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Speaking Lesson Plan Template

Elementary English Language Teaching
Unit Title
My Body Parts
Grade Level
4th Grade, Elementary 20 Students
2 Lesson hours
Learning Outcomes [ASSURE (State Objectives)]
4th Grade students will be able to:
*Use at least 3 different lexical items within their conversation after listening to a dialogue.
*Pronounce correctly at least half of the new words after practicing Human Computer activity.
*Work cooperatively at least with one pair after working in pairs.
* Establish basic social contact by using the simplest everyday polite forms of greetings and farewells;
introductions; saying please, thank you, sorry, etc.
* Pronounce a very limited repertoire of learned words and phrases intelligibly though not without some effort.
* Evaluate their own learning and the lesson by answering at least 5 survey questions at the end of the lesson.
*Improve their speaking and critical thinking skills by taking part in discussions after group and pair work
Instructional Materials & Media [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]
Instructional Media: Texts/ Visuals/ Audio/ Online Survey
Instructional Materials: Video/ Flashcards/ Role cards
Learning-Teaching Methods [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]
Lexical approach, Cooperative Language Learning, Communicative Approach, Community Language Learning
Listening and Speaking, Pair-work, Group-work, Demonstration, Acting out, Pronunciation.
Teaching Activities [ASSURE (Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials and Require Learner
Listening Dialogue: Goanimate: listening dialogue at the beginning of the lesson will be a good warming
activity before jumping to speaking activities. This activity is also an example of conversation about body parts.
Speaking about Dialogue: This activity is useful for preparing students to the main speaking activities. During
this activity teacher introduces some lexical items.
Flashcards: Studyblue: With the flashcards upon which 8 lexical items are written to enhance a conversation,
students will use different word structures. One student will command and the other will demonstrate. And they
will exchange.
Pair-work: During this activity, students will cooperate with their pairs and they will use the sentences
structures with the help of the flashcards while they are conversation each other about the body parts. This
activity will also improve students critical thinking skills.
Role Cards: Studyblue: Role cards will help students speak according to their roles during the group work and
acting. Role cards have different names and some isolated word structures that will be used by students during
the communication. Role cards provide them transforming to different identities to discuss and communicate.
New Identities: These new identities will reduce the anxiety or stress of students, they should feel relax and
comfortable during the communication in order to express themselves easily.
Group-work: This activity constitutes the main aim of the lesson. It will make students engage in
communication. They will work cooperatively in socially structured classroom environment. Thanks to group
working students will collaborate and learn from each other.

Acting Out: This activity will give students the chance of perform their roles and their conversation in groups.
Every student will act out the role on the stage, by doing so the teacher will be able to evaluate their
performance, pronunciation skills, using of complex lexical items and interaction among group members. It is
better to kindly correct students errors of pronunciation or misusing of complex structures after they finish
Reflection and Evaluation: Obsurvey: This will enable teacher to measure students attitudes or thoughts about
lesson and also their anxiety, fear, feelings towards speaking by the means of an online survey. According to
results, teacher will be able to modify his style, way of implementation, materials, activities, techniques.
Individual Learning Activities
Human Computer, Reflection.
Group Learning Activities

Pair-work, Group-work, Acting out.

The teacher warms up the students with a dialogue listening. Then students and teacher will talk about the
dialogue. The teacher will imply the Human Computer activity to correct pronunciation mistakes. Then teacher
will distribute flashcards and students will work with pairs. Then teacher will give instructions about the group
work and will distribute the role cards. During all activities teacher will observe students. If any help is needed,
he will be ready to help. Finally, teacher will want students to fill an online survey about the lesson and their
Measurement & Evaluation
There will not be written examination or tests in this lesson.
Measurement & Assessment Activities for
The teacher will observe students while they are acting out
Individual Performance
their roles individually. He will give points to students out
of 20. This will affect the overall of the grading at %20.
Measurement & Assessment Activities for
The teacher will choose the best performed group and give
Group Performance
them bonus points. Also, while observing students group
works the teacher can give bonus points for good behavior,
leadership, good pronunciation, pronunciation etc... of
Homework (optional)
No Homework!
Acting out Activity: %20
Contingency Plan
* If there is any technological problem while listening dialogue activity, the teacher have the recording of
dialogue by his mobile phone.
*The teacher has both hardcopy and online links of the materials and these links will be open to students.
Explanation regarding to the implementation of the plan
The teacher comes to the class, greets the students and warms them to the lesson. In order to further warming,
he introduces a dialogue about body parts and the students listen to the dialogue. At the end of the listening,
they talk about dialogue and its subject matter. Teacher asks students what the interesting parts, words and
lexical items within the lesson. After they talk for a while, the teacher determines the problematic words and
applies the Human Computer Activity for several students. This activity is bound to students. Teacher comes at
the back of a student and wants him to pronounce the problematic word. Student pronounces and teacher
repeats. This continues until student decides to stop.
The teacher gives instructions about flashcards and distributes them. The students work with pairs. They will
speak with each other in accord with the flashcards. They will command each other by using phrases. After that
the teacher chooses one pair and wants them to perform in front of the class.
The teacher gives 15 minutes break. After the break teacher comes and greets students again. Then he gives
instructions about role cards and distributes them. The students work with groups and will act out their
performance in front of the class. The teacher observes students during both group work and acting out activity.
He takes notes about pronunciation mistakes and kindly corrects them after students performance. He
announces that he is going to announce their grades the following week.
Finally, the teacher wants students to attend an online survey about lesson. Students fill the survey by thinking
critically about their learning. At the end of the lesson, teacher reminds them to repeat the lexical items which
they learn and they can use in any authentic conversation. He announces that: thanks to their well-performance
during the lesson there will not be any homework.

Flashcards commands
Role cards acting out