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Jack Taylor

4 Violet Road
West Bridgford

Personal Profile
I am a highly energetic, enthusiastic and responsible person who is keen, hard working with excellent
communication skills. I am also an ambitious individual, with proven leadership qualities. I am looking for
part time employment however challenging , that will provide me with essential skills whilst studying at
Southampton Solent University.
Key Skills & Achievements
Key Skills
Hardworking, dedicated and motivated Average attendance of 98% at the 7 years of being at West
Bridgford School.
Good organisation, planning and time management skills attendance throughout senior school of
98% showed the effectiveness of time management.
Motivated Motivated thoroughly by extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Also motivated by family and
Good team player Undergone many successful team based projects. Also played in sports teams
since a very young age computer skills
Leadership Captain of several sports teams, including winning the National Boys School
Championships in senior school.
Able to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines completed all coursework given
throughout seven years of school and first term of university on time.
Confident happy in all aspects of life and company.
Trustworthy and Reliable attendance again showed commitment and reliability
An effective communicator

Sports leaders award. Sports leaders certificate was rewarded for helping local children in the
community take part in sport and have the chance to participate in extra curricular activities. Sports
leaders involved holding sessions and giving advice and training towards young local children.

Work Experience History


One week work experience at Mansell, now known as Balfour Beatty Construction. Working with a
senior planner helping draw out plans and also visiting sites. (2013/2014, 20th of July to 24th). Being
in a working environment I was able to learn a certain degree of responsibility, and also gained key
skills working with IT on computers.
One week work experience at the Co-Op in West Bridgford Nottingham. Working at the Co-Op helped
me gain vast communication skills as I had to interact with large numbers of customers. It also helped
me gain good customer service skills which are transferrable to any potential job. (2012/2013, 5th of
October to 9th of October).


A Levels
Business Studies B
General Studies C
Physical Education D
Biology U

Business Studies - B
Additional Science - B
English Language - B
English Literature - B
Science - B
Physical Education - B
D&T resistant materials - C
Mathematics Higher - C
Religious Studies - C
History - C

Additional Information
I am a very sporty individual participating in football teams and cricket teams since a very young age. Sport is
something that drives me as an individual and has helped me develop many important life skills such as
communication and teamwork. I also play Golf to a handicap of 11. Golf has helped me develop social skills,
due to interacting with other members of my club on a Saturday morning in competitions.
- I also passed my driving test on the first of May 2014.
**** References Available on request****