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Roundtable discussion on approaches to tackle the Oil-spill in Sundarbans

Tuesday 23rd Dec 2014, BUET, Dhaka

You are cordially invited to a roundtable discussion on oil spill in the river of Sundarban and the immediate
steps and long term solution to overcome this avoidable hazard.
The solution, we will reach from this discussion will be sent to government official as a proposal for
Participants, aims and structure of the meeting

The seminar will gather participants from government, academia and civil society in Bangladesh and
possibly also one or two guests from international civil society who have been working on these issues.
We will be quite a small group as the aim is to provide opportunity for open and free-flowing
discussions where we can explore the core idea in a larger context, identify the harmful effect and
environmental drawbacks and possible short and long term solution and examine political
Practical information
The roundtable discussion will take place Tuesday 23rd Dec at Civil Engineering Building in BUET, Dhaka.
The Environment Watch: BUET will provide coffee/tea and sandwiches/snacks before and during the seminar.
For any kinds of information call the General Secretary on 01770520286
Hoping to see you on 23rd Dec.

On Behalf of
Dr. Tanvir Ahmed
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil engineering, BUET
Environment Watch: BUET

Environment Watch: BUET

General Secretary
Environment Watch: BUET