members and cal Indian music and the ancient 25 years of quality contracting. Celestis, was scheduled to send small por- jewelry lockets of the ashes. tradition of Mantra. "This album Extensive references available. Free estimates.
tions of 25 people's cremated remains into "Marketing is a new word to our pl'ofes- is an auspicious beginning for me," says Aditya Verma who
HHE.html sees his music as the means to share Indian culture.
orbit. Gartner said he expected people in sion," said Bruce Cpnley, a funeral director. Vijay Sankara
the space industry, pilots and environmental "What we see in the funeral service indus- Sankara and Sons
enthusiasts to be interested in his services. try is a reflectio:p. of what is happening in ·Composer: Aditya Verma • Vocals: Kala Ramnath 6136D Kala Kea
But he w~; surprised by his diverse clien- other industries." Conley said he has adapt- • Tabla: Narendra Verma • Narration: G.S. Birla Kapaa, HI 96746 USA
ENDOWMENTS tele. "Timothy Leary himself calleg. me days ed to fit the needs of clients and has devel-


KAPAA. HI 96746-9304 USA
_~ I before he died and made the arrangements," oped a web page. He said he is not unique
he said. The cost of this everlasting space in the industry. He has also delved into the
voyage was US$4,800-1.7Iakh r~pees. "after-care market," providing a grief sup-
Other companies specialize in burials at port group and hospice programs. :~,
Find out more about this unique album at:
New Release Price: $15 CD & $10 Cassette, $4 shipping
and handling. Overseas add $4 please. (Canadian funds )
Tel/fax: 1-808-823-6698
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sea. One firm will scatter a loved one's re- By SUSAN HERREL "Wealth that is acquired by proper means
mains over any chosen city from a hot air THE CHAMPAIGN NEWS GAZETTE (AP)
Galaxy Publications & Recordings in a manner that harms none
351 Victoria Ave. Westmount, Quebec H3Z 2Nl Canada will yield both virtue and happiness."-Tirukural
Tel: 1-800-307-2292 or 514-484-8090 • Fax: 1-514-488-3822
For other recordings call/write for a free mail order catalogue.
/ ./

Hindu Heri~age Endowment

Paid Advertisement 1996 Annual Report
Page 2
1996 Annual Report

The Year in Review , In Loving Memory ,

Having completed Our second full year of operations at H~dtl.Heritage Endowment, our Hindu foundation A memorial endowment is an effective way to acknowledge 16ve and respect for loved ones while help-
./ on the island of K~uai, the staff looks back at a year of reaching out and finding better ways to serv;e the world oJ ing create a better world 'for generations to come. Hindu Heritage Endowment takes great pride in ac-
Hindu community. Our assets now exceed two million dollars and we thank all who have given support. 1996 knowledging the Memorial endowments that were created this year.
brought several innovative programs that will help broaden and improve ~e scope of our service:
• COUNCIL ON FOUNDATIONS. In 1996 HHE joined the Council on Foundations, an/association of ' Shanmugam Family (Ipoh) Fund /
1,300 corporations and foundations that r,rovides members vital information in areas such as relevant Bala ShanmugaJ;n, along with his mother, 3ambugardevi, and other mem-
. law, both international and domestic, and accounting, management and investment principles and prac- bers of the family created this fund to. give a small but permanent and
tices. steady income to the Abirami Amman Temple at Thirukadaiyur in South
India. The fund honors A. Shan~ugam of Ipoh, Malaysia, born in 1925.
• THE ADVISOR. In association with a national publisher of tax law materials, we Qegan sending a He qualified as an electrical engineer in Taiping and was employed by
monthly newsletter, The Advisor, to a select group of estate planners, attorneys and CPA§. who serve Perak Hydro Electric Company in Malaysia. At age 25 he":married
the Hindu community. This is a estate-planning newsletter for professional advisors which'focuses on A. Shanmugam and wife Sam- Sambugardevi. Through sheer hard work, Thiru Shanmugarv advanced
technical aspects of charitable gift planning and current tax law and rulings. \ bugardevi on their wedding day and became a Senior Electrical Engineer. He saw his path to God by way of
.f MEMORIAL FUNDS. During the year, om first memorial funds were established, a significant step for- I service and spent much of his time, effort and resources in assisting the
ward to allow many individuals to create a living legacy in laonor of departed loved ones. less fortunate. He is survived by his wife of 27 years and four ohildren. His wife stIll teaches Tamil and
Thevarams to local cpildren, conducts Hinduism classes af a local temple and does much socio-religious
During the year, grants totaling $93,600 were made to beneficiaries of HHE endowments. Even thoug~ work for the community.
Hindu Heritage Endowment is relatiVely young and still small in the world of foundations, our grants have
placed th'ousands of Hindu books in libraries, sent HINbUISM TODAY free of charge each month to over 500 Sundari Peruman Memorial Scholarship Fund
ashrams, libraries and theological seminaries around the world, supported several temples, including lano- Markandeya Peruman and son, Ravi, created this fund for two purposes: first, to pro-
scaping, religious ceremonies, purchase of. murtis, building programs and more, given an honorarium for vide copies of the Saivite Hindu Religion children's course for children in the USA,
the Hindu of the Year, aJ;ld supported orphanages and monasteries. Through a study of the Council on and later, as the fund grows, to provide scholarships for deserving yquth to pa.rtici-
Foundations, we compared our pblicies with those of a broad cross-section of charitable' instituti.ons. We pate in reLigious activities. The fund was create~ in honor of Markandeya's wife; Sun-
found our 'policies and investments comparable to most foundations, and leaning toward the conserva- dari, born in 1917, who married Markandeya in 1961, when they began together
tive side. We thank the investment managers who have served us so well this past year: Franklin Manage- their study of traditional Hinduism. They moved to Houston, Texas, in 1977, where
ment, Inc., a subsidiary of Franklin/Templeton, Brandes Investment Partners, Inc.; Nicholas Applegate and Sundari Peruman they became active members of the Sri Meenakshi Temple, teaching children and
Hawaiian Trust Company, Ltd. In 1997, the accounts managed by Nicholas Applegate will be taken e>ver helping in many other ways. Often, temple devotees who had left the security and
, by the First Hawaiian Bank Trust Division. We also thank Nathan Palani, an independ~nt CPA w~o pre.- ". strength of extended families in India same to look to this elderly couple almost as grandparents, turning
pares our year-end statements, their accuracy; as well as our legal counsel, AlVIn G. Buchlgnam. , to them for strength, comfort and guidance. As one family said, "Their impact on all our lives is huge, es-
, pecially with our spiritual growth. I am glad our children had the blessmg of learning Hinduism from
HINDU HERITAGE ENDOWMENT ·107 KAHOLALELE ROAD '· KAPAA, HI 96746-930411SA ". Markandeya and Sundari. They are like family to us." Sundari left this world behind in 1995 a't age 78, and
TEL (USA) 800-890-1008,808-822-3152 FAX: 808-822-4351 is survived by Markandeya, their three children and six.grandchildren.

A Toxic Monster AWARDED: Sri Swami Satchidananda

the Juliet Hollister Award on Decem-
ber 16, 1996, before an august assembly
at the United Na-

In Your Mouth tions. Swamiji re-

ceived the award in
recognition of his
teachings of Integral
Yoga, interfaith un-
Mercury is lurking' in silver amalgams derstanding and for
creating the Integral
and may come out to haunt you Yoga Institutes.
The award's Swamiji at UN
founder has longed
BY DEVANANDA TANDAVAN, M.D. to create a "Spiritual United Nations"
to encourage dialogue between the
-F YOU HAVE SILVER AMAL- There are studies that implicate world's religions and to find solutions
gam dental fillings, you may increased mercury level~ with for international disputes,
have a time bomb ticking in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and
your mouth. Amalgam is a the dreaded Alzheimer's disease. OPENED: The Institute of Vedic Mathe-
mixture of silver, co~per, indium, In one Alzheimer's patient, all matics by Dr. T. Satyanarayana Raju in
palladium and 43 to 50.5 percent the amalgams were removed and Troy, Michigan in January, 1995, The
metallic mercury. Mercury is a mercury purged from the body author of 20 books on Vedic mathemat-
liquid at room temperature but by chelation. All symptoms of ics in English and Telugu, he is known
becomes solid when combined the disease disappeared. for his innovative
with other metals. It is more tox- What can we do about this teaching methods.
ic than lead, cadmium or arsenic controversial subject? Select a He said, "Mathe-
and has the property of giving off mercury who does not use amalgams. matics should be
vapor. Even in a compacted dental filling, Many dentists still deny it is a hazard to fun, and learning
vapor can be inhaled and distributed into health. If your doctor feels there is suffi- math should be a
tissues of the body, especially the brain, cient cause, you may opt for a more ex- joyous venture."
kidneys, liver and nerves, ' The Australasian treme course of action: replacing the He invented a
Society of Ora! Medicine and Toxicology amalgams with porcelain or non-amalgam technique of using
has affIrmed, "Mercury is poisonous. There fillings. Your dentist must proceed cau- Vedic math wiz fmgers to perform
is no safe form of mercury in living tissue." tiously, following a prescribed pattern of math calculations.
It has been proven that mercury contin- replacement. The mere manipulation of the The institute's address is: 6095 River-
uously leaves the amalgam. The amount fillings will tend to release more mercury ton, Troy, Michigan 48098 USA.
exuded depends upon the number 'of fill- vapor, which may be inhaled. While re-
ings in the mouth and the length of time moving the amalgams, the effects of mer- HONORED: Dr. Ahangamage Tudor Ari-
the fillings have been there, Its release in- cury in the system can be offset by a diet yaratne with India's highest annual
creases when chewing, when the intraoral rich in greens, high fiber, garlic, onions, award, the 1996 Gandhi Peace Prize,
temperature is raised by smoking and distilled water, and supplements of vitamin for his lifelong achievements of elevat-
drinking hot fluids, by grinding of teeth A, C, and E, beta carotene and selenium. ing, through nonviolence, the material,

and,even by brushing the teeth. The mer-
cury vapor is absorbed through the lungs
W I} discussed other aspects of dental
hygiene in the August 1989 issue of HIN-
moral and spiritual condition of the
people of Sri Lanka.
NEVER KNOWN. It's time to come home
directly into the arterial blood at a rate of Dl,JISM TODAY and warned of another toxic " N3I'-r-,dnifC!!IT
80 percent. In the brain it is preferentially element, fluoride, found in fluoridated TRANSITION: Swami Aseshananda, age and revisit your roots, where an incredible new "'Il!l!~~ .'II-IJltlJIlII.
stored in the pituitary gland and hypothal- toothpastes and mouth rinses. Fluoride 97, on October 16, 1996, at the Vedanta India awaits. An India beyond your town, beyond your Everything you'd never expect'"
amus. It binds to hemoglobin, causing de- produces marked and irreversible changes Society of Portland, Oregon. A Rama-
creased transportation of oxygen to the in the teeth and bones. Gn Nov. 14, 1996, a krishna monk since 1921, he was the experience, perhaps even beyond your imagination.
Call 1-800-GO INDIA for your complimentary
tissues and can destroy kidney cells, lead- London Telegraph headline confirmed, last living monastic disciple of Sri Sara- From the breathtaking Himalayas to the white sand beaches India Travel Guide, or write to: MSI, 25-15 50th Street.
ing to kidney failure. . "Colgate pays out for fluoride damaged da Devi. Arriving in the US in 1947, he of the Indian Ocean you'll find an unmatched panorama Dept CP, Woodside, NY 11377
The greatest affect of elevated mercury teeth," Thwas proven that a 10-year-old boy served as as-
in the system is neurotoxic, leading to had the condition called dental fluorosis sistant to Swami
of tradition and technology, of diverse cultures and
memory loss along with a.tingling and loss' which developed due to small but frequent Nikhilananda in architectural splendor, of natural wonders and seemingly NAME
of sensations in the peripherai nerves. swallowings of fluoridated toothpaste. New York and endless recreational adventures. It's time to see the India
There may be hormonal changes, since it is Swami Prabha- ADDRESS
you haven't seen.
selectively stored in the pituitary, the grand DR. TANDAVAN, 76, retired nuclea: physi- vananda in Cal-
conductor of the nervous and hormonal cian and hospital staff president~ lives in ifornia before CITY STATE ZIP
system, Mercyry also passes the placental Chicago, where he specializes in alternative heading the So-
barrier and can adversely affect the fetus healing arts, Visit his home page at the ciety's center in
with possible physical and mental defects. HINDUISM TODAYWebsite. Portland. A life of seva in US


BxceptiOllalAnSWU$ to
Eternal Questions
, ~
anangwith Siva, Hindu;""', Con"mpo,"ry Cat"hi<m, ,, tho m,,'''fu1
work of Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, a traditional satguru immersed, for
Commencing on the occasion of the 125th
Jayanthi of this great sage, a sacred bronze
half a century, in an ongoing global Hindu renaissance. This books is murthi of Siva Yogaswami begins a world tour
appreciated as an invaluable resource by the bhakti, the practicing yogi and the
scholar alike. Many professors require it as a basic textbook for a variety of courses, to visit his devotees at the many Sivathondan
at Furman University and Dickenson College, USA, for example.
Nilayams and more than 35 Tamil temples and
English-speaking Hindus, yoga enthusiasts, and anyone interested in spirituality will
be overjoyed by this remarkable reference work of Hindu belief and culture. The best
Hindu communities in Europe, Africa, Canada,
English overview of Hinduism available today-Napra Review Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia/Singapore,
The swami concisely answers 155 key questions, ranging from "What is the ultimate goal
of earthly life?" to "How are Hindu marriages arranged?" ... a 40-page timeline, a 200-page Mauritius, Seychelles and Sri Lanka. The tour
lexicon of Hindu terms, a comparative guide to major religious traditions, and a primer
for teaching religious principles to children ... enriched by extensive scriptural quotations will culminate with the murthi's permanent
and reproductions of Rajput art. -Yoga Journal
1,008 p. • $19.95 paper installation in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
ISBN 0-945497-47-4 107 Kaholalele Rd· Kapaa, Hawaii 96746-9304 USA' Tel: 1-800-890-1008, ext. 238 or
Shipping: to USA, add 10% 808-822-3152, ext. 238 ' Fax: 1-808-822-4351' e-mail: Yogaswami's worldwide missions are listed below.
to other countries, add 20% http// SATGURU SWA YOGASWAMI 1872-1964
Dancing with Siva and other HAP titles available in: • Australia: Yoga in Daily Life Tel: 02 9518 7788 Fax: 02 9518 7799 • Canada: Int' Yoga in Daily Life: 604 524 2942
Fax: 604 5241395. Europe: Om Vishwa Guru Deep Hindu Mandir PH/Fax 3611143504 email: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Delhi: PH:
11-777-1668 Fax: 11-751-2745 • Bangalore: Jiva Rajasankara Fax: 91-80-839-7119 email: jiva • Malaysia: Hinduism Today / Sanatana Dharma Publi-
cations: PH: 03 3319242. Mauritius: Saiva Siddhanta Church PH: 412-7682 Fax: 412-7177. New Zealand: India Emporium Tel: 09 3773733 Fax: 09 3733300. Russia: Siva Thondan N"dayam) Sivathondan Ndayam
(Russian Language edition of Dancing with Siva) Centre ofTantra Sangha Tel: 70 95 465 0339 Fax: 70 95 972 0230 email: • Singapore: Hinduism Today / Edmonton
Sanatana Dharma Publications: Tel: 957 66 012 • South Africa: Wizard's Warehouse Tel: 021 461 9719 Fax: 021 45 1417. Trinidad: Aswinee & Narendra Persad Tel: 809
6628741 Fax: 809 662 3351 • UK: Hinduism Today Tel: 0171 9379163 Fax: 0171 4601819 E-mail: easan1@aoLcom.Alsoavailablefrom India Ink on the Internet at:
434 Kankesanturai Road
www.pacific-basin.comlindiainklindiaink.html 653 Chereton Cresent N.W. Jaffna
Edmonton, Alberta T6R 2N2 Sri Lanka
Sivathondan Ndayam
Sri Sivayogaswamys Chenkalady, E.P.
Sivathondan Centre Sri Lanka
2131 Lawrence Avenue East,
Scarborough, ONT MIR 5G5
TeL 416-293-4697 Yogaswami Center
5 Moor Road
Sivathondan Centre 6 Colombo
Sri Lanka
9 Saffron Drive 94 1 580-584
Hallam 3803, Victoria

Yanthira Pooja Jan 29-March 17, 1997, sponsorship: RM 380 per day .• Mahakumba Abhishekam March 24, 1997
Mandala Abhishekam March 25-May 11, 1997, sponsorship: RM 5,000 per day (daily 1008-conch abhishekam)
TeL 03-9796-3964

Sivathondan Ndayam
10111 ~_e_b_~
kauai.hi. us/ ashramIYogaswami.html
• Mahotchava-Vilha (Kodiyetratam) May 12-May 21, 1997, sponsorship: RM 2,800 per day 256 B High Street North
• Piraayachitha Abhishekam May 22 , 1997 . Vairavar Pongal May 27, 1997 Manor Park, For details on Siva Yogaswami's world tour, please call
The renowned Sri Kandaswamy Temple was established in 1902, and for the past 4
London E 12 6SB 808-639-8886. This advertisement is sponsored by Mr.
years it has been renovated under the guidance of the SelangorlWilayah Persekutuan
No.3 Lorong Scott, off Jalan Tun Sambanthan
England T. Sivagnanam, Edmonton, Canada and Saiva Sid-
Ceylon Saivites Association.The main Deity is Lord Velayuthan-other shrines were in-
cluded, a Raajaraajeswari shrine and a Koditthambam, among others. Devotees every- 50470 Kuala Lumpur • Malaysia Tel. 0181-552-6381 dhanta Church, Hamm Mission, Germany.
where are encouraged to attend or send donations for sponsorship of pujas. Tel: 03-2742987 • Fax: 03-2740288
MEDICINE cctrding to the Tantras taught to Swami by
his guru, are congregational-singing and

Your reen~ge
. ' Vagetarian '
praying while priests perform puja rites to·
the Gods. The impassioned and engrossing
daily and weekly worship in the small Shak-
ti and Sivalinga temple attracts many unin-
Nutritionist advises how to keep' erp. healthy formed onlookers. According to Swami,
"They quickly di~cover that Hinduism is
much more devotional than Christianity. As .
people are drawn to Hindu worship, their
lifestyle becomes more pure, more spiritual.
Many soon 'become staunch vegetarians.
They learn Vedic excercises, ayurveda and
• I
begin to use astrology." Twice a year the
Sangha organizes intensive seminars on
tantric<sadhanas. PeoPle from allover Rus-
sia come together in groups of 30 to 50 for
comfortable lodging and soulful learning.
During retreats, they partake of Hindu veg- I

Surrounding Iraivan Temple is an etarian food only, which is first offered to

Lord Siva and Kali Ma. .-
extraordinary botanical garden par- Pagan roots: The Russian affinity- for

adise, providing an area of

Hinduism has a historical dimension. Before
the official Christianization of the 988 Indo-
European Slavonic tribes, the ancestors of
contemplative, natural beauty. modern Russians and Ukrainians were fol-
lowers of Slavonic p'aganism, which Swami
Pilgrims enjoy groves of plumeria, asserts was akin to Hinduism. The Supreme
:Ii God of the Slavonic pantheon was the great
konrai, hibiscus, heliconia, native 'z" God, Rod, literally, "who gives birth to all."
Building Health: Nutrit'ionist at New York Medical Genter recommertds vegetarian diet According to authoritative Russian, Western
Hawaiian plant species and more. and Indian scholars, Rod is the same as the
By JilliICE JAMES , M.S. , R.D. (AP) absorbed in smaller quantities than is-iron Vedic God, Rudra, or Siva. In Slavonic lan-
At the entrance to the 5 J -acre EENAGERS WHO BECOME VEGETAR- found in meats and poultry. Young people guages, rod also means "trihe," "caste,"
ia~s can be developing.dietary habits can boost intake by selecting iron-fortified "clan" and even "absolute" or "universe (all
sanctuary is a forest of healing that help provide them' with a. lifetime cereals and ,breads on a daily basis. A diet that exists).". Today this ancestral name is
of good health. A plant-based diet is rich in fruits and vegetables that are high in the root of many Russian words: narod, peo-
rudraksha trees. Send US$ 12 to known to decrease the incidence of certain aseorbic acid can also increase the body's . pIe; priroda, nature; rodnik, spring; roditeli,
illnesses, including heart disease and colon iron uptake. I Warming the spirit: Swami Sddashivacharya conducting a traditional tantric fire sacrifice parents; rodina, motherl,and; rodnoy, native;
purchase a single-bead necklace of and breast cancers. Obtaining accurate in- Those who elect to become vegans might etc. Many Russians view the recent spread
formation is the first step toward becoming have to add B12 to their <1!ets through forti- CULTURE of Hinduism in their couIl!;ry as a welcome
a sacred rudraksha, receive as our a vegetarian. Essential sources of guidance fied soy milk or vitamin supplements. Vita- revival of the pre-Christian native faiths.

gift another bead to plant and sup-

include vegetarian cookbooks, magazines
and a vegetarian food pyramid. '
Teenagers . should discuss their decision
min B12 is important to the development of
the myelin sheath that covers ne~ve fibers.
Calcium is another important require-
Russia's Taste'for Tantra Hinauism as taught by Sadashivacharya is
, related to the Kalamukha and f ashupata
sects. Swamis of his tradition wear red robes
port the Iraivan Temple project. wJth their parents and perhaps with their- ment. Calcium-fortified soy or rice milk can and a black belt, carry a skull bowl, a tri-
physicians. Suc!) a discussion will help allay
concerns about maintaining a nutrient-rich,
be a good alternative for those who do not
eat dairy products. Eight ounces of fortified
Siberian monk joins Hindu rites and Russian lore dent and wear a Sivalinga around their
neck, which they.worship personally, as do
1-808-639-8886 , balanced diet and give parents time to learn soy milk contaiRs between 200 and 400 j'Ilil- Virasaivas. Swami Sadashivacharya is of the
http://www.HinduismToday. how to prepare balanced vegetarian meals. ligrams of calcium; cow's milk has about 300 USSIA'S L ATEST UNREVEALED REV- In 1993, Swami boldly told HINDUISM To- Rahasya Samptadaya, "secret tradition,"
There are several forms of vegetarianism. milligrams. Youngsters might still need tQ olution has nothing to do with rulers, DAY, "We are Russian Saiyites. Our purpos e which teaches three ways to God: Pasu, tht(
Some vegetarians add fish and dairy prod- seek out other sources of calcium~for ex- parties or economics. It is an ascent of is to unite all Russian worshipers of Lord easy path; Vira, the heroic, tantric patp; and
ucts to a diet of grains, beans, fruits, vegeta- ample, fortified tofu, almonds, black strap the spirit. Since 1992, t,he Moscow" Siva and the Divine Mother, to translate the Divya, the divine path of freedom and lib-
bles, nuts and seeds. Lacto:ovovegetarians molasses, bt occoli and other vegetables. ba~ ed Tantra Sangha has introduced. vera- sacred texts of the Saiva Aga'!1WS into Russ- eration. He ffillows and teaches the first path.
i ncorporate dairy products and eggs. Lacto- Teens might want to go grocery shopping cious Hindu philosophy and rit4al to the ian and to spread the nondual ~ssage of Sangha administrators eagerly invite Hin-
vegetarians add only dairy products while with adults and offer thei.r- input on food spiritually hungered populace of this im- Siva." Today the Sangha is officially recog- du masters and instructors .em yoga, ayur-
RUDRAKSHA ovo-vegetarians add only eggs. Vegans ab-
stain from all animal products in favor of an
selection. If your teens have elected to be./
come vegetarians, support their choices.
mense nation in flux. Ushering in Russia's
new age of ancient Vedic ways is Shripada
nized by the Russian government, and it
maintains branches throughout the country.
vedic healing, devotional worship and other /
practices to come to Russia for a short time
entirely plant-based diet. You could be supporting a change that pro- Sadashivacharya AnandanatI1a Kaulavad- "We perform Vedic fire ceremonies under to help in teaching seminars and hosting re-
FOREST Growing youngsters need more vitamins, motes a lifetime of good health. WI huta, more known simply as Swami Sada- the open sky near rivers and forests accord- t/eats. The most hopeful Sangha rp.embers
minerals, calcium, calories and iron than do Janice Jarnes, M. S., R.D., is Senior Nutri- shiw charya. Years ago, he was cemmanded ing to orthodox Vedic Hindu rites-adjusted expect rapid growth, believing that Satya
adults. Teenagers can meet their tionist at the Education Center at New York by his Karnataka-based guru, Shripada for the Russian situation," Swami explains, Sanatana Tantrika Dharma will soon be-
SAN MARGA lRAlVAN TEMPLE ment of 2,200 to 2,400 calories through car- UniversiPy Medical Center's e ooperative Guhai Chennaoasava Siddhaswami, to "In- His central ashram in Moscow is the come a newall-human world religion. ..,.;
107 KAHOlALELE ROAD bohydrates such as brown rice, potatoes, Care Center: She is a member of the Seventh hale new life into the tantric path and meeting ground for most devotees, those STANISLAV A. G OROKHOV, Moscow
KAPAA. HI 96746-9304 USA couscous, bread' 'and cereal. Flant-based Day Adventists, a Christian sect which spread the esoteric (rahasya) message of who "live as real ' followers of tamtric Hin- C ONTACT: T ANTRA SANGHA, P.O . BOX 70, M o sco w .
foods generally contain a form of iron that is strictly adheres to a veg~tarian diet. tantra to Russians and other peoples." duism." Devotional services, performed ac- RUSSIA 10305 5 . E -MAIL: TANTRA@O NL lNE .RU


UThT(nISM='=":' .:. -


Your True Companion:

"Truly, nothing in this world purifies like
knowledge. He who in time becomes per-
fect in yoga finds this knbwledge in his own
Self." Knowledge of the Self arises from
within. As you walk the spiritual path,
knowledge of the Self becomes your true
Dharma Graphics CD For the Mac. Reg. $249. Special offer for HT readers, only $199
companion. It stands by you. Whatever 1,500+ images reflecting
The Self Within ' happens, whether' you are joyful or sorrow-
ful, whether you are ,making progress or
being challenged by adversity, knowledge
of the Self supports you. It steadies you and
India's rich traditions
Here it is the Hindu art CD
of the decade. Trek into the
heart of mystic India with
this spectacular collection of
Contemplate the teachings. Gain a of v~sio:p.
lights your way.
This message that the scriptures give is
and spiritual culture imagery drawn from the
very piercing. They want to take you be- treasurehouse of Hindu spiri-
the exal t~d
spiritual being that you truly are. yond the bondage of the physical body. tuality. This CD contains a
They want you to realize that the body is as
-transitory as a butterfly's wings, and that . wealth of clip art, Aums, pat-
BY SWAMI CHIDVILASANANDA terns, textures, sacred sym-
the happiness you find in it is just as short
lived. Become aware that there is a greater ' bols, borders, finished
ITH GREAT RESPECT, WITH GREAT LOVE, I WEL- happiness, they say. The wisdom of the graphics and some rare Raj-
come you With all my heart. In the sacred text Self, the light of God within-that is your
called the Atmabodha the great sage S h a n k a r - t r u e companion. When everything works, put scans. Great graphics for an ashram bulletin, a
acharya says: "When a seeker hears the Truth and when nothing works, the knowledge of the yoga book, Web page or multimedia presentation. /
contemplates it, the fire of knowledge is kindled Self keeps you anchored; it keeps you
within. Then, freed from ~mpurities, he shines like gold." afloat. Welcome the teachings of the sages
. The teachings that you hear from the great on~s and the and scriptures wholeheartedly and gener- Aums
scriptures ignite a beneficial fire within. This fire is benefi-
cial because of what it begins to burn away: painful thoughts,
ously. Give yourselfto spiritual practices as
you never have before. Embrace your true
& Illustrations
unresolved feelings, dampening emotions and the old tena- 00( companion within.
cious grudges you have been lugging around for years. It is ~ Have you ever seen rain falling on
the Truth blazing in the teachings that reduces your useless @ parched ground? Isn't it amazing how
tendencies to ashes. , ' - - - --... quickly the tender green shoots push their
The more you contemplate the teachings, the more they enter way to the surface? It can happen in the twinkling of an eye.. -
you. As you examine their worth attentively and try to,apply them, Think of the grace of the teachings in the same way -as the
increasIngly you see their impact on your life. You come to under- sweetest rain falling from heaven. This shower of grace falls upon
stand their incredible power, which enables you to uphold dharma, each' moment of your life. Each mO!llent is saturated with the wis-
t,\live a life of goodness. You realize how timely these timeless dom of the teachings. Allow yourself to 1;>e soaked in this wisdom.
messages are for you, right now. And you begin to surrender to Let the refreshing knowledge of the Self rise from the core of your
your own inner Self This is what the teachings give you: the pow- being and bring forth its fruit. Truly the core 9f your being is so
er to surrender to your Self again and again. When that happens, strong, so courageous. It is stronger than steel, more radiant than
these beautiful, fruitful teachings begin to arise from within of gold. So reach the core of your being. Don't get stuck at the differ-
their own accord. Hllving heard them over and over again in the ent layers of skin, muscles and tissues; don't become enmeshed in
scriptures, in satsangs, from fellow seekers, you let them anoint the different strata of emotions and feelings. Keep traveling deeper Patterns & Borders
your being. And then, as the Atmabodha says, you shine like golq.. and deeper within. Reach the strong core of your being" where
Th~ kind of life you lead when you follow the teachings, \¥hen you abide all of the time. Embrace your true companion within.
you Become aware of God's presence in your: heart, is truly golden.
You no longer live an ordinary life, you live a golden life. You liye
yoga. You are not just marking off the days, the weeks, the months.
Allow each moment of your day to become the embodiment of
the Truth. Always remember that each person carries the golden
light of the teachings. Let each object shimmer with God's mes-
N othing lends a sense of Indian-ness to a design
better than traditional borders and patterns,
There are hundreds to choose from on this creative
Each day becomes a beautiful garland of yo~ contemplations, sage. Let each element of nature reveal God's magnificence, Gqds
your unselfish deeds, profound transformations, meditations, kind compassion, Gods generqsity, God's love, the Guru's unconditional CD. Fall in love with the visual magic of Bharat and
enhance your personal or institutional image. any images are or-
thoughts, enlightening revelations and purposeful living. At the
end of the day you offer this garland to the Great Lord whose glo-
ry your heart sings without c~asing. But it doesn't end there.
love, the ecstasy of the heart. Be with God as He creates the days.:
and nights and suffuses them with His splendor. Embrace tl}.e true
companion within, the knowledge of your own Self, the wisdom of
M ganized in
themes, like nature,
I '
E~erything that happens in the night, also becomes an offering to your .own Self I

the Lord. Each day and each become another exquisite gar- With g¢at respect, with great love, I welcome you all with' all Deities, people, borders,
land for yOU to offer. my heart. Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki Jay! Your own, symbols, etc. Use the
The, teachings of the sages are penetrating. Take them in. TheY"
are valuable. Evell if you are able to grasp only a minuscule por-
Fetch browser to get a
tion of what you hear or read; allow your heart to embrace it. Al- quick overview, then
low the teachings to penetrate 'y'our being. It doesn't matter if you double clic on a page
ar~ hearing a teaching for the first time or for the thousandth
for a detailed preview.
time, allow it to reveal a newer, greater meaning. Let it enter you.
Then that tiny' ray will expand' and your intellect will be illumined SWAMI CffiDVILASANANDA, or Gurumayi, is the successor of the
by its radiance. ' renowned Indian saint Swami Muktananda. She ·teaches Siddha
In.the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells his disciple, Ar~na: Yoga meditation to students in India and allover the world.


Macintosh format only. No PC version available.

s. Africa's" An Experienceof aLife.tim

first Hindu
Chaplain a
Sea change for religious II If I were asked under what sky the human mind has

freedom . and. equity fully developed and has found solutions to some of the
greatest problems of life, I would point to India ...
'for South Africa, Vipra Kiriti Pillay, 48,
has been appointed a full-time uni- - Max Muller
formed Hindu chaplain to the 458 Hin-
dus serving in the South African National
Defense Force (SANDF).
The assignment of the Vipm (meaning
"Reverent" or "Learned One") is in keeping
with the fledgling South African democra':.
cy's white paper on defense, which empha-
sizes freedom of religion provided that "re-
ligious observances are conducted on an
equitable basis and "1 ttendance at them is and voluntary."
Until now, only Christian chaplains were
appointed to full-time positions, while part-
timers served more than 900 religious
groups in the defense force. The Hindu Ad-
visory Board, cnaired by Swami Saradanan- tours meet the special
d\l of the Ramakrishna Center, recommend-
ed the appointment to the SANDF "My requirements of groups,
appointment came as something of a sur-
prise," said the new 'chaplain, "as some of
the others that were in contention were organizations, and
more academically (Iualified." Spiritual steward: Vi pm Kiriti Pillay
, with Chief Petty
. Officer Chinnappa (left)
Chaplain Pillay completed a teaQher's di- i dividua/s. We work
ploma as well as ORe in indlistrial engineer- member of the base requests counseling, we have been given an opportunity to learn
ing. ~ut his involvement in spirituality has this takes pr~cedence over everything." more about Hindus and Hinduis~ as well."
been- even more impressive. He joined the Sub Lieutenant Linda Heslop, the Publk The Vipra begins each day at 7:30AM, dis-
closely with you to
Ramakrishna Center for studies in 1965 and Relations Offic~r at the base, sees a Hindu cussing matters of moral, spiritual and in-
was ordained a priest in 1969 by Swami chaplain as a much needed post, 'l\lthough Ispirational valu~. Every Thursday at noon tructure an itinerary
Shivapadananda. He studied Sanskrit, Indi- we have been working with Hindus all this he leads a lively servi~e of bhajan, sat~ang
an philosophy and Hindu theology for near-
ly three years at Kailas Ashram
time, it is only with this a.ppointment !hat apd discussions on Hinduism. Of the 280
Hindus stationed at the Vipras operatio~
tnat results in smooth
at Rishikesh, India. Returning to base in Durban, about 40 to 50 at a time at-
Durban, he worked volunt~ily tend the services, which are infor~al, un- travel and total
at the Ramakrishna Centers structured/and voluntary. Although he plans
while maintaining his regula( to draw up a syllabus, talks and discussions
currently revolve around day-to-day experi-
job. For the last ten years, he has
been ministering to the congre- ences and real-life situations. In another dis'
gation in Chat?worth, South cussion program called FOCUS, the Hindu
Africa's largest Indian townShip. and Christian chal'llains present their re-
Now in Durban, where the 'spective views on topics such as suicide,
b~lk of Hindu servieemen and drugs and alcoholism. '
women are based, Vipra' Pillay ht honor of his auspicious appointment,
states: 'l\lthough my work is the Hindu Advisory Board designed a spe-
mainly with the Navy, I also cial rank insignia unique to Chaplain Pillay's , 169-12 Hillside Ave.
minister to the needs of Hindus position-a lamp and a flame. .- Jamaica, NY 11432
in the Army and Air Force. If a On board: Teaming up with Sub-Lieutenant Heslop By AJITH BR!DGRAJ, South Af1"ica
el: 718-291-9292

].\ Woman
N cover some of the
best of Hindu womens
journalism on the Web.
The Journal of South
Asia Women Studies of-
fers scholars an opportu-
nity to practice one of
the ancient 64 kalcM or
SERVICE their 1200-year-old message and mission. This arts, drama and story-
humble site, created by MaheshNet, introduces the telling-by submitting
Kamakoti Peetam Page Mutt, its founder, Adi Sankara, and the Jagadgurus papers which address
who succeeded him. Their activities are highlight- theoretical and practical
IKE MANY SWAMIS IN BHARAT, THE SAN- ed, including havans, social service, revival of tra- issues relating to South

L karacharyas of the Sri Kamakoti Peetam at

Kanchipuram follow a discipline of never
leaving the country. But now you can go to
them on the World Wide Web and learn about
ditional customs, temple renovation, promotion of
Vedic study among youth, and building of temples,
libraries and medical centers. Meet the gurus at:
Asian countries. You can
download current and
back issues and sub-
scribe free by e-mail. O.r
browse through multi-
faceted subjects ranging
BHARAT ideal for teaching from law, civil rights,
today's computer
Virtual generation the sig- J ()(MNA HJif
nificance of Gand-
Ubrary hi's role in India's
liberation from
NE OF THE MOST British rule, his
O comprehensive re- history-changing

sources for information teachings of non- ~ _=~J

is the WWW Virtual violence and his ~ HoYT• •"WII " ' P ' -.o.!::';''::'
, ~~
urging us to return ~< L_--':!~!,"~T~.'~"'~Tm~.~",,~_--.:=
Library. With no frills or < .=.J
~_ _~~~_ _~ ~
~~ to tradition. Edit-Read up on Asian issues
His message of gentleness ed by a team of
scholars, it in- politics and gender is-
cludes 45 minutes of sues to philosophy, liter-
WWW Virnal Library video clips, 175 photos, ature, poetry, dance,
Gandhi- copies of original hand- music, folklore and
The CD written letters and
recordings of Gandhis
more. And this distaff
stuff is easy to find. For
voice. Hrrummpf-it's example, a query for the
VREA PUBLISHING IN- available only for Win- word Hindu returned
• Statu pf rAdj' yith W,lt h"'-
~roduces this image- dows. Write to: Krea 150 matches. Enjoy
• Cjtju SOd m.'ri&'a Of lodj' with We}, Pag.. rich interactive multime- Publishing, 535 Everette reading at http://www1.
dia CD on the life of Ave., Suite 405, Palo Al- shore.netl-india/jsaws/i
of websites Mahatma Gandhi. It's to, California 94301 USA. ndex.htm

The inspired Selfis nQt born, nQ{dQes He die;

He sprin~ from nQthin~ and becQmes nQthin~
He is nQt dest{Qyed when the bQdy is dest{Qyed.