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As titanic battles are fought across western Immoren, the
fires of a war more ancient and terrible than any of those
conducted by mortals are being stoked to world-consuming
fury. The leaders of the United Kriels fight to ensure their
survival by calling on both old and new allies, including the
recently awakened mountain kings. Aloof from the struggles
of the other factions, Xerxis leads an army in a risky gambit
amid the larger plans of Supreme Archdomina Makeda,
positioning the skorne to subjugate Ios. Meanwhile, events
already set in motion by Krueger the Stormlord threaten to
scar the face of Caen itself as he works toward his ultimate
goal: the destruction of the dragon Everblight. Ancient beings
advance toward an apocalyptic end game with no regard to
the innocents caught in their path, and only time will tell if
great heroes will find a way to forestall this doom.
HORDES: Exigence brings you the next thrilling chapter
of the HORDES saga. Hold nothing back in your fight for
survival with:
• New warcasters, including new epic versions.
• Three new character lesser warlocks who bring
even more furious support to your army.
• New units and solos to expand HORDES armies with
new strategic possibilities.
• New narrative fiction picking up directly after the
harrowing events of HORDES: Gargantuans.
• A painting and modeling guide to help you prepare
your forces for battle.
• Theme Force lists for each new warcaster, which
allow you to create armies based on specialized
forces found in the HORDES world.

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PIP 1058


No matter how rash
they may have been,
it is too late by
far to undo the
decisions of the past.
and we can only
attempt to navigate
the storm.
— Omnipotent Lortus


Now the skies darken,

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In the event that permissions are granted. Cryx. Exigence is now! Table of Contents Blood Debt. . Retribution of Scyrah. Cygnar. . . . . such duplications shall be intended solely for personal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . trademarks. . . . . Trollbloods. HORDES: Exigence (ebook version). . . . . 96 Paint Guide. . . . . . desperate actions have been taken in the name of survival. Convergence of Cyriss. . . . Privateer Press. . . . . . . . the crucible of war continually forges new heroes. ISBN: 978-1-939480-76-7 . . . . . . . . . . . .NEW BLOOD RISES Constant war has taken its toll on the savage nations of Immoren. . . . . . . The trollkin leader Madrak Ironhide must return to his kriels with the newly awakened mountain kings. . All trademarks herein including Privateer Press®. . Trollblood. . . . Exigence sees several powerful new character solos and warbeasts rush to join the fight for survival as well. these new characters open up a wealth of opportunities for players as they struggle toward victory. . Monstrous Miniatures Combat. . . . . . . . . part two. . . Formula P3. . . . . and this volume introduces many whose exploits will one day shape the fates of their factions. Full Metal Fantasy. . . warbeast. . . . . . . Skorne. . . Protectorate. . Duplicating any portion of the materials herein. Rules and Theme Forces. HORDES. . . Steam-Powered Miniatures Combat. these beasts coordinate attacks to bring down the largest of foes in a flurry of tooth and claw. . . bareknuckled and brutal. . Protectorate of Menoth. New gatorman and farrow battle engines reinforce the Thornfall and Blindwater pacts with their first huge-based models and bring new options for other HORDES factions. . . . . . . . No part of this publication may be stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form without written permission from Privateer Press. . . . .privateerpress. . Skorne. . . . . . This book is a work of fiction. 4 16 20 36 52 Legion of Everblight. . . . email frontdesk@privateerpress. . . 13434 NE 16th St. . . . . . . Trollbloods. Both the soul-fueled terrors of the gatorman’s Sacral Vault and the sheer carnage wrought by the maniacal rolling death machine that is the farrow’s Meat Thresher are destined to make their mark on the everescalating wars in the wilds of Immoren. Forces of WARMACHINE. . Printed in China. or other notices contained therein or preserve all marks associated therewith. . . 66 Minions. . Retribution. warjack. . . . Khador. With these new lesser warlocks. First printing: June 2014. . players can field and capably control a greater number of fearsome creatures than ever before. HORDES: Exigence marks the arrival of lesser warlocks in the factions themselves. . . . . . . . WARMACHINE®. Suite 120 • Bellevue. . Legion of Everblight. . part one. . . . . . Warbeast packs are an exciting opportunity for players to meld the raw power and fury-generating capabilities of classic warbeasts with the organization of a trooper unit. This is warfare with the gloves off. . or events is purely coincidental. . is strictly prohibited. . . . . . . . . Inc. . Formula P3 Hobby Series. . All Rights Reserved. . From the leadership of Gunnbjorn’s personal dire troll Dozer and his pyg rider Smigg to the berserker fury of the fellbladewielding farrow Maximus. . . Indeed. . unless specifically addressed within the work or by written permission from Privateer Press. Don’t steal our copyrighted material. . Circle Orboros. WA 98005 Tel (425) 643-5900 • Fax (425) 643-5902 For online customer service. . . . Trained to utilize the weight of numbers to compensate for their smaller size. . . Determined to destroy Everblight. . . . . . . The unrelenting conflict has brought each of them to the brink of costly victory—or utter annihilation. . . . . . Inc. . . . noncommercial use and must maintain all copyrights. While Minion lesser warlocks have been available to players since Mk I. places. . . . and all associated logos are property of Privateer Press. . . There is no time for hesitation or restraint. . . and we'll promise not to tell everyone that you had to look up what "exigence" means. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102 Blood Debt. The unforeseeable consequences of these and other world-changing choices threaten to shake Caen to its core. Circle. A new style of warbeast also arrives on the battlefield. . . Convergence. while Borka the Kegslayer undertakes a perilous journey to the north. Any resemblance to actual people. . 110 Visit: www. . . Iron Kingdoms®. 80 Model Gallery. . Even as these new heroes step forward to bear the terrible burdens of war. Legion. Forces of HORDES. . PIP 1058e 3 . we know you looked it up. . . With the stakes so high. . . . Immoren. new weapons roll out from the most unlikely of places. . . And Archdomina Makeda pursues her invasion of the inhospitable nation of Ios. Don't try to deny it. At the heart of these momentous events are individuals whose deeds are certain to become legend. . Circle Orboros. . . . . . . . whose land itself pushes against her. .com This book is printed under the copyright laws of the United States of America and retains all of the protections thereof. . . . Prepare yourself. . . Krueger the Stormlord is embroiled in the matters of ancient forces far beyond his control.

Blood Debt Part One Northern Wyrmwall Mountains. Late 608 AR Hoarluk Doomshaper had done all he could to ensure the powerful and voracious mountain kings would remain responsive to Madrak Ironhide. and I do not consider that obligation fulfilled. things had changed the moment Grim had brought evidence of the resting place of those first long-buried kings. and it was unlikely he would ever change. Mulg will be with me. but Doomshaper had been able to tell he was relieved to be free of his obligation. The Shaman of the Gnarls had to admit he had misjudged Ironhide. feeling the age in his bones. He said. There are others. Madrak came to him with Borka limping at his side. but I must collect them and guide them. As the day arrived for them to say their farewells. still chained beneath distant peaks. “I would like nothing more than to teach that city the folly of disrespecting the kin of the Gnarls. “I release you of your obligations to me. These five”—he waved his staff to signify the gargantuan trolls—“are not all the mountain kings. “I can still fight. but restraining so many at once for an extended period of time would have been a trial for anyone. he could not deny a certain fondness for Ironhide. Nonetheless. if not with us? What of Ceryl?” 4 Doomshaper had sighed.” Madrak added. and he now knew his path lay elsewhere. He had promised to finish what he had started. In the recent conflicts his respect for the Thornwood leader had grown. A long life of making tough decisions and committing to necessary sacrifices had shaped a certain dour outlook. After their battle with the forces of the Circle Orboros high in the mountains. old stonebeard! No one knows the northern lands like I do.” Madrak had tried to hide it. the primal hunger that had been chained but not entirely forgotten. clearly he had already been drinking heavily. having no interest in extended goodbyes. The Tree of Fate cannot corrupt them now that they are shaken from their slumber. He had long prided himself on the sharpness of his mind. on how little he allowed himself any sentimentality. “Our paths will diverge. Doomshaper had witnessed Madrak’s despondency when Rathrok returned to him. Doomshaper snorted and said.” The shaman pursed his lips. the evidence of his brush with death was plain.” . He had sensed the scope and depth of Dhunia. they will be surrounded and eventually destroyed. He still desired to see the humans of northwestern Cygnar pay for their many injustices. Doomshaper scowled at them. It is vital we preserve them and join their strength to ours. to be a kin of his word. and return with the mountain kings to Grissel and your people. “It’s vital you not travel north alone. yet he was willing to fulfill his obligations. and he hoped to deliver it eventually. In truth. What use is he in this state? He would only slow me down. Now that the trollkin had the mountain kings. His leg would require time to properly heal. Doomshaper realized how much things had changed. at least for now. there had been the question of what would come next. The northern warlock had taken to eating and drinking a prodigious amount even by his standards. Dhunia requires something else of me. “Where are you going. But during the ceremony of awakening his awareness had broadened. They were roused by my rite and are ready to answer. It was to be expected. a fact he admitted to himself with something akin to irritation. together with some of his champions. “Rök has been pulling him on a wagon while his leg mends. Anything could happen to you in the north.” Doomshaper had told Madrak. glad the attack on a major human city was delayed. Borka will go with you. having been nearly severed. despite the kin’s distastefully humanish ideals. He clearly did not look forward to what lay ahead.” The younger shaman made an indignant noise and lifted his mace. was come to Doomshaper. Go with Grim and the rest of this army. Borka had been relatively quiet in the days since the battle. but they do not understand today’s world.” Borka’s eyes looked unfocused. and his missing arm would not grow back for months. A reckoning was due them. I promised to see you returned safely. but Doomshaper had still felt disappointed in this persistent weakness. I suspect they have need of you more than I do. and though he already looked better. Should their hunger lead them into the lands of man. they were more ready than ever for such a fight. Madrak said to Doomshaper. When Madrak came to him. He had no doubt Madrak had the force of will to control them. “He looks to be more in need of protection than I. He did not like the notion of growing soft in his declining years. I shall start in the frozen northern mountains. lest they be discovered by our enemies. Ironhide had for a moment thought himself free of that yoke.” “Not enough. Ironhide was who he was. as they had begun to contemplate their route down from the mountain.” Madrak had blinked and looked at the elder trollkin with evident surprise. Yet the first thing Madrak had done. “I will not be alone.

He wielded iron claws strapped to his wrists and wore a tattered wolf cloak stained with both fresh and old blood. Adding these two will invite disaster. Those weapons shimmered darkly. including those larger and more powerful than any he had previously seen among Everblight’s legion. who was looking to the horizon. He swung his axe into the ribs of the next enemy. suspended upon the tines of her divided blade.” He glared at Borka. Clouds churned in the sky and the trees were whipped by wind and rain as Krueger the Stormlord soared through the air. giving them tremendous alacrity. likely the one responsible for Baldur’s fall after the Castle of the Keys. Sköll did not even look back. Sköll stepped forward. None of the masters of the hunt dared command them. and they came with blighted blades in hand.” “I’ll feel better knowing they are with you. not even the druids who were blessed to be conduits for the Wurm. the Death Wolves preferred to fight apart. It was disconcerting to witness how quickly the dragon’s mutable army adapted and added to its arsenal. “And while he is in the north. Their legs were transformed. The swordsman Sköll had first evaded turned to strike at his open side but was thwarted by a shadow that emerged from the darkness with a cleft sword in hand. even when they answered the blackclads’ call to battle. as among the forces he faced were a large number of flying beasts. Tala ran the Nyss through. and then he was closing to meet them. “Do not blame me if. Although he respected Wolf Lord Morraig. His eyes upon another foe. We have many miles to cross. his fingers tracing along Rathrok’s haft. the Wurm will still accept the offering. distracted smile from Ironhide. After letting her enemy fall to the soil. his axe at the ready. Still. Through the trees now came fleet.” Even this rare attempt at humor elicited only a small. and though he expected Borka’s demeanor would grate on his nerves. though they were led by a Nyss archer he had seen from a distance.” Madrak insisted. The sounds of fighting carried through the trees as dozens of Wolves and Reeves of Orboros engaged the blighted foe. narrowly missing the blood-drenched Wurm cultist. shadowy forms. He knew her to be a singularly deadly huntress. These oncoming Nyss had been twisted even more by the blight. They did not need to speak to coordinate their actions in battle. he who had been marked by the Tree of Fate and who had feasted on hearts alongside the Tharn. He would deliver their feeble souls to the Wurm. Among the soldiers fighting below were forms he had never seen before. dark trees. suspended upon the tines of her divided blade. and watched as he died. “I will make better time without them. “Very well. as though an oily film was upon them. He could smell their wrongness. leaving the chieftain to his inner turmoil.” Sköll warned her. His lip curled as he snarled. then reached in to claim his heart and liver. It was in just such fights that the trio could revel in death and carnage. It will be hard enough evading Khadoran patrols with just Mulg. his single-edged blade tumbling from his fingers. for Sköll was a king in his own right. Borka can gather more of his kinfolk and additional winter trolls to join us.” Doomshaper could see his mind had been made up. he recognized no man as his master. he decided there would be no lasting harm in allowing the pair to join him. She held the dying Nyss up. Doomshaper sighed and turned north. and their power would become his. all the more eagerly because he knew it would be a battle of few against many. and watched as he died. He was keenly aware his lofty vantage was no real security. who dropped at once. Borka is shorter. “Their flesh is tainted. shaping living weapons from butchered meat transformed by the protean blood of their progenitor. whose leather armor posed no hindrance. “They taste foul. Early 609 AR Sköll gave an almost joyful wild cry as he leapt forward from between twisted. “It is the killing that matters.” she said.” “Tainted or not. Combining forces with so many was unusual for them. Northern Thornwood.“Two drunkards for the price of one. “The day a kin your age outpaces me is the day I let Rök bite off my head!” Doomshaper looked to Madrak and said. riding the wind as he looked down from a distance on the skirmish below. He brought his weighty axe crashing down through the skull of a blighted Nyss swordsman. 5 . when I return. showing a feral grin from beneath the bear’s skull she wore as a helmet. she used a shorter blade to cut open his chest. He shared a brief look with Tala. Sköll yanked the axe loose and stepped swiftly to the side as another swordsman lunged for him. knowing Tala and Caleb were with him. “But I will not slow down for you.” Doomshaper said sourly. they acknowledged there was a special place among them for the Stormlord. She held the dying Nyss up. and then the fight was joined again. so Sköll had answered Krueger’s call.” Borka laughed.” “More come!” Caleb shouted from their left.

Speaking through his emissary. and fog helped to some degree. As yet. uncertain how sizable the Circle forces ambushing them truly were. was to gather information. its claws and fangs shattering granite as easily as hardened clay. As Krueger watched from on high. trees. Everything about this encounter suggested needless waste. Part One For the moment he had no desire to join battle personally. The distance was such he was sure he could withdraw if the enormous archangels or the swifter angelii took wing toward him. setting them ablaze. great and fearsome dragonspawn whose form too closely emulated the dragons themselves in miniature. His priority at the moment. Blighterghast had ordered him here to eliminate the archangels. however. Neither army was comfortable engaging massed troops in the open. which clawed them to bloody. Several watchful Scarsfell griffons circled at an even greater height. Krueger knew this would not last long.Blood Debt. watching. They were being cautious. This had been what he had told the rotting and robed emissary of Blighterghast. hindering the Nyss soldiers if not the spawn. The hills. One of the archangels gave a shriek and took to wing to confront them. All battles between the Circle and the Legion had been similar—elusive fencing with skirmish forces. The shifting ranks of Nyss archers and swordsmen filled the gap. Wolds bonded to Krueger fought alongside the Wolves of Orboros below. burning pieces before flying back closer to the others. The Stormlord’s arrangement with the most powerful dragon of Toruk’s brood had become strained. but he was too far away to direct them. particularly those that had so alarmed the dragons. 6 a splinter of his scattered forces led by one of his braver chieftains probe inward as ordered. Several war wolves leapt up to tear at the archangel’s limbs and were lit afire by the shroud of flickering flame surrounding the massive creature. It soared past and breathed searing fire across the onrushing Wolves. They tumbled screaming to the earth. seeking to provoke the enemy. who Krueger knew was nearby. the archer warlock had kept these largest spawn in reserve. he saw He had been startled to realize the scope of Everblight’s forces advancing south. to test the capabilities and limits of the newer spawn. and it seemed his enemies were focused on their immediate environs. far more numerous than what he or . The spawn gained some altitude and then plunged to rend apart a woldwatcher. He was prepared to sacrifice them to protect himself. linked to Krueger’s mind. but that necessity had not yet come to pass. their bodies quickly transformed to ash. It left a bitter taste in his mouth.

This entire conflict was a distraction—one that could undermine everything. his insight that had created an opportunity to rid themselves of their greatest foe. drifting serenely up to meet with the emissary. knowing even as he did so that many would die here. He knew these were the words of Blighterghast. The rotted man stood on a thick lower branch of a decaying tree in their path. The Thornwood had always been a place where the soil was hungry for blood. Their deaths. They were focused on other goals. but only slightly. he did not retreat far before he was intercepted by the white-robed form of the once-human creature now serving as the conduit for Blighterghast’s voice to lesser mortals like himself. He would simply have to force the issue. It cannot be done without the cooperation of your alliance. He had seen enough. The gallows groves would drink well tonight. the Legion did not pursue his withdrawing forces. and the storm around him answered in bolts of lightning and rumbling thunder. Such an effort would do little to diminish Everblight. you are worthless to me. You are breaking our bargain?” The question carried ominous finality. Though substantial. leaping from one form to the next. Krueger would not allow himself or his forces to be simply thrown away. Allow me to bring our true task to completion.” The robed form. Greater and more powerful than others. He summoned his griffons and descended low enough to fill the woldwardens below him with strength and his will. He saw several subordinate blackclads looking up to where he spoke with the dragon’s emissary. A tremendous wailing wall of sundering air was unleashed as he invoked his power. Krueger had quickly assessed there was no way at present for the Circle Orboros to thwart these enemies by force of arms. We can tear them down in time. They were not a single cohesive army but instead comprised many scattered bands of soldiers and dragonspawn. whose disfigured face was lost in the shadows of his hood. But focusing on them now is taking us from our true task. None of them were comfortable with or understood the arrangement. You have listened to my words before. Krueger had bought the nearest forces some time.” Krueger said. “Not at all. which in a sense it was. As Krueger had anticipated. I ask only that you do so again. Furthermore. To Blighterghast.” “It is not your place to decide that. His strike had delayed this force of Everblight’s army. A few spawn more or less—even great ones like these—will be of no consequence. and even as lightning cleaved through some warriors. Nonetheless. Why is it so important to you that the archangels be destroyed at this moment? I understand their form offends you. Killing them would gain you little.” the emissary said in a disapproving tone. Though these secondary groups were slightly dispersed. He was not speaking simply to this proxy. “I have seen enough to tell you they are simply dragonspawn. and horns sounded the call for withdrawal.” “Feeble excuses. each represented substantial reinforcements. Everblight’s forces are too strong. it was how easily and quickly the dragon could replace his spawn. but still only spawn. The futility of this battle kindled Krueger’s rage. but Krueger felt the threat behind them. gave these words no emotional weight. his army was still only partially mustered. nor did they comprehend why he had entered into an arrangement with Morvahna 7 . nothing more. but on seeing his attention they quickly looked away. Nor did he have any simple or expedient way to obliterate these archangels without embroiling more of his forces in this clash than he was willing to spare. He directed his beasts and wolds to cover those who remained. Also as he expected.” His commanders recognized his signal to retreat. and his minions will not risk their spawn unnecessarily. The emissary was silent for what seemed too long. other Nyss were hurtled backward by a blast of wind. If you lack the power to destroy them. meant nothing. their broken bodies adding to the detritus of the forest floor. each individual group moved as though it were part of a single organism.Morvahna had anticipated. “but not with what I have gathered here. He dropped lower and sent lightning from his fingertips to plunge with rending power into the enemy. ignoring the smell of the rotten flesh. Krueger and every druid and warrior serving him were as insignificant as insects. while Morvahna’s allies had been depleted at Hawksmire River. He had already delivered to the dragon alliance the means through which their ultimate victory could be assured. If the Circle had learned one thing in the last several years. Krueger directed his subordinates to keep moving and then took to the air. It was his agenda they followed. to where the withdrawing Circle forces were marching. “I could destroy them. whether singly or by the thousands. Flying spawn and archers’ arrows tumbled and scattered midflight. “You have not completed the task. the solution I set before you that will bring about the destruction of Everblight. The difficulty rested in explaining that fact to an immortal dragon who cared not for any of his concerns. Everblight’s attention appeared to be fixated with the same unwavering intensity as when he had advanced on the Castle of the Keys. Krueger looked down and past the figure. Committing to their destruction here and now will require greater effort than it is worth.

it is likely he would destroy you. At last he said. and they were mortal and far more limited.” “My soldiers are fully ready and willing to attack. They stood outside the entrance to an Iosan mining complex that had until recently been protected by the Twilight Gate. and he saw the officer’s lips compress. The moment they began.” The emissary’s lips compressed into a grimace. it was highly likely that the entire hierarchy of the Circle would be alerted and work to reverse what he had done as swiftly as possible.” the emissary said. I can neither force obedience nor allow disobedience. He is newly arrived in the west. Paingiver Nikexis thought there might be a way to create a soporific smoke by making use of chymicals ordinarily utilized to pacify enraged beasts. What they hoped to undertake required coordination between the dragons. However. long remote from our alliance.” “I will take the risk. I am certain of it. Morghoul asked. “Allow me to speak with Charsaug directly. They are well barricaded and well armed. The officer clearly knew he had failed to accomplish what he had been ordered to do. but it may take several days to make arrangements. but I was concerned regarding the needless casualties we might incur. We are forestalled unless I replace him. Lord Assassin. Krueger was counting on the fact that Blighterghast might recognize the potential usefulness of a mortal’s perspective.” Krueger considered this seemingly petty request in light of the pride and arrogance of the dragons. It is vital we begin to reap their benefits for the empire. I thought it best to send word in case a delay would be unacceptable.Blood Debt. which would provoke questions. Morghoul could easily read his apprehension. Linking his fate to the dragons had left him uniquely vulnerable in more ways than one. “We are prepared to advance to force engagement. He withdrew.” Krueger said. In his present mood he felt more inclined to risk the ire of a dragon than to allow himself or his army to be slaughtered in some meaningless gesture. “It is to ensure our plan proceeds that the archangels must be destroyed. but there was a certain logic in the idea that every such creature would view itself as sovereign. Their very immortality would not allow them to confront potential peril. before taking that step I wanted to seek to neutralize them from afar if possible. I will see to it Charsaug does what we require. as if translating the words into a human language was an unpleasant chore. given the nature of a dragon’s ego. “There are other mines to secure. I had set him to the first task in the sequence you described. and then the emissary spoke slowly.” “If you were to go to him. His reluctance would spread. The fear and awe he had created in his subordinates sustained them despite these questions. each defended.” Morghoul tilted his head and examined the dakar with an appraising eye. Krueger continued. Those few simple sentences revealed a great deal about the nature of the dragons and their reluctant cooperation. I sent him to recover as much of the substance as he could. “I can persuade him.” Krueger’s eyes narrowed and he said. The emissary nodded. Another long silence passed.” “Very well. but he knew that would not always be the case. “Forewarn him I am coming and explain I have been a guest of yours.” Though the Venator dakar maintained his discipline.” Morghoul affirmed.” Krueger insisted. “Where might Charsaug be found?” Southern Iosan Mountains “They are holed up inside the tunnels. He had also learned that the dragons—though mighty enough individually to destroy vast armies—were in some respects craven. and his confidence in the necessity of unity is fragile.” This was a dangerous statement. It is only on one matter that our alliance shares absolute agreement. “An unusual sentiment for a follower . He mulled over the many layers of meaning between the emissary’s spoken words. They can fire down the main tunnel with impunity on any who approach. “Did you have a plan of action?” Dakar Kelartex inclined his head slightly. At last the emissary spoke. He had always thought Blighterghast ruled the dragons of his alliance more absolutely. but he refused to allow that. “The resumption of Charsaug’s part in this is conditional on the destruction of the archangels. Allow me to perceive the problem. “Just one thing. Linking his fate to the dragons had left him uniquely vulnerable in more ways than one. The Circle’s own hierarchy was contingent on a similar clash 8 of egos.” Krueger said. Part One only to abandon it. He had gone too far to turn back now.” “It is unacceptable. “Charsaug did battle with the archangels to the north and took injury. Krueger feared some of his efforts might be unraveling before his eyes.” “Toruk—and the need to stand against him. When dealing with immortals he had discovered they had an annoying habit of forgetting the limitations of other beings. and perhaps I can arrive at a different solution. “Why? Explain.

“Fortunately for you. Morghoul broke into a run. He knew the ancestors preserved in sacral stones were cryptic. A pair of louder blasts announced the firing of two long and heavy rifles fixed on bipods atop the improvised barricade. As each one neared and entered the aura he had created from the krea’s essence. It was unfortunate he had rarely been allowed to apply the paingiver arts to them. He had been in skorne mines before. and the perfectly level and clean floor was finished as though it were an underground hall rather than a place of hard labor. but he was not their target.of hoksune. his beasts would certainly have fared worse. Both bullets found their mark in the hide of the krea. His garrison could not afford to waste soldiers needlessly. He passed through the barricade blocking the tunnel as if it were nothing more than smoke. just enough to allow him to evade. The male basilisk rushed forward at even greater speed. given the losses we sustained in breaching the fortress. Morghoul strode swiftly between the pools of light created by the sconces on either side of the tunnel. Morghoul felt its pain as the heavy projectiles plowed through its body. “What are your orders. In one hand he carried his sword. Makeda had taken the bulk of their army north. barely able to see the approaching assassin. Even as he came to this conclusion he reached with his mind to connect with the female krea. Iosan mines were more ordered and cleaner than seemed natural to Morghoul’s eyes. While he had left the majority of his small army back at the fortress. marching into the forest maze. while others took their places to launch another volley. presumably to reload. smelly. leaving him with a much smaller force. so as to remain as much in shadow as possible. They had already seized several iron mines and had allocated slaves to work day and night in order to maximize production. I will clear the Iosan barricade. He emerged in the midst of the Iosan riflemen as an incarnation of death. To avoid the Iosans adapting to their presence. I am no tyrant. His warbeasts followed. but he felt the extollers used this as a convenient excuse to withhold information. the cracking of whips. bluish-green radiance provided by gleaming glass crescents set at regular intervals. which hissed in anger even though the slowed projectiles did little more than draw blood. as he was suspicious of everything they said. Almost immediately the still air erupted with the reports of rifle fire. Morghoul invoked his mortitheurgy to transform his body into shadow even as the next volley fired. though they had been unclear why. The warbeast shrieked and shook its head. but some of these bullets found the toughened hide of his warbeasts. then tumbled and stayed low while bullets whizzed by him.” Morghoul brought a pair of basilisks with him as he moved swiftly but quietly into the mine entrance. Lord Assassin?” “Hold position and await my orders to advance. summoning his will to manifest an aura of mystical power around himself and urging the krea to project a similar protective bubble around both basilisks. but we do not have the time. clearly anticipating some sort of disciplinary measure. relief evident in his posture if not in his stony expression. so long as they could secure immediately useful resources. as their minds occupied a state very different from those of the living. He saw the gleam of eyes or lenses peering over the top and what might have been the ends of rifle barrels.” The dakar stood straighter. rupturing several internal organs.” The officer looked down. but Morghoul urged it on. and exploded out its back. he was certain he could encourage clearer answers with a bit of care and attention. and he could expect an Iosan counterattack at any moment. Had it not been for the krea’s aura. “The notion of employing sleeping smoke to disable the enemy was a good one. The extollers had suggested the exalted ancestors had a special interest in it. so Makeda had made it a priority for their western holdings to become more self-sufficient. leveraging their value as translators and intermediaries.” Morghoul knew reinforcements would take time. it slowed visibly. Ahead he saw an obstruction in the tunnel where thick crates had been piled. Morghoul stepped to the side. Relying on the extended supply chain across the Bloodstone Desert to skorne territory left them in an extremely vulnerable position. The defenders were firing blind. Although he had been ordered by Makeda to ensure their hold on the Twilight Gate specifically. Your caution is well considered. and the constant din of tools striking rock. Those enemies who fired first ducked out of sight. he did not consider it beneath him to take a personal role in securing these nearby facilities. they needed to proceed from one to the next as swiftly as possible. Morghoul could hear an Iosan officer yelling orders. his bladed fan. the clawed feet of the basilisks at the fore scrabbling upon the stone. eager to kill whatever threatened its mate. Connected to the beast’s mind. and perilous places filled with the groans of slaves. leveraging all his 9 . Morghoul did not care for questioning extollers. The conquest into southern Ios was an opportunity to see that come to pass. in the other. The large entrance shaft bored into the mountain was lit by a cold. This place was as quiet as a tomb. he had sent a few hand-picked datha to seize as many of the nearest Iosan mines and quarries as they could. The mine he entered now was another matter. and his memory of them was of noisy.

But it was difficult to feel too triumphant over such an accomplishment while the supreme archdomina risked her life marching north across uncertain terrain and facing an utterly unpredictable and inadequately scouted foe. Morghoul neatly evaded the awkward lunges of the halberdiers and then vanished in shadow to reappear directly behind them. . Seeing Morghoul inside his halberd’s reach. which had bit off the face of the nearest. In particular. more to himself than Morghoul. and Jaga-Jaga had become a connoisseur of their distinctions. Each swamp and river had its own community of the lingering dead. this mine will allow us to craft sacral stones and to fabricate especially resilient vessels for immortals and ancestral guardians. Wet noises and screams issued from those who fought the basilisk. he climbed up through the tunnels toward the exit of the mine. knowing more defenders might be waiting farther within. she had to admire the richness and power surrounding Blindwater and the Bloodsmeath Marsh to its north. mostly submerged. Soon Morghoul was joined by the wounded but angry krea. Until now most such vital materials had to be shaped and carved in the east. but sometimes they. Compelling his basilisks after him. A pair of boneswarms accompanied her. burning through the left side. Furthermore. see to the protection of this facility and the integration of these slaves. The lord assassin had sent the wounded krea back to the surface to indicate it was safe for the others to venture into the tunnels and awaited them in what looked to be an ore processing room. Jaga-Jaga’s senses were open to the rich diversity of death around her.” After hearing their affirmation. his instincts told him his own position would likely be challenged soon.Blood Debt. “I’ll leave this facility to your discretion. including multiple metal-reinforced wooden bins where various grades of stone had been sorted. Aptimus.” An angry sizzling and popping noise filled the mine as the enraged basilisk released the unearthly energies of its gaze upon the barricade. while other soldiers armed with halberds who had been standing ready farther back from the barricade rushed toward him. His eyes traced along a variety of machinery whose function and power source were entirely unfamiliar to him. The reptilian creature opened a hole large enough to squeeze through and came for the nearest surviving riflemen. Intelligent beings with more cohesive souls more often passed to Urcaen. Not far behind her was a tentacled swamp horror. Despite this. both physical and spiritual. layered along with their rotting flesh but lingering long after only bones remained. He walked forward and looked at chunks of shattered and ground earth. although he could see one side was glasslike and shiny. Morghoul was wiping the blood of the last of the Iosans from his sword when his Venators and Aptimus Marketh arrived. Every beast and animal that had died here had contributed spiritual essence to the soil. She had yet to find any other place where there persisted so many layers of detritus. “I am pleased I interpreted their words correctly. which made short work of another Iosan. “This area is particularly rich in the stones and crystals receptive to mortitheurgy. Between Blindwater Lake and Bloodsmeath Marsh Jaga-Jaga strode the stagnant waters connecting the lesser lakes and streams northeast of Blindwater Lake. with its upper eyes and domed. The lord assassin felt satisfied to have at last received an answer. sent at considerable expense across the sands. their blood spreading across the stones of the tunnel floor in a widening pool. 10 Morghoul said. Marketh nodded to himself and said. where she had clawed her way from hatchling to adulthood. We will ensure more are sent to join them.” He then looked up to the lord assassin and said. “Now will you reveal why this particular mine was of interest?” The senior extoller did not answer at first but scanned the chamber. armored head breaking the water’s surface. It looked relatively unremarkable to Morghoul. their massed skeletal forms moving with sinuous grace through the shallow water. The ability to fabricate superior stone warriors was of obvious military application. perhaps a piece of obsidian. It wasn’t far from the chamber where he had imprisoned those miners who had surrendered and would soon become slaves. “Dakar Keltartek. Morghoul addressed Marketh. The lord assassin finished the last enemy but did not spare any time to savor his victory. then twisted to the side to plunge his blade’s point up and into the armpit of another. a third clumsily moved to tackle the assassin but received the bladed edge of his Fan of Shadows across the throat. although he suspected the aptimus could have told him this earlier. neatly severing the Iosan’s spine. She sometimes still felt an instinctive longing for the muddy banks of the Marchfells. he could see the value in such a find. He cut through the back of the neck of the nearest. here on the eastern fringes of the Thornwood Forest. he descended deeper.” He turned to the senior Venator. Still. anxious to return to the Twilight Gate and hoping the garrison there was ready for the counterattack the Iosans would inevitably muster. Several survivors yelled in anger as they drew swords. destined to labor in these same mines for the skorne. He reached down and drew one forth. Part One strength in a series of graceful sweeps of both blade and fan that left eight of the nearest soldiers dead or mortally injured.

Mystics like Jaga-Jaga knew that predation did not end with death and that a separate contest of wills persisted among the howling wisps and spirits lingering on Caen. The surface of the water ahead dipped as though a great stone had been dropped. A void came into being in the air before her. She knew she must go to Barnabas and tell him what she had seen. She had the sensation of falling toward that mouth. The recent dead could be set upon by older haunts. Tharn. They had guided her here. and the living snake she held writhed on her right arm while the dead tatzylwurm slid along the left. It was both familiar and utterly alien to her. then fell over one by one. sending large ripples spreading outward. Added to this were the long-swallowed ruins of ancient civilizations. his hooded and masked visage inscrutable. The void became the gullet of a massive hinged and scaled maw bristling with hooked teeth. The only other figure close enough to hear Jaga-Jaga was Calaban the Grave Walker. where thousands of years ago sacrificial rites had been performed to appease a greater darkness. and trollkin who had inherited the region had continued to soak it in blood. Jaga-Jaga opened her arms. one she remembered from dreams. in full view of the huts stretching out in all directions. to this place. Jaga-Jaga’s mind reeled with what she had seen in those moments before the spirit had seemed to consume her. each with a silent psychic shriek of terror. however. He stood atop a low stepped pyramid erected of old unearthed stones that overlooked the shore of Blindwater Lake. For weeks spirits had been whispering to her that some greater entity stood in her path. were trapped. each seeking to consume the others. She let waves of hunger and thirst for blood fill her. seeking something larger. She drew on her own power. caught by ropy tendrils of spirit-vines. the greatest of spirits. or at least step away. Even as she staggered from an onslaught of visions. as she was one with the spirit world and her guardians were close. It merely was. wrapping herself in it and letting it suffuse her scales. One could not entreat Kossk. She felt no fear. something from the spirit world seeking ingress. something far greater. the homes of those tribes he had assembled and which served him. With a rush the vision was gone. Ever 11 . Knowing this was her ultimate fate. Jaga-Jaga could sense the scorn radiating from Calaban. She felt a pressure bearing down on her skull and pressing at the back of her eyes as the fog around her thickened. snout opened wide. The lesser spirits around her scattered and fled. being pulled down and bound to the swamp itself even as they thrashed in impotent rage. each with a silent psychic shriek of terror. Never before had she received such a direct vision from Kossk. It did not think or plan as mortals did. In this ravenous state she felt her mind crack open. She was transfixed by the sight. an embodiment of hunger and the need to gnash flesh with rending teeth. Malevolent spirits rose from these tormented dead. It left her shaken. The recent wars of humanity were the latest to add to this spiritual sediment. The lesser spirits around her scattered and fled. The cattails at the water’s edge blackened and wilted. and it was ready to lend her its power should any threat emerge to challenge her. she held her ground. Into Kossk’s maw all things eventually fall. Her keen eyes looked past the struggle of these invisible beings. This was Kossk. It hissed and clicked its jaws. The shallow waters immediately before her became utterly still. She paid it little attention. Though he was masked. She was grasped by powerful jaws and felt the fetid heat of the spirit’s breath. ultimately transforming into something else. affirming her course. This was where he preferred to receive his supplicants. Great stacks of skulls set with flickering candles surrounded him. intact. The swamp around her grew absolutely silent as every creature down to the smallest mosquito fled or was frozen in terror. the progenitor god of the gatormen. The tatzylworm’s myriad eyes pierced the fog and darkness. drawing in the nearest wisps of vapor to swallow them into its blackness. Other eyes also watched the movements around her—eyes belonging to the small undead tatzylwurm curled around her shoulders. A dozen of the strongest gatorman warriors stood nearby with weapons in hand to ensure no one approached that Barnabas did not wish to see. and she could barely see. Even with decades of familiarity in manipulating and speaking to such beings. Kossk loomed above. she savored the ecstasy even amid the pain as the great god’s teeth bit through her scales and tasted her flesh. She stood once more in the swamp. where she knew she would be devoured. Though every fiber of her being insisted she should run. she sensed something different this time. though she could still feel the pressure of those teeth. Barnabas listened in silence.too. The void they left was pregnant with rising dread. The gatormen. Familiar sounds resumed around her as the animals and insects returned to their struggle for survival. The entire area was swallowed in dense fog. Now Jaga-Jaga sensed a weight.

Blood Debt, Part One
since she had arrived, Calaban had resented the fact that
Barnabas listened to her. She had no interest in usurping
his position, but he could not be convinced of that. JagaJaga did not care. Let him worry and fret, obsessed with
temporal authority and power. Though he was a powerful
bokor, his worldly ambitions limited his insight into the
spirit world.
“Calaban, your thoughts?” Barnabas asked in his deep
voice after an extended silence. She had described the
vision Kossk had given her—first, a great site of carnage
with gatormen, farrow, and trollkin slaughtering each other
upon blood-red sands as the sun burned in the sky above.
Next, Barnabas flanked by sacral vaults and standing upon
a mountain of corpses, his chest split open but his heart still
beating, his posture one of triumph.

“The moment you become an
obstacle to my ascension,
you cease to exist.”
“It seems a warning, though I cannot fathom a reason to
go so far into the Bloodstone Marches in the first place.”
Calaban’s voice conveyed derision, and his masked face
turned toward Jaga-Jaga accusingly. He attempted to convey
dominance, though it was difficult for him to hold the stance
near Barnabas. The compulsion to abase oneself before the
ancient warlock was strong. Even in silent contemplation,
Barnabas was an avatar of latent killing force. “It is a fate
easily avoided.”
“A warning?” Barnabas repeated slowly, turning to face
the bokor and stepping closer, his fangs bared. Calaban’s
attempt to be regal crumbled, and he backed away, lowering
his head submissively. Barnabas said, “The moment you
become an obstacle to my ascension, you cease to exist.”
Calaban clearly realized his mistake. “Forgive me,
hok-shisan! Kossk is an entity to be appeased, not one
petitioned for guidance.” He was insightful enough to say
less rather than more.
Barnabas tilted his head slightly and turned back to JagaJaga. “It is clear to me this vision speaks to my destiny. Still,
I have never once made offerings to that god. What am I to
Kossk? More importantly, what is Kossk to me?”
These were dangerous questions, and Jaga-Jaga knew she
must proceed with caution. She had spoken of her beliefs to
Barnabas before, but it was a treacherous topic. The active
worship of Kossk among his followers sometimes provoked
rage in Barnabas, who was prone to seeing this as a threat


to his power. To him, Kossk was a rival, a potential enemy.
Jaga-Jaga had her own beliefs on this, but they were matters
she spoke of only after careful consideration.
“You have not sought Kossk, but I have,” she said. “This
vision is not a warning, not a command, only a glimpse
of a possible future. Kossk does not stand in the way of
your goals.” She did not tell him his success would be an
affirmation of Kossk, not a denial. “In this, Kossk may serve
as a guide.”
Barnabas stared at her warily, clearly skeptical of her
words, yet she also sensed eagerness. He wished to believe
the vision. It was impossible to ascertain the depths of his
ancient and labyrinthine mind, but she knew he had long
sought confirmation that his goal of achieving divinity was
After a respectful pause she said, “The great spirits do not
see the world or our choices as we do. Past and future are
the same to them. Kossk does not think. Kossk does not
plan. He simply is. This vision is an answer to my desires.
It is a glimpse of a future aligned with what I sought.
Kossk is not aware of what the vision revealed, only that
it is truth.”
Barnabas opened his mouth and made a hissing sound, a
rare sign of pleasure. “He does not know. But he answers.
Yes, I see. A stupid and blind god, yet his hunger serves
me.” He turned to Calaban and said, “Gather all our forces.
We will follow the rivers as far as we can, and then we
march into the burning sands.”
Jaga-Jaga felt both excitement and trepidation at this
proclamation, knowing she had set in motion something that
could not be undone. She wondered if she had interpreted
the visions correctly. In the end, all she could do was offer
what wisdom she had received from the spirits. She glanced
briefly at Calaban, who shot her a brief spiteful look, his
malice quite evident, before he inclined his head very low
to Barnabas and backed away.
“It shall be as you command, hok-shisan,” he said.

Scarsfell Forest, Northern Khador

It had been almost two years since Borka had felt the cold
bite of his homeland upon his flesh and had tasted its sharp,
pine-laced morning air upon his tongue. He remembered the
day Madrak came, foolishly seeking the aid of the Scarsfell
elders. First the Thornwood chieftain asked for sanctuary.
When that was denied him, he asked for warriors. Those
were refused him as well.
Borka saw the darkness surrounding Madrak, but where
the feeble elders found reason to fear, Borka perceived a
fire burning within his belly. He pledged himself and those
of his kith who had joined him to follow Madrak so they

might enjoy the glory and honor that were sure to find the
chieftain, cursed as he was to a life of never-ending battle.
In some respects his expectations had been fulfilled. There
had been plenty of battles—some simple, others glorious.
He had reveled in the challenge of what the next day
might bring, each one a test of combat more dangerous
than the last. By day he enjoyed the feel of his enemies’
bodies crushed beneath his blows, the sight of their blood
spilled across the hungry earth. By night he celebrated
with drinking, carousing, and exchanging brags about past
exploits before accepting the oblivion of sleep.
But he had learned none could walk beside Madrak Ironhide
and hope to entirely escape the touch of death.
As if bidden by the thought, there was a sudden jolt as
his wagon struck a rough patch of ground. Borka felt his
leg knot and an uncomfortable stiffness radiate through
the limb, causing him to grimace. He moved to rub the
leg, but only one hand fell upon the sore muscle. He
growled in frustration as he was reminded once more
that although he felt his other arm, it was whole only in
his mind. Where it should be he had only the constant
itch of its slow regeneration. He had wrapped the end of
the limb in cloth so he did not have to witness its partially
re-formed state.
He had sought battle and had found glory in Madrak’s
wake, and with it he had nearly found death. Borka cast
the grim thought from his mind as quickly as it surfaced.
Death was always a possibility in battle, a fact he hadn’t
ever let needle him before. He focused on his impatience
to regain his former strength. He’d never had to wait so
long to recover from injuries—although, admittedly, he’d
never lost an arm and come close to losing a leg before.
The Tharn chieftain’s axes had inflicted a heavy toll on
his body.
Borka’s empty belly growled loudly, and he clenched his
jaw. This increased need to feast was a normal part of the
healing process, but that made it no less distracting. The
gnawing hunger that was his constant companion did
nothing to improve his sour mood.
“Wurm’s bowels! You incompetent troll, are you trying to
strike every hole and rock on this trail?!” Borka bellowed at
the hulking back of his dire troll Rök, who pulled the wagon
that carried him. If his harsh words affected the dire troll,
Rök made no outward acknowledgement. Indeed, Borka
sensed the creature took some amusement from having him
at his mercy.
Borka had insisted on using the lumbering dire troll to pull
the wagon rather than a pair of bison, which would have
been more suited to the task. But at least with Rök he could
maintain some modicum of direct mental control. Borka

now urged the warbeast to stop. He was tired of being
carted about like a feeble old human. He needed a walk.
More importantly, he needed a drink.
Bracing himself against the protestations of his still-tender
leg, Borka swung down from the wagon, being sure to place
the bulk of his weight on his good leg as he hit the ground.
The other leg he had retained after the fight, though it had
been connected only by the smallest strip of flesh. It would
be back to normal well before his arm, but for the moment
it still troubled him. He let out a long breath as he steadied
himself before making his way toward one of the supply
wagons. He was pleased to find that the pain, which had
plagued him since he had parted ways with Madrak, had
begun to abate.
He raised his hand in greeting to one of his sons, who was
driving a supply wagon laden with ale kegs. The kegs
bore markings in several different languages, having been
appropriated by the United Kriels from a number of unwary
merchant caravans.
“It is good to see you up, sire,” the young trollkin said.
Borka sought to remember his name. He was fond of his
offspring, but there were so many it was sometimes hard to
distinguish them. Drogal, he thought.
“It is good to be up.” Borka motioned his chin toward the
barrels stacked in the back of the wagon. “What vintage
would you recommend to a shaman with a powerful
Drogal smiled. “There’s a powerful brew from Ord in the
black walnut barrel that the boys have found worthy of a
warrior’s thirst.”
Borka nodded in approval and tossed a large stein from
his waist at him. “Waste no more of my time and fetch a
draught.” As his kith scrambled down from the wagon and
hurried to do as bid Borka felt the hunger gnaw painfully
at his belly. “And find me some food. I’ve the hunger of a
dire troll!”
Drogal came back quickly with a hunk of cold, greasy
mutton and the stein filled to the brim with frothy ale.
The sight of the food only increased Borka’s hunger. He
snatched the offerings greedily from his son and wolfed
down the cold meat, following it with the entire stein of ale
in one swig. Borka thrust the stein hard into Drogal’s hands,
knocking the trollkin back slightly.
“More. And this time don’t be stingy with the meat,” he
said. His son blinked before nodding and rushing to do as
bid. Borka knew the chunk of mutton had been a reasonable
portion, but the hunger that gnawed at him did not agree.
“Good,” a gruff voice said behind him. “The more you eat,
the faster you will heal.”


Blood Debt, Part One

Borka turned. Standing closer than he would have expected
was Doomshaper. Borka grunted. “For a trollkin so old, you
move quietly.”
“And it seems you possess the manners of a dire troll in
addition to the appetite.”
Borka grimaced but bit his tongue. In past months he and
the elder had seen eye-to-eye, pushing for attacks on human
settlements. Without that shared goal they had begun to
clash. Borka had begun to learn how to deal with Hoarluk—
primarily by letting him grouse without interruption.
Doomshaper fixed him with a measuring stare. The
elder asked, “Have you lost a limb before?” Borka shook
his head. He’d suffered his share of wounds, but they’d
been superficial things, easily healed over a few nights
of feasting and drinking. He had lost a finger once, but
even that hadn’t been so bad. It was back before he’d even
missed it.
Drogal returned with two hunks of the cold mutton, each
larger than the last. Borka nodded in approval. He forced
himself to take the food more politely. He was not about
to give Doomshaper the satisfaction of proving his last


“The hunger you feel will worsen before it gets better.”
Doomshaper paused for a moment and then said, “As will
your temper. But you will be whole soon, and perhaps you
will have a greater understanding of our troll brothers.
Open yourself to the experience.”
Borka eyed Doomshaper suspiciously as he gulped down
meat and ale as quickly as possible. The warlock was in an
uncharacteristically good mood. “How long will it take?”
he asked between bites.
Doomshaper scoffed. “As long as it requires. You are hearty
and virile. Another month or two for your arm. Had we
been able to find it following the battle, the healing would
be easier.” Doomshaper cast a glance toward Rök, who
had plopped down on his hindquarters like a monstrous
bearded toddler as he waited for Borka to return. The dire
troll seemed unwilling to meet Doomshaper’s eye.
Borka said nothing. He remembered little following his
defeat at the hands of the Tharn leader. Only darkness and
pain and cold. He had heard the story several times from
his kin who had been there—how Rök had brought him to
Madrak and the others following the battle, and how most
had thought him dead. He had his own suspicions about

“What if this is your last chance?” Borka’s brow furrowed. who stared up at him with stony eyes.” “Begin?” Borka asked. Old though Doomshaper was. Borka mused. Seeing Jennan’s stony face in his mind’s eye. startled. “It depends on how the passes have fared this winter. How long until we reach the lake the Khadorans call Beladal the Crone? It is in the mountains east of there that our search will begin.” Borka felt a niggling regret. Hoarluk was more feared than beloved by his kith.” Doomshaper said to himself.” “Less. He knew Madrak Ironhide had sent him with Doomshaper to protect the elder. and he realized it did not matter what he wanted. perhaps less. the primary one being unease. and he felt a mixture of emotions. Though it seemed a weakness to admit it. Good. I am not the helpless cripple here. the thought of her death did cause him grief. Borka had felt some relief to distance himself from Madrak for a time. I will go to honor my matriarch in her final hours.” Borka blinked in surprise. Borka smiled with dark humor. Borka felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him.” He rapped the staff against Borka’s injured leg. I do not need a bodyguard.” He pressed the end of his staff against Borka’s chest in emphasis.” Borka opened his mouth to argue. It is your duty to return to her and pay her the respect she is due. as he claimed. “How do you figure that?” Borka asked. so I promised to relay the message. I told Madrak I would see to your safety. “You must respect your elders. in that regard. nodding. It would seem you are called to your home kriel. while Doomshaper searched out clues scratched on boulders. I’m sure there will be many stories to share when you and I meet again. “Yes. A week. Your matriarch has need of you. Kegslayer. As much as he disliked her. “I will mourn her.” Borka said. He did not relish the idea of roaming the mountains. I saw no need to wake you. Somehow he could just not accept her as mortal.” The words hit Borka like a hammer. She had disapproved of Borka’s choices at every turn. “You’d just slow me down. shouted loudly enough that everyone near would hear. however.” The elder shaman fixed him with a stony stare. “I have no interest in returning. “How much farther until we reach these other mountain kings?” “This is your homeland more than mine. During his long recovery he’d had time to think on a great many things. The thought of his own brush with death came to his mind. Jennan had already been ruling her kriel in the north for a century when Hoarluk was born. They preferred no one find them at all. Borka finished the second hunk of mutton and finished the ale in his stein. It had been years since he had thought of his great-great-great-greatgrandmother Jennan. And Jennan has no need of anyone. Even Madrak could not sway Doomshaper once he had made a decision. nor imagine a life free from her looming shadow. “A messenger came searching for you. “Don’t pretend to play the honorbound servant. Our ancestors did not chain the mountain kings so any fool might find them. though no one knew for sure. Jennan was hard and cold. “But I cannot leave you. Perhaps he doubted whether anyone would attend him when he lay dying. one could say the same of Jennan. The wagons may slow us if the snows have been heavy. both me and her. then. “I will not be taking the wagons. he could not deny he would regret not seeing her one last time. not insincerely. Of course. Borka felt only a grim apprehension at what lay ahead. who were filled with excitement at this idea. He refocused on Doomshaper. 15 . “Very well. Dhunia would expect it of you. Could Jennan truly be dying? She was such a pillar of his kriel that the very idea of her absence seemed fundamentally wrong. “I know it has been quite some time for some of you. Besides. “I thought—” Doomshaper cut him off with a wave of his staff. but I gathered your matriarch is not long for this world.” Borka said. “We’ve already gone the longest distance. They had not parted on good terms. but the look in Doomshaper’s eyes stopped him. but also perhaps to give him time to heal. He knew she was said to be almost two hundred years old. You and your kith will not accompany me. The passing of the eldest of a great kriel is no small matter.” Doomshaper huffed. “What do you mean?” “The messenger did not want to say more than he was told. putting on a confident face.what had happened to his arm. feeling no resentment. You do as you please. despite their past disagreements.” He turned and. He suddenly remembered Jennan’s face the last time they had shouted at one another. Dire trolls were what Dhunia and the Wurm had made them. but we are going home!” A great cheer erupted from his kith.” There was the hint of pain in Doomshaper’s eyes.

would heal 1 damage point to a pack warbeast. all members of the pack activate at the same time and progress through the steps of an activation together. A model in a warbeast pack cannot be forced if the fury points gained would cause the unit commander to exceed the pack’s current FURY. place the fury points generated on the unit commander. Pack Animus Only the unit commander has an animus. these warbeasts are all troopers. A model in the pack can be forced only while it is in formation and the pack’s unit commander is in its controller’s control area. and the other models in the unit are Grunts. As models in a unit. the unit commander is the Leader. A warlock cannot transfer damage to a pack warbeast if the pack’s unit commander has a number of fury points equal to the pack’s FURY stat. the pack’s controller can reave the fury point that would be removed. When a friendly Faction model with the Battlegroup Commander special ability takes control of a wild warbeast that is in a warbeast pack. Pack FURY and Fury Points The models in a warbeast pack share a single FURY stat equal to the number of models currently in the pack. Pack Frenzy If the unit commander frenzies. Only the pack’s unit commander can gain fury points. Unit A warbeast pack is a unit. it takes control of all models in the warbeast pack. A pack’s unit leader can issue a run or charge order only while in the control area of its battlegroup controller. The warbeasts in a pack have the same battlegroup controller and are part of the same battlegroup. . A model in a pack cannot choose another model in the pack as a frenzy target and will not attack another model in the pack as part of a frenzy. The unit commander can never have a fury point total higher than the pack’s current FURY. If a new unit commander is selected due to Field Promotion. A rule that heals 1 damage in each aspect. and a rule that fills in unmarked damage of the last branch damaged would fill in all remaining damage. Models in a pack do not activate individually. When an opponent takes control of a warbeast in a warbeast pack. While it is part of a warbeast pack. however. not just the warbeast it is in base-tobase contact with. instead. When the pack’s FURY stat is reduced as a result of a change in the number of models in the pack. 16 If a warbeast in the pack is destroyed while the pack’s unit commander is in its controller’s control area and its destruction would result in the removal of a fury point from the pack’s unit commander. for example. Models in a warbeast pack are forced independently. When a warbeast in a pack is destroyed by damage transferred from its battlegroup controller. that warbeast becomes an independent model with a FURY stat of 1 for the duration of the effect. Power Attacks Warbeast pack models cannot make power attacks. The pack’s controller can cast the pack’s animus as a spell only while the pack’s unit commander is in his control area. Damage and Healing Warbeasts in a pack have a set number of damage points but do not have damage spirals. A warlock can heal warbeasts in a pack as normal. disabling the pack warbeast.New Rules & Theme Forces Warbeast Packs Warbeast packs are units of small-based warbeasts that fight together and support each other on the battlefield. but when a model in the unit is forced. place the fury points from the old unit commander on the new commander before reducing the FURY stat. A warlock can transfer damage to a pack warbeast if the warbeast model is in the warlock’s control area and in formation. but a non-commander model in the pack need not be in the controller’s control area. fury cannot be reaved from the pack. Game effects that increase or decrease a warbeast’s FURY stat never affect a warbeast pack. all models in the pack also frenzy. remove fury points in excess of its new FURY stat. but each model in the unit is a warbeast (not a warrior). A pack warbeast’s damage points are considered a single aspect with a single branch for the purposes of game rules. a warbeast is not an independent model. Models in a warbeast pack cannot run or charge during the pack’s activation unless they receive the run or charge order or are compelled to run or charge as part of a game effect.

Tier 2 Requirements: The only living model in the army is Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver. Models in a snowdrift gain concealment and models without Immunity: Cold treat them as rough terrain. Battle Engine: Trollkin War Wagon Tier 1 Tier 3 Requirements: The army can include only the models listed above. Reeves of Orboros. Shifting Stones. Benefit: For each warbeast in Borka’s battlegroup. Trollblood cavalry units. Trollblood solos with Advance Deployment  . These spells and their targets must be declared before either player sets up models. Gallows Groves. Requirements: The army includes one or more Shifting Stone units. Requirements: The army can include only the models listed above. Death Wolves Battle Engine: Celestial Fulcrum Tier 1 Tier 3 Benefit: Increase the FA of Shifting Stone units and Sentry Stone & Mannikins units by 1. Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes. Benefit: You can redeploy one model/unit after both players have deployed but before the first player’s first turn. Trollblood units with Advance Deployment  . Rök Solos: Fell Caller Hero. These templates cannot be placed within 3˝ of a terrain feature. 17 . Trollblood cavalry solos. Tier 4 Requirements: The army includes one or more Trollkin War Wagons. Tier 2 Requirements: The army includes two or more models/ units with Advance Deployment  . Reeve Hunters. War Wolves Units: Druid Stoneward & Woldstalkers. Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver Wold War Warbeasts: Circle non-character construct warbeasts Solos: Blackclad Wayfarer.Borka. Wolves of Orboros. Vengeance of the Rimeshaws Avalanche Warbeasts: Trollblood noncharacter warbeasts. The redeployed models must be placed on the table in a location they could have been deployed initially. place one 4˝ AOE template anywhere within 20˝ of the back edge of Borka’s deployment zone after terrain has been placed but before either player deploys his army. Troll Whelps. Units: Kriel Warriors. Trollkin Sorcerer. Benefit: Sentry Stones begin the game with 3 fury points. non-commercial use only. Tier 4 Benefit: Add a Woldwatcher to Thorle’s battlegroup free of cost. Permission is hereby granted to create reproductions of this page for personal. Benefit: Models in Borka’s battlegroup gain +2 SPD during your first turn of the game. Borka does not pay fury to upkeep these spells during your first turn. Benefit: Friendly models/units can begin the game affected by Borka’s upkeep spells. Requirements: The army includes one or more Sentry Stone & Mannikins units. The templates are snowdrifts. Benefit: Reduce the point cost of Trollblood cavalry models/ units by 1. Requirements: Borka’s battlegroup includes Rök and one or more Winter Trolls. Sentry Stone & Mannikins.

Permission is hereby granted to create reproductions of this page for personal. Benefit: You gain +1 on your starting roll for the game. Benefit: Reduce the point cost of huge-based models in the army by 1. Legion solos with Flight Battle Engine: Legion battle engines with Flight Tier 1 Tier 3 Benefit: Flying models gain +2 SPD during your first turn of the game. Benefit: Warbeasts in Absylonia’s battlegroup can use their animi during your first turn of the game without being forced. you can redeploy one model/unit after both players have deployed but before the first player’s first turn. Daughter of Everblight Death’s Wings Warbeasts: Legion non-character warbeasts. Proteus Units: Strider units. The redeployed models must be placed on the table in a location they could have been deployed initially. Fury of Halaak Footsteps of Giants Warbeasts: Skorne non-character warbeasts. Warbeasts cannot also be forced to use their animi that turn. 18 . Solos: Skorne Tyrant solos Battle Engine: Siege Animantarax Tier 3 Requirements: The army includes Tiberion. Benefit: For each Tyrant model/unit. Benefit: Siege Animantarax battle engines begin the game with three rage tokens. Benefit: Reduce the cost of huge-based models in this army by 1. non-commercial use only. Tier 4 Requirements: The army includes one or more Archangel gargantuans. Absylonia. Benefit: Units in the army gain Advance Deployment  . Requirements: The army includes three or more different warbeasts. Skorne cavalry units. Tier 4 Requirements: The army includes one or more Siege Animantarax battle engines.Theme Forces Xerxis. Requirements: The army can include only the models listed above. Legion units with Flight Solos: Forsaken. Strider solos. Tiberion Units: Paingiver Beast Handlers. Tier 2 Requirements: The army includes two or more Tyrant models/units. Tier 2 Requirements: The army includes one or more units with Advance Deployment  . Skorne Tyrant units Tier 1 Requirements: The army can include only the models listed above.

Croak solos. Tier 2 Tier 4 Benefit: Maximus and Farrow Slaughterhouser units gain Advance Deployment  .) Requirements: The army includes two or more models/ units with Magic Ability. Tier 2 Requirements: The army includes three or more Undead models/units. Bog Trog solos. Thrullgs. Requirements: The army includes Maximus. 19 . (Before the start of the game but after both players have deployed. Benefit: Your deployment zone is extended 2˝ forward. These spells and their targets must be declared before either player sets up models. Requirements: Helga the Conqueror’s battlegroup includes two or more heavy warbeasts. the Death Charmer Voodoo Dolls Warbeasts: Minion Gatorman non-character warbeasts Units: Bog Trog units. Permission is hereby granted to create reproductions of this page for personal. Benefit: You gain +1 on your starting roll for the game. Gatorman solos. Requirements: The army includes one or more Meat Threshers. JagaJaga does not pay fury to upkeep these spells during your first turn. Benefit: Your deployment zone is extended 2˝ forward. Tier 4 Requirements: The army includes one or more Sacral Vaults. a model with Advance Move can make a full advance. Helga the Conqueror Curtain Call Warbeasts: Minion Farrow noncharacter warbeasts Units: Farrow units Solos: Efaarit Scouts. Gudrun the Wanderer. Requirements: The army can include only the models listed above. Benefit: Undead models gain Advance Move. non-commercial use only. Requirements: The army can include only the models listed above.Jaga-Jaga. Wrong Eye & Snapjaw Battle Engine: Sacral Vault Tier 1 Tier 3 Benefit: Reduce the point cost of Sacral Vaults by 1. Rorsh & Brine Battle Engine: Meat Thresher Tier 1 Tier 3 Benefit: Reduce the point cost of Meat Threshers by 1. Farrow solos. Benefit: Friendly models/units can begin the game affected by Jaga-Jaga’s upkeep spells. Gatorman units Solos: Feralgeists.

I’m so old I’ve lost count of my years upon this earth. instead. Though the expanse of stone huts and paved pathways looked just as he remembered and even the blanket of winter snow seemed unchanged. But I did not expect a warm welcome. Her eyes never left the stones in the bowl. but I did not lie. Borka felt a mix of conflicting emotions. “I have come many miles to answer your call.” “Your lack of manners leaves no mystery as to who you are.” She looked up at last and squinted at him. It wasn’t until he smelled the hoppy aroma of the kriel’s brewery on the crisp air that a sense of home stirred within him.” He scowled with sudden suspicion. unless whatever you see in that bowl is more important. a rasping sound. Your return is overdue. I am afraid you will find no feasts or other celebrations in your honor. The warlock still sensed great power and undiminished vitality within her. Her face was lined with deep wrinkles carved by age and. aunts. The honorific was reserved for the eldest mother of a kriel. “I do not know what my messenger told you. “You’re not dying at all. 609 AR As he made his way through his home village toward Jennan’s lodging. it brought back memories of his earlier life. Her weathered skin resembled the rough surface of granite.” Jennan’s voice was like a krielstone being dragged over gravel. West of the Rimeshaws.” . He had felt like a stranger since he and his band had entered the thick outer walls surrounding the large northern village held by his kriel. Borka felt a familiar irritation. “A feast would be timely. her tight frown suggesting she did not like what she saw. Despite himself Borka felt uncomfortable under that stare.” Borka said hesitantly. The place did not feel like death crept within it.” he said. Borka saw little difference between this Jennan and the one he had left so many years ago. expecting one of his uncles. I was told you were not long for this world. He ignored the sudden twinge in his lame leg as he stepped into Jennan’s stone keep at the center of the village. her hunched form the same as ever as she peered into the soothsaying bowl set on a small table before her. I appreciate your willingness to pay me last respects. “Changing is for the young. He forced a chuckle and said. Borka. amusement clear in her eyes. She ran one bony hand across the runemarked stones in the bowl while the other rested atop her hooked cane. My affection for you persuaded me to put aside old grudges. I see you have not changed. motioning for him to wait. A great fire roared in the central hearth. Jennan had been called nothing else as long as Borka could remember. To his surprise it was Jennan herself. not the old. Every day could be my last. used only if she also served as its matriarch. calling back memories of being summoned before her as a youth when his parents had had enough of him. are you? This was all just a trick. Borka circled the fire to see who waited in the great seat of the hall. “It is I. Borka thought. 20 She huffed peevishly at the interruption and held up her free hand. “Welcome. His mouth watered slightly at the memory of the thick. if that is what you hoped. Still.” She looked up. “Ketmoder. a lifetime of incessant scowling. I hope to disappoint you. “You could have simply asked me to return. or siblings. Instead it was well lit by the fire and the many torch sconces. frothy northern ale.” Borka said. and the air was fresh and clean. as my hunger knows no bounds. He had expected the interior to be dim despite the pale afternoon sun. and the dozens of animal pelts hanging on the walls blunted any drafts passing through chinks in the stone.” “So you have said for decades. working the jade handle like a worry stone. Her home had once been a small hut but had been enlarged over the decades.Trollbloods Called Home The Scarsfell. I thought you might actually have words for me.” She laughed. the place did not feel like home.

but you look only to our own kith. But looking at you now. . which has made them bolder. “I have read the runes over and over.” Borka replied sharply.” He did his best to mask his surprise. . It is only by realizing we are all bound by the same blood that we find our true strength. Borka looked directly into Jennan’s eyes and held her gaze. “It’s growing back. too proud. Borka? Was it worth the kith you lost. Asking you would only have guaranteed that you stayed away. And then we’ll see who’s truly the stronger. I see the same Borka. Borka smiled as he realized where Jennan had brought him. They tell me you must face this monster. If you cared more for your kith and kriel it would not take rumors of my death for you to visit. “Have the Ruscar returned?” He had earned much of his early fame beating back those human tribes and driving them from the lands claimed by his kriel. with my bare hand if necessary. knocking the large trollkin to the ground. “It was to give you the only thing you’ve ever seemed to care about: a chance to be a hero.“And you would have come? You are too pig-headed. letting out an excited bellow of his own. “They have. prideful. as if considering the truth of Borka’s words. Borka. but that is not all.” “A monster?” “I know not what else to call it. and other times we simply wake to find them gone. His time with Madrak had led him to view things differently. staring at her with a blazing expression. nightmarish monster. At first it was only a few hunters. Three months ago the disappearances began. his joy easily overwhelming the protests of his injuries as he half-embraced. 21 . “There is something else that has beset us .” “You speak of responsibility to the kin. Self-centered. a formless.” Jennan took a deep breath.” “Arktos!” he bellowed.” Borka insisted.” He punctuated this by pounding his breast with a fist. “Was it worth it.” The ancient matriarch gazed at him in silence for a moment. I will hunt it to its lair and I will kill it. Borka laughed. a creature. “Don’t worry. the pride of Jennan. I will fight your monster. Always have been. Borka watched the bear circle and then return to him. After several moments Arktos relented and let Borka rise. “Now any who dare go beyond our walls know the chance of returning is slim. Northerners. but I’ve learned a few things along the way. “any who dare go beyond our walls know the chance of returning is slim. “Your kith and kriel need you. “Was this the only reason for summoning me?” he asked. not just for those who followed you but for those who remained behind?” The accusation burned in Borka’s ears. the blood you spilled? Did you spare a moment to think about the graves required. that fighting among the southern kin would get it through your thick skull that your duty is to your kriel. It had been five years since they had last seen each other. “We cannot stand against this new terror and the Ruscar both. Sometimes we hear them scream. Now the great beast raised his head and bounded over.” She gestured with her cane at his still-regenerating arm. not flinching from her powerful stare. “It’s only temporary. I have something that will help make up for your current state. The danger has made reprisal against the Ruscar impossible. lying down to let Borka rest his good hand on his head.” Arktos looked at him for a moment with a keen intelligence behind his black eyes. Borka wondered if the bear would remember him. “I may have left in search of battle and glory. Our people began to venture out only in groups.” Borka knew the strength of his family. We are all kin. and that worked for a short time. “You ran off years ago to follow your own foolish glory. But then it became more frequent.” She led Borka out of the hall and through the kriel to a large pen.” Jennan grunted harshly. “Good. Momentarily forgetting the stiffness in his leg. She would not speak in such terms if matters were not grave.” Arktos bounded up off his front legs and came back down with a satisfied grunt before racing off around the pen like an over-excited puppy.” Borka said. But for your own kriel this time.” said Jennan. Borka vaulted over the gate using his good arm. He could think of only one thing that might cause Jennan to admit she needed help. We’ve even lost kin standing watch upon the walls at night. As Borka stood.” she answered. half-wrestled with his old pet.” He was almost surprised at the words as they came from him. He paused. “Because you missed berating me?” “No. She motioned to the silver bowl and the cluster of stone runes within it. my friend. The matriarch’s expression softened slightly. Arktos nuzzled his bandaged arm and chuffed inquisitively. “Because I am here and since I do care for my kith. southerners. I had hoped your travels would have forged you into the trollkin I could not. Arktos reared up on his hind legs before crashing down on Borka. tussling the thick white fur of Arktos’ head. I thought that your time away would mature you. when Arktos was barely more than a cub.” she continued. “I promise. An immense white shape was curled up in one corner.

” Borka said. Borka could feel the massive bear’s body tense beneath him. “This has been a long journey. So tonight we drink as heroes!” A great cheer arose from the assembled trollkin as they crashed their weapons against their steel breastplates. Once camp was made. motioning for several other trollkin to come forward. He realized it would take some time to become accustomed to the bear’s gait. Arktos sensed something as well. bringing laughter from the others.” Pointing at individual warriors.” Borka became aware that several of his warriors were listening intently to his conversation with the scout. We seek a monster. he was confident his company could overcome anything short of a dragon. which they set before Borka. and it only recently grew back. Some he had left behind. “Tomorrow we will find our destiny and kill this creature that threatens our people. I think they may be human. His backside and thighs felt as if they had been rubbed clean of skin over the last few days of constant travel.” he added loudly. drawing a chuckle from those nearby.” “Then we must be alert for any trickery or traps.” Borka continued. Along with these. Cups were passed . you bested a dozen Tharn in the battle of Great Oaks. Though he still had precious little information on what their quarry actually 22 “We seem to be close to its lair. he continued. he also knew the value of being prepared. Do you still have the tack?” Jennan nodded. “What do you say? Are you ready to rip the throats out of some big. In all. “So the Ruscar may be controlling this creature?” Turan shrugged. and tomorrow I believe we will find it. He cupped his hand under Arktos’ muzzle and brought his face close to the bear’s. but Dhunia forbid any trollkin be foolish enough to try riding him. He brought Arktos to a stop as he spotted Turan hurrying back toward the column.” Jennan spat. to protect the kriel should he fail. As they continued their trek. “Good. Borka couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. horrible monsters?” “Tomorrow we will find our destiny and kill this creature that threatens our people.” Borka’s countenance darkened. “At least until we are ready to kill them. Borka had brought his dire troll Rök and a single axer named Gorn. The trollkin skinner was the only member of Borka’s hunting party who was not part of the band that had followed him south with Madrak. I can’t believe how much he’s grown. Borka had taken twenty-one of his warriors with him. Borka smirked. He was excited. “Or they hunt it as we do. Grisharn. all veterans and heroes of many battles. he rode to every one of his kin in turn to check in on them. “The tracks are mixed with others. Took to his training easy enough after you left. So tonight we drink as heroes!” Arktos growled and snorted excitedly in reply. Lost an eye to the beast for his troubles. Welwar my sister. Each bore a large keg of ale. Borka assembled his warriors. He had never liked his brother Togar. He raised his massive cup high in salute and then downed it in one long draught. though he had not brought all of those warriors on this quest. no foe can stand against the might of your hammer. The setting sun had turned crimson-orange by the time Turan raised her hand to bring the trollkin band to a stop for the night. each of them a blood relation. The tracks are old. “Torgat my son. Turan shook her head. Although Borka trusted their strength of arms. one of Borka’s daughters. Borka shifted slightly in the saddle as Arktos loped along over the rough ground at the border between the Rimeshaws and the Scarsfell.” “There is more than one?” Borka asked. It was a feeling he hadn’t had since the battle in the Wyrmwall. “Togar sought to put him to use as a mount a year or so back. But I do not think this creature is alone. your axe has split the skulls of countless knights and the walking dead. He’s as big as a dire troll!” was.Borka turned to Jennan and said. But now you will remember why I am called Kegslayer!” Borka tapped the first keg and filled a stein he had pulled from his belt. “Arktos just isn’t interested in letting a whelp like that ride him. “He looks good. “You are all heroes. “He’s lucky to still be here. with trolls. “It has been too long since I drank with you as a warrior should. That bear is as pig-headed as you are. and the trollkin warlock felt a familiar sensation spread through his chest as he thought of the impending fight against an unknown foe. As they marched.” “Or the smell of his breath!” shouted Lilandra.” “What news?” Borka called as Turan approached. It is hard to tell when they were made.

he snapped its shaft and impelled Gorn to charge the unseen threat. With a roar Borka was up. and the bear charged in to aid the dire troll. you dragon-suckling whelps?!” he shouted as he crushed the skull of another blighted Nyss beneath Trauma. Borka felt Rök’s anger boil as several Nyss blades bit into the troll’s flesh. Borka spurred Arktos on. Several of the shadowy forms were quickly cut down. Borka roared and spurred Arktos toward the blighted horror. Several other trollkin were not so lucky. Time seemed to stand still as Borka took in the sight of this new arrival. Several smaller tentacles shot forth from the fiendish beast’s writhing lower half and attacked the engaged trollkin nearby. Together they raised their weapons to strike. Borka saw two of his nephews snatched by the creature and lifted like playthings into the air. the warriors fell one by one into drunken slumber. and Arktos’ roar was echoed by the deep bellows of Rök and Gorn. resting his head upon Arktos’ furry side. that made it impossible for Borka to look away despite his revulsion. the shadows within the forest coalesced into black-clothed forms. It was the sight of the twin mouths distending from its base. Many more leapt away. ropey tentacle lashed forward. crashing into another.” Borka said in open-mouthed amazement. The Nyss were cast down by the 23 . The wind howled and tore at exposed flesh. A grotesquely huge tongue spilled from each wicked maw. and meat was roasted upon spits so the band of heroes could heartily drink. Rök sensed Borka’s misgivings. In fact. and sing. They swung desperately at the tentacles and their blades bit deep to draw forth black ichor. Borka looked at the broken arrow in his hand. swinging himself into Arktos’ saddle. Steel rang against steel. The huge dragon-spawned creature towered over the great conifers at the edge of the Scarsfell. As he heard their screams end with a wet crunching sound. Rök’s massive axe crashed down. Arktos barely had time to lurch to one side as a thick. drawing each into a distended mouth. Borka felt a twinge of worry at the thought of Rök eating the blighted flesh. he focused all his will into the fury of a winter storm. Borka winced as the snakelike appendage whipped by mere inches from his face. pulsating hulk of meat and malice seemed to have been specifically designed to defy all natural understanding. writhing about as if in search of its next meal. Runes blazed around him and his kin as he called upon Dhunia to shield them from the unnatural blizzard that arose suddenly about them. As Arktos tore through several of the shadows with sweeps of his claws. caught off guard by the trollkin’s ruse. The elf’s scream was cut short by a wet crunch as Rök sought sustenance to mend his own flesh. and both hit the ground with a thump. Growling. and snow and ice flew in an impenetrable flurry of winter white. coiling and pulsing. “Where is your monster. The two trollkin were cast toward the creature’s fanged maws and its great wet tongues coiled about them. Before Borka and Arktos could crash into the exposed Nyss’ backs. Despite the thunder of the bear’s charge. so heavy that it crushed more than cut any Nyss who failed to avoid it. The cacophony of battle filled the night. With sickly wet skin stretched over thick pulsating cords of muscle. The creatures moved like ghosts. “Now!” There was a sudden blur of motion and the dull sound of heavy steel hitting flesh and bone. He spurred Arktos on.around. most of the Nyss swordsmen were too focused on their battle with the enraged dire troll to notice. knocking the kin off balance and leaving them exposed to the Nyss. great fires were started. their feet making not a sound as they stalked closer and moved amid the sleeping trollkin. In the quiet that followed. One of the shadows flew through the air. nimbly evading injury. there was a great rush of wind as an enormous shape crashed heavily to the ground in front of him. however. and the unmistakable glint of drawn steel reflected the moonlight. the horror resembled no living creature Borka had ever seen. protean aspect. “Dhunia wept. With his free hand. feast. But it was not the thing’s size. but it was not enough to break the monster’s grip. Harnessing his rage and drawing on the natural energies of the cold north. surrounded by a mass of tentacles. although he had seen trolls eat such corrupted meat before without apparent effect. Amid the clamor. Rows of yellow fangs protruded from its gums. trollkin war cries mixed with hissing curses. He recognized the markings instantly: Nyss. Borka knew he had only seconds to act before the momentum of battle turned completely against his warriors. each the size of Borka’s good arm and dripping viscous saliva. Through their bond. but he was in no mood to be dissuaded and simply grabbed another of the Nyss to cram into his bloody maw. the sleep-feigning trollkin rose and struck at their would-be assassins with axe and hammer. As the moons rose. Pain flared in his shoulder as a black-fletched arrow struck deep into his flesh. Rök grabbed a flailing Nyss and crammed him into his mouth. Borka was the last to lie down. the twisted. knocking aside intervening Nyss without slowing. Borka heard a distinct twang from the woods. nor its half-formed. As one.

Instead. Borka continued to hammer blows into the blighted monster. pulsing muscle of one of the creature’s tongues. Instead of backing away from the wicked mouths of the monster. Not yet. The warrior’s voice rose over the raging blizzard as he boomed. Borka brought Trauma down with all his strength upon the monstrosity’s flesh. made worse by the hunger that raged in his own belly. and then Borka and his mount reached the creature’s body. and in an incredible display of raw strength Rök ripped the tentacle free with a sound like a boot being pulled out of thick mud. Borka drew forth Rök’s primal inner fury—a wellspring that harkened back to the time when the trolls were first sired by the Devourer. but the path was blocked by a wall of the beast’s other tentacles. Borka had little choice but to relinquish control and allow him to do as he wished to his foe.whirling tempest. He tried to spur Arktos forward to aid the ensnared troll. their vision blinded by the ice crystals tearing at their unprotected faces. “Turan!” he called. The creature finally began to waver. but before Gorn could strike again. “You have feasted your last! Now you shall meet the Vengeance of the Rimeshaws!” Arktos dodged another tentacle. Seeing an opening. but he drew upon the rage of his trolls to drive out any thought but his enemy’s destruction. The dire troll had been impaled by two of the monster’s larger tentacles and was being drawn toward the creature’s slavering mouths. Rök charged in. banged their fists into their breasts. Rök was in rough shape. would cause it to topple like a felled tree. As the awareness of their victory slowly dawned on them. He looked in the direction the monster had gone. Borka upon his back. It took all his concentration to hold Rök back from feasting upon the abundance of blighted flesh around them. each strike causing a new explosion of viscous black ichor. pulsing muscle of one of the creature’s tongues. The axer brought his weapon down hard on one of the thick tentacles that bound the dire troll. and let out a thunderous victory yell. Can you track it?” . Borka sighed as he realized the trip back to the kriel would be a dry one. With a horizontal swing his axe cleaved cleanly through the thick. Blighted Nyss was one thing. Borka’s warriors lifted their weapons. With a horizontal swing his axe cleaved cleanly through the thick. a tentacle burst through his chest from behind in a spray of crimson. but he didn’t trust the severed tongues and tentacles of a dragonspawned monstrosity not to be harmful. 24 Borka felt Rök’s boiling rage at the fate of his troll cousin. and the impact of the heavy mace caused the taut skin to burst like an overripe fruit. There the trollkin champions closed to slaughter them with one brutal strike after another. fleeing just as suddenly as it had arrived. and raised his axe to finish the job. slicking their weapons with blighted blood. Borka spurred Arktos forward and with one mighty swing brought Trauma down to pulp the other fleshy tongue. The sound of the creature feasting on Gorn twisted Borka’s guts. though Borka knew the illtempered troll would live. and Rök accepted the offer with enthusiasm. Gorn was able to hack his way through the deadly tangle with great sweeps of his axe to reach Rök. hacking at the creature with their axes. Only a shock of white-hot pain lancing through his mind from Rök halted the warrior’s assault. Arktos charged toward the unnatural horror. His arm burned from the exertion of swinging Trauma. Though his heart swelled with pride at their deeds. Rök and Gorn joined him. the bleeding creature coiled and tensed its massive muscles and leapt into the air. A silence fell over the battlefield. The dire troll dangled momentarily from the remaining tentacle before it withdrew from his flesh and he dropped to the ground. and Borka wondered if the loss of its tongues. The monster’s grip loosened. though thankfully those were far fewer. Borka watched helplessly as the axer was ripped in two and each half disappeared into one of the creature’s maws. the rocks and trees no hindrance to its passage. half severing the appendage. he did not share their celebratory mood. The gigantic creature seemed unmoved by the primal storm. “Aye?” “Our quarry has fled. which it seemed to rely on for balance nearly as much as the larger tentacles. Borka looked around and saw the bodies of dozens of blighted Nyss mixed with those of his kin. He directed the troll toward the remaining ale barrels on the supply wagon as a temporary solution. Ichor poured forth as if through a burst dam. Rök let out a thunderous roar and attacked with renewed vigor. Many of the trollkin who had fallen to injury would live to fight another day. With considerable effort the dire troll managed to seize the half-severed tentacle with his free hand. He could feel Rök’s need to feed press upon his mind.

Before she could complete her invocation. Wary of last-second surprises. “Besides. Borka spied the hulking form of the injured monster moving toward the largest spawning vessel. Borka simply lobbed the grenades and then laughed as the explosions tossed their broken bodies about like chaff. Doomshaper. The thought of what had happened here was so disgusting he completely forgot the hunger that still gnawed at him. blowing what Borka could only assume passed for the creature’s head into great. he thought. Now that he was close. 25 . He grunted with effort as he brought the massive mace down again and again. They intended to try to breathe life back into the unnatural horror. he thought. It seemed to pull itself forward sluggishly as a host of robed Nyss attempted to drag it along with hooked gaffs under the direction of another Nyss attired in finer robes and silver adornments. the unexpected appearance of the towering.” “Best to leave nothing to chance. I want to know where it lairs so we can be sure there are no more like it. too. Just not too soon. He spurred Arktos into a charge and let out a resounding battle cry.” As he walked back to rejoin his warriors. Borka saw both anger and confusion flash briefly through her eyes before Arktos’ powerful jaws snapped down on her skull. The missing kin had been used as fuel for the vessels. The few he had seen before had been relatively small. As Borka looked back across the camp to see his kin setting to the work of smashing the sinister spawning vessels.” Turan replied. “The battle is won. it was clear the thing was dead. He saw the Nyss leader step forward and raise a rune-inlaid staff. The grenades detonated. The blow crumpled the vessel’s side and sent the receptacle flying. and Borka saw a half-formed embryonic mass flop into view among the spreading ooze. “Surely even a creature like that could not survive such injuries for long. He smiled at Torgat. but he wasn’t about to take any chances.” The monster’s trail was not difficult to follow. The pieces fell into place in his mind—the trollkin missing from his kriel. pinning her there with his front paws. The robed figures frantically unhooked their wicked curved gaffs from the fallen creature’s flesh and brought them up to defend themselves. uttering an old curse at the thing. They all are. her momentary distraction was her undoing as Arktos reared up and smashed her to the ground.” Borka said. Together you and I will bring the fury of the North to Madrak’s side. pulping the appendage until he was able to tear it free. for all the kriels. Borka turned his attention back to the collapsed mass of the monster. He swung his mace low at one of the smaller spawning pots as he passed it. though. He would lay it at Jennan’s feet. Borka drew Trauma and placed a foot on one of the larger tentacles. Borka drew several grenades from his belt as Arktos raced toward the fallen monster and its caretakers. Warmth spread within his breast at the thought of returning home. nightmarish monster. “Don’t worry—we’ve earned our glory already.“The blood will make that easy. But more importantly”—he hefted the severed tentacle over his shoulder—“we’ve earned the celebration that will greet us when we return home with our trophy. He crushed each with a blow from Trauma as Arktos rushed past them. but where it led shocked them all. He dismounted from Arktos and took more grenades from his belt. “Father!” he heard Torgat call. He spared only a second to ensure this lesser dragonspawn was not moving before turning his attention to several robed Nyss who had been attending the vessels. Shouldering his weapon. Though the sorceress was able to redirect her energies to defend against Borka’s arcane attack. but here he saw vessels of all sizes. motioning toward the severed tongue and tentacles lying in huge pools of black ichor. the presence of the blighted Nyss that had attacked them in the night. He was not about to let that happen. “Then we kill them. The blighted behemoth retreated to a sizable camp encompassing a number of elaborate runecarved steel cauldrons that Borka recognized as spawning vessels. He stepped back. These Nyss were far weaker than the warriors we fought before. including one large enough to hold even Rök with room to spare. Borka made his way toward the creature’s slackened jaws and tossed the grenades into one cavernous maw. wet chunks. He was worthy of his parentage. spilling its gory contents onto the cold ground.” Borka smiled at the disappointment in his son’s voice. Borka had sent a howling torrent of winter fury blasting from his hand. I hope you find what you are looking for. I have some catching up to do. It was answered and redoubled by the other trollkin champions as they followed his lead into the spawning site. and even she would not be able to question this monster’s destruction.” “And if there are?” Turan asked. Aeric runes surrounded her with a threatening nimbus of blue power. though it was clear she already knew the answer. Borka thought of the Shaman of the Gnarls and his own quest.

Champions of his kith and kriel risk their lives alongside him. Where once Borka strode into battle seeking only personal glory and the thrill of crushing his enemies. and the sight of the pair charging headlong into the enemy in a roaring storm of teeth. . On a critical hit. it cannot make another counter charge until after your next turn. vulnerable to his retaliation. Borka shrouds his forces in an obscuring gale. any who strike against them become frozen to the earth. Tactical Tips Assault – The assaulting model ignores the target in melee penalty even if is not in melee range of its charge target after moving. the model with Counter Charge can immediately charge it. and in battle he can summon and wield the inexorable power of winter itself. If the target is not in melee range after moving. Summoning the freezing wind of his northern homelands. this model can make one ranged attack targeting the model charged unless they were in melee with each other at the start of this model’s activation. the attacking model does not suffer the target in melee penalty. Borka. bringing hope to his beleaguered kin and swift death to his enemies. he now sees the blows he lands as a vital part of the fight his people are waging for their very survival. gain an additional die on this weapon’s damage roll against the model directly hit. His connection to the powers over northern cold bestowed on him by Dhunia has grown deeper. Affirmed by the leaders of the kin. While in Borka’s control area models gain Stealth . Borka’s lust for combat into something greater. after moving but before making its charge attack. Atop his bellowing mount. When an enemy model without Immunity: Cold hits one or more friendly models in Borka’s control area that has Immunity: with a melee Cold attack. Mount Critical Brutal Damage – On a critical hit. Borka took the beast as his own battle mount. Borka is ever at the front of the charge. A model cannot make a counter charge while engaged. The two have become inseparable. and mace chills the marrow of any who face them. he and his battlegroup avatars of winter’s fury.Borka. Trauma Magical Weapon Reach Critical Smite – On a critical hit. a model becomes stationary for one round unless it has Immunity: Cold . this model can slam the model hit instead of rolling damage normally. Recognizing that his old friend still shared his enthusiasm for fighting. the enemy model becomes stationary for one BORKA Pathfinder Tough Assault – As part of a charge. each blow fueled by the certainty that in following his own call to battle he serves his people in their greatest time of need. a force of nature as undeniable as a winter storm. Vengeance of the Rimeshaws rides atop his powerful northern bear Arktos like a savage chieftain of old. As war continues to consume the lands of the trollkin. The POW of collateral damage is equal to this model’s STR. claws. this model can make one melee attack with its Mount. and this newfound mobility has only increased his audacity in battle. Vengeance of the Rimeshaws Trollblood Epic Trollkin Cavalry Warlock He is like a legend passed down to us from the time of the Molgur. Borka revels in combat more than ever. The model hit is slammed d6˝ directly away from this model and suffers a damage roll with POW equal to this model’s STR plus the POW of this weapon. The years of conflict beside Madrak Ironhide have forged 26 Spells Battle Charged Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF 2 Self Ctrl – Yes No While in this model’s control area. With his allies protected by the wintry cold of Dhunia’s blessings. Borka has become as unstoppable as a winter avalanche. but he is not heedless of the cost. —Tor of the Sons of Bragg Feat: Ice Storm BORKA SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 7 9 8 5 14 18 9 Bomb RNG ROF AOE POW 8 1 3 12 Trauma POW P+S 6 15 Mount POW 14 Fury 5 Damage 18 Field Allowance C Warbeast Points +6 Large Base round after the attack is resolved. Borka’s time among his kriel along with his recent brush with death has brought a certain clarity to the shaman regarding his love of fighting.) Frost Hammer 2 SP 8 – 12 No Yes Snow Shroud 2 – – Yes No Frost Hammer causes cold damage . Following his near death in the Wyrmwall Mountains. Field Marshal [Immunity: Cold] – Models in this model’s battlegroup gain Immunity: Cold . Field Marshal – This includes this model. Combat Rider – During a combat action it did not make a charge attack. models in its battlegroup gain Counter Charge. 6 Target friendly Faction model/unit gains concealment and Immunity: Cold . as he understands the toll in blood should he fail. (When an enemy model advances and ends its movement within 6˝ of a model with Counter Charge and in its LOS. If it does. Borka returned to his home kriel and was reunited with the bear he had saved as a cub. this model must still make the Assault ranged attack before its activation ends. This knowledge leads Borka to be yet fiercer and more determined. When resolving an Assault ranged attack.

27 .

& Smigg
Trollblood Dire Troll Character Heavy Warbeast
Whatever Dozer doesn’t trample, Smigg blows up. Have you ever met a more perfect pair in all your life?

—Captain Gunnbjorn



5 12 5

6 12 19



— 14 1

3 14


















Affinity [Gunnbjorn] –
While Dozer & Smigg is
in Gunnbjorn’s control
area, it gains boosted blast
damage rolls.
Regeneration [d3] – This
model can be forced to heal
d3 damage points once
per activation. This model
cannot use Regeneration
during an activation it runs.





Fury 4
Threshold 10
Field Allowance
Point Cost
Large Base

Snacking – When this
model boxes a living model
with a melee attack, this
model can heal d3 damage
points. If this model
heals, the boxed model is
removed from play.
Special Issue [Gunnbjorn] –
This model can be included
in Gunnbjorn’s theme
forces. It can also be
bonded to Gunnbjorn.
Veteran Leader [Dire Troll
Blitzer] – Friendly Dire
Troll Blitzer warbeasts gain
+2 to attack rolls while this
model is in their LOS.

Virtuoso – This model can make melee and ranged attacks
during the same combat action. When this model makes its initial
attacks, it can make both its initial ranged and melee attacks.


Arcing Fire – When attacking with this weapon, this model can
ignore intervening models except those within 1˝ of the target.
Inaccurate – This model suffers –4 to attack rolls with this


Open Fist

Adapting quickly to the unconventional tactics of the
United Kriels, Captain Gunnbjorn has come to rely heavily
on the antics of the duo of dire troll and pyg known
affectionately as Dozer and Smigg. Plowing across the
battlefield, Dozer generates an avalanche of destruction
while Smigg, precariously clinging to the dire troll’s
back, unleashes explosive salvos of bombard fire. Each
resounding blast of the tremendous cannon elicits a chorus
of ecstatic roars from the dire trolls that fight alongside




Bank Shot



No No

Target friendly Faction model gains +2 to AOE ranged attack
rolls. When the target model’s AOE ranged attacks deviate, you
can reroll the direction and/or distance of deviation. Each roll
can be rerolled only once as a result of Bank Shot. Bank Shot
lasts for one turn.

Tactical Tips

Snacking – Because the boxed model is removed from play before
being destroyed, it does not generate a soul or corpse token.
Special Issue – This only gives the warbeast the potential to bond
to the warlock. It does not automatically add a bond.

them. Dozer pays them no mind, as the constant fire
renders him stone deaf within the first few moments of
battle. He relies on mental direction from Gunnbjorn or
kicks and nudges from Smigg to turn to face the next most
pressing foe, eager to see them blasted apart. In the time it
takes Smigg to ready the next shot, Dozer will sometimes
take the opportunity to charge and tear apart the nearest
enemy with his tremendously huge claws.
The cannon he bears was salvaged in the aftermath of an
assault on a Khadoran supply train. After seizing muchneeded supplies, Gunnbjorn’s forces also carted off a
massive bombard taken from a wrecked Destroyer warjack.
Having witnessed firsthand the power and utility of the
Khadoran bombard, the warlock took the opportunity
to refit the weapon for the largest dire troll in his retinue.
Dozer easily bore the crushing weight of the weapon, its
mount, and its magazine, but adjusting to the noise and
concussive force of the bombard took some time.
Early attempts to operate the weapon in the field met with
mixed results. At first, each thunderous blast sent Dozer
into a dangerous frenzy, swatting at his own back as he
plowed headlong into the enemy. Over time he became
more accustomed to the gun’s earsplitting report, but not
before he had maimed and consumed half a dozen hapless
pyg gunners. Only the enthusiastic Smigg managed to hold
on and keep from being devoured during Dozer’s tirades.
Since that time, a friendship has grown between them and
Dozer is now quite protective of the pyg that joins him
in battle. In time the dire troll even learned to savor the
weapon’s booming report and the acrid clouds of smoke it
spewed forth. The two have been inseparable ever since.


Fire Eaters
Trollblood Unit
You ever seen a trollkin stumbling drunk, ablaze in a ball of flame, belching fire every which way? In
the hills up north, that’s a normal day.

—Winter Guard Sergeant Akina Fedorevna



6 7 6 6 13 13 8

Fire Breath

SP 6 1







6 5 6 6 13 13 7

Fire Breath

SP 6 1






Damage 5 ea
Field Allowance
Leader, Grunt, & Pyg Buddy 4
Leader Medium Base
Grunt Medium Base
Pyg Buddy Small Base

Advance Deployment
Immunity: Cold

Assault (Order) – Affected
models must charge or run. As
part of a charge, after moving
but before making its charge
attack, an affected model
can make one ranged attack
targeting the model charged
unless they were in melee with
each other at the start of the
affected model’s activation.
Models that received this
order cannot make combined
ranged attacks this activation.
When resolving an Assault
ranged attack, the attacking
model does not suffer the
target in melee penalty. If the
target is not in melee range
after moving, the affected
model must still make the
ranged attack before its
activation ends.

Fire’s Fury – This model
gains +5 ARM against Fire
damage. While suffering the
Fire continuous effect , this
model cannot be knocked
down or made stationary
and gains boosted attack and
damage rolls.
Trollkin – This model is a


Advance Deployment

Immunity: Cold
Assault (Order) – See above.
Fire’s Fury – See above.
Pyg – This model is a pyg.

Fire Breath

Continuous Effect: Fire
Damage Type: Fire


Critical Fire

Trollkin are known for their insatiable thirst for booze,
but few imbibe like the nomadic fire eaters that travel the
Rimeshaws. These wandering bands earn their meals and a
place to bed down by entertaining their hosts with fire-eating
antics. With their stomachs cauterized by a lifetime of hooch
consumption, these trolls have taken to drinking extremely
potent moonshine. This booze could strip the finish off a
warjack’s firebox and is powerful enough to topple a bison
or outright kill a man. Fire eaters spit this volatile concoction
across torches to ignite the spray, resulting in spectacular
fireballs. As these bands have pushed farther south they
have increasingly found their way into battle, where they
use their fire-breathing skills to belch gouts of flame in
defense of their fellow trollkin.

Tactical Tip

Pyg Buddy – The Pyg Buddy is a trooper
in the unit but is not a Grunt in the unit.


Unlike so many of their kin. bringing their fighting tactics with them. —Jurson Firetongue. so be it.Trollkin Highwaymen Trollblood Unit What we do. Branded as outlaws. If it means a few gun-mongers take a round in the belly. Contrary to the old tales. opening fire on startled enemies before returning to the safety of the deep woods. They lived a nomadic existence in small bands led by those possessing the greatest charisma or martial prowess. the threats passing through these brigands’ lands grew. it also ignores concealment or cover’s Camouflage bonus. most trollkin highwaymen maintained a modest and lawful existence and resorted to thievery only during particularly lean times. These good-hearted trollkin began distributing a portion of their ill-gotten gains to the camps of dispossessed kin. Instead they stick to their trusty pistols. immediately after the attack is resolved it can advance up to 2˝. As the conflicts of the greater world escalated. as ready to fire at an onrushing enemy from point blank range as to do so from a safe distance. SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD Pistol RNG ROF AOE POW 8 1 — 10 Field Allowance Leader & 5 Grunts Leader & 9 Grunts Medium Base Swift Hunter – When this model destroys an enemy model with a normal ranged attack. Tales of highwaymen as outlaws evolved into legends of trollkin heroes fighting for justice. They strike from the shadows and remain continuously on the move. trollkin highwaymen do not resort to hammer or axe when an enemy draws close. They are peerless woodsmen and hunters who can blend into the surrounding forests or swamps as they stalk prey. While some highwaymen simply saw an opportunity to improve their lives. others noted the increasingly desperate plight of their people. 2 5 8 trollkin have reintegrated into their kriels. trollkin highwayman Tactical Tip Camouflage – If a model ignores concealment or cover. Gradually. they robbed human travelers regardless of the victims’ origins or loyalties. 31 . Prior to the increased hostilities in the isolated regions of western Immoren. we do for the good of the kriel. Occasionally they would even step out of the tree line to defend those camps from human aggression. trollkin highwaymen were unwelcome among their kin. as did the potential for plundering the traveling forces. these LEADER & GRUNTS Combined Ranged Attack LEADER & GRUNTS Gunfighter 6 6 5 5 12 14 8 Tough Camouflage – This model gains an additional +2 DEF when benefiting from concealment or cover.

for Lagertha made use of trolls brought from her hereditary lands in the Wyrmwall Mountains. Her tragic death induced Horgle’s own sorcerous awakening as he took control of the remaining trolls and launched them at the enemy. this model can immediately advance directly toward the pushed model up to the distance that model was moved. he soon left them behind as well. There is always a simmering rage within Horgle. Reduce the point cost of Pyre Trolls and Slag Trolls in this model’s battlegroup by 1.Horgle Ironstrike Trollblood Trollkin Character Solo Save your words. she used them in her work. it is knocked down and can be pushed 1˝ directly away from this model. His affinity with pyre and slag trolls continues to serve him well both on and off the battlefield. Horgle drifted south. . and in the heat of battle his sword and hammer are infused with this inner fury. apply the damage to the next column to the right. No Yes to each column on its Tactical Tips Lesser Warlock – This model’s type is solo. Instead he excelled in the ancestral smithing rites passed down to him by his mother Lagertha. He took to this instruction with a will. Fury Manipulation. He wandered for some time. Speak with iron and fire instead. not warlock. Horgle learned more than the rudimentary methods necessary to shape weapons and tools. and Spellcaster. a skilled blacksmith and gifted warlock. Fury 4 Damage 8 Field Allowance C Point Cost 3 Medium Base Specialization [Pyre Trolls and Slag Trolls] – The only warbeasts that can be included in this model’s battlegroup are Pyre Trolls and Slag Trolls. He fought alongside Lagertha. tempering steel with the scorching heat of pyre trolls and etching runes with the searing acid of the slags. before finding his way to those allied with the United Kriels. A loner in his kriel southeast of the Shard Spires. Horgle Ironstrike is an anomaly among the close-knit clans of the United Kriels. Beyond his innate ability to lead trolls in warfare. If it is pushed. surviving by his craft and his weapons. IRONSTRIKE IRONSTRIKE SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 5 7 6 4 12 15 8 Flaming Sword POW P+S 4 11 Smith’s Hammer POW P+S 5 12 Fearless Immunity: Fire Tough Burnt Meat – Warbeasts in this model’s battlegroup can charge targets suffering the Fire continuous effect  without being forced. his desire to exact vengeance on those who destroyed his former life drives him to fight alongside his kin in battle. The only possessions he salvaged from his old life were his mother’s smithing hammer and a fiery sword shaped by his own hand. Lesser Warlock – This model is not a warlock but has the following warlock special rules: Battlegroup Commander. his heart full of bitterness and hatred. and flame. Grissel Bloodsong is one who sees great potential in the young trollkin. While he still prefers solitude. who rallied the kriel’s defenses and inflicted a heavy toll on the enemy before she was finally struck down. she believes Horgle may have an even greater destiny forging weapons of power for the kriels. Control Area. Flaming Sword Magical Weapon Continuous Effect: Fire Smith’s Hammer Magical Weapon Critical Ram – On a critical hit against an enemy model. hammering foes with the same strength and precision he devotes to shaping metal. Horgle was uninterested in the traditional activities of his kriel. In combat he brings the power of fire. eventually employing them to craft superior weapons and armor. Feeling no real kinship with these trollkin and seeing them only as a reminder of his loss. There his smithing prowess and promise as a warlock caught the attention of certain kriel leaders. 32 Spells —Horgle Ironstrike Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF Hot Shot 2 6 – – Yes No Molten Metal 2 10 – – Target model in this model’s battlegroup gains boosted ranged attack damage rolls. anvil. In addition to commanding these fearsome creatures in defense of the kriel. much preferring the fiery solitude of his forge over the company of his fellow trollkin. Horgle learned these techniques. Healing. finding solace in the rhythms of hammer. and Horgle was forced to retreat with a few other survivors. He toiled contentedly at the forge until the ill-fated day a large force of dragonspawn and blighted Nyss stormed his kriel’s home. Target warjack suffers 1 point of fire damage damage grid. Despite his efforts the kriel was lost. Molten Metal – If a damage column is full. Forcing. Damage Transference.

33 .

her only concern was the acquisition of personal wealth. the United Kriels were desperate for munitions and supplies. Braylen and her band struck at overland merchant caravans moving between Cygnar and Llael. Wanderheart’s gang answers with a volley of deadly shot before converging for closer combat. it gains an additional die on its attack and damage rolls against that enemy model. —Braylen Wanderheart WANDERHEART SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 6 6 6 13 15 9 Heavy Pistol RNG ROF AOE POW 8 1 — 12 Damage 8 Field Allowance C Point Cost 3 Medium Base WANDERHEART Fearless Gunfighter Pathfinder Tough Camouflage – This model gains an additional +2 DEF when benefiting from concealment or cover. then I suppose I am an outlaw. With threats on all sides. for without the goods she procures they would surely be whittled away by the many enemies they face. they quickly found themselves outnumbered by armed trollkin with a vested interest in keeping Wanderheart safe. She and her bandits strike from ambush. From these targets they secure much-needed weapons and supplies for the fighting forces of the United Kriels. Embattled kriels across the wilds owe their lives to the efforts of Wanderheart and her cohort. it can make a full advance. Remembering the many kriels that had defended her when she was in need and thinking of their ultimate fate if she abandoned them. Braylen’s fate shifted when she met Calandra Truthsayer. Legends of her exploits spread quickly throughout the forest as she moved from kriel to kriel. this model gains an additional die on its attack and damage rolls against that enemy model. friendly Trollkin Highwaymen models gain Opportunist. as beloved by the kin as she is reviled by outsiders. relying on surprise and intimidation as much as on strength of arms. she waits for the opportune moment to set upon an unsuspecting target. Each attack roll can be rerolled only once as a result of Luck. Heavy Pistol Luck – This model can reroll missed attack rolls with this weapon. and anything they cannot use is bartered. (While a model with Opportunist is completely within the back arc of an enemy model. Wanderheart has earned her legend by robbing wealthy merchants only to distribute the ill-gotten gains among her less fortunate kin. or the AOE of a cloud effect. the AOE of a spell that provides concealment. if this model destroyed one or more enemy models with ranged attacks that activation. and young trollkin seeking what they perceived as a thrilling and lawless life followed. but fate has presented her with a nobler cause. while within terrain Prowl – This model gains Stealth that provides concealment. For the unfortunates who try to fight back.Braylen Wanderheart. Braylen Wanderheart is now a robber with a different agenda. Gun & Run – At the end of its activation. one name inspires wrath and trepidation in equal measure: Braylen Wanderheart. Calandra spoke of the trollkin’s ultimate fate should they fail to defend what little they had remaining and of how crucial Wanderheart’s skills were to them having any hope of victory. from the law. Once. A consummate bandit. She has become a living legend. it also ignores concealment or cover’s Camouflage bonus. The oracle impressed upon her the kin’s need for a leader of her talents. Among the merchants and lords who travel the Glimmerwood.) Opportunist – While this model is completely within the back arc of an enemy model. who in turn sheltered her gang 34 Tactical Tip Camouflage – If a model ignores concealment or cover. Lurking in the trees. Leadership [Trollkin Highwaymen] – While in this model’s command range. Braylen joined their cause. plundering military convoys and outposts amid the crackle of pistol fire. Trollkin Outlaw Trollblood Character Solo If doing what I must to help the kin makes me an outlaw. It is for the common cause that she and her trollkin bandits now travel the forests of western Immoren. Prior to the Khadoran invasion. lest they be overcome by better-equipped forces. . If any outsiders braved the Glimmerwood in an attempt to bring the highwaymen to justice. A portion of each haul was set aside to be shared with nearby wilderness kriels.

35 .

The Pillars of Rotterhorn was one of the greatest sacred sites of the Circle Orboros. and soon the flows around him were humming harmoniously. his mass repulsed by the soil beneath him as when identical poles of two magnets are placed in proximity. It was for that reason Mohsar had directed Thorle here after the tempestuous battle against the skorne at the Hawksmire River.Circle Orboros Abuses of Power Bradigus Thorle floated between the Pillars of Rotterhorn in the Bloodstone Marches. He had then sent his consciousness out into the network. Krueger had recently drawn on the deepest ley lines below the desert to invoke a great storm to obliterate a Protectorate of Menoth army. He had extended his will to realign them. Large slabs of solid rock below the soil had cracked and shifted. Life still thrived here. That act had sent shockwaves through the ley lines.” It had been startling to hear such words from a man who rarely expressed alarm and who knew more than most the 36 resiliency of Orboros. and there is more harm to come. Thorle had found the Pillars of Rotterhorn to be intact and whole. it was tattered in many places. and there he had witnessed Mohsar’s mystical strength and power directed against the skorne. and even by me—we have done them harm. Key conduits of these flows converged on the Rotterhorn. the network lacked its former harmony. changing some flows entirely. A significant drain. could sense the slightest vibration upon the strands. but Thorle knew the sources of strain Mohsar had mentioned. Thorle did not view the desert as a wasteland. The regions that had been particularly strained were dim and discolored in his perception. I leave it to you to determine where to begin. as if Caen itself were bruised. The fabric of the ley lines must be repaired.” the blind omnipotent had said to him. though not unscathed by the ravages of time. apparently in the service of Wurmwood. His mind flowed across the face of Caen faster than the swiftest bird. for all its starkness and desiccation. The damage that had troubled Mohsar was immediately evident. the spider within that web. his eyes glowing as he entered a deep trance. and from its base the energies rushed upward into the twin black stone columns first erected thousands of years ago by blackclads who were among the first of their order. together with the unnatural void attached to him. by Krueger. Manipulating such forces was as reflexive to him as breathing. . Then there had been Baldur’s ceremony at the Bones of Orboros on the Hawksmire River. Go to the Rotterhorn and assess the damage. As one of the blackclads responsible for the Eastern Dominion. the omnipotent had augmented his own power enough to banish the skorne warlock Mordikaar deep into the desert. diminished in others. and the desert had its own power. Power flowed beneath the surface of Caen like currents across the ocean. one of their most potent conjunctions. It was hundreds of miles from the nearest city. “The ley lines of the Eastern Dominion are battered and strained. which gathered in sunheated sands during the day and poured down from the celestial realm at night. Here. Thorle had helped defend the site where this ritual had taken place. With these events in mind. not in one direction but in many. isolated peak of the Rotterhorn was made all the more majestic by contrast with the flat and desolate expanse of the Bloodstone Desert from which it rose. Though the Pillars had been erected at a site well below the mountain’s summit. held aloft by the power flowing through the great standing stones. the bounds of gravity were meaningless. but nothing the ley line network could not recover from. Making use of two Celestial Fulcrums carved by Thorle’s own hands. Suffused by natural energies as he was. as much as is possible. and he. The lattice of ley lines revealed themselves to him as if it were a vast web. “Recent actions by Baldur. One of the Circle’s easternmost sacred sites had been obliterated as Mordikaar. Thorle’s view on this clear day seemed boundless. with red sands extending in all directions. had been hurled hundreds of miles. The soaring. in which he and Morvahna had reached deep to summon an earthquake that thwarted the progress of a Cryxian army.

Already Thorle’s subordinates were at work repairing lesser conjunctions along that path. A distasteful situation. and I do not hold recent events against you. as well as proximity to powerful flows and the standing stones channeling them. the repercussions for our order might be cataclysmic.” Krueger responded with apparent sincerity. Bradigus said. . Might I inquire regarding your interests here?” “My business is my own. Runecarver. he saw no trace of the Stormlord. Hastening their return should not be a strain.” The other continued after a pause. as though he were listening to Thorle with more focused attention. After a pause he added. all the more because of Krueger’s vague attempts to reassure him. Thorle 37 . The ley lines are unstable here. “Krueger. Will you attend my words?” Communicating through the ley lines at such a distance required extreme concentration from both parties. . There was considerable pressure on all of you to speak as one voice at the Grand Conclave Tribunal. but it didn’t alter the fact that Krueger had put the entire order in danger by conspiring with dragons. “For the respect I bear you. I might have chosen as you did.” Thorle said. “I am repairing the Eastern Dominion and felt your presence. He felt profoundly troubled. and for that reason I cannot bring you into my confidence. both for your safety and for theirs.” He felt it was his duty to contact the Stormlord. this is a dangerous time to travel.” “Understood.” Thorle frowned. “I warn you that I am not at liberty to speak at length.” Before Thorle could question him further. Thorle warned in a low voice. .” Krueger’s present scrutiny of the ley lines in this manner filled Thorle with alarm. I must return to my work—” He focused his attention and soon recognized Krueger the Stormwrath. across the ley lines in the weeks ahead that may cause some alarm. “My apologies. had cast votes to seal that fate.” His irritation had begun to show. He sent his mind across the miles and found him at Molgur’s Lament.” Krueger snapped. For a moment Thorle thought Krueger would ignore him but then. unusual activity . could be detected if he searched for them. He recalled the words of Omnipotent Dahlekov at the trial: “Whatever lore Krueger related while in secret congress with Blighterghast. I ask the same in return. “That is my right. I have a precarious balance to maintain. I would speak to you. like a single drop of water amid a roaring waterfall. What is it?” Krueger sounded irritable and distracted. I advise against any significant working on your part. It had not been long since the omnipotents had conducted a trial to judge Krueger for his crimes. Wurmwood’s intervention had changed the verdict. with a crackling of electrical power. However. Nothing for you to be concerned about. Krueger. I did not mean to be rude. “Runecarver. Thorle included. He would have no need to assess the ley lines merely to summon allies. I wish I could tell you. terminating in a gaping hole in the far desert. Returning his attention to the ley lines. it would make many things simpler. it is Bradigus Thorle. He turned to the trajectory by which Mordikaar had been hurled into the desert and found there a trench ripped through the web of ley lines. “You and I have little in common. however. But matters are complicated. He felt Mohsar the Desertwalker like a shadow across the entire Eastern Dominion. Not yet. Krueger ’s present scrutiny of the ley lines in this manner filled Thorle with alarm. Without more information he had nothing worth reporting to the omnipotents. if I can. Then he frowned as he sensed a powerful but unfamiliar mind probing the ley lines with an intensity equal to his own. Had I been in your position. Every one of the potents. “I will tell you this much: I am ordering my forces in the Glimmerwood to rejoin me. When Krueger spoke again his tone had changed. “I do not like the sound of this. We each have our responsibilities. a disembodied and fractured echo of Krueger manifested before him. You and your subordinates should not react too hastily. It might be best if you stayed at the Rotterhorn.” “The truth of the matter is. “If I thought you might be willing to help me. The self-appointed Stormlord had been found guilty and marked for death. and you may bear me ill after my role in your trial. but I have long dealt fairly with you. at least by omission. certain Krueger was lying to him. Most of these small disturbances hardly registered. . the connection was severed. The omnipotents. a minor sacred site in the northern Wyrmwall Mountains. but from the offered testimony it had been clear Krueger was guilty. I will forewarn you that there may be . There was a brief silence.He could sense the pull of other blackclads on the ley lines as they summoned power. I must know what you are doing and how it will affect my domains.” Thorle put that aside. “Krueger. I know how loyal you have been to the omnipotents. I will tell you more soon.

Thorle knew more of the power of earth and stone than anyone in the order. The pattern they created was a configuration of multiple triangles carefully set among the greater standing stones. All were druids he had known for years and trusted to be both competent and efficient. He took to the air again. together with his escort of subordinate stone keepers. but the channels the water had carved could be clearly seen through the rugged brush and between the exposed roots of the tenacious trees.” “I know whereof you speak.” The stone keepers and a senior wayfarer vanished with a small thunderclap. The energy flows here had never been significant enough to draw competing groups to contest it. “Take Hardris and Maywen with you. containing many of the minerals that gave the Bloodstone Marches its name. Thorle knew he must hasten to the conjunction of those flows—a small sacred site in the Scabbard Hills. and boulders both large and small lifted to follow him back to the circle. These would have to serve until he could reinforce the site with permanent standing stones connected by powerful runes. He sent his mind that direction to discover the ley lines throbbing with strain. forested glade between several rocky hills. The standing stones formed a wide circle some twenty yards in diameter. Unearth three large slabs sufficient for our work. but on widening his perspective to view the entire dominion. he drifted down to the ground.thought first to rebuild the distant site. using their powers to reverse the cracks and carve fresh runes. 38 Thorle noted that the green runes carved into the standing stones did not fade after his group arrived but instead pulsed in an irregular rhythm. set within a broad. Thorle had earlier noticed the typical signs of neglect at this site. the shifting stones he commanded moved into position. The site must be reinforced. with a clap like granite cracking. “There is an ancient quarry that has rested untouched for centuries just north of here. and Wolves of Orboros. These included one to the north that was worsening as he watched. Losing control over this power would have horrible repercussions. Their arrival at the Scabbard Hills site revealed little amiss to the naked eye. Thorle then directed his woldwardens and wold guardians into the pattern. and several of the runes had been marred. then hasten back. He reached out with his hands. Ordinarily shifting several people from such a minor site would have been an ordeal.” he said to Stone Keeper Jarsin. and quickly. if imperfect. Several of the stone keepers began to repair the standing stones. he and the others were gone. though it had received small repairs periodically and its unthinking guardians—sentry stones and woldwatchers— had performed their assigned task of scaring off intruders. new stones erected if necessary. but he knew that . He reached out a hand and touched the nearest one. but the power presently flowing through this place bolstered their efforts. The Celestial Fulcrum he placed in the center of the standing stones to serve as a hub. harmony. The other stones were similarly damaged. which then fed into the Hawksmire River through a number of temporary tributaries. With a mental command he summoned the Celestial Fulcrum and those wolds that awaited nearby.” Jarsin answered. with at least one in even worse repair. Fresh cracks ran along its upper surface. large chunks of the hillside tore free to rise into the air amid sprays of dirt. “We will need to gather more stone. It had been weeks since such a rain. He immediately set the others to work. the wolds he sent to the periphery. before the existing ones were overwhelmed. Tremendous surges of natural power coursed through minor standing stone sites too weak to contain them. aligning with those set by other stone keepers. Vast flows of energy were somehow being redirected to the region north of Lake Scarleforth and east of the Hawksmire River. He reached into the ley lines thrumming beneath him and. The hills and the stones themselves were of a reddish hue. It felt warm under his fingers. This region just east of Lake Scarleforth received runoff from the hills when the heavy rains swept down. he stacked these stones to form crude cairns alongside the greater stones and wolds as additional conduits to help direct the energies into patterns of his choosing. These constructs redirected the energy overflowing the pattern to create a new. blackclads. gliding to the nearest upslope of the rocky hills. you fool? he wondered. Tremendous surges of natural power coursed through minor standing stone sites too weak to contain them. Coming out of his trance. to which they lent their mystical support and regenerative power. Using his will. Was this the activity to which Krueger had alluded? What have you done. With a grinding and ripping sound. sending power into the ground. giving rise to all manner of natural calamities. Behind him. he was alarmed to see several other irregularities. but he was baffled at what he was seeing.

over here!” The shout came from a huntsman of the Wolves of Orboros standing watch next to a tree on a slight rise on the western perimeter. It was possible the Stormlord was not involved. more powerful flows were stabilized. More than half of Thorle’s escorting Wolves had been taken down in the ambush. perhaps not expecting such a formidable enemy. entirely altering the course of major ley lines. Now the reeves who had been on the southern side of the glade rushed to support their comrades in arms. “Concentrate your fire!” As his commands were carried out. The presence of both fighting together suggested the Blindwater Congregation. drawing on their own power to summon and hurl rocks into the attackers. Thorle summoned three woldwatchers and a single wold guardian. The body of Orboros was as resilient as Caen itself. spear in hand. they were far from home. able to recover from any abuse. the gatormen were waiting in ambush. Although there was a river to the west. Thorle unleashed his anger upon any bog trog in sight to annihilate them with a punishing hail of stone. He pointed and said. hissing with blood lust. He gestured forcefully. “There’s movement—” The warrior was cut short as a hooked blade jutted through his chest in a plume of crimson blood. The skorne had quickly seized that site and had wasted no time in shattering the great stones there. He still did not know the cause of the anomalies. while the reeves and the blackclads formed up behind them. The Wolves rushed through the gaps to finish any enemy left standing. Baldur needed to drive away trollkin who had claimed the site in the aftermath of the legion.” Thorle said. and the Wolves fought them fiercely. and then his body was pitched aside as the bog trog that had skewered him yanked its weapon free. closing his eyes as he sent power through his fingers to allow the stone to grow back to wholeness. As expected. Thorle’s mind turned to the incongruities. Perhaps these wild flows were part of the aftermath. against which Thorle had been fighting a losing battle. allowing each strike greater impact. Thorle flew swiftly toward the huntsman’s murderer. having no desire to enter the arid Bloodstone Marches. drawing a rock the size of a skull from the earth and shooting it at deadly velocity straight into the bog trog’s chest. its cracks mending in an instant. The chaos surrounding control over the Bones of Orboros was a testament to the area’s general upheaval after the clash at the Castle of the Keys in which Morvahna had failed to stop Everblight.” Even as he made this observation. More bog trogs sprang into view. shattering ribs and crushing organs. Though reluctant to pull any of the wolds from his carefully built configuration. The gatormen had attacked through an opening into the glade from the wider desert to the west. The loss of the Bones of Orboros just west of here—the very ground where Baldur’s ritual had transpired—had been a blow to the Circle’s control over the ley lines of this region. Behind Thorle other blackclads rushed forward. It all contributed to a time of unprecedented instability. different and larger forms could be seen moving through the trees just beyond the glade. They surged from the trees with polearms raised. Other gatormen were met by wold constructs. and one of Thorle’s woldwatchers was badly damaged. gatormen were never seen in these parts. “Gatormen!” shouted one of the sharp-eyed reeves while reloading his crossbow. Moreover. The first volley of crossbow fire largely bounced off their scaled hides.might change if these new. but if so. Before his ritual. Thorle’s forces advanced cautiously. but twice as many trogs had paid the price. and he saw nothing to suggest Krueger had visited the site. Shouts of alarm came from all quarters. stones only recently rebuilt by Baldur after being torn down by the passage of Everblight’s legion as it fled north. though the timing made Thorle suspicious. He stared down at it in surprise and made a choking noise. The reeves continued firing and reloading until they saw no more targets. 39 . spears at the ready. the Cyrissists had suddenly become more active in the other dominions. “Potent. and those bolts that struck home seemed to do little harm. the cold-blooded creatures that had survived pulled back into the trees. glaring toward the western valley. This once-quiet area of the Bloodstone Marches had seen escalating bloodshed as well as supernatural conflicts that threatened the Circle’s key holdings. Thorle’s woldwatchers unleashed crackling lightning into the nearest enemies while his wold guardian strode ahead to shatter them with its enormous stone arms. “Let the wolds to the fore!” he called. The rest were quickly scattering. Thorle sent runes to surround and empower his wolds. The bog trogs had used their talent for camouflage to close the distance and take the Wolves on the western side by surprise. The remaining Wolves formed a loose line. but recent events had been picking at the scabs. Floating at the fore. their crossbow bolts finding targets with tremendous accuracy. Several more reeves had fallen. He could not fathom what would bring both bog trogs and gatormen here. “No bog trogs live anywhere near here. Crushing stone battered the gatormen’s scales and broke their bones. He moved to it and touched its stone plates. “This is not their natural environment. Once the gatorman line was broken.

and he sensed a malevolent intelligence behind its many eyes.” said the master of the hunt grimly. 40 As the gatormen at the fore came to a stop. “You are unimportant. Barnabas is the greatest of those gathered here. Among them he saw several tall stone vaults set on wheels and pulled by muscular gatormen. Runecarver. including one he knew from his territory in the Marchfells. “I have had dealings with some of these gatormen before. alone. There is nothing of interest to them at our sacred site.” “Yes. I advise him.” Her claw indicated his wolds. She was a veteran who had faced many horrors with stoic disregard. but Barnabas will not hesitate to destroy you or your walking stones. His decisions are life or death for many tribes. Jaga-Jaga. This gathering was larger than any Thorle had seen in one place before—an entire army of cold-blooded and hostile creatures. “but first I will speak to them.” The retreating gatormen had reached the vanguard of this army and reported to their leaders.” She took charge of her warriors. Withdraw to the grove and make ready to defend it. The presence of greater warbeasts suggested powerful bokors among the horde. Two hulking ironback spitters came with her. Thorle positioned his wolds at the narrowest point of the opening into the valley and awaited the gatorman army. We should not move far from this site. “but proceed carefully. You paid as promised. He stood before them. “Perhaps. we cannot leave this place yet. a descendant of generations of Wolves who saw it as their duty to protect the druids of Orboros. the undead tatzylwurm turned its head to face him.” She spoke the tongue of her people. Indeed. beyond you. as you command. their leaders conferred with one another. Each vault was made of ancient and weatherworn stone.” He looked to the gathered forces. Matters are not so simple. “Why? Does he seek war with the Circle Orboros? Do you?” He could not interpret her expression as she twisted her head and made a gesture with one claw. Thorle’s forces made their way out of the neck of the valley but then stopped in stunned disbelief. Others would prefer to taste your blood. “Greetings.” Seeing her eyes go wide. Jaga-Jaga said.” said Thorle. “Thorle Runecarver. bog trogs. marching directly toward the glade he had come to repair and protect. open plain of red sand ahead was crawling with an approaching horde of gatormen.“We should see how many more there are.” She was a powerful bokor. unnatural and loathsome necromantic constructs. He is not patient and already we delay too long. which he understood but could not easily speak. I offer respect to your tribe and your ancestors. “I would not have thought to find you here. he continued. Perhaps I can persuade them to leave it be. gesturing toward Thorle and his companions. which she knew similarly well but which was ill-suited to the anatomy of her kind. worthy of hearing my words. the corpse of a tatzylwurm draped about her shoulders. and other reptilians. as still and unyielding as the stones around him. the fact that she was willing to talk was something. leave at once. The flat. “Agreed. led by a female bokor wearing elaborate totemic attire. Though he could not consider her an ally. She was the one he had recognized—JagaJaga.” “And it is for his purposes that you are here?” Thorle asked. I offer you the chance to live—a gift.” He mentally commanded the wolds at the center to hold their positions but to attack any strangers that intruded past the perimeter. marching near the front he spotted several figures with the bearing of authority and power. a grizzled woman whose face was lined with scars. He had not seen the like before. Clearly the bog trogs and gatormen they had just dealt with had been merely a scouting party. which were becoming increasingly impressive as the members to the rear caught up with the rest. “We must pull back to the grove. Regardless. You are worthy of respect. no doubt debating whether to attack outright. who was adorned with many skulls and bones. directing them to fall back. “If you do not desire this fate. along with two writhing piles of bones he knew to be boneswarms. Eventually a smaller group split off and approached.” said his master of the hunt. but her face had gone pale. Others would prefer to taste your blood. but he felt . but that deal is done. “I offer you the chance to live—a gift. Seven seasons ago I fought for you. As the bokor neared. Have you joined your tribe to those ruled by Bloody Barnabas?” “Your words are neither true nor untrue.” Thorle said. inscribed with Orgoth runes and set with dozens of skulls and bones—old stones tainted with ancient and recent blasphemies. We press onward. He answered in Cygnaran.

” Cassius said in his raspy voice. as skilled in their own way as any Thamarite or Cryxian. “With all due respect. “March either way. where the line of hills stretched out into the barren wastes. He pondered the bokor’s words. He would have better hopes of defending there. The war we seek is with the trollkin. Even so. connecting to the ley lines that surged so powerfully here. “These channels of power are not yours. the roots of Wurmwood were sunk deep into these ley lines. it was a force he stood no realistic chance of stopping. they did not consider him a threat.” She made a hitched hissing sound. the Tree of Fate. but Kossk was simply another aspect of the Devourer Wurm. If a single standing stone was disturbed. and he realized she was expressing amusement. or be swallowed by Kossk. whatever the consequences. Deep in thought. he vowed. from a powerful bloodline.” With that she turned her back and strode away. As he had anticipated. His eyes narrowed as he plunged his will and his mind down into the earth. and the strangeness of such an army’s appearance here. Jaga-Jaga was a sage of her people. At the least he might be able to stall their army long enough to complete the work and prevent a catastrophe. if not strife with us?” “We go where we must. There is need for haste.” “What matters the exact route as long as you reach your destination? There is a grove here. where he could draw on the great power flowing through this place. “What’s your involvement in this?” Thorle felt great mistrust of Wurmwood. and the spirits have shown me the way. “This is no place for your kind. A powerful voice spoke in his head. He tried to remember the formalities that surrounded contact with this entity. “We seek bloodshed. He gasped. a protected place. perhaps amid the battle he could draw upon that. And we do not have time to wander the hills—to bake beneath the sun. Nothing will stand in our path. and in the blink of an eye he was gone. I must ask you to go around. There was primal power in blood. The name of the gatormen’s god was known to him. He was brought up short as he realized his way was blocked. staring intently at him. We do not fear it. what could that signify? He and his wolds turned back toward the central site. or suffer. resonant and vibrating with energy. He looked to his right and Cassius was there. Before it did. out of keeping with the afternoon heat. but we will carve a path through you if we must. and you will save yourself unnecessary bloodshed. for a time. find another path. Shaken. of the entire ancient arrangement his order had entered into with the primordial tree. just as Kossk was. below the burning sun and walking the dry sands. he was intent on learning something. originated with Wurmwood—an entity said to be an aspect of the Wurm. he knew he could not simply walk away. which he suspected would vanish soon. his options were limited. Altogether.certain these vaults were dangerous. “Allow the gatormen to pass. Again he considered Krueger’s trial and how this strange being had stood in the way of justice. As it was. and in truth given their scope they were right.” He gestured to the left and right. but between the losses at the Bones of Orboros and those that had gone to join Krueger or Morvahna. Directly in his path stood a familiar withered and twisted tree. “Kossk guides us. He considered what reinforcements he might summon. pregnant with strange energies. I did not invite you here. this territory is mine. its leafless branches dangling with bones that made a slight whistling sound in the wind: Wurmwood.” “Withdraw your people. Time is wriggling away. Thorle realized he had closed his eyes. not you.” Cassius said calmly. Even if they did not intend harm. Thorle gritted his teeth as he looked at the gnarled tree ahead. her retinue following close behind. When he opened them Wurmwood was gone. We will pass through. They are mine. He heard the rumble and clatter of the approaching gatorman army and hastened back to the grove to gather his forces and withdraw. Your work can resume when they have passed. “What?” Thorle was so startled he could think of no better response. The flows of power here. The gatormen bokors were powerful necromancers.” she said. Thorle now wished he had brought more wolds along with him. he had not realized his environment had changed. and in doing so create a disaster. Make way. It is your choice. he would commit to a full reckoning against both the gatormen and Wurmwood. Runecarver. the gatormen might obliterate his careful work as they marched through. less than five feet away. “What is your goal. The gatormen respected strength.” Cassius said. itself only an expression of the will of Orboros. extending her toothfilled jaws toward him. A strange fog had seeped into the wooded glade. “Impossible!” “I will ensure they do not destroy the stones.” The sensation was dizzying. It was vital he shore up the ley lines here.” Thorle said. as you say. quickly. he felt certain. a voice much like Cassius’ but also not. 41 . Was it possible she had some communication with the Wurm? If so.

The very earth responds to his will. the recent conflicts across western Immoren would have robbed the Circle of one of its most vital resources. He and his wolds ride this crashing wave as they surge forward into his enemies as an unstoppable tide. models in this model s battlegroup gain a +1 cumulative bonus on melee attack and melee damage rolls for each other model in the battlegroup that hit an enemy model with a melee attack this turn while in this model’s control area. enemy models cannot cast. but the Runecarver is unmoved by attempts to curry his favor. rising up beneath him like flowing water. Mystic Wards 3 Self Ctrl – No No Rift 3 13 No Yes Synergy 2 Self Ctrl Enemy animi and enemy upkeep spells on models in this model’s battlegroup that are in its control area immediately expire. knowing his work is essential to the order. and he easily wields the titanic powers flowing beneath the surface of Caen. Stone Binder – Only warbeasts with Construct this model’s battlegroup. Comfortable with the dictates of the omnipotents and unyielding in the face of adversity. choose a distance up to 5˝. this model must be B2B with the damaged construct and make a skill check. preferring to keep company with the silent wolds. He is a steadfast and loyal leader who diligently tends to his responsibilities. Tactical Tip Beat Back – The attacking model can advance even if the enemy model is destroyed by the attack. the enemy model hit can be pushed 1˝ directly away from the attacking model. The POW of collateral damage is equal to this model’s STR. combat is an outlet for unexpressed rage at those who disrupt or destroy his work. —Mohsar the Desertwalker Feat: Earthen Tide THORLE SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 5 7 6 6 14 16 8 Stone Throw RNG ROF AOE POW 8 3 — 13 Stone Strike POW P+S 6 The very earth heaves and buckles at the command of Bradigus Thorle.Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver Circle Warlock His eyes behold the raw power of Caen. Without his tireless efforts. this model can slam the model hit instead of rolling damage normally. The sites of Thorle’s towering monuments. Steady – This model cannot be knocked down. 13 Choose a table edge and a distance up to 5˝. it can be pushed 3˝ directly away from the spell’s point of origin. Models Fury 6 in Thorle’s battlegroup that Damage 17 are in his control area are Field Allowance C pushed the chosen distance Warbeast Points +6 directly toward the chosen Large Base table edge in the order you choose. invariably within the deepest wilderness where Caen’s energies are at their most primal. Often. the attacking model can advance up to 1˝. Stone Strike Reach Beat Back – See above. THORLE Pathfinder Earth Magic – When a warbeast with Construct in this model’s battlegroup is forced to use its animus while in this model’s control area. remove d6 damage points from the construct. Models in Thorle’s battlegroup that are in his control area are pushed the chosen distance directly away from the chosen table edge in the order you choose. If successful. reduce the COST of the animus by 1. Shape Stone [9] (HAction) – This model can attempt repairs on any damaged friendly Faction construct. millennia. To attempt repairs. While within 5˝ of a model in this model’s battlegroup in its control area. are among the Circle’s most sacred places. channel. Mystic Wards lasts for one round. the very blood of Orboros. Critical Smite – On a critical hit. or upkeep spells. Thorle eschews most political machinations within the Circle. Such tasks bring Thorle into the domain of many blackclads who seek to add his power to their own. At the end of your turn. these stones manipulate the flow of the world’s energy. To him. the order must reclaim these sites from enemies who would despoil the power for their own ends. can be part of Stone Throw Beat Back – Immediately after a normal attack with this weapon is resolved during this model’s combat action. The model hit is slammed d6˝ directly away from this model and suffers a damage roll with POW equal to this model’s STR plus the POW of this weapon. Designed to last 42 Spells Battering Ram Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF 2 6 – 12 No Yes When an enemy model is hit by Battering Ram. At his command massive rocks rise from the ground to obliterate men and beasts. directing it according to Thorle’s complex designs. After the enemy model is pushed. – Yes No While in its control area. Only in battle does Thorle break from his aloof demeanor. . an expert craftsman well versed in the esoteric arts required to construct the great standing stones and celestial fulcrums that harness Caen’s geomantic forces. and mighty wolds stride forth from the wilderness to crush the enemy between their stony fists. His hands shape for us the tools to wield it. Bradigus Thorle is a master of stone and elemental power. 8 4 The AOE is rough terrain and remains in play for one round. he focuses on whatever task is before him.

43 .

11 Mark Target – Other friendly Faction models gain +2 to ranged attack rolls against enemy models within 5˝ of this model and in its LOS. the blackclads know they can trust the natural abilities of their loyal argus. In time the moonhound came to rely less on sight and more on its other. such as the Gnarls or Olgunholt. even supernatural methods of concealment cannot thwart their superlative senses. During the light of full moons they often lash out wildly and attack 44 —Kaya the Moonhunter Hound Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF 1 8 – – No Yes relentlessly. Each night. In work spanning generations the blackclads cultivated these breeds. Moonhounds can detect the very faintest scent of prey. allowing desired traits to flourish. The songs of these ferocious beasts echo over the wilds at dusk. The beast handlers of the Circle perceived that some nocturnal breeds of argus vastly outstripped others as trackers. Artis. Unable to rely on their own eyes. ARGUS MOONHOUND SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 7 7 5 4 15 14 7 Bite POW P+S h 4 Bite POW P+S H 4 1 11 2 BODY IR IT M SP 6 3 4 IN D ARGUS MOONHOUND ANIMUS Circular Vision – This model’s front arc extends to 360˚. keener senses. calling to their masters with a chorus of low baying. signaling the onset of the pack’s nightly hunts. Teams of moonhounds often accompany Circle forces delving into dense terrain where thick undergrowth and massive trees can hinder vision. Pathfinder Hunting Howls (HAction) – Enemy models lose Camouflage and Stealth while within 5˝ of this model. packs of moonhounds emerge from their dens to greet the moons Calder. the argus Fury 3 moonhound stalks the Threshold 9 wilds of western Immoren Field Allowance U to hunt down the Point Cost 4 enemies of the Medium Base Circle Orboros no matter where they hide. Druids who rely on the moonhound have learned to anticipate these cycles and adjust their strategies accordingly. Across Caen moonhounds flush out those who seek to escape the Circle. and their behavior alters with the varying phases of each moon. and Laris. Hunting Howls lasts for one round. but when the moons are new they are patient and silent stalkers. If target enemy model advances during its activation. A model can move only once per turn as a result of Hound. immediately after ending this movement this model can advance up to 3˝. 5 The argus moonhound is a product of the blackclads’ meticulous stewardship of wild argus packs. . Moonhounds are deeply attuned to the moons of Caen.Argus Moonhound Circle Light Warbeast These hounds find their prey with the certainty of the rising moons. Prowling the nighttime shadows. Victims who try to flee are relentlessly run down to be ravaged by the hounds’ powerful jaws. Hound lasts for one round.

It can no longer perform a special action from Acceleration. These griffons make their nests in the crags and crevices of the Rotterhorn. This piercing cry can be heard for miles. and the druids must take great pains to teach these creatures to withhold their lethal scream until they enter battle.Rotterhorn Griffon Circle Light Warbeast Its voice pierces as deep as a spear’s thrust. which are summarily grabbed by powerful talons. and tossed into thin air to plummet to their death. Field Allowance U The strike itself comes Point Cost 4 suddenly. The griffon then shreds its helpless victim with hooked talons and lifts the bloody carcass back to its remote roost to consume. —Una the Falconer Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF Acceleration 2 6 – – No No At the end of target friendly Faction model’s activation. Claw Open Fist ROTTERHORN GRIFFON SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 8 6 1 14 15 6 Claw L POW P+S 3 11 Claw R 1 POW P+S 3 11 2 BODY 3 4 IN D M Swooping down from the rocky peaks of the mountain from which it takes its name. that model can immediately perform a special action. In these stony upper reaches. testament to the dangers that lie hidden near its peak. Flight – This model can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions and other models if it has enough movement to move completely past them. the elusive Rotterhorn griffon unleashes a shriek as deadly as its talons. Like all griffons. as the beast Medium Base screams down from the desert sky to leave its prey stunned and bloodied. the druids of the Circle Orboros have long observed and exploited the Rotterhorn griffon to their own ends. as few creatures can manage the arduous climb to their aeries. Angering a griffon during training usually drives it to loose its deafening shriek. Broken and gnawed carcasses litter the slopes of the Rotterhorn. Acceleration lasts for one turn. This model ignores intervening models when declaring its charge target. Once engaged with the enemy. the Rotterhorn breed is temperamental. Shrill Shriek (HAction) – Models within 2˝ of this model suffer a POW 8 damage roll. The adult griffons have little patience for intruders. the griffon is allowed full expression of its rage. hoisted aloft. its activation ends. Rotterhorn griffons have little to fear. Tactical Tip Acceleration – If a model runs or fails a charge. choosing out especially aggressive specimens for use as warbeasts. 45 . Despite such challenges. a massive mountain that looms over the landscape of the Bloodstone Marches. leaving a bloody trail of men and beasts that fell victim to its piercing shriek and slashing talons. echoing across the parched earth ROTTERHORN GRIFFON IR IT ANIMUS SP 6 5 Fury 3 that surrounds the breed’s Threshold 8 towering mountain home.

–Morvahna the Dawnshadow BRENNOS BRENNOS SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 9 5 5 11 17 8 Arcane Winds RNG ROF AOE POW — 12 1 — 11 Horns POW P+S h 4 13 Oaken Staff POW P+S — 6 1 15 2 BODY 3 4 IR IT M IN D SP 6 5 Fury 4 Threshold 10 Field Allowance C Point Cost 9 Large Base Pathfinder Affinity [Morvahna] – When Brennos the Elderhorn destroys one or more enemy models with a melee or ranged attack during its combat action while in Morvahna’s control area. instead of rolling damage normally you can choose to have this model throw the model hit. Rites of Dawn lasts for one turn. Special Issue [Morvahna] – This model can be included in Morvahna’s theme forces. and he continues to leave the bodies of those who oppose his mistress twisted and broken on the battlefield—blasted into the land of the dead by his primal magic or broken by a swift blow from his heavy staff or gnarled horns. Eventually Brennos entered the service of Morvahna the Autumnblade. These beings are revered as shamans and champions. The power of Orboros is not ours alone. The night she first appeared before him. his mystic capabilities were recognized by the blackclads tending herds in the region. Brennos left to serve a dozen different masters. high in the Wyrmwall Mountains. He has reshaped his original club into a rune-carved staff to support his bent frame. Morvahna heals 1 damage point. Arcane Winds Magical Weapon Thunderbolt – Enemy models hit are pushed d3˝ directly away from the attacking model. Brennos commands primordial magic. Horns Critical Pitch – On a critical hit. The thrown model suffers a damage roll with POW equal to this model’s STR plus the POW of this weapon. Once every few centuries. It does not automatically add a bond. harnessing the eldritch natural forces of raw elemental power. Treat the throw as if this model had hit with and passed the STR check of a throw power attack.Brennos the Elderhorn Circle Satyr Character Heavy Warbeast Underestimate the elder beasts of the wild at your peril. his herd thrived as no other. Brennos’ intellect and magical talent were gradually refined. It can also be bonded to Morvahna. she overawed him with her arcane power and presence. Primal Magic – This model can use the animus of any friendly Faction noncharacter warbeast in its command range as if the animus were its own. the enemy model is knocked down after being pushed. a satyr with exceptional potential and the gift of magic rises from among their kind. He guards the innermost points of her domain. When Brennos the Elderhorn suffers damage from an enemy melee or ranged attack while in Morvahna’s control area. On a critical hit. Oaken Staff Magical Weapon Reach Mage Killer – Gain an additional damage die on this weapon’s damage rolls against models with Spellcaster or Magic Ability. The POW of collateral damage is equal to this model’s STR. hidden away at major ley line conjunctions of tremendous potency. Any that threatened the herd he repelled with blasts of arcane might or deadly blows from his cudgel. desiring only to lend his power to hers. each a blessing bestowed upon the herd. Morvahna heals 1 damage point. Tactical Tips Critical Pitch – A model cannot throw a model whose base is larger than its own. Brennos offered himself in service to the Autumnblade. With Brennos as their defender. Convinced the druids would protect his wards. Special Issue – This only gives the warbeast the potential to bond to the warlock. and his age often deceives Morvahna’s rivals. stooped by the weight of almost three centuries. he met and bonded with some of the most powerful blackclads in the Southern Dominion. The mighty and aged satyr bowed low. In time. his mind remains remarkably cunning. Ancient Brennos is still mighty. and each warlock left an imprint on his mind. As a stone at the river’s edge is shaped over time by the currents. Sacred Ward – This model cannot be targeted by enemy spells. reduce the COST of the animus by 1. Brennos the Elderhorn is one of these. For decades Brennos has been Morvahna’s most reliable sentinel. Over many years. a crude weapon fashioned from stout oak. Though his youthful vigor is a fading memory. . In his youth Brennos was a powerful primitive shaman leading one of the largest herds of his kind. prostrating himself before the powerful druid. An ancient and wizened satyr grown grey and 46 ANIMUS Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF Rites of Dawn 1 Self * – No No When a friendly Faction warbeast in this model’s command range is forced to use its animus.

47 .

. models in its unit gain Prowl. TALA Fearless Pathfinder Cannibal Magic – See above. models in this unit gain Gang. the Death Wolves have gained much from their dark mysticism and cannibalistic practices. The Death Wolves—Sköll. in much the same way as the bestial Tharn. (When a model with Overtake destroys one or more enemy warrior models with a normal melee attack. 48 up to three corpse tokens at a time. or the AOE of a cloud effect. —Vernor the Nightbringer SKÖLL SKÖLL SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 7 7 4 14 14 8 Headsman’s Axe POW P+S 6 13 TALA SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 6 7 4 14 14 8 Cleft Sword POW P+S 5 11 CALEB SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 6 7 4 14 14 8 Iron Claw POW P+S 3 9 Damage 5 ea Field Allowance C Point Cost 5 Small Base Fearless Officer Pathfinder Cannibal Magic – This model begins the game with one corpse token. CALEB Fearless Pathfinder Cannibal Magic – See above. They are death cultists who venerate the enigmatic and horrifying Lord of the Feast as well as the ancient entity Wurmwood. When a damage roll against this model exceeds its ARM. They demonstrate their veneration by ritually consuming the flesh of their enemies to gain strength and vigor. (When making a melee attack targeting an enemy model in melee range of another model in its unit. it can spend a corpse token to suffer 1 damage point instead of the total rolled. (Models with Prowl gain Stealth while within terrain that provides concealment. a model with Gang gains +2 to melee attack and melee damage rolls.) Heart Eater – See above. chieftains. Iron Claw Magical Weapon Combo Strike (HAttack) – Make a melee attack. trading fealty to powerful druids in exchange for protection from the wilds. the POW of the damage roll is equal to this model’s STR plus twice the POW of this weapon. Granted: Prowl – While this model is in play.) Heart Eater – This model gains a corpse token each time it destroys a living enemy model with a melee attack. They draw power from their enemies by ripping out and devouring their still-beating hearts. models in its unit gain Overtake. Granted: Gang – While this model is in play. Tala. Granted: Overtake – While this model is in play. This model can have The Wolves of Orboros have long served the blackclads as foot soldiers. Although considered pariahs by most of those they once called brothers. and they are no longer wholly human—a fact that has compelled them to dwell apart from the Wolf clans to which they once belonged. While many Wolves have distinguished themselves as mighty warriors. It can spend corpse tokens during its activation to boost an attack or damage roll or to make an additional melee attack at one token per boost or additional attack.) Heart Eater – See above. and Caleb—adhere to a more ancient and barbaric form of Devourer worship than their fellows. perhaps none boast the renown or the infamy that attend the three dread warriors known as the Death Wolves. Instead of making a normal damage roll. and even spiritual leaders.The Death Wolves Circle Wolves of Orboros Character Unit They follow a path etched in blood and manifest the ravenous appetites of the Wurm. the AOE of a spell that provides concealment. after the attack is resolved the model can immediately advance up to 1˝. This practice has changed them irrevocably. Headsman’s Axe Reach Cleft Sword Powerful Charge – This model gains +2 to charge attack rolls with this weapon.

something from a time when the line between man and beast was far less distinct. The druids send them into battle when they are in need of brutally effective combatants and wish to sow particularly intense terror and discord among their enemies. using his gargantuan axe to hack his enemies into quivering bits. Despite their gruesome rituals. The Death Wolves are led by the fearsome Sköll. and their very demeanor all speak of something darker and more primal. their bloodstained armor. Deadly and agile. striking from the darkness to cleave skulls and slice limbs from bodies. the Death Wolves are a potent weapon for the Circle Orboros. awash in gore and primal rage. a throwback to the savage Molgur warlords of old. It is his relentless assault that heralds the arrival of the Death Wolves on the battlefield. Their grim helmets made from the skulls of great beasts. Caleb is the most feral of the three. the Death Wolves stand apart from other Wolves of Orboros in other ways beyond their devotion to death and slaughter. His iron claws leave ragged wounds like the talons of some terrible beast as he rips into enemies. truly more animal than man. Sköll leads by force of will and strength. Tala is the Wurm’s shadow. 49 .Stinking of the blood and decaying remains of their recent victims.

The skill and efficiency with which she has accomplished all challenges set before her has started to earn her notice by the upper echelons. There is nothing Una enjoys more than linking her mind to a soaring falcon or griffon as it touches the skies. It was her connection with these birds that shaped her wilding: as a young teen Una discovered she was able to touch their minds and command them. Damage Transference. Lesser Warlock – This model’s type is solo. . Watcher expires. Healing. she has scaled the Rotterhorn and delved into the frozen Scarsfell. plucked by her hand from remote nests. When a warbeast does. Control Area. Forcing. Lesser Warlock – This model is not a warlock but has the following warlock special rules: Battlegroup Commander. The attack and damage rolls against that model are boosted. Guided by her will. Tending to these great predators. and intervening models. her constant companions and instruments of her will. When an enemy model advances and ends its movement within 6˝ of this model. Her talent with flying beasts is exceptional. That warbeast can immediately make a full advance and then can make one normal melee or ranged attack targeting the enemy model. Fury Manipulation. fledged. forest terrain. Her beloved griffons and falcons grant her both the exhilaration of flight and the satisfaction of destroying her enemies. Soon she went to serve under other beast masters overseeing the order’s far-flung griffon roosts. Griffons and birds of prey leap into the sky at her command and fill the air with their shrieks. Each of her birds was raised from the egg. Other druids often find her reserved and uninterested. traveling to the far corners of Immoren to learn how these beasts are protected. a beast master of considerable power. Una’s falcons strike with keen accuracy. it is a song of victory. the northern blackclads took Una into their ranks. Specialization [warbeasts with Flight] – The only warbeasts that can be included in this model’s battlegroup are warbeasts with Flight. Her mentor. Una took to the work with uncommon passion. Wherever she travels she keeps her falcons close. Born among the Bolotov peoples of Khador’s northern Kovosk Hills. Reduce the point cost of warbeasts with Flight in this model’s battlegroup by 1. darting among the enemy and slashing with deadly talons before returning to their master. and her griffons feel such a strong connection to her that they instinctively protect her at all costs. this sound heralds death from the skies. After the attack is resolved. 50 –Grayle the Farstrider Spells Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF Dog Pile 2 10 Watcher 3 Self – – Yes Yes – – Yes No Warbeasts in this model’s battlegroup can charge or make slam power attacks against target enemy model without being forced and regardless of LOS. TalonStrike Magical Weapon Reach Through the eyes of her soaring beasts.Una the Falconer Circle Character Solo She is as cold and distant as the winds. not warlock. Though such tasks are considered her duty as a junior druid. choose a warbeast in this model’s battlegroup that is in its control area. some of whom predict she might become one of the greatest beast masters of the Circle Orboros. This affinity seems to Una a natural extension of many years of working closely with smaller birds of prey. To her. it gains +2˝ movement and gains Pathfinder  while resolving that charge or slam. but they are unable to comprehend the joy she finds only in communion with her beasts. She has trained them to serve with fearsome efficiency as both tools of the hunt and weapons of war. Detecting her wilding. Una the Falconer gazes down upon the wilderness of western Immoren. UNA UNA SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 5 5 6 15 13 8 Bird of Prey RNG ROF AOE POW CTRL 1 — 10 TalonStrike POW P+S 4 9 Fury 4 Damage 5 Field Allowance C Point Cost 3 Small Base Fearless Pathfinder Bird’s Eye – While in this model’s control area. To Una’s enemies. In battle she sends these sharp-eyed scouts aloft and through them she observes the enemy from above to identify weaknesses in their formations. taught her to expand her connection with her falcons into an affinity for the griffons favored by the Circle. She showed extraordinary talent for handling the dangerous birds. and Spellcaster. Tactical Tips Dog Pile – Modifiers to movement apply only to a model’s normal movement. and readied for battle. directing them with a proficiency beyond her years. as a child Una was trained in their ancient tradition of hunting with falcons. under her control they strike with the same unsettling precision as her falcons. models in its battlegroup extend their front arcs 360˚ and when determining LOS ignore cloud effects. Bird of Prey Black Penny – This attack ignores the firing into melee penalty.

51 .

He was short for a skorne but barrel-chested and muscular. with a hunched back.” he said to the tall officer who had first informed him of the situation here. Xerxis knew the extoller could use the power of that oculus to see in the dark. the northeastern border of Ios was more lightly patrolled than the southern. mostly Praetorians and Venators. the great cerops he’d ordered sent to him from the east after suffering near-fatal wounds at the hands of the dirt mystics. “Report. and his loyalty was beyond question.” said Sarangerel. Who commands his remaining forces?” They had already heard Sellk had been slain. As Makeda had anticipated. and he wore a 52 bandage over his left eye. using these. They continued on. allowing them to quickly advance past the outer watchtowers. . “Similar to those used by Cygnar. and when they reached what was left of the decurium. That does not appear to be the case. he could rely on his two apprentices for assistance when he required it. Several scarab packs were penned nearby. He counted several hundred warriors. They found the senior dakar at the center of a group of ferox scouts. inspecting the wounds. “Primus Vulto. He placed an object into Xerxis’ outstretched palm: two green lenses on a leather strap. but not near the vision of an extoller. On hearing of Sellk’s defeat. very different from what we use. He did not relish having to rely on a mount.” said the dakar as he rose from a deep bow. Though physically not well suited for an extended campaign. These simple chymically treated lenses merely amplify existing light to afford the Iosans some amount of night vision.” said Saikhan. the extoller continued. Xerxis went to personally inspect the site of the battle and assess the state of those who remained.” “Such devices are common among their soldiers. meant to be worn on the head.” “And we will do our best to disappoint them. but he would not hold back his army in any way. He was old and rail-thin. The foes they had faced were only the first of many defenders gathering. His other eye widened when he saw Xerxis. To Saikhan’s credit. The geography made the encampment easy to defend. “Firearms.” Xerxis sat astride Suruk. Scoffing. His Cataphract armor was dented.” said Xerxis sharply.” he said. . Saikhan had positioned his troops wisely. “Our oculi allow us to see spiritual energy. annihilating the light opposition they had initially faced.” said Saikhan. Tyrant. Xerxis saw the troops arrayed in a defensive formation near a rocky. Word had clearly reached the Aeryth Dawnguard. “Tyrant Xerxis. “It allows them to see better in the dark. next to the surviving Cataphracts. and he inquired whether these devices might be similar. I did not expect the honor . one of his extollers. “Sellk claimed to have the Iosan border force boxed in.” said Vulto smartly. “Tell me how Sellk managed to lose so many warriors. to examine the device with the crystal oculus that replaced one of his eyes. Loraak. Xerxis nodded. his signal bearer and nephew. “They will use them again when they come to finish us off tonight. each officer a worthy veteran. “Dakar Saikhan. He had hand-selected these soldiers. The scouts bowed low as the tyrant dismounted and strode toward them.” said Xerxis grimly.” Xerxis called for Aptimus Sarangerel. Xerxis saw no need to reposition his troops.” “They attacked at night. Dakar.Skorne Test of Resolution Northeastern Ios It was rare for Xerxis to know defeat. This would give them an advantage in night attacks. knelt next to the corpses of a ferox and rider. and the loss of Primus Sellk’s decurium was the first he had felt as they penetrated Iosan lands. moss-covered ridge. “This mechanism is quite basic. With such a small force and limited intelligence on .

Xerxis could feel the life ebbing from it but used his mortitheurgy to stall its death as it clawed its way up the lance to deliver a crushing blow to its killer’s breastplate. Firelight reflected off a Cataphract standard. Sellk had few warbeasts. and after three days with the paingivers she had explained how the great machines functioned and how they required downtime after battle to restore their energy. and fog began to form between the trees. and a small group of Praetorian ferox retaliated on the far side with claws. Xerxis’ keltarius units raised their double-bladed polearms and spun them around at lightning speed. Several large bonfires were lit close to the ridge to provide light for the army without ruining their night vision. or crushed beneath the armored steeds. and right now he sensed that rage was directed at the enemies in the trees. A trumpet sounded from the forest and the remaining Iosan horsemen wheeled to retreat. The sudden jolt caused black spots to appear in Xerxis’ vision. Impelled by the whips of beast handlers. Vulto had taken the initiative and commanded the reserves to attack. An instant later the air darkened with crossbow bolts. which the Cataphracts pounded into the ground. and furious battle had erupted at the base of the ridge. “I see movement!” shouted a Praetorian down the line.” He mentally urged Suruk into position at the head of his army. and he was painfully reminded of his injuries. A few pained grunts marked where bolts found a mark. No sooner had the order gone out than mounted Iosans in plate armor thundered out of the forest. The flail collapsed the Iosan’s breastplate and knocked him off his horse. A cry went up from the rear of the camp. looking at Xerxis as if he expected the counterattack order at any moment. The skorne readied for battle as night fell. but the tyrant remained silent. a scarab leapt onto the back of one surprised Praetorian and used him to launch into an attack that unhorsed one of the knights. Xerxis compelled Suruk to attack. “Bring the scarab packs to the front. Dark shapes descended long gray ropes. The cavalry charge had been a distraction. A second rider managed to drive his lance into the other cyclops’ chest. and several steeds screamed as they went down. He’d brought several dathas of Praetorian keltarii. Saikhan stood nearby. The beast lowered its horn and hit the attacker’s mount head-on. but Xerxis knew the Iosans would not be limited in the use of their myrmidons. Xerxis scanned the battlefield in the brief lull that followed. As one. Praetorians howled their war cries as their battle-brothers were shot. The Iosans hadn’t been waiting for the skorne to tire themselves out— they’d been waiting for other troops to circle around behind them.the enemy. The heavily armored skorne plowed into the leather-clad Iosan assassins. The primus had then sent small harassment forces to deny the Iosans that luxury. What would he do if their positions were reversed? “Tell the Praetorians to brace for a charge. Some managed to raise their polearms to blunt the charge. 53 . deflecting nearly all the incoming projectiles. He ignored the pain and struck at the last rider. One was swept off his horse by a blow from one of the cyclopes. Xerxis stood in his stirrups and then cursed as he was momentarily blinded by his own bonfires. Two lesser cyclopes flanked him. A group of four riders had charged straight at Xerxis. From atop Suruk he saw black and red insectile carapaces seething between the skorne lines. Other riders were slowed enough to be dragged from their saddles and hacked to pieces. firing heavy shot with explosive reports. and the point of Xerxis’ standard made sure he would never rise again. He drew Lamentor and let the massive flail dangle. Xerxis squinted into the dark. impaled. and polearms. who had ducked low in the saddle under a blow from one of the cyclopes. The primitive creatures reacted to the unknown with rage. fangs. and he was trying to salvage what he could. That left two horsemen for Xerxis. Then the Iosans were leaping over the sharpened stakes to smash into the skorne lines. The primus had captured and interrogated one of their arcanists. trying to predict the next move of the enemy commander. One of the riders came up fast. Xerxis felt a glimmer of admiration for the Iosan commander. snapping the steed’s neck and throwing its rider to his certain death.” he said. There was movement on the cliffs behind him. he decided to keep his Cataphracts in reserve under the command of Primus Vulto. The night air was cold. earth churning beneath his mount’s hooves. they felled trees and hewed the trunks into spikes. who then broke the horse’s back with a powerful overhand strike. unleashing more fire from their lances upon any skorne in their path. Lance points dipped as they charged across the open ground. snapping the steed’s neck and throwing its rider to his certain death. which he assigned to the vanguard. To make their position more defensible. Several more swarmed the Iosan as he fell. The beast hit the attacker’s mount head-on. their swords cutting through them like parchment. The charge had not been as effective as the enemy commander had expected.

” He turned to Dakar Saikhan. “I do not deserve such honor. “Send one of your apprentices to Vulto and the other to the left flank. He needed to neutralize that advantage. Despite the losses. Surprisingly. and the Praetorian lines opened up as every second soldier took a step back and sideways behind his closest peer. The enemy commander had sent skirmishers against them.” Xerxis said. there was no immediate response from that quarter. What was holding the Iosans back? He called for Aptimus Sarangerel. but the skorne were still too vulnerable. most of the Iosan forces were destroyed or captured. He listened with half an ear as Saikhan delivered the casualty list. “Have the Venators clear a path. and the scarab packs had not survived the withdrawal of the 54 Iosan cavalry. including forces from Aeryth Dawnguard. “Dakar. and he knew more Iosans would join the fight.” said Xerxis.” With limited Venators. “Report on the state of your soldiers. Xerxis had commanded the paingivers and a few dedicated mortitheurges to lend his troops fresh . knelt. the plan might have worked.” “There has been a fog every morning here. We have lost one in five. As soon as he reached his tent. We shall use that against them. “Can the Iosans not use their devices to see through fog?” “Even the most fearsome foe is vulnerable to an attack delivered at the proper place and time. they will cling to it. Xerxis did not.” A few minutes later the stocky commander arrived and bowed deeply.” “As the ranking officer in Sellk’s decurium. Saikhan’s eyes widened and he bowed deeply. They rejoined the main army two days away from the Hill of Scavengers. There were far too few representing his skorne. a giant slope that rose out of the surrounding forest where the main Iosan force was encamped. You will come with me. perhaps hoping to decimate the command structure before they knew what was happening. indicating where it lay heaviest. and Xerxis smiled. junior officers updated or redrew the maps sketched of the local region. but those remaining are eager and ready to fight. Any casualty was one too many. With the skorne distracted. but it seems not. Xerxis would have thrown everything he had into the fray.” “I am not an expert. A large number of Venators had fallen to the surprise attack at the rear. Numbers were already against him. then proceeded carefully. Any way he positioned them. adding features and adjusting the placement of small bone chits used to designate friendly or enemy forces. “Bring me Dakar Saikhan.Vulto’s quick response had blunted the Iosan ambush. but no attack seemed forthcoming. He adjusted the chits around the base of the hill. it would have seemed the perfect opportunity for the enemy to renew the attack from the forest. the ambushers would be swiftly dealt with. In the enemy commander’s place.” Saikhan hesitated. Sarangerel nodded. “And the enemy?” Saikhan’s attention shifted to the enemy chits on the Hill of Scavengers. “Tell me what we can expect at the Hill of Scavengers. both for the flanking maneuver and because maintaining tight formations in such dense forest was impossible. “I am curious as to why I was not assigned to another taberna?” “I asked that you be assigned to me. whose locations they relayed to Xerxis’ troops. Xerxis’ army had not gone unscathed. Sarangerel and his apprentices peered through their oculi and also used their powers to enable a chosen few others to spot ghostly figures in the fog. the former stained blood-red.” He pointed to the map. Every morning. If Xerxis or his subordinates were inclined to lead from the rear. Xerxis banished his advisors. Now that they were aware of the threat. By the time the afternoon sun had burned off the morning fog. Venator reivers marched through the gaps. however.” “Good. any other commander would have counted it a great victory. The wisps of fog had thickened into a dense soup that hid the enemy. and fired their weapons into the fog. He frowned deeply and rose. “What did we do with our prisoners?” It was a two-day forced march to the trees along the base of the Hill of Scavengers.” The dakar gave the order. “They are cowards and prefer to fight from a distance. The enemy commander had spread out his forces. Dakar. Now that they have the high ground. you know the land better than anyone. Xerxis asked.” he said thoughtfully. his crystal oculus glinting in the firelight. Xerxis’ forces were best up close. they were still dwarfed by the Dawnguard forces. To a waiting slave he said. When the extoller arrived. Karax warriors then advanced and formed a shield wall. but if he charged up the hill his army would be torn apart by the Iosan ranged weapons.” “They are under Primus Taalharn’s command now.” Saikhan said.

They had to reach the foe to harm them. most of their blows were not immediately fatal. and many forward elements broke ranks and charged. Paingivers cracked their whips. a runner dashed off into the fog.” Loraak said when they finally saw the Iosans. From atop Suruk he swung his deadly flail. Until now.” Xerxis turned Suruk back into the fog. It was time to rejoin the army. Eventually they would determine they had no choice but to fire on their countrymen—after all. The two lines met in a clash of thunder and steel. captured fighters as well as villagers from every town between here and the border. their soldiers in emotional turmoil. along with a pair of cavalry. By design. Two huge aradus sentinels stood on either side of him. 55 .” Xerxis searched with his mind and found the fiery point of rage that was the bronzeback. a cry of dismay arose from the Iosan army. Xerxis applied just enough of his will to tamp back its burning rage. Tell them to remember that. A few captives broke free and dashed toward the Iosan line. leaving fiery corpses in its wake. A moment later a horn sounded. the area was shrouded by thick fog. Standards dipped. There was one bright spot: as Saikhan had predicted. and a field of jagged rocks erupted from the earth in front of him to send one of the machines toppling to the ground. When his forces were a quarter of the way up the slope. Xerxis empowered these beasts with a burst of speed and sent them against a fiery myrmidon that had seared its way through the surrounding Praetorians. their entire nation was at risk—but he did not intend to let them take any decisive action that was not according to his plan. Cataphracts moved in to finish them. They respectfully request that you commence your attack soon to take advantage of its temper. It is high-spirited and they do not wish to dampen its reflexes with drugs. Xerxis had instructed the Cataphracts to butcher the captives in order to goad the enemy into attacking. Iosans screamed as arms were severed and stomachs opened. and his lines began to give. using an arcane field to slow their movement. Their cavalry. or at least the will to ignore their fatigue. then coalesced into a beam of powerful energy that hit one of the Cataphracts and burned through his armor. this had largely worked to the defenders’ advantage. and the prisoners began to move. following Xerxis’ command. were as heavily armored as Cataphracts. both riders and steeds. With a snarl he focused his power. and then ripped into them with arm-mounted glaives. but the Iosans commanded their myrmidons skillfully. Xerxis frowned but had to admit the comparison was apt.” he told his nephew. their scorpion-like tails claiming a victim with every thrust. several units started to break formation. lest I have their tongues removed. jogged over to them. Any Iosan who managed to close was snatched up by their mandibles. and dropped to a knee. and his retinue followed. “Even the most fearsome foe is vulnerable to an attack delivered at the proper place and time. “The beast handlers are having difficulty with the bronzeback. Their fighting machines looked like giant suits of armor carved with glowing sigils. He had spoken louder than he intended and looked abashed when he realized he’d been overheard. Xerxis guided Suruk above the fog level to get a clear look at the enemy. The rest of the Cataphracts. similar to Suruk’s—to step forward and fire. Xerxis watched as one machine closed with a group of Cataphracts. These captives were the key to Xerxis’ plan— one that never would have worked against a skorne house. They were Iosans. Some Iosans interpreted this as the signal to attack. As the prisoners emerged from the fog. “We’re like reptile hounds going up against an archidon. Xerxis had read them correctly. The blade of a polearm spilled his guts out onto the grass. however: the shifting line was in disarray. The Iosans looked impressive in armor that practically glowed in the early light. Despite the discipline of the Iosan army. The paingivers had used spiked chains secured to sensitive points on its hide. and he was well aware of the difficulty of doing that in terrain the Iosans knew better than he. One of the captured warriors tried to push past the armored skorne. The Cataphracts saw the signal and tightened ranks around the prisoners. The heavy armor of the skorne protected them He was about to find out if it would work against the Iosans. At his signal. but the bronzeback was too stubborn. only to be run down and killed. Just inside the edge of the fog bank were several rows of shackled figures. and their commanding officers had to shout them back. tore into the prisoners savagely. and a horseman broke away from his unit to gallop along the front line and consult with his commander. His plan hinged on hiding the disposition of his troops. “The timing of our attack will be at my choosing. Saikhan emerged from the fog. Xerxis lifted his war standard and thrust it twice overhead. The damage was done. The myrmidons were exacting a gory toll. Instead a lightly armored arcanist directed one of the myrmidons behind the front lines—a huge construct with a metal blade on each arm and a single horn. A shimmering field of light manifested around it. It was not the knights who attacked first. The sheer number of enemy soldiers was too much for his force. Another rippled with blue flame. Melee swirled around Xerxis. not that of a titan. The pain was meant to control the beast.

“Give the order!” Xerxis bellowed. Behind him skorne were reforming into tight. unassuming creature with a bald head. his ploy had enraged the Iosans.” “Release the titans!” he ordered. He sensed the enemy commander close by. The Iosan spoke. Xerxis advanced. Blue fire leapt into being and spiraled around one arm. and the retreat had them scenting blood. “But if it comes. The beasts smashed into the ranks of the Dawnguard first. showing no weakness to the foe. The weapon pierced the construct and came out the other side. into combat. “But a worthy death must be earned. A second later the myrmidon reappeared a few feet closer and lashed out with an energy-field-enhanced punch that cracked the beast’s armor. Xerxis’ personal warbeast and leader of the herd. oversized ears. That got the attention of the enemy commander. with mounted troops far ahead of the infantry. I will grant you the opportunity for such a death. however. A few heart-stopping moments later the Paingivers had urged Tiberion.He looked around and spotted Loraak. He felt renewed pain in his back and chest but suppressed it. “Regardless of what happens here. To Xerxis. unfurling to display the symbol of House Kophar. Xerxis was among the last to reach the fog bank. Lines of Venator reivers fired their needle guns to cover the rest of the army as they pulled back. Joined by Tiberion and two more aradus warbeasts. and he sent the titans against the myrmidons that had so brutally torn through his warriors earlier. “The captives you killed deserved a better end. One of Xerxis’ aradus attempted to engage another myrmidon. and their myrmidons even farther back. It retaliated. directing them to attack. holding the sword horizontally just above his head. following with a rake of one of its claws. he threw the vortex at the Cataphracts. Saikhan’s captured Iosan had said the general’s name was Pelyth and that he was from a noble house. and this is the sword that felled the eldritch Damonsenes. this arcanist wielded tremendous force. and tattoos across half his face. With a touch of his will. surprising Xerxis with his command of the skorne language: “I am Pelyth. Xerxis readied Lamentor. and Pelyth gestured at them almost dismissively. Praetorian phalanxes backed slowly down the hill. The enormous cerops snarled a protest as he drew up short and turned around. Dying by this blade is an honor a barbarian like you does not deserve.” “It is an honor I do not seek. tearing through the hardened steel of the myrmidon’s torso with its powerful mandibles. A Cataphract unit 56 had dared engage a heavy myrmidon nearby. Though the Iosan elite troops rallied as best they could. There was a squeal as the beast’s horn parted steel. flames erupted along the shaft and he heard a wail of metal distorting in the intense heat. As the myrmidon toppled onto its back. but the white machine flickered and disappeared as the insect’s pincer swept through empty air.” answered Xerxis. The skorne began to disengage. Just as Xerxis had hoped.” Pelyth advanced. More titans rose to their full height behind it—most prominently the bronzeback. which trumpeted a battle cry. curved and glowing. “Fall back!” The younger skorne nodded. Some among them alternated between firing short-ranged but heavy-hitting firearms and hacking left and right with the attached blades. the banner was lifted high.” . But their lines were spread out. sending them spinning into the air like dried leaves.” “Perhaps.” said Xerxis. These fighters were not Xerxis’ primary objective for his warbeasts. The warcaster reached over his shoulder and drew a disproportionately long two-handed sword. but Suruk’s armor and hide were thick. they were no match for the warbeasts. A cry of victory arose from the Iosans and they surged forward down the hill. in the middle of a knot of myrmidons. Despite his appearance. Xerxis compelled Suruk into a charge. enraging the beast even more. the man seemed a small. With a shout. and the flame was no more than an irritant. guiding the cerops squarely into a nearby myrmidon’s chest. exacting a heavy price on the retreating army. you are doomed. Blue flame washed over them as the myrmidon’s energy field exploded. who had just knocked over an enemy halberdier with his shield and impaled him. I will accept it. snatching up warriors in full armor and tearing them in half. The Iosan warcaster turned his steed and stared up undaunted at eight feet of skorne atop thirteen feet of cerops. Xerxis focused his arcane power on Tiberion and several of the largest titans. Xerxis stood in his stirrups and drove the point of his war standard into the myrmidon’s back with all his might. This was an opponent worthy of single combat. Even the Cataphracts gave ground. and Suruk’s huge neck muscles bulged as he lifted the construct into the air. Your descendants will remember your name and mark the place where you fell. then lifted an ivory horn to his lips and blew. shields locked. He yanked hard on Suruk’s reins. An avalanche of warriors pursued them. orderly units. You fought well today.

while the Dawnguard cower behind their walls. and the most intact were brought to him. we will crush them as well. Supreme Archdomina Makeda sent us to besiege Aeryth Dawnguard.” spat Pelyth. “A runner reached us with word Supreme Aptimus Zaal followed our course and brings his forces. Xerxis absorbed it on his thick armored pauldron. the Iosan had seized an opening that wasn’t there. He whirled Lamentor around again and brought it crashing down as the Iosan struggled to rise. His midsection was bandaged and the tip of one ear had been severed by a glancing blow. many during the strategic retreat that had eventually won them the day. The ancestors willing. but Pelyth snarled and spurred it forward. Pelyth immediately brought his sword up in a high guard.“The Dawnguard will hunt down every one of you. but the wound was not deep. Several fine examples had been laid out before him.” he said at length. “Regardless of what happens here.” He said the last as an afterthought. forcing obedience. if not the one we were sent to achieve. On the other hand. Sensing an opening. We will force the Iosans to send more soldiers against us. Of those who survived. It suggested a philosophy very different from hoksune—tactically flexible but with little concern for a warrior’s honor. but the heavy chain struck the blade and the flail’s weighted end wrapped around the sword to strike the Iosan in the chest with crushing force. “We will not besiege Aeryth Dawnguard. each designed to be as deadly at range as in melee. Xerxis strode forward. Nearly half his warriors were killed.” Loraak said. Ios will be forced to assemble another army to stop us. splattering blood and brains in a wide arc. “You are correct. The blade snapped at the pommel and fell to the ground. Just like his army. We will not indulge them. Xerxis rose slowly. As for their mission. He left the cleanup to his subordinates and retired to his tent. and he looked up from the weapons and nodded. and brought his blade down in a sharp overhand slash. Pelyth leapt toward Xerxis’ right side. Xerxis was barely able to catch Pelyth’s blade on the haft of his flail. and that fortress still stands. Xerxis picked up a curved Iosan sword and fingered its edge thoughtfully. Venators had scoured the battlefield for exotic weaponry. His nephew’s shadow fell across the floor. the Iosans had either fled or fought to the death. A great victory. After seeing how Xerxis had made use of his most recent captives. but any soldiers and warbeasts he brought would be welcome. “The extollers are busy. Xerxis surged forward and slammed his shoulder into Pelyth. and immediately bowed his head in contrition when he realized it sounded like a criticism. allowing him entrance. The blow shattered Pelyth’s helm and skull. But now we have crushed the greatest of their strength in the open field. vaulting from his horse to grab the great horn and using it to swing onto the cerops’ back. Tying up the garrison at this northern fortress seemed the way to do this.” Loraak said. Both the lances and the short-bladed rifles of the Iosan knights were intriguing. away from the flail.” Xerxis had no fondness for Zaal.” Xerxis noted Loraak’s evident surprise and continued. nostrils flared and horn lowered. other possibilities were forming in his mind. With his opponent knocked off his feet. “A wise commander knows the heart of his ruler. the Iosan reacted with surprisingly agility. I hazard what remains is sufficient only to man their battlements and hold us at bay. Perhaps we can yet complete our mission.” Xerxis shrugged. He felt the sharp sting of the blade’s edge as it bit through. including ranks of immortals. Needing room to swing the flail. The Iosan’s momentum carried him through the strike and his shoulder hit Xerxis just below the breastplate. “The sacral stones of our guardians contain a wealth of worthy companions for the exalted. you are doomed. “Our mission was to neutralize Iosans from the north and prevent them from interfering with the supreme archdomina. but he was otherwise unscathed. The cerops reared onto its hind legs and came crashing to the ground. sending the two tumbling to the ground. and raze every structure we find. I bear good news. not only her words.” He swept the Iosan weapon through the air and then brought the flat of the sword down on the makeshift stone table. even the lowliest Venator will tell of the time he fought on the Hill of Scavengers against an army four times the size of his own. The Iosan stallion’s eyes rolled. When the cerops swung its head sideways to smash the creature. Unable to avoid the blow. Xerxis’ army had emerged victorious. and the Iosan was thrown backward. kill every citizen. Pelyth sprang to his feet with his sword held in a low guard.” “On that. “So be it. while nearly all the myrmidons they had faced were destroyed. Xerxis whipped Lamentor around his head once to build momentum and then lashed out. though at a terrible price. feeling the pain of his unhealed wounds.” 57 . his wounds forgotten in the pleasure of an imminent kill. Uncle. he had lost few warbeasts. There were no prisoners.” The two fighters circled each other. “We will destroy every town.

whose most important precept is the willingness to embrace death in battle. War Standard Reach Mount Knockdown – When a model is hit by an attack with this weapon. XERXIS Combat Rider – During a combat action it did not make a charge attack. An adherent enters combat accepting he has already died—a resumption of life is earned only through courage and martial prowess. At the core of Xerxis’ strength is his unflinching adherence to the hoksune code. Lamentor Magical Weapon Reach Brutal Charge – This model gains +2 to charge attack damage rolls with this weapon. Xerxis expertly guides his mount’s unstoppable charges through strength of will alone.Xerxis. as its controller chooses. Affected on their normal melee attacks. The tyrant is truly awe-inspiring when he crashes through battle lines atop this remarkable beast. he prepared himself for war by taking as his mount an enormous cerops only he could tame. Discard one die from each roll. The POW of collateral damage is equal to the POW of this weapon. He who leads us embodies every virtue set down by Vuxoris. As death came for him he confronted what it was to be a tyrant and warrior. models gain Critical Fire Models in this model’s battlegroup currently in its control area gain +2 for one turn. Before his wounds had even healed. Years ago Xerxis claimed this particular cerops. it is knocked down. He endured and emerged from the experience with renewed resolution. Breaking all that stands against him with ruthless force. Every additional day of life he snatches from death is dedicated to unflinchingly confronting the enemies of Supreme Archdomina Makeda. Leading his cohort of House Kophar’s finest warriors. this model can make one melee attack with its Mount. striking down foe after foe with his flail Lamentor. . Through such victories he has reached a level of esteem ordinarily reserved for the exalted and has become a paragon to every warrior of the Army of the Western Reaches. Xerxis set out again to ensure the success of the supreme archdomina’s conquests. Warbeast Bond – One non-character warbeast in Xerxis’ battlegroup can begin the game bonded to him. breaking its will and subjugating it to his own. Before him and his supremely disciplined troops. SPD and Pathfinder 10 – A model damaged by Stranglehold forfeits either its movement or its action during its next activation. He has proven his ability to overcome overwhelming odds in battle. In recent clashes Xerxis faced this principle directly after suffering what should have been mortal wounds. fortifications topple and ranks of defenders scatter like sand in the wind. emerging victorious despite seemingly insurmountable challenges. it affects mount attacks. Only a very few of this dwindling species remain in eastern Immoren. his forces sweep the enemy from the field. Fury of Halaak Skorne Epic Cavalry Battle Engine Warlock We need not look to the ancient exalted for paragons of hoksune. 58 Spells Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF Ignite 2 6 – – Yes No Mobility 2 Self Ctrl – No No Stranglehold 2 11 No Yes Target friendly model/unit gains +2 to melee attack damage rolls. All models are in Xerxis’ control area. Lest his injuries hinder him. Hand of the Ancients lasts for one turn. What the mighty Suruk manifests in flesh. Once per turn during his activation. and the creatures have never responded well to the beast handler’s lash. In a moment of perfectly orchestrated precision. Xerxis can invoke the power of his ancestors to imbue his cohorts with renewed strength and unwavering accuracy. inspired by their tyrant’s example. Now more than ever he relies on its strength. this model throws the model hit as if it had hit with and passed the STR check of a throw power attack. Pitch (HAttack) – Instead of making a normal damage roll on a hit. Friendly Faction models/units gain an additional die on attack and damage rolls. The thrown model suffers a damage roll with POW equal to the POW of this weapon. Xerxis can cast the bonded warbeast’s animus as a spell without spending fury. When Xerxis punches through enemy lines. —Primus Kritax of the Cohort of House Kophar XERXIS SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 7 8 8 4 13 19 9 Lamentor POW P+S 7 15 War Standard POW P+S 4 12 Mount POW 14 Fury 5 Damage 19 Field Allowance C Warbeast Points +5 Huge Base Feat: Hand of the Ancients As one of the greatest military leaders of the age. Tactical Tip Ignite – When this spell is cast on cavalry models. the Fury of Halaak exemplifies in both body and spirit. his cohort surges to follow. With no need for reins or spoken commands the tyrant can focus on commanding his army and leveraging his own attacks. Xerxis is a skorne of indomitable power and determination. named Suruk.

59 .

and does not block LOS. then loose them onto the battlefield in advance of a main force to consume any living thing in their path. A model cannot dig into solid rock or man-made constructions.Scarab Pack Skorne Warbeast Pack Let the scarabs feed on the bodies of the fallen. Creatures brought down by the pack are rapidly devoured. They have earned their banquet. A model remains dug in until it moves. ravenous insect-like creatures native to the Trembling Waste. Tactical Tip Snacking – Because the boxed model is removed from play before being destroyed. If this model heals. it does not generate a soul or corpse token. this model can heal d3 damage points. Steady – This model cannot be knocked down. living off the scraps left by the larger creatures and consuming many times their own mass each day. Scarab packs will attack the nearest source of nourishment. While affected by Dig In. They dwell in the extensive tunnels of the aradus. the model hit has its base DEF reduced to 7 and cannot run or charge for one round. The terrifying 60 ANIMUS Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF Scuttler 2 6 – – No No Models in target friendly warbeast pack immediately Dig In. . or is engaged. is placed. Swarming Scarabs – This model gains a +1 cumulative bonus to melee attack and damage rolls for each Aradus warbeast or other model in this unit engaging the model it is attacking. Mandibles Critical Paralysis – On a critical hit against a living model. after a battle is won the skorne allow them to scour the battlefield and feast upon the bodies of the dead. sight of these voracious beasts swarming over defenses has caused even veteran soldiers to flee for their lives. —Paingiver Beast Handler Kilexaan LEADER & Grunts LEADER & Grunts SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 5 5 5 1 11 12 5 Mandibles POW P+S H 3 8 Fury * Threshold 7 Damage 10 ea Field Allowance U Leader & 3 Grunts 5 Small base Advance Deployment Snacking – When this model boxes a living model with a melee attack. the boxed model is removed from play. a model gains cover. To nourish these insatiable creatures without exhausting their own supplies. converging on a victim in multiples and locking onto its limbs with specialized mandibles. Scarabs are enormous. Skorne beast handlers drive scarabs mad with hunger. does not suffer blast damage.

If the territories of two colonies overlap. waves of soldiers clash violently. aradus soldiers labor constantly to expand the tunnels of their colony. driving deep into the heart of enemy formations. and the painstaking process of conditioning the creatures begins the moment they hatch.Aradus Soldier Skorne Heavy Warbeast I’ve stomped a good many bugs in my day. Many slaves perish gathering the precious eggs from the aradus tunnels. aradus soldiers lash out in battle with hooked claws to drag enemies toward their vicious mandibles. SOLDIER IR IT ANIMUS SP 6 5 Fury 4 Threshold 9 Field Allowance U Point Cost 9 Large base The most common type of aradus is the soldier. Heightened Metabolism lasts for one turn. When not at war. the boxed model is removed from play. I find it troublesome that there’s a bug that can stomp back. it does not generate a soul or corpse token. Pull – “Any distance” means “as much as necessary. The aradus soldiers used by the skorne as warbeasts are goaded with whips and prods to indulge freely in this ingrained behavior. If the model heals. L 6 Mandibles POW P+S 18 Barbed Claw POW P+S 4 15 Barbed Claw Barbed Claw Reach R Pull – If this weapon hits an enemy model with an equal or smaller base. Once they are mature. the model with Snacking can heal d3 damage points. H 7 Steady – This model cannot be knocked down.” not “any distance the player chooses. the skorne go to great lengths to train them for battle. immediately after the attack is resolved the hit model can be pushed any distance directly toward this model. ripping each other limb from limb.) Tactical Tips Heightened Metabolism – Because the boxed model is removed from play before being destroyed. (When a model with Snacking boxes a living model with a melee attack. Protected by a thick layer of chitin.” Advance Deployment SOLDIER Pathfinder 3 11 6 SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 5 11 19 Carapace – This model gains +4 ARM against free strike damage rolls and ranged attack damage rolls. 1 POW P+S 4 15 2 BODY 3 4 IN D M For centuries the skorne on the eastern fringes have utilized the ferocious aradus in warfare. —Alten Ashley Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF Heightened Metabolism 2 6 – – No No Target friendly warbeast gains Snacking. 61 .

POW P+S 3 Advance Deployment 5 Arcing Fire – When attacking with this weapon. shrugging off attacks that would drop lesser beasts. Sentinels are a specialized strain of aradus that emerge from the nest to confront any significant threat. Living enemy models suffer –2 to attack rolls while within 2˝ of this model. Claw Open Fist Fury 4 Threshold 9 Field Allowance U Point Cost 8 Large base As skorne armies plunge deeper into western Immoren. aradus must be compelled to press inexorably forward. Living tissue exposed to this venom necrotizes in an instant. dozens are carefully selected and set aside for the conditioning that will guide their growth into sentinels. such as an attack from a rival colony. In recent years. they bring with them terrible and unfamiliar beasts from their eastern homeland. preying on the other bizarre creatures of the Trembling Waste. Poison – Gain an additional die on this weapon’s damage rolls against living models. 62 ANIMUS Swarm —Lord Arbiter Hexeris Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF 2 Self – – No No This model has concealment. Swarm lasts for one round. these tremendous insectlike creatures are protected by chitin armor thick enough to stop bullets. A sentinel’s long tail has heavy venom sacs that can be constricted to fire a precise blast of debilitating venom over distance. the horrifying creatures called the aradus have reached the western lands. . From each batch of larvae. Mighty and durable but relatively slow. Goaded by beast handlers’ whips. Venom Blaster POW P+S 3 Pathfinder Steady – This model cannot be knocked down.Aradus Sentinel Skorne Heavy Warbeast Our sentinels will shower our enemies with a poison rain. ranks of sentinels fire this toxin over the heads of soldiers to reduce entire enemy units into scraps of armor amid a sea of sludge. Wild aradus live in expansive underground nests in the wastelands of Tor-Sarikaan. but for centuries skorne beast handlers have known the secrets of forcing this development. sloughing off bone in gobbets. SENTINEL SENTINEL SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 3 11 6 5 11 19 6 Venom Blaster RNG ROF AOE POW — 10 1 3 13 Claw L 14 Claw R 1 14 2 BODY 3 4 IR IT M IN D SP 6 Carapace – This model gains +4 ARM against free strike damage rolls and ranged attack damage rolls. Only limited numbers of aradus develop into sentinels. Looming over the battlefield on a cluster of many-jointed legs. this model can ignore intervening models except those within 1˝ of the target.

Reform – After all models in this unit have completed their actions. LEADER & GRUNTS Combined Melee Attack Blade Shield – This model gains +2 DEF against ranged attack rolls. javelins. to turn aside enemy blades so that they may slip past their opponents unharmed. LEADER & GRUNTS SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 6 6 4 13 14 9 Double-Bladed Glaive POW P+S 4 10 Field Allowance Leader & 5 Grunts Leader & 9 Grunts Small base 3 5 8 Double-Bladed Glaive Reach Even more impressive than unerringly turning aside a foe’s blade is the ability of Praetorian keltarii to deflect lethal projectiles with the flat of their blades. glory—the Army of the Western Reaches is a proud testament to these values. 63 . or toboresh. shunting them harmlessly aside rather than allowing them to find deadly purchase in flesh. Praetorians of the keltarius tradition are no less dedicated than the swordsmen of the warrior caste. This deft. the foundational tenets of the hoksune code. each can advance up to 3˝. but their path in combat is around and through the blades of oncoming enemies rather than directly into them. evasive maneuver allows keltarius warriors to bring sharpened steel to bear against the most dangerous foes rather than simply those closest at hand.PraetorianSkorne Keltarii Unit We shall show our enemies how the true warrior’s blade becomes the tempest that scorns the bullet. discipline. a veteran keltarius knows not only who will be next to fall at the edge of his blade but also exactly where and when every other toboresh in his datha will strike true. Keltarii have been known to shift the trajectory of arrows. and even the occasional bullet. The keltarii use their double-bladed glaives. Secure in this knowledge. each keltarius can be assured that the enemy he just put at his back will not be there for long. —Primus Taarex of the Praetorian Keltarii Honor. Parry – This model cannot be targeted by free strikes. Legions of Praetorian warriors stand ready to fight and die at the command of the tyrants and dominars under Supreme Archdomina Makeda’s rule. In the field. Keltarius training involves incessant drills that push aspiring warriors past physical limits to a subconscious awareness of all battlefield movements around them.

Many in Zaadesh’s branch of the family—including his grandfather—sided with Makeda’s brother Akkad and lost their lives for it when she seized power. For now. he had reason to despise the indolent Rasheth. . Forcing. Now. Tactical Tip Lesser Warlock – This model’s type is solo. when this model is directly hit by a ranged or magic attack during your opponent’s turn. Zaadesh did not let this injury come between him and his goals. When an enemy model is damaged by Perdition. After his recovery Zaadesh distinguished himself among House Balaash’s warriors in the eastern empire and was soon summoned to join the Army of the Western Reaches. as one more step toward his ultimate goal of returning the skorne to their traditional ways. Healing. Supreme Archdomina Makeda tasked him with a minor command. He undertook a rigorous physical and mortitheurgical training regimen. not warlock. the First Exalted ZAADESH SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 6 6 4 13 15 9 Deathsong POW P+S 6 12 Fury 4 Damage 5 Field Allowance C Point Cost 3 Small base ZAADESH Spells Lesser Warlock – This model is not a warlock but has the following warlock special rules: Battlegroup Commander. a young noble of House Balaash who secretly despises the archdomina. models in its battlegroup gain +2 on melee attack and melee damage rolls against models within melee range of another model in this model’s battlegroup.Tyrant Zaadesh Skorne Character Solo A true warrior consumes pain and thrives on suffering—both his own and that of his enemies. None hold to this belief with more zeal than Tyrant Zaadesh. each day moving closer to his inevitable clash with the archdomina. neglecting the study of mortitheurgy that an aspiring tyrant requires to lead warbeasts into battle. and has endured despite setbacks that severely challenged his resolve—the most grievous being the injury that forces him to wear a mask over his disfigured face. however. and Spellcaster. He was given command of a pair of aradus soldiers. —Vuxoris. offering support as well as instruction in the occult arts. These same nobles viewed Vinter’s wars for unification as unnatural and felt Makeda betrayed skorne society by joining him. still secretly aided by Dominar Rasheth. and removing most of his lower jaw. Deathsong Magical Weapon Reach Not every member of House Balaash rejoices at Archdomina Makeda’s rise to power. He has been tested in battle. Zaadesh must bide his time for now. Zaadesh’s anonymity among the tyrants in the Army of the Western Reaches suits his goals. knocked down. The dominar’s power and influence ultimately persuaded Zaadesh to enter into an uncomfortable but necessary alliance. and within a year he had regained his former strength. striking his face 64 Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF Perdition 2 10 – Tag Team 3 Self Ctrl 10 No Yes – Yes No While within this model’s control area. his house was convinced he would never again take to the battlefield as a warrior. he knows he is far from ready to oppose Makeda directly. immediately after the attack is resolved one warbeast in this model’s battlegroup that is currently in this model’s control area can make a full advance toward the nearest enemy model. Those who raised Zaadesh loathed the archdomina and all she stood for even then. they wish to see her overthrown by any means possible and Akkad installed in her place as leader of House Balaash. Fury Manipulation. or stationary to be directly hit instead. Zaadesh relied heavily on his swordsmanship and battle prowess. Some traditionalists see an empire unified under one leader as the antithesis of what it means to be skorne. She knows Zaadesh’s branch of her house supported her brother but sees the young tyrant as too insignificant to be a potential rival. A model can advance as a result of Perdition only once per turn. Early in his career as a warrior. One of the creatures lashed out. Although he survived. As the skorne expand westward Zaadesh plans to use his martial experience to gather allies and hone his skills. Zaadesh had deep reservations—as a warrior and an adherent of hoksune. The chosen model is automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects. you can choose to have another model in this model’s battlegroup within 2˝ of this model that is not incorporeal. He vowed to master mortitheurgy and perfect his power over beasts so he would never face such a setback again. Fearless Protective Battlegroup – Once per round. Dominar Rasheth secretly contacted him through intermediaries. allowing him to continue growing in power. Though he is a skilled swordsman and battle leader. While Zaadesh was still healing. They contend it is strife among the houses that keeps their people strong. and amid the press of battle he lost control. At this time an unlikely ally emerged. viewing him simply as a useful warrior and competent officer. Control Area. Damage Transference.

65 .

felt his indecision. Their minds were closed to her. It was a sensation she knew. She had read the dragon’s disquiet. And with it came something else: an anxiety that ran along her nerve endings and sent tremors through her body. creatures that. Each of them regarded her mission as a death sentence. Sometimes she heard his voice whispering in her ear. Lord Toruk’s master of draconic lore. and she kept up with them through a series of gliding leaps. With Everblight. this was the one Everblight dreaded most. but she didn’t need to. For a moment. as much extensions of her as she was of Everblight. of a shadow circling. Through the psychic bond they shared. 66 however. and to arrange that. With the other warlocks she was often forced to resort to speech. more immediate. even when the fog engulfed him. she was able to see Proteus striding steadily beneath her. Ord Thick. the athanc was too important a prize not to attempt its capture. coming ever closer. Now it was his need for the disembodied draconic athanc that drove her forward. The overcast sky was filled with winged spawn. filling her with his memories of soaring aloft on powerful wings. It was a desire that went beyond physical craving. She didn’t think to differentiate between the two. his desires were her desires. whose mind inhabited hers. membranes between her elongated fingers going taut to catch the currents of the air and carry her aloft. serpentine angelius. and yet he was loath to send any of his chosen against Venethrax. such as when lines of scales and horns burst forth in ridges along her back and then receded. and she knew the reason was the warcaster she raced to confront. like she was riding on the tide of his will. in her blood. It was the feeling of her hackles raised in warning. low-hanging clouds made it almost impossible for Absylonia to survey her troops with mundane sight. though she had never felt it so strongly before. She felt the ground sucking at his feet with each step. She envied the airborne spawn who could remain aloft without effort. Ever since Lylyth had battled the dragon Charsaug after the spawning of the archangels. It poured off him in waves and settled in the pit of her stomach to become her own. relying on their blighted senses. Now it hummed louder than before. Among them were the grotesques. saw the footprints he left behind slowly filling with water. She wanted it no other way. this sensation had been evident in Everblight’s mental presence like a bowstring held taut in the back of her mind. communication was different. Her force had been chosen primarily for speed and maneuverability. His hunger was so great that Proteus’ was merely its faded shadow. as a heartsickness. but more often it was like he was simply inside her body with her. She could feel them out there. She felt Everblight’s need in her bones. the handful of land-bound forces that accompanied her occasionally surfaced from the fog like moving islands. When she drifted back to the ground she reshaped herself to prepare for the next leap. she had felt the minds of all his other warlocks recoil. she would risk everything. Of all the Dragonfather’s generals. Harriers and blight wasps. Below them. had once been Nyss but were now more like the great dragon they all obeyed. She could feel his hunger. That was why she had volunteered without hesitation. This was Venethrax. She knew her master needed her. Everblight’s will was her will. Everblight must have it. impenetrable fortresses secured by inexplicable locks.Legion of Everblight Daughter of the Dragon The Wythmoor. the Wyrmslayer. seraphim and neraphim and one graceful. manifesting as physical changes. He yearned for the disembodied athanc. the knowledge that the servants of the Dragonfather carried it farther from them with each passing hour. It was the sense of a great beast on the prowl. Absylonia launched herself from a gnarled tree. like her. Despite any fear she might harbor or danger she might face. all flying low and navigating without sight. She couldn’t have said how much of this feeling was her own desire and how much belonged to Everblight. all of them formed from her own blood and bound to her. .

sharing a single identity among many lesser creatures. Blighterghast and the other dragons were aware of him in a way they had not been in centuries. manifested in the creation of rapidly evolving spawn. before the ascendancy of man. she was first and foremost a survivor. taste its power on the air. Everblight couldn’t guess. Yet for Toruk each athanc was a small piece of what he had once possessed. now. and he had the full might of Toruk’s army at his back. His was the only cunning that could conceive of this path. How the athanc had survived. or a fourth? The athanc promised power enough to defeat any of his siblings—and eventually to destroy Toruk himself. but this was perhaps the greatest of all. rather. Though they could sense each other’s minds through the athanc shards that bound them together and they could feel the longing of the shards to reunite. This was the heartstone of one of the strongest of the dragons who had opposed Toruk during the earliest clashes in which his progeny had turned on their father. None could ever have imagined dividing the athanc. but now he knew the power of it. and that was inconceivable. A dragon thought dead and devoured by Toruk thousands of years ago. Everblight hungered for it. She had dedicated her life to serving Everblight. He had to be ready. but powerful magic had certainly been involved. Before Pyromalfic. The lure of such a thing was far more than simple ambition—he required it for his very survival. Even now their agents were out in force. but now he knew the power of it. it was coin she was more than willing to pay. and confronting the other dragons: Venethrax. and the feeling of pride that had welled inside him when Lylyth drove that dragon away was slowly being replaced with seeping dread. separate individuals. None of them would ever have delayed physically reforming himself. Now that it was exposed. his greatest enemy. they remained distinct. He was aware of their scrutiny. 67 . he had never consumed another of his own kind. It had to be Everblight’s. Now he understood better than he ever had before the hunger that Toruk must feel to become whole. Avoiding Venethrax would be failing Everblight. How much stronger would he be after consuming a third. Everblight knew what few other beings on Caen did. It was what would protect him against his siblings. and if her death could serve him as well. though he did not know where they were. He also knew the name of the chief architect of that mission. The danger was not just to his warlocks and his armies but to his very essence. while for Everblight consuming the essence of another dragon had magnified his own power far beyond what it had ever been. He could feel its nearness. It was only a matter of time before the other dragons discovered his secret and grew to understand his divided existence. a reminder of the oldest threat. that the entire purpose of Cryx’s empire was to build a power base strong enough for Toruk to find and slay his offspring. he had never consumed another of his own kind. He had seen Charsaug through the eyes of his warlocks. He must find a way to turn the tables on the other dragons who. Venethrax marched at the head of an army of black iron and the reanimated dead. Before Pyromalfic. how it had remained hidden for so long. which was his only defense against the other dragons until he grew powerful enough to defeat them. found by Cryx through some unknown means and carried south by them in a hastily constructed wagon designed to keep its nature contained. He had hoped to have longer to build his forces before this day came. This army had split from the main Cryx column and doubled back to intercept Everblight’s forces and turn them aside. He knew even the blackclads whose armies now harassed his flanks must be in league with them. Any athanc was a treasure beyond price. each commanding his or her own forces and spawn. Everblight chafed at the constraints of his divided consciousness even as he recognized its necessity. The Dragonfather. Added to the encroaching presence of the other dragons was a new threat—or. were circling ever closer. tracking. even now that they were aware of his movements. They saw only themselves. Venethrax knew far more about most dragons than they knew about themselves.Though facing Venethrax would almost certainly result in her death. the lich lord Toruk had put in charge of studying. hunting for him. the first threat. Her very essence was an affirmation of blighted life and fertility. The perspective of his warlocks was necessarily limited. Toruk must not claim it. One of the only once-mortal creatures on Caen to have battled a dragon and lived. She went to her fate gladly. even now. If Venethrax were to learn enough about Everblight. He could imagine that power running through his being. He burned for it. but that was not to be. the lich lord was one of the only beings that could pose a true threat to his existence. In his grasp now was the means to do just that: the disembodied athanc. The lich lord intended to prevent Everblight from gaining the prize that was even now racing farther from his clutches and toward Toruk. however.

blighted ogrun and spawn clashed with the necromantic nightmares of Cryx. Everywhere. Each had been chosen for the vantage that his or her eyes offered. there was little to feed him. united by his will. As she watched. a spiderlike horror with a buzz saw arm that advanced through the swamp on four spiny legs. He was more than willing to sacrifice a warlock to gain the athanc. Fog lay in heavy streamers that cut off mundane sight and distorted sound. like voices heard in a dream. they were simply a part of him. He was a hulking creature of black armor and green flame. Absylonia assumed he had once been a man. nearly as large as the helljacks accompanying him. One piece plummeted to the watery ground. If she could sufficiently distract him. As she cast about looking for prey. piercing the joint where tattered wing met metal shoulder and slicing the light ’jack in two. one of the constructs fell like a dead crow to splash in the muck at her feet. he had felt mortal hopes and mortal despairs. however. Rhyas and Saeryn had been at the vanguard. Now it fell from the heavens like a sword dropped from on high. Lylyth and Bethayne still ranged ahead. but they had been delayed and depleted by the ambush of Circle forces. a series of eyes through which he could view the world. but they were all one vast army. It was not a feeling Everblight relished. a dam that would stop the river of soldiers and spawn entirely. streaking the fog with black smoke. Absylonia would serve only as a diversion. the heat of the helljacks burning off the fog just enough to illuminate the immediate area. awaiting Everblight’s call. of all creatures. Through them. and he had tasted mortal fear. Skeletal trees stood draped in shrouds of hanging moss. Each skirmish became a closed room. Kallus brought up the rear. dense clouds. They were no longer individuals at all but one entity made up of many parts. Within moments. What gave him pause was to sacrifice her to Venethrax. the angelius drove its spiked tail into the side of the other. Every sound seemed eerie and far away. with so few living creatures among Venethrax’s forces. the army was becoming ragged. he had tasted what it was like to be mortal. Only Proteus was directly at her side. Above.To Everblight. Through them. while the other spun away through the air. Each had a role to serve. and plumes of black smoke poured from stacks on his back. to suffer the fears and frailties of such a short life. tusked form of a Reaper. while Thagrosh and Vayl remained in the north. and from that. the sky was a ceiling of low. the cries of the living and the dead. there to stall Venethrax. nearest the athanc. He rankled at sending one of his warlocks against Venethrax. centuries ago. Between them came Venethrax himself. With that. the others could get past and eventually reach their prize. Absylonia called the angelius to her with a thought and turned her blighted sight toward the battlefield around her. One was a Desecrator. Proteus lashed out with his barbed tendrils and pulled a soulhunter off its feet. the screeching of dragonspawn. the ground soggy underfoot. some of them much nearer than the sound of their combat would imply. He knew he could not commit enough troops to stop the lich lord without compromising his true objective. the remaining raeks and nephilim farther afield. its spiked tail angled to pierce Venethrax’s chest and pinion him to the earth. The Wythmoor was choked by expanses of weeds 68 and tall grass. dragging it into reach of his maw and talons before tearing it apart. The other was the sleek. As she watched. The feeling that settled in his mind when he thought of Venethrax carving the athanc shard from Absylonia’s body was disturbingly close to that sensation. she pierced through fog and clouds to see the winged shapes that wheeled in the sky above her: an angelius locked in a battle with two of the winged bonejacks called Scavengers. but he now bore none of the hallmarks. Each set brought a different perspective. Soul cages clanked at his waist. but it was always him gazing out. . Everblight refused to let that happen. jutting accusatory fingers skyward from pools of brackish water. He had assembled his warlocks carefully. Now. Venethrax planned to create a blockade. green balefire eyes glared with a monstrous intensity that went far beyond human. The muffled sounds of other battles echoed through the fog: the clash of metal. She felt his frustration on tasting the undead flesh. but they were also beset by blackclads. but he continued to consume it. Of his former humanity only his skull remained. she noticed strange plumes of blackened smoke that even her blighted vision couldn’t penetrate. Absylonia let her eyes sink away behind ridges of forming bone and opened her sight to blighted vision. One of the hazards of his current arrangement was that he could feel his warlocks’ emotions and sense their thoughts. Two massive engines of black metal and necrotite fire came barreling at her from out of the smoke.

she used its animus to spur it toward the Desecrator. though. She had lost spawn in other battles. The angelius shrieked. toppling it into the moor in a mass of beating wings and scything tails as the angelius struck at Venethrax. but the spidery legs of the Desecrator gave it superior balance. Now it fell from the heavens like a sword dropped from on high.” he called. she knew. to joints and arteries. empowering him instead. The Reaper was wheeling around. Even if she fell here. She had seen him dash the heaviest of warjacks to the ground. Using her superior maneuverability. swinging Wyrmbane just as fast and with a finesse that belied its size. his skull seemed to smile at her. and Absylonia drew on its animus to create a blast of energy that hurled Venethrax backward. She tried to pull the blighted energy from the expiring spawn but found she could not. she had to trust her beast’s combat instincts and prowess to deal with this foe. Venethrax was already turning. its form an expression of the draconic perfection of Everblight himself. he placed one metal foot on its neck and chopped downward to sever its head and send it tumbling. and its engine was ruptured and leaking black smoke—but its harpoon was still intact. the ’jack turned and fired a greenish gout from the cannon on its arm that struck the nephilim and exploded in a burst of flesh-eating fire. while his talons ripped the cannon arm from its side and hurled it into the swamp. the Reaper pushed itself from beneath the body of the neraph. his metallic voice ancient and echoing. but never had she seen anyone or anything capable of slaying them as effortlessly as Venethrax. one who wouldn’t easily be misled. its two-handed sword held high. Absylonia called the angelius and her remaining neraph from the skies. of course. As he looked up from his grisly work. Wyrmbane sliced through the angelius’ tail. Each blow was crippling. it would be difficult for Venethrax to catch them. Dozens of spawn and countless blighted Nyss and ogrun lay dismembered and broken in the miles of moor behind them. having already been siphoned away in long green streamers flowing from the slain beast to Venethrax. The hideous biles and corrosive liquids the Cryxian army deployed were especially potent in proximity to Venethrax. she slowly drew them away from the path of Everblight’s other warlocks. and Absylonia knew even the grace of the angelius wouldn’t be enough for it to evade the strike. knowing that to do so would make another withdrawal almost impossible. aiming its harpoon cannon into the thrashing melee between Proteus and the helljack. She proceeded carefully. Proteus wrapped his thrashing tentacles around the helljack’s chassis. As it fell. Before Absylonia could react.For hours. who seemed to corrode the very air by his presence. The Desecrator dug its buzz saw arm into the warbeast’s side. sending the spike flying. It fell thrashing in the mud at his feet. Before the spawn could close the distance. Absylonia had seen this before. and they were far enough away from the rest of the warlocks to guarantee their safe passage. She had avoided engaging Venethrax directly. “By all means.” 69 . the lich lord sheared the wings from one side of the angelius. and Absylonia saw black blood spatter into the water at their feet. Now. The neraph crashed into the Reaper. for Everblight’s voice in her mind told her Venethrax was a canny foe. she had been leading Venethrax and his forces on a chase. In seconds. It was a sensation almost like the blight but totally alien to her. She struck and withdrew. keeping their attention while she sent Proteus around the cloud of choking flame and into the side of the Desecrator. then curved around his army to pick at their flanks. and each one cost her dearly. leaving her with only a bare handful. She called out to a nearby nephilim soldier. “send more of your pets for me to kill. though. Absylonia had always admired the grace of the angelius. It was as if his massive sword Wyrmbane knew exactly where to strike. his taloned feet carving trenches in the earth. That energy was no longer hers. searing and eating away at the blighted flesh like a ravenous disease. As the angelius beat its wings to rise back into the air. She could not afford to focus her attention on this confrontation. flesh was stripped from bone and the nephilim’s corroded sword sank into the bog. In spite of its wounds. and Venethrax hadn’t yet struck a creature that didn’t soon die. Her strikes had to look convincing. With one sweep of Wyrmbane. and the attack simply drove it backward. just as a distraction to slow her enemies. Then she had seen him carve her ravagore apart as methodically as a hunter cleaning a rabbit. its spiked tail angled to pierce Venethrax’s chest and pinion him to the earth. Fortunately she hadn’t been counting on the nephilim as a fighter. so fast it almost couldn’t be seen. which was enough to sentence it to death. Her force was too diminished for another running assault. It grazed harmlessly off Venethrax’s power field and landed in the mud like an arrow fired from afar. the time for avoidance had passed. The spawn’s attack had rendered the helljack mostly defunct—one arm was a mass of twisted metal. for it seemed to leap of its own accord to weak points. The barbed missile sank into the angelius at the base of one of its wings and dragged the spawn back down into the reach of Venethrax’s blade. digging its legs into the muddy ground. Absylonia had lost most of her spawn in the various skirmishes.

employing all her powers to hinder Venethrax right up until the end. The battle had been fierce. It wasn’t even the loyalty that he felt from her. Through her nerves. She reached out through her body and tried to will her flesh to change. What fixated his attention was Venethrax. who was nearly finished with the Desecrator. but the lich lord was tireless and ruthless. only a crushing sense that she had failed him. And when he had wrung from it every last drop of knowledge that he could. one that cut so close she could feel the breath of its passing along her skin. while she had no more spawn in range save Proteus. Absylonia was slicked with blood. Her mouth was full of blood. her protean flesh already changing. She couldn’t lift them. the dragon felt the pain of the heavy blow that finally crippled her. The other warlocks were distant to Everblight now. The light was beginning to go out. a distraction he had deliberately avoided replicating in his dragonspawn. and Proteus was crippled from transferred injuries. here. Everblight knew Toruk would absorb a part of him. and the agony that poured from her spread like a ripple through all the athanc shards. Should Absylonia’s athanc shard fall into Venethrax’s possession he would study it. and through the haze she could see Venethrax approaching with one of his spidery necrotechs at his side. Each of his warlocks staggered for a moment as the shards in their chests burned with sympathetic pain. He stepped aside.He pointed with Wyrmbane at Proteus. She faced death with no fear for herself. When that happened. Venethrax’s armor was rent apart. The pain itself. couldn’t fight. but she was already moving. Gazing through her eyes into the blazing sockets of the lich lord’s skull. reshaping itself to bend her out of the path of his blade. like this. unmistakable in its substance and import. her hands forming into wings to glide her toward her foe. to puzzle out how he had spread himself among his warlocks to create a composite greater than the sum of its parts. Everblight could almost imagine Venethrax saw him. If any creature on Caen had the knowledge to understand what Everblight had done. She leapt into the air. Everblight saw her brave last stand. he would offer it personally to Toruk. He was inhabiting Absylonia as he had seldom inhabited any of his warlocks. Absylonia knew she was dying. The excruciation felt by living things as they died was foreign to him. Everblight could almost imagine Venethrax saw him. Gazing through her eyes into the blazing sockets of the lich lord’s skull. He would take her back to Cryx and dismember her—if he even waited that long. Everblight’s secrets. If Absylonia fell now. It wasn’t sharing Absylonia’s pain that kept him rooted in her consciousness. but her normally fluid tissues were unresponsive. As she dropped to the ground they changed again. Through Absylonia’s eyes. . lashing out with spell and blade. though he knew it would cost him. There was no possibility this foe would simply leave her corpse. and damage to his flesh was inconsequential next to the humiliation of defeat by a tide of mortals. she reached within herself and released a cloud of blighted energy to temporarily disrupt Venethrax’s connection to his ’jacks—and prepared to sell her life as dearly as possible. their thoughts and emotions muffled as he focused his full attention on the battle. the physical sensation. as the study of draconic minions was his obsession. meant nothing to Everblight. Her blighted vision showed other ’jacks approaching from the fog. the sensation 70 different even than his joining with Thagrosh. He felt her death throes. The athanc shard would be immediately apparent to him. Venethrax confronted her personally. Venethrax would claim her athanc shard. He brought Wyrmbane around. who would devour it. Her mutable body evaded him and absorbed his blows with the resiliency and tenacity she alone of his warlocks possessed. it was Venethrax. bones disjointing with a series of sickening pops to transform her claws into brutal talons that raked at Venethrax. he would see inside it and learn its secrets. while Absylonia lay beaten in the mud at his feet. She was losing the feeling in her arms and legs. and she could feel her lifeblood pooling on the ground beneath her. Dodging another swing from Wyrmbane. and she carved furrows in his black armor. He was not willing to allow Toruk even a portion of himself. but still the lich lord stood strong. entirely within his element and focused on a goal that could not be denied. but Absylonia had no intention of sacrificing more spawn to Venethrax if she could help it. He had been completely unmade by the Iosans centuries before. towering over her. He felt compelled to act.

but first she needed to gain more familiarity with her new form and gather another army. She circled once to gain a good perspective on the enemy forces arrayed below. Her skull split. allowing room for curving horns to spring forth. She couldn’t remember what it had been like to receive the athanc shard. as bones settled into sockets and muscles stretched into place.Even as her sensation of her own body began to fail her. his eyes gleaming and herself trapped inside it. and now she was nearer to him than she was to the Nyss she had once been. She would join them soon. She knew Venethrax would continue to seek to thwart them in their advance south. a vessel. She knew why now. she felt certain her next clash with Lich Lord Venethrax would be quite different. She knew she had done enough for now. but this time the outpouring of energy didn’t stop. But the change she felt now was different. Though these appeared to be more of a temporary augmentation. Her veins burned with anger and blighted energy. The power that had poured through her had remade her in his image. Everblight’s energy poured outward from Absylonia with such strength that Venethrax was forced to shield himself. She had drawn Venethrax far enough away. and the delay was enough to provide an opportunity for both Absylonia and Proteus to take flight. She saw Venethrax hold the shard out to a draconic form so black and vast her sight couldn’t encompass it. but she quickly moved out of range. healing his wounds as well. Her back contracted and curled as new muscles and bones layered themselves into place in seconds. and she felt like at any moment she would burst into flames. she felt something she had not sensed before—his fear. It had been too limited 71 . not if it meant that even a tiny fragment of Everblight would find its way to Toruk. Absylonia had never been comfortable in her skin before this moment. She could not be the instrument by which he was delivered unto his greatest enemy. Beneath the dragon’s rage. but also that several of Everblight’s other warlocks had made it around him and would continue on. They were followed by a volley of shots from Venethrax’s ’jacks. Her wounds sealed. and he. Proteus at her side. Now it had found its place. of course. With the metamorphosis came pain. saw Venethrax hold it aloft. but the pain was eclipsed by the presence of Everblight. She had used Everblight’s blighted energy to heal herself and her spawn before. and expand beyond her. It mingled with her own anger. She was willing to die. Proteus also had not stopped at healing. too. tentacles flailing. Everblight no longer had to speak to her in order to communicate. constantly itching to change. and she felt the radiance of Everblight pour outward from her to Proteus. her horror at the idea that she might ever fail her master so completely. allowing Everblight to better appraise them. These were not temporary gliding membranes like the ones she had formed earlier. but she couldn’t. The heat of his nearness was like the sun beating against her. they would be enough to carry him with her out of harm’s way. still wet from their transformation. new blood pulsed in her veins. always straining to be nearer to the glory of Everblight. She could feel his approval. When she took to the sky this time. then two wings. watching as a fully restored Proteus suddenly stood tall and roared at the sky. she felt the presence of Everblight. his pleasure in what she had become. a rage that burned hotter than any fire on Caen. Bones popped wetly out of their sockets. Through new eyes she saw Venethrax stop. with the knowledge of what would transpire if she fell and the conviction that it could not be allowed. These were true and lasting wings. strong wings carried her aloft. and she felt the heat from it radiate out. Everblight’s rage poured into her. Her flesh had never been content to settle into one form. and she should take her remaining forces and withdraw. She saw what was coming through his eyes. Absylonia was accustomed to changing. fill her. The shard in her chest was like a fiery lance that pierced her. She saw the athanc shard pulled from her mutilated chest. and it swallowed her vision like an eclipse of the sun. but now she felt something of what it must have been like. extended new wings. Empowered anew by Everblight. burst forth from her back and unfurled like banners in the misty air. obviously made of less stern stuff than her own wings. Now she was truly his daughter. He poured all his arcane strength into his power field as he backed away.

Absylonia has wholeheartedly embraced her new anatomy. Absylonia entered battle expecting to die for the glory of Everblight. Absylonia’s blood has always been attuned to blighted energies. ABSYLONIA Abomination Conferred Rage – Warbeasts in this model’s battlegroup beginning their activations in its control area can charge or make power attacks without being forced. Models in Absylonia’s battlegroup that are currently in her control area gain +2 STR and Flight. or moved by a slam. While other warlocks sometimes struggle with the dragon’s gifts. Hers is a deadly elegance. —Thagrosh the Messiah ABSYLONIA SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 7 8 7 6 15 16 8 Claw POW P+S 6 14 Stinger POW P+S 4 12 Fury 6 Damage 18 Field Allowance C Warbeast Points +5 Medium base Feat: Metamorphose Showing his favor. a savage grace bestowed by Everblight himself. Her role in his armies has demanded a different kind of service from her than from other warlocks. When this model destroys one or more enemy models during its activation. then its activation ends. In her new form she flies over the battlefield. with Absylonia sailing above on graceful wings. Absylonia has been no stranger to transformation. Return Fire lasts for one round. cohesive form. True wings burst fully-formed from her back. 72 Spells Fortify Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF 2 6 – – Yes No Target warbeast in this model’s battlegroup gains +2 ARM. When she unleashes a massive pulse of draconic energy. with no concept of self. ready to strike with breathtaking speed and deadly ferocity. Psycho Surgery 2 Self Ctrl – No No Return Fire 1 – – No No Teleport 2 Self – – No No Each model in this model’s battlegroup currently in its control area immediately heals d3 + 1 damage points. Flight – This model can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions and other models if it has enough movement to move completely past them. she has been as mutable as required by the will of Everblight. and she settled into a constant. Instead. She had become as perfect an embodiment of the dragon’s essence as a flawed mortal could hope to be. and their melee weapons gain Reach . This model ignores intervening models when declaring its charge target. Tactical Tip Teleport – This model cannot be placed in an obstruction or in impassable terrain as a result of this spell. after the attack is resolved the affected model can make one normal melee or ranged attack. We should all envy her clarity and purity of purpose. conveying her killing rage to the spawn that follow her. Their bodies seethe and change to emulate their master—limbs lengthen. There are few sights more terrifying to foes of the Legion than a ravening tide of protean beasts pouring toward them. Absylonia sees in these boons a transcendence. The endless shifting and changing of her body subsided. her followers are transformed. But now she has entered a new phase. taking to the sky to fight alongside the winged spawn she birthed as the daughter of the dragon. Claw Magical Weapon Stinger Magical Weapon Energy Siphon – When this attack hits an enemy model with 1 or more focus or fury points on it. warbeasts in its battlegroup beginning their activations in its control area gain +2 SPD and MAT for one turn. The affected model and any friendly model B2B with it cannot be knocked down. In her recent encounter with Venethrax. . pushed. Daughter of Everblight Legion Epic Blighted Nyss Warlock She acts without hesitation or forethought. gladly surrendering any lingering ties to her former life. a clear pathway to unity with his draconic perfection. This spell can only be cast once per turn. and wings sprout from their backs. and the spawn of that blood now gain the same mutability she once possessed. This metamorphosis brought agony but also the knowledge that she had been blessed. then Return Fire expires. muscles thicken. The first day the athanc shard sent blighted power rippling through her body. she was gifted with an outpouring of blighted energies beyond any the dragon had ever unleashed on his chosen generals. mutating with the power of the blight. 6 When target friendly Faction model is targeted by an enemy ranged attack. one that drew on her generative power to amass swarming throngs of dragonspawn to bolster the Legion. They launch themselves high into the air before falling on their foes with a dragon’s fury. Everblight’s blighted power flows freely through Absylonia and responds to her call. Place this model anywhere completely within 8˝ of its current location. Her body in constant flux. She acts in accordance with his will and desires nothing more than to serve as his vessel on the battlefields of Caen. Absylonia gladly surrendered her prior self and was reborn for the dragon. that model loses 1 focus or fury point and this model gains 1 fury point. and massive curving horns rose from her brow. Metamorphose lasts for one round.Absylonia.

73 .

) Eyeless Sight Blood Creation – This model never attacks friendly Faction warlocks and cannot choose them as its frenzy target. This model ignores intervening models when declaring its charge target. and the wasps grow to full size within hours. The swarm is most formidable against ranks of enemy soldiers. after that attack is resolved the model can move up to 1˝ and make one additional melee attack. Models in target friendly warbeast pack gain Killing Spree for one turn. Against larger prey. In battle a blight wasp swarm moves unpredictably to harry and eliminate enemy warriors and warbeasts. they converge and attack from multiple angles until they have destroyed their quarry. (When a model with Killing Spree destroys one or more enemy models with a melee attack during its combat action. scything claws. stinging cloud. Hunting Pack – This model gains a +1 cumulative bonus to melee attack and damage rolls for each other model in this unit engaging the model it is attacking.Blight Wasps Legion Warbeast Pack The air about them droned with the buzzing of countless wings. 74 —Travian Jules. Flight – This model can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions and other models if it has enough movement to move completely past them. A stung victim suffers excruciating spasms as his body erupts with spurs of bone. LEADER & grunts SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 7 4 5 1 12 11 4 Stinger POW P+S 4 8 Fury * Threshold 8 Damage 5 ea Field Allowance U Leader & 3 Grunts 4 Small base LEADER & grunts ANIMUS Annoyance – Living enemy models within 1˝ of this model suffer –1 to attack rolls. monster hunter Overwhelm Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF 2 6 – – No No Moving as a single mass of beating wings. Soulless – This model does not generate a soul token when it is destroyed. Stinger Critical Poison – On a critical hit. which they attack as a vicious. swarms of blight wasps sow panic and death across the battlefield as they inject enemies with the poison of dragon blight itself. A single dose of blight wasp toxin is enough to kill a man. but the creatures mindlessly sting over and over again as the hapless victim writhes in agony before finally succumbing to death. and pulsing stingers. gain an additional die on this weapon’s damage rolls against living models. . The Legion can create multitudes of these horrors with alarming ease.

Neraph Legion Heavy Warbeast Walls and battlements are futile against the spawned miracles of Everblight. NERAPH IR IT ANIMUS SP 6 5 Fury 4 Threshold 9 Field Allowance U Point Cost 7 Large base Coil – When this model directly hits a model with this weapon. drawing nearby enemies into the reach of its long. —Bethayne. preventing escape as the beast binds its prize in a quick series of constricting loops of its tail. The neraph hoists a target aloft and contorts its powerful body to hammer the life out of it with the hardened chitin of its eyeless skull. Trapped in the heavy coils of the tail. these flying spawn are able to strike at the heart of the enemy no matter how well defended he believes himself to be. This model ignores intervening models when declaring its charge target. The neraph is one such fearful creation. snapping bones like twigs and bursting skulls like rotten fruit. a sublime hunter that plunges from above to snatch prey with its tail and wrench it skyward. Voice of Everblight Vortex Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF 1 Self – – No No Enemy models currently within 2˝ of this model are immediately pushed 2˝ directly toward it in the order you choose. A cruel constellation of sucking orifices lock onto the skin of the neraph’s prey. Soulless – This model does not generate a soul token when it is destroyed. 75 . Each strike carries all the force of the creature’s blighted strength. Swooping over fortification walls and the heads of rival forces. wheeling over the battlefield in search of prey. Four leathery wings hold aloft the neraph’s sinuous body. pitching downward to scatter the enemy and sow bloody chaos among them. Flight – This model can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions and other models if it has enough movement to move completely past them. Grasping Tail NERAPH SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 10 6 5 14 16 7 Grasping Tail POW P+S — 4 14 Hammerhead POW P+S h 6 1 16 2 BODY 3 4 IN D M Winged hosts of Everblight’s dragonspawn darken the skies over battlefields. Serpentine – This model cannot make slam or trample power attacks and cannot be knocked down. producing swirling eddies of blighted energy as it darts through the sky. Once its quarry is felled the neraph takes to the hunt once more. grasping tail. the neraph’s victim is incapable of evading the crushing blows that follow. Eyeless Sight Blood Creation – This model never attacks friendly Faction warlocks and cannot choose them as its frenzy target. It can produce a vortex of these blighted currents that warps the world around it. its melee attacks against that model automatically hit for one turn.

Larger and more physically imposing than other 76 ANIMUS Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF Predator’s Instinct 1 Self – – No No This model gains an additional die on attack rolls against nonwarcaster. Dragon Breath Continuous Effect: Fire Damage Type: Fire War Blade Chain Attack: Char – If this model hits the same model with both its initial attacks with this weapon. Targets who attempt to escape the reach of his blades find themselves engulfed by dragon fire from his fanged maw.Zuriel Legion Nephilim Character Heavy Warbeast With the gifts I have bestowed. Affinity [Saeryn] – While Zuriel is not engaged and is in Saeryn’s control area. Zuriel shall be my finest instrument—a weapon to clear the path to my destiny. In battle he soars through the sky on powerful wings as he searches out those marked for death by his mistresses. nephilim. Predator’s Instinct lasts for one turn. she can channel spells through him. he gains Stealth . That Saeryn was able to accomplish such a feat has not gone unnoticed by Everblight. —Saeryn. . for she intended to create a powerful beast uniquely receptive to the twins’ minds. Zuriel also possesses keen intelligence and a warrior’s pride. It does not automatically add a bond. Saeryn combined the blighted blood of both sisters into a single draught she then gave the Nyss host chosen to bear this nephilim. after resolving the attacks it can immediately make one ranged attack targeting that model. non-warlock warrior models. War Blade Eyeless Sight 5 Fury 4 Threshold 10 Field Allowance C Point Cost 10 Large base Flight – This model can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions and other models if it has enough movement to move completely past them. the dragon is content to allow Saeryn her accomplishment as long as the spawn proves obedient. Tactical Tip Special Issue – This only gives the warbeast the potential to bond to the warlock. It can also be bonded to Rhyas or Saeryn. Omen of Everblight ZURIEL ZURIEL SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 11 7 5 12 19 9 Dragon Breath RNG ROF AOE POW h SP 8 2 — 12 L POW P+S 5 16 War Blade R 1 POW P+S 5 16 2 BODY 3 4 IR IT M IN D SP 6 Gunfighter Affinity [Rhyas] – While Zuriel is in Rhyas’ control area. Zuriel is the product of Saeryn’s attempt to create a spawn embodying the essence of both herself and her twin sister. Special Issue [Rhyas or Saeryn] – This model can be included in Rhyas’ or Saeryn’s theme forces. Zuriel demonstrates the stealth and fighting prowess of Rhyas together with a unique receptiveness to Saeryn’s magic. Rhyas. This model ignores intervening models when declaring its charge target. For the time being.

2 6 Blade Critical Grievous Wounds – On a critical hit. foiling many expert marksmen. The blighted blades do not cause an infection in the traditional sense. Trust me in this: far better that you let me take the arm and hope to grow a new one. rendering standard medical treatment and even alchemical restoratives ineffectual. enemies who survive a blightblade’s cold touch might spend weeks wishing they had perished. Their incredible speed and elusiveness are gifts of their draconic master that cannot be duplicated through mere instruction and training. When you do. If it is Field Allowance not deployed normally. the model hit by this weapon loses Tough. blackened wounds these blades leave behind are only the beginning of a victim’s suffering. you Leader & 5 Grunts can put it into play at the Small base end of any of your Control Phases after your first turn. few can compare with the blighted Nyss striders. The angry. and hardy warriors have been felled by mere flesh wounds. LEADER & GRUNTS Combined Melee Attack LEADER & GRUNTS Pathfinder 7 6 6 5 15 11 8 Stealth SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD Blade POW P+S Ambush – You can choose 3 9 not to deploy this unit at the start of the game. Striders slip unseen from one shadow to the next and can traverse formidable terrain easily. Strider blightblades eschew the traditional Nyss longbows in favor of a pair of wicked curved blades fabricated using blighted energies. The Legion can rely on them not only for assassination but also to sow chaos and terror among the enemy. —Kalena Bloodwhisper. 77 . and cannot transfer damage for one round. Little can be done to relieve a victim’s excruciating pain besides entirely excising the blight. cannot heal or be healed. fear of the strider blightblades has grown. As stories of shadow warriors wielding dual blades of death spread among the armies of western Immoren. trollkin shaman In reconnaissance and assassination. Place all models in this unit in formation within 3˝ of the chosen table edge. choose any table edge except the back of your opponent’s deployment zone.StriderLegion Blightblades Blighted Nyss Unit You’ve been cut by a most tainted blade. Battle surgeons and healers of all races familiar with these wounds favor amputation whenever possible to prevent the fatal blight from creeping inexorably into the veins of their patients.

Fyanna was transformed into a strider. Determined to reclaim her pride and prove her worth or die trying. the attacking model can advance up to 1˝. roll an additional damage die. After the enemy model is pushed. Before the arrival of the dragon Everblight and the assimilation of the Nyss into his blighted legion. The thrown model suffers a damage roll with POW equal to this model’s STR plus the POW of this weapon. hunting and killing whatever happened to fall into her path. —Captain Farilor FYANNA FYANNA SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 7 7 7 4 15 12 9 Barbed Lash POW P+S 5 12 Pathfinder Attack Type – Each time this model makes a normal melee attack. Rapid Strike – This model can make one additional melee attack each combat action. word of her deeds spread and blighted Nyss wishing to follow her example began to seek her out. and for some this is a trial. Fyanna allowed her most basic instincts—now augmented by the blight—to overtake her. or the AOE of a cloud effect. She had once enjoyed rising renown among the Nyss. choose one of the following abilities: • Beat Back – Immediately after a normal attack with this weapon is resolved during this model’s combat action. In the end we all serve the same master. This model can advance up to 2˝ immediately after an enemy ranged attack that missed it is resolved unless it was missed while advancing. Forced to live on the fringes of the corrupted Nyss society. Damage 5 Field Allowance C Point Cost 3 Small base • Dismember – When this model hits a warbeast with a melee attack. Having achieved acceptance among her fellow fighters together with a certain harmony with her new form. At last she was cast out of the tightly knit fellowship of striders entirely and labeled hyvyloash—outsider. One day in her wanderings she stumbled upon her shard’s old settlement. . Chain Weapon – This attack ignores the Buckler and Shield weapon qualities and Shield Wall. but she now turned inward and avoided contact with others of her kind. Fyanna used her intimate knowledge of the wilderness to lure her quarry into traps where she could eliminate them face-to-face. the AOE of a spell that provides concealment. Fyanna set out to hunt down and eliminate those few unblighted Nyss who resisted the Legion’s power. Fyanna the Lash earned her place as a hunting pack leader within Everblight’s legion. She became little more than a predator. It was widely assumed that upon the death of her shard’s leader Fyanna would assume that responsibility. As she stalked her prey throughout the traditional Nyss hunting grounds and lands. Yet despite the increasing dominance of her savage side. following the cataclysm that shattered the Nyss and placed them in thrall to Everblight. Prowl – This model gains Stealth while within terrain that provides concealment. While seeming to accept the blight as her fellow Nyss 78 Tactical Tips Beat Back – The attacking model can advance even if the enemy model is destroyed by the attack. the enemy model hit can be pushed 1˝ directly away from the attacking model. with the blight amplifying both her predatory nature and a certain ruthless spirit developed over years of fighting for survival within the harsh wilds of the Shard Spires. did. this model can throw the model hit as if it had hit with and passed the STR check of a throw power attack. Fyanna struggled with both her remade form and the new society forged after Everblight’s blighting touch. All that changed. As her collection of trophies from these encounters grew. Fyanna was a charismatic and renowned hunter. Barbed Lash Reach Chain Strike – This weapon has a 4˝ melee range during this model’s activation.Fyanna the Lash Legion Blighted Nyss Character Solo All blighted must adapt to their new flesh. Pitch – A model cannot throw a model whose base is larger than its own. growing increasingly feral. For a long time she roamed far beyond the lands inhabited by the Legion. however. Evasive – This model cannot be targeted by free strikes. • Pitch – Instead of making a normal damage roll on a hit. There she found painful reminders of the proud hunter she had once been and came to recognize the pathetic creature she had allowed herself to become. The POW of collateral damage is equal to this model’s STR. Fyanna retained a tenuous connection to the dragon through the blight.

79 .

The Marches were always hot in the day. “If you say so. the only of her chiefs to swear allegiance to her without requiring a show of force. “He thinks you will simply step aside. Beyond the main encampment. most of her farrow regarded her with almost worshipful reverance. Helga was used to this.” Helga smiled and clapped Grulla on the shoulder. feeling a surge of dread at the powerful farrow’s name. which she would gladly pit against that of any other warlord in the Marches.” Helga said. Grulla walked toward her. She had heard tales of their unnatural ferocity and speed. “I must speak with you. you wallowing bastards!” Grulla barked. Grulla snorted. In the wide space before her. “How many?” she said. firing into a berm of piled earth. Carver will bleed if he seeks to take my lands.” Grulla said. Even Midas now serves him. leaving behind a group of slaughterhousers attacking tall wooden poles with their cleavers. Grulla. “Sounds like progress to me. Alarmed squeals erupted from the idle farrow as they immediately surged to attack their wooden targets. even in the spring. passing the slaughterhousers. we will.” Helga’s tone became more serious as she added. “Yes. And our razorback crews couldn’t hit the broad side of a mountain. “We must prepare to meet our honored guest.” It was true that Carver’s subjugation of Midas was troubling. There is still much work to do. She began walking toward the main group of huts.” Grulla cocked her head. Helga smiled. 80 Helga and Grulla continued in silence. But Carver was something different. If we must fight. but a knot of apprehension tightened in her stomach. dipping her head. farrow brigands were practicing with their pig irons.” Grulla shook her head.” “That’s the thing.” Grulla’s hand instinctively fell to the haft of the axe at her belt. He has conquered or killed every warlord and chief who stood against him. It was not simply his army that Helga feared—it was also his command of the terrible monstrosities provided for him by his pet human doctor and inventor.” she said.” Helga said. Half the slaughterhousers think their pole cleavers are close combat weapons. She knew the strength of her forces. “Is something wrong?” She had been Helga’s battle master for years. Those nearest stopped drilling and stared. tell me.Minions Forging a Dynasty The Bloodstone Marches Helga the Conqueror stepped out from the smoky darkness of her great hall into the afternoon sun. Helga grunted. “I will hear him. She would have expected the proud and stubborn bone grinder to fight to the death before submitting to that indignity. “Warlord. fairly growling the words. “His forces were spotted entering our territory this morning. They heard the sound of gunfire as they moved through the camp.” . of course.” Helga said. Helga nodded. making their way through the orderly rows of farrow huts. how are our troops faring?” Grulla crinkled her snout.” “And you’re the best one for it. She had earned their respect through many long and bloody fights as she consolidated the tribes in the area. “Grulla. It could be a ruse. “Lord Carver is coming.” the older farrow said as she approached. “He sent word he wants to talk. You can’t possibly trust him. “If he wants a fight. “Come. “I’ve got the brigands shooting straight but they still can’t switch between pig iron and club on the charge.” “Good.” Helga said without preamble. hundreds of farrow were drilling under the stern guidance of her primary chieftain. Helga trusted her. we’ll give him one. “Back to it.

” Midas said. Carver was struck by how human it all looked— the order. “It looks almost . largely negating the advantage of his superior numbers. He’d never liked that human word.” he said. A pair of razor boars advanced ahead of Helga. A tall and stout female.” Midas did not look convinced. He would annihilate any forces sent to discourage him. So she was a thinker and a warrior. she has managed to seize a large expanse. Carver saw a number of his chiefs eyeing the encampment with troubled expressions. but he held his tongue. Minutes before they left the encampment Grulla had turned to Helga. human.” Carver snorted. They seemed almost lazy in comparison to Helga’s slaughterhousers. and the narrow entry would bottleneck his forces. “Ridiculous. then absorbing their tribes into her own. “This is her encampment?” They had moved forward from the main army and closer to the walls. . Instead he turned to the thickly muscled bone grinder warlock behind him.” “Impossible. “That’s a good sign.” Midas said. He quickly assessed how difficult it would be to attack such a camp. Still.” Midas said. a subordinate carrying a massive axe.” Carver crinkled his snout. clad in steel plate and gripping a great spear and shield. “She is ambitious. more than I would be willing to put up with. She will speak with me. Or shoot you from here. . and said. “Yes. walked at the fore.” “Trained? Farrow are not trained.” “This does not look like a farrow compound.” “if she would rather fight than accept my offer. I will crush any champions she sends against me. “Helga has strange ideas about how warriors should be trained. discipline. He was intrigued. and Carver sensed he wanted to say more. pointing toward the encampment. Midas was not used to accepting orders. Beside her walked another heavily armored female chief. and there are few females worthy to bear my progeny. not stupid.” Midas nodded. as something they lacked. clear of boulders and other obstructions. Midas said. “I have chosen her above all others for this honor.” “And swiftly. . the neat lines of stakes within and just behind the ditch—all spoke of this discipline. she cut an impressive figure.” “She may see it differently. “She has defeated many.” Carver said grudgingly. Looking back to the lines of his gathered army. This could only be Helga.” 81 . “We should just kill him. Following these were slaughterhousers moving in three ranks of ten. but she may not trouble with formalities. “The largest of several. obviously leashed to her mental command.Lord Carver was perplexed. I will crush any champions she sends against me. and the stronger rise above the weaker. He looked back at his own troops milling about or lounging in the shade of the few withered trees they could find. Armed for war. “As you say. It was not lost on him that with their longer weapons her slaughterhousers would have the advantage on that field. “I seek a mate. we are born warriors.” “Perhaps her strange ways have some merit. the palisade wall and deep ditch encircling the camp. He saw that Helga’s farrow were headed for an open area. “If she sees this as an invasion and attacks .” Carver said. “I have heard her farrow are both disciplined and precise. subjugating many of the male chieftains in the area and forcing them to serve her. deadly serious. their poleaxes held high. “But if she would rather fight than accept my offer. She may just send her army.” Carver said. their movements synchronized. The orderly rows of buildings. Again. A small group of farrow had come forth and was heading in their direction. the discipline. Though it likely takes a lot of bother.” Midas drew a deep breath.” The mere thought of such an affront sent white-hot bolts of rage coursing through Carver.” It was true. He looked down at the encampment in the valley below them. The feeling made him want to take Hand of God from his back and kill something. Helga had proven herself a mighty warrior. along with a small honor guard of warbeasts and brigands. “Her lands are the equal of those once held by several of your greatest warlords. . Even his road hogs would have trouble negotiating that ditch. He’d heard Arkadius say it when speaking of the farrow. If Midas could not stomach a fight.” Carver said. Carver would slaughter them without his help.

” “Lord Carver. I respect the old ways. “I will take but a fraction of my army. meat. nodded.” “Very well. He nodded imperiously. spreading his arms wide in a gesture of generosity.” In truth Helga had no doubt Carver was a mighty warrior— perhaps the greatest farrow warrior who had ever lived— but she required some time to gauge the merits of what was proposed. this could be her opportunity to gain the territory without direct reprisal. and sent a mental command to her razor boars to stay where they were. their numbers were substantial. Outside the shelter of her encampment she felt vulnerable. she saw Carver’s war hogs more clearly and was both repulsed by their patchwork grotesquery and intrigued by their obvious strength. “Helga the Conqueror. Nonetheless. “tradition demands that a suitor prove himself in battle.” “I am flattered. “You say I am worthy to bear your young. This is indeed a  . “The old ways?” Carver said. you would have me prove myself in battle?” “I would see your might firsthand. The smaller gun boars were also impressive. If the blame for the attack were to fall on Carver instead. 82 “First. Moreover.” Helga exchanged a wary look with Grulla and said. A huge cauldron filled with bones.” she continued.” Helga said. Only a real battle can show this. As they drew closer. “After my countless conquests. she felt uncertain about facing Carver in open combat. “Second. belonging to a tribe that has defended their lands from others in the past. I must know you are not just strong and skilled but are also one who can command well and seize spoils. His right hand rested on a double-barreled scattergun holstered low on his hip.” She couldn’t deny that mating with Carver would have its advantages.” she called out. She had considered adding those lands to hers in the past but had held back to avoid drawing the ire of the druids. “What assurances?” Carver said. and there is none stronger than you. as her mind raced. I only wish to determine if you are worthy. what is this boon?” “I require a strong female to bear my young. “I welcome you to my lands. But if she could somehow maintain her standing and also gain access to the powerful hybrid warbeasts created by Carver’s pet arcanist. mouth open. provides to you. she could not deny that she found the prospect of seeing Carver’s war hogs in action quite compelling. she knew the settlements he meant.” As Carver moved toward her. given certain assurances. “I know where there are human villages not far from here.” He glanced back at Midas.  . and other totems was chained to his back. to prove my strength. though. In his own way. she did think she could kill him before being encircled in turn.” Helga continued. “Again. She found herself at a loss for words.” Carver conceded. surprised.” she allowed. Arkadius. “I am not averse to considering the idea.” Carver nodded. It would weaken my standing among my chiefs. but Helga ignored the battle master. Midas was as fearsome-looking as his master. across his back. problems male chiefs and warlords could ignore. while his army looked only loosely ordered.” she said finally. “Perhaps. who glowered in return.” Carver said. Carver himself was a towering figure clad in heavy armor with spiked pauldrons and wielding a gargantuan twohanded blade. “What are you doing?” Grulla hissed from behind her. You will accompany me and I will show you why I am the only suitor worthy of you. a pregnancy and the resulting time needed to raise young would put me in a vulnerable position. not a simple one-on-one duel.  . . “We’ll see what he wants.” she said. “No. She knew exactly what she was doing.” Helga’s eyes narrowed. His resilience was the stuff of legends. “But what brings you to my lands?” “I have come to bestow upon you a great honor. you flatter me. “Underlings are a duplicitous lot. considering. “However. tell me. I have refused all others. You will help me forge my dynasty. very much like a great cleaver.” Carver said. a more lasting alliance could be extremely advantageous.Helga had considered this. she glanced at Grulla.” she said. Next to Carver and slightly behind him was another large armored farrow with a saw-edged axe and a pair of large knives tucked through his belt. “Please. She had not sought a mate because of the inherent problems involved.” she had told Grulla. They belonged to a tribe that served the blackclads.” Carver said. Then she and Grulla walked out to meet the great warlord. “I have heard much of your exploits. She stared at him. I would want access to the creatures your human. “That could be arranged. but even with the hundreds of farrow she commanded and an entire pack of razor boars. and she wondered how accurate their cannons might be. surprising offer. plainly taken aback that she hadn’t immediately accepted the proposal. Carver nodded decisively. Even were she to perform a lightning strike on his immediate escort.

” Helga said. a small number of warbeasts. A savage cry rose over the din of gunfire as a group of human warriors clad in animal skins and sand-colored clothing and armor charged Carver and his brigands. He has numbers. controlled by her mental command. He cut down two humans with his mammoth blade within seconds of first contact and blasted two more with his scattergun. and their armor bore stylized patterns and whorls. The brigands split into two groups to flank the ring of slaughterhousers. crushed. their crossbows bearing heavy blades on the stocks. then lunged to her left and slammed 83 . a powerful chief in his own right. She felt their animal fury coursing along her connection with them. Helga was outfitted for battle and carried the long hunting spear that had belonged to her father. She took a step back. “He has shown enough cunning and strength to conquer every warlord in his path. They were backing up as they fired. Helga summoned her will. walked beside her. The great boar barreled into a group of four humans. and bright yellow runes flared around her outstretched hand. they know how to fight. Carver surged forward with his war hogs in the middle of his farrow mob. Her reason for bringing this large a force was simple. Carver had a reputation for being temperamental. “Move aside!” Helga shouted. considerable personal strength. She sent Snar next and ran close behind him. Helga ran out from behind Snar toward another group of humans firing their crossbows at her razor boars.” Grulla grunted and shook her head. They wielded heavy cleft-bladed spears. “I have the left flank!” The battle master gave a stiff nod and began shouting orders to the farrow around her. The spell washed over the slaughterhousers. More crossbow bolts came whizzing from the cover of nearby boulders but were turned aside. then began firing their pig irons at the shadowy figures hiding in the rocky terrain. The slaughterhousers parted swiftly. and his immediate escort.The two chiefs marched with their warriors toward the closest of the human settlements. but I—” Her point was cut short by the twang of crossbows discharging their bolts and the resulting howls of pain from the farrow struck by the missiles. Helga replied. shrouding them in arcane wards. she needed numbers to counter his aggression—not that she liked her odds in that scenario. Helga looked ahead and saw Carver’s small force had nearly overwhelmed the humans they were fighting. but still a thug. and Helga urged her razor boars to charge. She glanced around and saw more human warriors emerging from cover. Helga reached out to her beasts. Helga’s own force consisted of thirty slaughterhousers and twenty brigands. “Brigands! Two lines! Covering fire!” Grulla’s commands rang out loud and clear. a dense thicket of projecting blades. The remaining three moved apart in an attempt to flank her. and the monstrosities made for him by his human. and it filled her with a heady battle lust. The humans were coming on fast. Three razor boars moved ahead of her. Her largest warbeast. some fifty yards ahead of Helga’s force. the hulking bipedal great boar Snar. spear readied at her right shoulder. His war hogs trampled. nearly taking his head off. and flung aside any humans foolish enough to close. pale creatures into gory paste. “Grulla!” Helga called out. She charged. The humans were closing in on both sides. tusks ripping gaping wounds and splattering blood in wide crimson arcs. The two-hundred-pound beasts slammed into their foes. Individually. “How has he conquered so many with fighters like that?” Carver didn’t seem to mind that his troops were more a mob than a trained fighting force.” Grulla said to Helga. while his gun boars fired on those at the fringes. He’s a thug. Her warriors moved swiftly to form a circle around her and her beasts. “Simple. The arrogant warlord was showing her his skill in battle—well. and if for some reason he turned on her. And his warriors bear the scars of many battles. clearly looking to retreat. and was on them before they realized the danger.” “We cannot underestimate Carver. Carver had brought only Midas. “Look at them. allowing her and the great boar Snar to push through. A strong one. “Slaughterhousers! Ring!” Helga shouted. she would show him why she was master of these lands. Helga counted twenty individuals. its armored fists rising and falling to smash the weak. They had entered an area strewn with large boulders and outcroppings of stone—a perfect place to spring an ambush. all marching in orderly ranks behind her and Grulla. “Maybe. surely. followed closely by her razor boars.” “You give him too much credit. A crossbow bolt thudded into Helga’s shield. summoning her magic to quicken her gait. pulling her attention away from Carver. She also carried a shield fitted with a short cannon modified from one used by razorback crews. some ten miles from her main encampment. pointing at the brigands milling around Carver and Midas. The bolts had struck Carver’s band. She lunged with her spear to catch the first human in the throat.

” “You took some casualties. and then slaughter every human inside. felled by pig irons from Helga’s bandits or spells hurled by Midas or Lord Carver. This one seemed unfazed by the huge beasts and the hundred armed farrow in front of him. Helga yanked her weapon free. The female staggered backward. The final human warrior turned and ran. On a high bluff above the village stood a tree she was sure hadn’t been there before.” Helga met his eye.” the human called out. though Helga noticed Carver let his beasts get a bit closer to the newcomer than she allowed hers. Will you be rash. Clearly he had been watching her.” He held up his staff and pointed at something behind Carver. or can you be patient?” Carver scowled and said. Helga?” Carver said. Several objects hung from its gnarled. “You must end your attack on this settlement. “Perhaps.” Carver cocked his head and stared at her. “These pitiful humans cannot stand before my strength. so he likely wasn’t looking for a fight. She lashed out at her next opponent with a heavy hoof. Helga scanned the battlefield. a fist-sized hole in his torso. Neither side possessed the ranged advantage. “What do you want. She was well aware blackclads had powerful magic.” he said after a long pause. It is protected. She walked up to him. She let him get a dozen steps away. She had known the tribe here to be connected to the druids but had not expected them to intervene directly.” The settlement was surrounded. “They were weak. “I am Wayfarer Ilius. but its defenders were beginning to waver. “Let us continue on. “And you.” she said. “Why should I not crush you along with the rest of these feeble humans?” Carver said. There were already a dozen human bodies at the base of the wall. The black hood hid most of the human’s face. “I would speak with you. Before them stood a human wearing a hooded black cloak and carrying an axe-like weapon that appeared to be made entirely of wood. “If you continue this attack. Lord Carver. “they could benefit from your methods. but he enunciated his words with an exaggerated care and slowness that made Helga bristle. which they understood easily enough. Carver was leaning on his sword thirty feet away. Its walls were stout. Helga felt cold dread settle into . Carver snorted in irritation. human?” Lord Carver said. the retaliation will be more terrible than you can imagine. arms and legs flailing limply. and the farrow had backed off for the moment. whirled around.her shield into the nearest one. and flipped the weapon up into an overhand grip. The cannon unleashed a deafening roar. I would see the mighty Lord Carver wipe this human settlement from my lands.” he said simply. “I shall—” A flash of bright light and a sound like distant thunder stopped him midsentence and caused all three farrow warlocks to whirl around. leaning casually on the haft of Hand of God.” He spoke in Cygnaran.” he replied. but he would soon tire of the siege. He went down. I see. It was an outcome that seemed inevitable. but Helga saw his mouth twist downward. her spear balanced on her shoulder. The two warlocks pulled them back. “You prove yourself more worthy of my attentions with every passing minute.” Carver offered her a tusk-filled smile. but his eyes narrowed. Her own forces were entirely intact. Helga’s razor boars and Carver’s war hogs instinctively surged toward the newcomer.” Helga frowned. Their enemies either lay dead or were swiftly retreating. “That will soon come to pass. leafless branches by short lengths of rope—skulls. and Snar and her razor boars were greedily devouring the corpses. There was no fear in his voice. “You see. and she buried her spear in his guts. A blackclad.” She pointed at the many farrow lying dead on the sand behind the warlord. skewering her. and depressed the firing stud. Sentries manning the palisade had fired crossbows down at the farrow with deadly accuracy. “Have you come to challenge me?” Helga doubted that. better for close combat. “Well fought. Her target was blown forward. “Or poorly trained. smashing his knee. The blackclad had come alone. 84 Carver had not yet sent his war hogs against the wall. knowing they had their enemy trapped. “Warlords Carver and Helga.” the human said. took aim with her shield cannon. and Helga’s spear followed. use his beasts to batter down the walls. and after a moment she gave him a small nod. but I am keen to see how you will handle the final stage without losing half your warriors. farrow skulls among them. His face was unreadable.” Helga shrugged and said. “Your skill is beyond question. kicking hard. but the shot was true.

and have him bring Sturm and Drang. his eyes gleaming. “You will see why my dynasty will rule for a thousand years. But speak plainly and do not insult us. but bloodlust still shaded Carver’s expression. “Very well. “We have bled in this battle. He was spattered with blood and stank of sweat and death. Lord Carver.” Midas nodded his agreement. “We will leave your village standing. breaking the silence that had settled over the farrow.” Helga was surprised and gratified to hear him support the notion. He did the one thing she didn’t expect: he smiled.” It was a tempting proposition. Your chieftains have been running lean for too long. “Now. “You would turn us against your enemies? That is fair. and my farrow have been promised spoils! Your tree does not frighten me. “You would find little of value here. But if you are lying about these trollkin and their wealth. whatever its connection to the village. It would also allow Helga more time to turn Carver’s proposal to her full advantage.” he said. and—most importantly—valuable weapons and armor. “Trollkin are more worthy foes than these cowardly humans. “Hogwash! Why should we?” Midas’ ear twitched as he looked at his leader with barely concealed disdain. Helga met his glowering gaze. They are Ironhide’s people. it was not an entity to provoke blindly. She knew the legend of the Tree of Fate.” 85 . and why I am called the Bringer of Most Massive Destruction!” “The human is right about the weak state of this new settlement. “Return and gather the rest of my army. “That is Wurmwood. Let this be our true test. Let us lead our great armies in battle. and Ironhide’s are likely to have powder stores as well. for the glory of a future dynasty. “End the attack?” he said. Taking a large trollkin settlement would provide food. she could not say.” The blackclad inclined his head. “These humans have proven to be an unworthy foe. Even were she present with her entire army. too.” Carver said with a savage grin. he also nodded at Helga—though whether that signified the beginning of an alliance or simply grudging respect.” The blackclad nodded. “Our forces blended.” Seeing Carver’s unimpressed look. “If they are depleted. “We should do it because together we can. Carver turned to Midas. you will see why the world will one day lie at my feet.” Midas nodded. Helga. Carver had yet to see the full benefit.” Midas said. Trollkin resilience is well known. Ironhide is said to have a mighty army. “Do you have something to offer us in exchange for giving up our spoils. the unpredictable warlord might do anything at this moment. But Carver had his pride and would not back down unless he could do so without appearing weak. “Very well. the pair of us marching at the fore—surely we can accomplish great things. their wounded will recuperate if we wait. supplies.the pit of her stomach. I promise our retribution will be more terrible than anything you or any human can imagine. There you will find a trollkin settlement. but Midas nodded. Send word to Arkadius as well. “This is no idle threat. human. but there is another place where great gains could be had. Lord Carver. Midas muttered. His blood already enflamed by combat.” Carver huffed menacingly. we must strike soon.” Carver grunted.” The tree did frighten Helga. But she could smell the possibility of advantage beneath the druid’s words. You should hurry. “I do not promise it will be easy. “I have heard of these trollkin.” Midas said. at least they were before they fled their homes. his temper cooling slightly.” Carver only grunted.” she said.” Helga snorted. she would be reluctant to provoke Wurmwood. druid?” After a moment the human said. Lord Carver. for those willing to take risks. “There is another reason.” Carver fumed. “Troll livers and hearts make powerful fetishes. “I wonder why the human came to treat with us rather than simply unleashing the power of Wurmwood upon us? Perhaps there is an agreement that can be made to our benefit. and then he disappeared in a burst of green light. Each of our forces on its own might not be enough. but she pressed on. from the Thornwood.” Carver said to the blackclad. They grow restless for fresh spoils. “Trollkin produce fine weapons. He turned to the blackclad. he added in a stronger tone. side by side.” Helga said. As he turned to go. and she said. a being that fed on blood. Very wealthy. Helga knew she was standing on the precipice of disaster. newly established and filled with warriors wounded and tired from a great battle. There is much to be gained from their destruction.” Carver scratched at the tuft of fur on his chin. Go north. Calamity followed where it appeared.

Helga the Conqueror Minion Farrow Warlock She intrigues me. equally at ease skewering her foes or blasting them to pieces. Her ability to command the strength of various porcine warbeasts has helped assure her place as undisputed master of her domain. Off the battlefield Helga personally leads raids on trollkin and human settlements for weapons. when a friendly Faction model hits an enemy model with a normal melee attack.) Hunting Spear Magical Weapon Reach Inflict Pain – When it hits a warbeast with this weapon. or anything else in their way. While in this model’s control area. She has implemented rigid discipline over her warriors. Arkadius Feat: Grand Finale HELGA The great warlord Helga can draw on her arcane reserves to bestow mystical strength on the minions fighting beside her. and other valuables. controlling a vast swath of territory in the southeastern Bloodstone Marches. Dash lasts for one turn. and impact attack rolls against this model. Minion – This model will work for Circle. —Dr. The POW of the slam damage roll is equal to the P+S of the attack. capable of sending enemies flying back to shatter through walls. Helga is a natural leader. and it is more than simple fear of her wrath that compels the loyalty of her followers. Having secured these lands through a deft combination of strength and cunning. the manner in which she controls her war band is quite unconventional. Skorne. Legion. Grand Finale lasts for one turn. Helga gained power in the traditional way of her people— through force and coercion. Target friendly Faction model/unit gains +2 DEF and ARM. SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 5 7 6 6 15 16 8 Shield Cannon RNG ROF AOE POW 10 1 — 13 Hunting Spear POW P+S 5 12 Fury 6 Damage 16 Field Allowance C Warbeast Points +6 Small base HELGA Tough Farrow Warlock – This model can have only Minion Farrow warbeasts in its battlegroup. a model with Gang Fighter gains +2 to melee attack and melee damage rolls. While her rise to power may have been traditional. as cunning and adaptable as they are pig-headed and intractable. At the end of this movement. She overcame dozens of tribal leaders through strength of arms. Though a fierce warrior by any measure. Her warriors regard her with awe. forcing them to endure rigorous training and adopt tactics most farrow would dismiss as too humanlike. Helga has earned both the respect and the fear of her cohorts. (When making a melee attack targeting an enemy model in melee range of another friendly Faction warrior model. she remains independent. . this model can place 1 fury point on or remove 1 fury point from the warbeast. Tactical Tips Grand Finale – The slammed model is moved only half the distance rolled if its base is larger than the slamming model’s. friendly Faction warrior models cannot be targeted by free strikes. adding their strength to hers. They are proud to bear her banners and eager to bring her spoils. Set Defense – A model in this model’s front arc suffers –2 on charge. the enemy model can be slammed d6˝ directly away from the attacking model. Her rise was all the more 86 Spells – – No No 2 Self Ctrl – No No Defender’s Ward 2 6 – – Yes No Distraction 2 8 – – No Yes Muzzle 2 10 – 12 No Yes This model immediately makes a full advance. She stands apart from the other warlords. she is a whirlwind of steel on the battlefield. The POW of collateral damage is equal to the STR of the attacking model. All these tribes she absorbed. Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF Cyclone 2 Self Dash While in Helga’s control area. Helga the Conqueror stands as an equal among the most formidable warlords the farrow have ever produced. She has driven them to reinforce and strengthen her holdings with formidable defensive structures. slam power attack. It cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement. Helga has compounded her triumphs by skillfully employing her warlock powers to her advantage. and Trollbloods. In a time when most farrow with a thirst for conquest have bent the knee to Lord Carver. this model can make one melee attack against each model in its LOS that is in its melee range. Field Marshal [Gang Fighter] – Models in this model’s battlegroup gain Gang Fighter. This model and friendly Faction warrior models activating in its control area gain +1 SPD. often defeating rival chieftains in single combat. Target enemy warrior model/unit cannot make ranged attacks and suffers –2 DEF and MAT for one round. food. trees. Their every blow becomes a battering ram. With her great spear and shield cannon. In battle Helga is direct and uncompromising. noteworthy for taking place in a culture dominated by males. Cyclone can be cast only once per turn. Field Marshal – This includes this model. An enemy warbeast damaged by Muzzle cannot advance toward this model for one round.

but she would do so on her own terms. a development she knew to be inevitable given the extent of his conquests. Surprisingly.Helga has lately drawn the attention of Lord Carver. In return. Helga has not rebuffed Carver’s advances. he came to her not to force her into submission but because he sees her as something unique: the key to a dynasty. the only farrow worthy to bear his young. She may be eager to gain access to the weapons Carver’s army has created. 87 . While as yet unwilling to make any such commitment. She knows that as a warlock she has much to gain from joining the Thornfall Alliance. but she is determined to achieve this goal without relinquishing her autonomy. she would bring to the alliance both a fierce and disciplined army and her own tremendous talents as a warlock and battle commander.

ignore spell effects that add to a model’s ARM or DEF.) Target friendly Faction model gains +2 DEF and Poltergeist. it cannot be targeted by ranged or magic attacks and can make attacks only against other models in deep water. enemy models suffer –2 ARM. Jaga-Jaga has risen to prominence as a high priestess of the Blindwater Congregation. walking the bloody path as an avatar of the spirit and its hunger for slaughter. heals 1 damage point. (A model with Ghostly can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions if it has enough movement to move completely past them. Other gatormen commune with such spirits. Gatorman Warlock – This model can have only Minion Gatorman warbeasts in its battlegroup. you can take control of it. the model becomes a friendly Faction Undead gains Dark Shroud. drawn to her as leeches are drawn to disturbances in the water. (When making an attack with a weapon with Blessed. Twisting her way up from the deep waters of the Marchfells. and can immediately make a full advance. The model cannot activate and is removed from play when Legion of Death expires. If solo. The darkness and cold of the grave surrounds them. Though Jaga-Jaga knew Barnabas’ actions would doubtless lead to the death of countless gatormen. the Death Charmer Minion Gatorman Warlock The will of Kossk comes to me in the bloom of blood in the river. (When an enemy model misses the model with Poltergeist with an attack. it is still removed from play when Legion of Death expires. Skorne. If you lose control of a model you controlled with Legion of Death. An affected model cannot be targeted by free strikes. –Jaga-Jaga JAGA-JAGA SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 6 6 5 14 16 9 Death Snake POW P+S 5 11 Fury 7 Damage 16 Field Allowance C Warbeast Points +5 Medium base Feat: Legion of Death Those who perish near JagaJaga dance to her will and their broken bodies become like puppets under her cruel control. The boons granted by Kossk must be repaid with sacrifice. and from it she charms forth intangible beings to serve her whims and offer her council. nonwarcaster warrior model is boxed by an attack while in Jaga-Jaga’s control area this turn. and Trollbloods. Escort – Modifiers to movement apply only to a model’s normal movement. The chosen model must forfeit either its movement or its action during its next activation. JAGA-JAGA Amphibious – This model ignores the effects of deep and shallow water and can move through them without penalty. Her eyes pierce the tenebrous barrier between Caen and that which lies beyond. but they perceive only a glimmer of what she knows. friendly Faction model/units’ and Blessed. Legion of Death – Legion of Death models can make free strikes. . and she has maintained many of these pacts.) – No No While within this model’s control area. Jaga-Jaga is linked to the dark forces of the swamp through her forebears. however. Death Snake Reach Chain Weapon – This attack ignores the Buckler and Shield weapon qualities and Shield Wall. she also believed that this would leave a stronger people. During this movement. (While in the melee range of a model with Dark Shroud.) Minion – This model will work for Circle. Her bloodline has a long history of brokering power with such spirits. you do. eager to bend to her designs. sowing weakness and vulnerability. as its controller chooses. the model cannot be targeted by free strikes. Legion. It was through Kossk that Jaga-Jaga had visions of Bloody Barnabas as a living shadow of her master. Carefully weighing the options set before her. Deadweight – Remember. Around her the unseen spirits bubble close to the surface. In her talons writhe the spirits of death and of the swamps. she chose to entwine her fate with Barnabas’. this model does not block LOS. This model gains +2 ARM while one or more warbeasts in its battlegroup are within 3˝ of it. Warbeasts in this model’s battlegroup beginning their activations in its control area gain +2˝ movement. When a living or undead enemy non-warlock. No No Target friendly model/unit gains Ghostly for one turn. tempered by conflict and imbued with spiritual power. It is by dark and bloody rituals that JagaJaga’s line has long called upon Kossk as a wellspring of power. immaterial world. While completely in deep water. in the unwinding of spilled entrails. 88 Spells Cost RNG AOE POW UP OFF Deadweight 2 8 – 12 No Yes Escort 2 Self Ctrl – Yes No Ghost Walk 3 6 – – Grave Wind 2 6 – – Yes No Spellpiercer 2 Self Ctrl When Deadweight destroys an enemy living or undead model. a model that forfeits its action cannot run. Poison – Gain an additional die on this weapon’s damage rolls against living models. immediately after the attack is resolved you can choose to push the enemy model d3˝ directly away from the model with Poltergeist. She is an enigmatic creature.) Tactical Tips Amphibious – This model can attack other models that are in deep water. She sees a larger. Spellpiercer lasts for one weapons gain Magical Weapon round. or the spirit takes what it desires from the flesh of the seer. While completely in deep water. supplicating the great spirit by walking the path of predation and becoming friends with death.Jaga-Jaga. choose an enemy model within 2˝ of the destroyed model. Legion of Death lasts for one round. whispering into the darkness to converse with ravening things of shadow. in the taste of flesh killed by my hand.

In Barnabas she sees singular supernatural potential that she can shape to her will.Jaga-Jaga soon made her way to the territory of the Blindwater Congregation to meet the venerable warlock. he instead brought the perceptive Jaga-Jaga into his fold. She is now one of his favored mystics. of his imminent and glorious fate. She spoke to him of unknowable truths. greater goals. Jaga-Jaga walks with him. 89 . Each step Barnabas takes toward his goal of ascension. she works steadily toward darker. one of many tools he uses to sharpen his understanding of the world beyond. of tides of slaughter and powers unimaginable. To the amazement of those such as Calaban who predicted Barnabas would destroy her. From her position within the Blindwater Congregation. whispering in his ear the words of the spirits.

The 90 —Efaarit scout aphorism Tactical Tip Camouflage – If a model ignores concealment or cover. these displaced efaarit have had to rapidly adapt to their new surroundings. halve the base ARM stats of models hit that have medium or larger bases. and the Thornfall Alliance pact. Trollbloods. this model can inflict 1 damage point. the efaarit are carving out a new home in Immoren. Sniper – When damaging a warjack or warbeast with a ranged attack. Heavy Hunting Rifle Armor Piercing – When calculating damage from this weapon. By modifying centuries-old techniques refined in the heart of the Bloodstone Desert. Skorne. EFAARIT Scouts SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 8 5 6 7 14 14 8 Heavy Hunting Rifle RNG ROF AOE POW 12 1 — 7 Mount POW 10 Damage 5 Field Allowance 2 Point Cost 3 Large base Minion – This model will work for Circle. They strike from the heart of raging sandstorms or the cover of distant dunes. We are both. the efaarit roam this new land to see what fortunes it holds. As they fight alongside unfamiliar allies. Tribal nomads native to the Bloodstone Desert. as these scouts target joints and gaps in their adversaries’ armor with prodigious accuracy. choose which column or branch suffers damage. one deadly shot at a time. but even they recognize the efaarit’s proficiency as pathfinders and guides. it also ignores concealment or cover’s Camouflage bonus. efaarit scout teams cross even the most punishing terrain to outflank an enemy. A model that participates in a combined ranged attack loses Sniper until the attack is resolved. curious about what could motivate such an enormous military endeavor. Atop their belligerent “bletcher” mounts. trading on their expertise as scouts and snipers. This weapon gains +2 to damage rolls against models with small bases. the efaarit are a hardy race of talented survivalists. Some have sought their fortune among the people of western Immoren. always using the desert to their advantage. . skorne typically view them as unworthy slaves. An opportunistic race somewhat akin to the gobbers of western Immoren. Instead of rolling damage on a ranged attack. Tribes of efaarit have followed the westward sweep of skorne forces at a distance.Efaarit Scouts Minion Light Cavalry Solo Only the deadly and the useful make it in the harsh world. EFAARIT Scouts Pathfinder Camouflage – This model gains an additional +2 DEF when benefiting from concealment or cover. Precise fire from their powerful hunting rifles can bring down even massive warbeasts. These untiring and observant beings patiently study opponents to exploit their weaknesses and wear them down with precise attacks and ambushes.

and his influence among the farrow was on the rise. He was long undefeated. He cut down the remaining Greylords and doom reavers in seconds. Unyielding – While engaging an enemy model. Minion – This model will work for Circle. He attacked while most slept. Relentless Charge – This model gains Pathfinder activations it charges. Maximus’ enduring legend was born when he and his warband came upon a group of Greylords and their doom reaver slaves searching for Orgoth relics in the desolate swamps of the Marchfells. this model gains +2 ARM. Despite his already fearsome reputation. 91 . who gladly makes use of this maddened farrow to terrify and slaughter his enemies. Maximus wanders the wild places of western Immoren. and Trollbloods. killing several before they roused. He was once accorded the respect and influence due a great warlord among the farrow. Maximus has become a creature consumed by hatred and driven to slaughter by the ancient magic of his nightmarish weapon. once loosed. Maximus and his farrow attacked the Khadoran intruders but underestimated their strength. Legion. Now he occupies a place somewhere between awe and terror among his own kind. Once a powerful warlord serving Lord Carver. Maximus proved his worth by destroying Carver’s enemies time and time again. during Spell Ward – This model cannot be targeted by spells.Maximus Minion Farrow Character Solo Maximus is the arrow that. points the way to slaughter. a gore-splattered hero whose legend grows with each gruesome kill. but was then surrounded and set upon. Only Maximus survived to flee into the swamp. immediately after the attack is resolved it must make one additional melee attack against another model in its melee range. MAXIMUS MAXIMUS SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 5 7 8 4 13 16 7 Abomination Fellblade Fearless 6 Tough POW P+S 13 Damage 8 Field Allowance C Berserk – When this Point Cost 2 model destroys one or Small base more models with a melee attack during its combat action. When his weapon splintered. Caught off guard by the Greylords’ magic and the martial skill of the doom reavers. his fellblade pushing him to seek out death and bloodshed. He still retains some loyalty to Lord Carver. the farrow were cut down. heightening his rage. The powerful magic of the Orgoth weapon took hold. Fellblade Magical Weapon Reach Weapon Master Rage at the loss of his warband transformed Maximus and he returned to the Khadoran encampment alone. Maximus snatched up a fellblade from a slain doom reaver. —Lord Carver Tactical Tip Spell Ward – This model is shielded from friendly and enemy spells alike. Skorne.

its design embodies the innate pragmatism of the farrow race. The meat thresher is perhaps the crowning achievement of farrow ingenuity. What it does not mow down with heavy-caliber rounds. After all. Auto Fire counts as one attack for ROF.Meat Thresher Minion Farrow Battle Engine It is the crowning achievement of our race—it kills and cooks at the same time. . Grinding Wheel – This weapon gains an additional die on attack rolls against small-based models. it would simultaneously slice and tenderize its victims’ flesh. Despite the meat thresher’s questionable engineering. Some conservative tribal chiefs remain wary of the costs of Arkadius’ “progress. could have birthed this rolling death machine. This enthusiasm has led to a renaissance in technology as enterprising young farrow combine principles of engineering with their own sensibilities. Knockdown – When a model is hit by an attack with this weapon. Arkadius. their slapdash construction means that despite the farrow’s minimal industrial manufacturing capability. When this model makes its initial melee attacks or a power attack. the panicked creatures begin to run. Any other race would view this result as a design flaw. the meat thresher uses its furnace to heat a massive steel cylinder designed to hold a small herd of young razor boars. it makes one melee attack with this weapon against each model in its LOS and this weapon’s melee range. thus powering the machine’s locomotion. Bulldoze has no effect when this model makes a trample power attack. razor boars are plentiful. While much of this plunder has gone to fuel the twisted experiments of Dr. it is knocked down. Weapon Platform – This model can make melee and ranged attacks in the same activation. Indeed. with no way to actually escape the heat. their victories over more conventional military forces give them access to more salvage than ever before. Upon seeing the meat thresher in action for the first time. Of course. Only the farrow. This model can make ranged attacks even while in melee. Crusher Ride-by Attack – This model can make ride-by attacks. Trollbloods. Lord Carver ordered a second tier constructed atop the machine’s frame to hold a spinning hailer. After testing. While these weapons are still few in number.” but many among the new generation of farrow have embraced his philosophy. THRESHER SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 6 12 6 5 10 19 10 Hailer RNG ROF AOE POW 12 1 — 12 Minion – This model will work for Skorne. 92 —Midas Tactical Tips Auto Fire – These attacks are simultaneous. As the cylinder heats up. A model can be pushed by Bulldoze Huge base only once per activation. it minces and flattens beneath its bladed drum. it is unlikely that even his demented mind could have conceived of this monstrous fusion of riveted steel and porcine power. Crusher Blood Reaper – When this model makes its first melee attack during its activation. Arkadius. he is not the sole architect of the Thornfall’s martial might. farrow engineers devised a simplistic yet startlingly effective engine. The machine uses its forward momentum to crush enemy soldiers beneath its rotating drum. and the Thornfall Alliance pact. Rather than relying on a complex boiler system to generate steam power. Having plundered a large stock of coal and spare parts during raids. the razor boars are slowly cooked alive. Blood Reaper – The melee attacks are all simultaneous. and nothing stokes a farrow’s appetite like a hard-fought battle. Ignore intervening models when declaring secondary targets. with their blatant disregard for both safety and the applied laws of physics. but the farrow see it as a valuable innovation. As the farrow continue to aggressively expand their holdings under the command of Lord Carver. The “efficiency” of the meat thresher’s design extends to its primary weaponry. THRESHER Construct Bulldoze – When this model advances into POW P+S B2B contact with an 4 16 enemy model during its Damage 22 activation. some few come to successful realization. A secondary target cannot be targeted by more attacks than the primary target. the number of these nightmarish contraptions will only continue to increase. Hailer Auto Fire [2d3] – Make 2d3 ranged attacks targeting a primary target and any number of secondary targets within 2˝ of the first target. Though many of these questionable innovations end in disaster. it can also make its initial ranged attacks. Trash – Gain an additional damage die against knocked down targets. a particularly inspired farrow realized that with a series of blades added to the cylinder. it can push that Field Allowance 2 model up to 2˝ directly Point Cost 9 away from it. This weapon’s impressive rate of fire combines with the machine’s armored bulk to make the thresher the perfect assault vehicle. Attacks against targets beyond this weapon’s range will automatically miss. particularly as it owes none of its design to Dr.

93 .

These sacral vaults are specifically constructed to harness and store the energies of blood and death. For victims. The bokurs consecrate these structures in blood and pile them with bones and candles made from the tallow of their victims. Soulstorm – While this model has one or more soul tokens. Unification has brought together both more building material and more mystic talent than ever before. Their bodies are used against their comrades at the behest of the vault’s master before their souls are ultimately ripped from them and locked into the inescapable prison of the unholy tomb. The sacral vaults now being constructed were designed with mobility in mind so that their formidable strength might be used against Barnabas’ enemies. then the boxed model is removed from play. the gatorman tribes have always shared the worship of Kossk and the belief in absorbing an enemy’s power through ritual consumption of their flesh. 94 —Bokor Kallok  Each sacral vault is a monument to the worship of Kossk and a fearsome example of the power that can be harnessed through deathly energies. a gruesome death at the hands of the vault’s occupants—their flesh rent to bloody rags by howling spirits. For the gatormen. literally housing the souls of those killed in its vicinity to power the dark rituals of the attending bokor. a far worse fate awaits them as the vault itself ensnares their souls. however. creating a haven for the spirits of the restless dead. non-warlock enemy warrior model. Each warlock can do this only once per turn and only during its activation. carrying the forms of disembodied spirits. The Blindwater region contains many aged fragments of Orgoth construction or older ruins from the days of the Molgur. Spectral Fury Magical Weapon Deathly Domination – When this weapon boxes a living or Undead non-warcaster. The negated spell does not take effect. a supernatural windstorm whips about the vault. a few of the larger and more powerful tribes have constructed massive edifices dedicated to ritual sacrifice. SACRAL VAULT Construct Eyeless Sight Gunfighter Arcane Vortex – This model can immediately negate any spell that targets it or a model within 3˝ of it by spending 1 soul token before the RNG of the spell is measured. enemy models entering or ending their activations within 2˝ of it immediately suffer 1 damage point. granted to only a few. These slabs are already inscribed in the profane texts of these civilizations and serve as perfect conduits for the power of death as they are set one atop the other to create a towering edifice.Sacral Vault Minion Gatorman Battle Engine When Kossk feasts on our sacrifice. . The total rolled is the number of initial attacks this model can make with this weapon during the combat action. For most. Though they lie divided across the many swamps and bogs of western Immoren. there to await the call of their new master. this model can spend soul tokens to boost attack or damage rolls at one token per boost. such a fate is viewed with reverence. The rise of the Blindwater Congregation under Bloody Barnabas has greatly increased the demand for and the use of sacral vaults. but their soul passing on to Urcaen—is in truth the best outcome to be hoped for. This model can have up to five soul tokens at a time. you can immediately spend one soul token to take control of the model and make a full advance with the enemy model followed by a normal melee attack. The most powerful sacral vaults are built of stone ruins unearthed from the swamps and long steeped in death and decay. Soul Sacrifice – If this model is in a friendly Faction warlock’s control area. roll a d3. Crypt of Souls – At the start of each of your Control Phases. Rapid Fire [d3] – When you decide to make initial attacks with this weapon at the beginning of this model’s combat action. this model gains d3 soul tokens if it does not have any. all living souls are inexorably drawn to its cold embrace. Such is the hunger of the sacral vault that it does not distinguish between friend and foe. these spirits can be sent forth to unleash their eternal frustration upon enemies far from the vault itself. but its COST remains spent. Not only does this allow the gatormen to employ these holy structures in battle. but Barnabas also believes that the ability to gather multiple sacral vaults together at the height of his greatest battle will be critical to his successful transcendence to godhood. SACRAL VAULT SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD 4 10 — 5 9 20 10 Spectral Fury RNG ROF AOE POW 12 1 — 13 Damage 20 Field Allowance 2 Point Cost 9 Huge base Minion – This model will work for Circle. While most gatormen conduct these ritualistic feasts in small ceremonies. This model gains one soul token for each living model destroyed in its command range. When awoken by a bokor. During its activation. This ethereal wind swirls violently as the spirits attempt to break the bonds of the cage that holds them. Legion. the god’s strength becomes ours. and the Blindwater Congregation pact. ignoring ROF. At the direction of the bokor. making the surrounding area particularly dangerous to those who have not appeased Kossk. The boxed model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement. the warlock can remove 1 soul token from this model to gain a fury point. Their spiritual frenzy allows these ghostly bodies to rip at the physical world.

95 .

Daughter of Everblight Legion Epic Blighted Nyss Warlock 96 .Model Gallery Fyanna the Lash Helga the Conqueror Legion Blighted Nyss Character Solo Minion Farrow Warlock Una the Falconer Circle Character Solo Absylonia.

the Death Charmer Skorne Character Solo Minion Gatorman Warlock Horgle IronStrike Trollblood Trollkin Character Solo Borka. Vengeance of the Rimeshaws Trollblood Epic Trollkin Cavalry Warlock 97 .Tyrant Zaadesh Jaga-Jaga.

Dozer & Smigg Trollblood Dire Troll Character Heavy Warbeast 98 .

Argus Moonhound Circle Light Warbeast Neraph Legion Heavy Warbeast Rotterhorn Griffon Circle Light Warbeast 99 .

Strider Blightblades Legion Blighted Nyss Unit 100 .

Praetorian Keltarii Skorne Unit 101 .

You may need multiple layers to build up the color. Blend Carnal Pink into the flexible joints of the model as well. You’ll also find tips for approaching some specific areas on your models: adding character to meaty trollkin fists. We start with a full step-by-step guide for Absylonia. Step 3) Add more Skorne Red and Exile Blue to the mixture used in step 2 and use it to define the deep shadows of the flesh. Step 6) With a mixture of Beaten Purple and Ironhull Grey. we integrated some additional textures and tones into the standard Legion paint scheme. painting realistic metallic weapons. 1 2 3 4 Step 4) Apply smooth blends of Morrow White to define the flesh highlights. Daughter of Everblight To bring out the inherent motion and character of this dynamic model. and bringing out the delicate details of feathers. 102 . These techniques help models stand out on any tabletop. creating a convincing glow on heated metal. Daughter of Everblight that includes methods you can use for other Legion models as well. Flesh Step 1) Basecoat the flesh areas using Frostbite mixed with small amounts of Exile Blue and Skorne Red. Follow along as this monster comes to life and takes to the skies. Wings Step 5) Highlight the wing membranes with Carnal Pink.Painting GUide HORDES: Exigence is packed with monstrous new models ready to be brought to life by your brush. Step 2) Darken the basecoat color with additional Exile Blue and Skorne Red. create a scale-like pattern on the wing membranes. so grab your brushes and paints and get ready to take your models to the next level! Absylonia. Use this mixture to apply some shading to the flesh.

5 6 7 8 Spikes and Chitinous Armor Plates Step 10) Basecoat the spikes and chitinous armor plates with Battlefield Brown.Step 7) Add small amounts of Battlefield Brown and Exile Blue to the mixture from step 6. Then paint lines of Thamar Black at the end of each spike to complete the effect. thin it with water. Step 8) Accentuate the scale pattern with a mixture of Umbral Umber and Exile Blue. Step 11) Highlight the spikes and chitin with Beast Hide. Step 9) Apply subtle blended glazes of Beaten Purple and Exile Blue to further integrate the pattern. Aim for a feathered texture to give these areas some extra detail. Blend the edges into the flesh and add a subtle scale pattern by dabbing with the blending brush. and blend it over the scale pattern as a translucent glaze. This will help integrate the pattern into the existing highlights and shadows. Reinforce this pattern with some well-placed freehand scales. 9 Step 13) Apply a blend of Thamar Black with Brown Ink over the tips of the spikes to help integrate the texture. Step 12) Emphasize the highlights and texture with lines of ’Jack Bone. Frostbite Brown Ink Exile Blue Coal Black Skorne Red Menoth White Highlight Morrow White Carnal Pink Beaten Purple Ironhull Grey Battlefield Brown Umbral Umber Beast Hide ’Jack Bone Thamar Black Radiant Platinum Pig Iron 10 11 12 13 Blue Ink Red Ink Quick Silver Menoth White Base Ember Orange Sanguine Highlight Yellow Ink 103 .

highlight the armor with Quick Silver. Use the same color to start painting the eyes. Step 16) Add a small amount of Menoth White Highlight to the mixture from step 15 and use this to apply final highlights to the cloth areas.PAINTING Guide Cloth Step 14) Basecoat the cloth areas using Coal Black mixed with a small dot of Thamar Black. Once this is completely dry. apply some final touches in Thamar Black and Morrow White to define the enraged expression. You need to basecoat only the surfaces that face the light. and Absylonia will be ready to fly into battle! Step 17) Basecoat the armor plates with Radiant Platinum. Step 24) Carefully add final tones to the eyes and teeth with a thin glaze of Yellow Ink and a thin glaze of Red Ink. Face Step 21) Coat the eyes and teeth in Thamar Black to separate them from the rest of the model. 21 14 15 16 22 23 17 104 18 19 20 24 . Then use glazes to add tones to the details of the face. and Pig Iron. making it easier to read at a distance. then glaze the lips and eyes with Sanguine Highlight. Blue Ink. Step 15) Add Frostbite to the basecoat mixture and apply highlights to the cloth. Step 22) Paint each tooth with Menoth White Base. Now you only need to base the model. Glaze the teeth and eyes with Ember Orange. being careful to leave a border of black between them. Beaten Purple. Reapply any lines obscured by the glazes. Step 19) Use a mixture of Thamar Black. Step 23) Highlight the teeth and eyes with dots of Menoth White Highlight. Step 18) Shade the metal areas with a mix of Coal Black. and Red Ink to apply lining and definition to the metal. Armor Step 20) Apply a coat of matte sealant. Then return with Radiant Platinum to clean up the lines and rivets. taking care that this layer appears solid and uniform. the other surfaces should be left primer black. Using an extremely fine detail brush.

Step 6) Blend Sanguine Base into the knuckles and cuticles. Trollblood Base Midlund Flesh Sanguine Base Hammerfall Khaki Thornwood Green Battledress Green Cryx Bane Base Menoth White Base Underbelly Blue Sanguine Highlight Step 3) Add Cryx Bane Base to the mixture used in Step 2 and apply additional shading. use Sanguine Highlight to paint small scratches onto the knuckles and cuticles to complete the battered appearance. Sanguine Base. and Thornwood Green.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Trollkin Flesh: Big. Step 8) Shade the nails by blending Battledress Green over the lines added in Step 7. Finally. add lines on the fingernails. Step 9) Highlight the nails with Menoth White Base. Leave just a little of the black undercoat uncovered. Step 4) Blend highlights into the palms using Underbelly Blue. Step 5) Work lines and blends of Midlund Flesh into the knuckles and cuticles. 105 . Step 2) Apply initial shading using a mixture of Trollblood Base. Step 7) Using Hammerfall Khaki. you’re going to paint a lot of big. meaty fists. Step 1) Basecoat the flesh with Trollblood Base. Here we illustrate a simple and effective method for painting battered fists that are full of character. Meaty Fists When you paint a Trollblood army.

Apply lines to the center of the runes to further define the shapes. Step 6) Highlight the blade with Menoth White Highlight. Aim for a thin. wash the majority of the blade with watered-down Menoth White Highlight. Work the color into the upper edge of each inscribed rune to help make them distinct. Step 5) Apply additional glazing using Heartfire. Step 2) Make a glaze using Khador Red Base and Sanguine Highlight. Apply this to the base of the blade and blend the color into the white area. . make a glaze of Yellow Ink. Step 1) Starting from the tip. Step 3) Apply further glazing using Khador Red Highlight. Red Ink. even coat and be careful not to allow the ink to pool in the recesses of the model.PAINTING Guide 1 2 3 5 6 7 Menoth White Highlight Greatcoat Grey Khador Red Base Sanguine Highlight 4 Khador Red Highlight Ember Orange Heartfire Yellow Ink Red Ink Horgle Ironstrike: Red-Hot Metal When Horgle Ironstrike takes to the battlefield. concentrating the highlights toward the tip of the blade. and water and apply this to the whole area. Basecoat the base of the blade with Greatcoat Grey and blend the color so it fades as you move away from the hilt. his redhot blade sets enemies aflame. Here’s how to achieve a fiery glow that will stand out on the tabletop and forewarn opponents of their doom. Step 7) To punch up the color. so be careful about where you apply your glazing. apply a glaze of Ember Orange to the blade. 106 Step 4) Starting from the tip this time. The placement of the colors is key in achieving the glowing effect.

apply “bounce light” highlights to the underside of weapons as well. and darkens again as the surface curves back out of sight. with no shading at all. Use Quick Silver to apply highlights sparingly to the hard edges and the lower lips of chips and notches in the weapon. flat faces. have a gradient that starts dark on one side. edges between faces. This shading will begin to define the shape of the weapon. and cracks in the surface. faces of a weapon that are overhung or facing the ground may need only shade colors. and surfaces that face the light source. Step 4) Begin highlighting with Cold Steel. The placement of highlights and shading is what will make a painted weapon appear three-dimensional. Not every face should have a full gradient from light to shadow. Sections of a blade that face upward toward the light source may require only highlights. Pig Iron Battlefield Brown Greatcoat Grey Cold Steel Exile Blue Quick Silver Step 3) For the second shade. apply matte varnish to your miniature and allow it dry thoroughly. This will enhance the final highlights by smoothing the blends and reducing the shine of the metallic paints. Step 2) Apply the first level of shading using Greatcoat Grey. dark grey. If you’re feeling adventurous.Metal Weapons Metal reflects light strongly.) 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 107 . Curved surfaces. To paint a convincing metal weapon. notches. concentrate on the way each individual face interacts with the light source. concentrating on the areas of deepest shadow and on any chips. mix Exile Blue with Battlefield Brown to create a rich. such as on the trollkin hammer shown below. Step 1) Basecoat the weapon with Pig Iron. Step 5) Before applying the final highlights. Likewise. Broad. Apply this shading more sparingly. such as the cheek of an axe blade. (Sometimes reflected light from the ground or other nearby surfaces will cause a downward-facing edge to catch the light. becomes brightest where the light would reflect directly toward the viewer. The weapons shown here are all painted with the same colors. Concentrate on raised areas. which makes for nice contrast on metal weapons between bright sections where light falls directly and dark areas where it doesn’t. using several thin coats for smooth coverage. often have a gradient from light to dark.

Step 4) Add Exile Blue and Thamar Black to the mixture from step 3 and sparingly apply some dark shading to areas that need a bit more contrast. Trollblood Highlight ’Jack Bone 108 Bootstrap Leather Umbral Umber Step 1) Basecoat the falcon with ’Jack Bone mixed with a small amount of Frostbite. Step 8) Finish the pattern by applying fine lines of Battlefield Brown mixed with Exile Blue. paint a line along the spine of each feather and add some fine patterning at the wingtips. Step 4) Add a pattern to the feathers using several light glazes of Umbral Umber. with the black undercoat separating the lines from the central shaft and from one another. distinct lines.PAINTING Guide Feathers Falcons Step 1) The most important thing to do when painting feathers is to make sure the shaft of each feather is distinct. Start by shading the top side with Bootstrap Leather. Also use this color to add a pattern at the wingtips that mirrors the pattern on the top side. you can move on to the underside. Step 6) Use the mixture from step 5 to clean up any mistakes from previous steps. add a few highlights to the feathers. Step 6) With the top side finished. Where possible. The glaze should be translucent enough to allow the lines beneath to show through. with the goal of making each feather appear distinct. taking care that the layers beneath remain visible. straight line of Trollblood Highlight. Step 2) The plumage of falcons tends to be darker on top with a pale underside. Step 5) Using Menoth White Highlight. making each feather distinct from its neighbors. Step 7) Apply additional shading using Ironhull Grey. Step 5) Apply final texturing with a mixture of Umbral Umber and Exile Blue. Start by painting each shaft with a fine. Make sure each line is separate. Start by shading with Bastion Grey. Step 3) Mix Brown Ink with Bloodstone and apply additional shading. Exile Blue 1 2 3 4 5 6 . Step 2) Using ’Jack Bone. Step 3) Make a glaze of Bootstrap Leather and apply this to the feather tips. fill in the feathers with thin.

This way you will have to switch the position of the model only once. Step 4) Use a mix of Blue Ink and Red Ink to add a purple color to the feathers. then turn the model to paint the opposite sides. Step 3) Paint the veins of the feathers with Frostbite. To save time and effort. using repeated short strokes to apply a thin line on each raised vein. first paint only one side of every feather. or the paint will flow too freely and fill in the spaces between the veins. While the ink is still wet. Thamar Black Blue Ink Frostbite Red Ink Step 2) Paint the shafts of each feather with a thin line of Frostbite. you may want to use your blending brush to wipe the ink off the center shaft so it remains distinct. being sure to fill in any areas your primer did not reach. rather than rotating it for each feather. ’Jack Bone Brown Ink Thamar Black Bastion Grey Frostbite Bloodstone Ironhull Grey Bootstrap Leather Exile Blue Menoth White Highlight Battlefield Brown 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Legion Feathers Step 1) Basecoat the feathers with Thamar Black. Start each line at the base of the feather and stop near the tip where the shaft becomes thin and indistinct. take care not to overload the brush. 1 2 3 4 109 . Apply this color at the base of the feather and blend it toward the tip. You will need to add a generous amount of water to your paint so it flows easily from the brush. This can be challenging if your paint is the wrong consistency.

So focused was he on preserving the magic that kept him alive that he almost did not see the dragon until a great black form emerged from the lava lake. but a significant site drawing on residual energies lay twenty miles to the south. Several of the neighboring mountains housed hidden complexes built by worshipers of the goddess Cyriss. eyes afire. even without taking into consideration its blight. Places where molten stone reached the surface and refused to cool were akin to seeping wounds on the body of the Wurm. There was no point in bringing an army. the Boiler of Seas. as the heat of the being’s hiding place would end them. feeling the hot air pushing against him like stagnant breath. Nevertheless. “I am the architect of the plan your alliance has set upon. The glow visible between the slats of its ribs told of another fire burning within it. thereby solving another problem. it was one thing to consider this a weaker dragon in the abstract and another to be face-to-face with the monster rising before him. a far greater entity. a motion made as casually . It was difficult for him to remember what he had planned to say. It was high among inaccessible peaks. It was hypnotically fascinating to watch the long neck extend. all will unravel without you. as the conditions here were rich with natural energies. “Blighterghast has no need for the likes of you to speak to me. the head approaching. “Hold. massive and terrible. Searing heat erupted along his arms. who had erected machines to harness these flows in their own ways. Those lesser spawn are nothing compared to your might! They are meaningless. Blighterghast’s emissary had directed him to a volcano. He had faced Blighterghast. It loomed like a leviathan rising from the waters. Your part in this is essential. though he knew he must be careful not to voice anything resembling a demand. “Our plans threaten to be derailed for this. Magma and lava were the lifeblood of Orboros. The Stormlord steeled himself and plunged downward. so there were no standing stones here. although it had not erupted in centuries. The superheated liquid steadily pushed to the surface through a vent connected to a massive magma chamber below. Krueger amused himself with the thought of provoking Charsaug to lay waste to those neighbors. giving shape and definition to what was otherwise a void of light. The energies of this place were not easily tapped. This was an area known to the Circle. as it had been with Blighterghast at the start. runnels 110 of lava pouring down its black scales. the words seemed almost petulant. and he smelled his robes begin to smolder. “You think yourself my equal?” The great jaws snapped toward him suddenly. Amid this selfcontained storm he flew to a narrow rock spire jutting from the lava. He channeled energy to disperse the heat into the swirling wind. I come as an emissary of Blighterghast. He gritted his teeth and focused on slowing his hammering heart. slowly releasing pressure that otherwise would have eventually resulted in an explosive eruption. but he knew his life would be forfeit if the dragon decided to destroy him. his voice booming with indignation. an invisible malignancy threatening to unravel his power. I come to beseech you to return. requiring Krueger to negotiate dangerous currents and updrafts. the inferno within about to be unleashed. Charsaug!” Krueger shouted as loudly as he could. one of the few still active among the Wyrmwall Mountains.” Despite the dragon’s power and the resonance of its voice.” “Our plans?” Charsaug asked. Despite his efforts the heat here was almost more than he could bear. and Krueger felt the focused attention of those baleful eyes as pressure. But it would be difficult enough to convince the dragon to perform the task he had already agreed to undertake. It took all his will not to fly away. The great mouth opened to annihilate him with a single breath. leaving a smoking chimney a hundred yards across. He ignored the pain as the surface of his skin began to cook. The blight radiating from Charsaug was weak in comparison. The voice when it came was a dull rumbling that emerged as if from the heat around him rather than from any vocal organ. driving away the choking smoke and ash which would have filled his lungs and scraped his eyes. He summoned a vortex of cooler air.Blood Debt Part Two Upper Wyrmwall Mountains Krueger had taken what precautions he could.” The dragon was nearer to him than Blighterghast had ever been. With it came an even more dangerous radiating energy: dragon blight. backlit by the orange fires. Only his wits and audacity would keep him alive. I tremble before your power and beg you not to annihilate me!” The great creature continued to glower but seemed to reconsider delivering an all-consuming blast of dragonfire. One of the jagged teeth of the Wyrmwall had long ago had its point blasted off. which was spiraling into the chimney above and returning with fresher air. It towered before him. deep within which he could see the pulsing glow of a lava lake. “I am not your enemy! I am Krueger the Stormlord.” “Blighterghast knows the condition I require.

111 . “I am not bound. “Promises bind us. It was for this you came from the east to meet with your brethren for the first time in sixteen centuries. debasing ourselves to create a meaningless pattern. landed on the other side of the lava lake. This effort is an insult. but my part in this is necessary. “Those promises are not mine. each longer than his forearm. “I should return and be done with this place. “You would have us scrawl on the earth. which he drew on in a moment of panic to fly backward over the lava. just out of reach of those closing teeth. similar in size to Charsaug.” The two stared at each other with naked hatred.” Krueger saw the enormous overshadowing form of another dragon plummeting into the volcano’s throat.and reflexively as a dog biting at a fly.” This dragon. startling Krueger completely.” “You cannot deny your nature. Blighterghast should have consigned you to the fire. Together we will see Everblight destroyed. “I made no promises. This one’s scales were like burnished steel. great one!” Krueger shouted. It halted its descent by spreading wide its huge and terrible wings. “Erdross is no more. “Forgive my insolence!” The dragon had not lunged with any serious intent to kill and was now simply watching him. a purpose that is worth some indignity. creating a downdraft that almost sent Krueger plunging into the lava. one for which I will make you suffer. “That is why Blighterghast did not destroy me.” “A mistake.” “You and I heed the oath made by Erdross. Those promises are etched into our essence and cannot be undone. The heat in the chamber became still more intense. loudly and with great depth and power. lit by the orange light below.” “The pattern is not meaningless. trying to overcome a primal terror that made his limbs shake.” a new voice proclaimed from above. Only I can see this through. He returned to the rocky outcropping and cowered there.” said Charsaug. “Of course not.” Charsaug insisted. I am ultimately insignificant. connecting the ley lines controlled by my order.” “You cannot. Only when the task is complete can we return to our war with the giants.” Krueger insisted. Krueger was saved only by the buffeting winds he had pulled around himself.” Charsaug said.

“I answered the call. The nearest senior officers intercepted several attackers and made short work of them. These Iosans had true skill. not hers. integrating your blight into the ley lines of the Circle Orboros. Trees were torn to shreds. all his athanc shards must be taken at once. Those enemies who survived melted into the forest. She had carefully staggered her advancing forces with mixed units of soldiers. He sought a way to address the topic that would not appear to be dissembling. climbing out of the volcano. “Everblight has learned how to divide his athanc without dividing himself. He learned this after his fall to Ios. dark-attired forms vaulted from the trees and rushed through the lines. and for a moment Krueger thought the creature was about to strike. Charsaug had launched into the air on massive wings. Three more got past.” The dragon Krueger suspected was Ashnephos turned toward him suddenly. The dragon’s eyes swirled with a strangely iridescent hue. and demanded. prompting groans and the sound of soldiers falling. He remembered Erdross from the Wyrmstone.” he answered.” Charsaug said. Things had changed.” He had their attention. also of the east. Blighterghast can find another. the Dragonfather. A number of nimble. They seemed a more elite and specialized group than the defenders in whitelacquered armor she had fought before. making him start. He spoke quickly. leaning on the shaft of Wurmtongue to steady himself. each shadowy Iosan wielding a short curved blade in each hand. several units of Praetorian karax advanced through the opened lines of swordsmen to lock shields and intercept the next volley of deadly bolts. while another disarmed and then disemboweled a veteran primus. if not their belief. Her warbeasts were near enough to intervene. and it was clear they were trying to reach her. . but only if there is cooperation. hoping to prevent their doubts from birthing a murderous impulse. and Krueger felt as if blight were roiling within him from his head to his bowels. A moment later Ashnephos followed. rumbling noise. then together these creatures sent an explosive salvo to thunder amid the trees where the enemy hid. She drew on the essence of a cyclops raider to bolster the range of the gargantuan warbeast’s siege battery.Blood Debt: Part Two Krueger had regained his mind and sought to regain his dignity. and so long as even one of them exists. Makeda watched with admiration as they evaded retaliation and cut down a number of skilled swordsmen. In these close quarters both the titans and the mammoth would have difficulty hitting foes without getting in the way of her own people. “Where is Everblight? How will this pattern expose him? Speak plainly or die. “But Blighterghast does not show trust. the only dragons known to tolerate the company of another of their kind for long.” Ashnephos made a deep. including the mammoth and several titan cannoneers under Makeda’s control. ash-choked lungs. His blood flows in their veins. How will Everblight be lured out by this ritual? That was not answered. Makeda did not even raise the Talon of Murzoul but faced them calmly. where they would regroup and attack again. together with numerous lightly armored Iosans. though it was unclear how or why this had come to pass. but she kept them back. He stood back to his full height. pondering matters they alluded to and the name they spoke. It was their honor on the line now. This mortal makes demands—an insult beyond bearing. Despite his burned skin. and hammering heart. Let us incinerate him. He had persuaded them. He rose into the air. The Mistbough. The pattern. “To destroy him.” Their eyes were fixed on him with a new intensity. Another hand had inscribed runes naming Charsaug and Ashnephos. Everblight is without form. knowing the threat was not idle. allowing her subordinates to witness that she was utterly unperturbed. Heeding the orders of their primus. My order will work to unravel what we have wrought the moment it begins. Among the inscriptions had been mention of a dragon that had fled to the east: Erdross. one of the greatest that had survived the war against their father. they had agreed the other dragons were best left ignorant. an artifact he had stolen from Omnipotent Dahlekov that had been inscribed with lore possessed by the Circle Orboros on the spawn of Toruk. This requires knowing where each is at all times.” Krueger hesitated only briefly.” A rush of hot wind forced Krueger to seize hold of the rocky spire to resist being hurled into the lava. Strategically placed extollers employed mortitheurgy to augment the sight of warbeasts in their vicinity. one of them making a seemingly impossible leap over an intervening cataphract. “What he speaks is truth. Krueger felt triumph. who responded with swift and immediate alacrity. His mind raced. when a mortal army destroyed his body and sealed his essence away. and each piece is carried in one of his generals. These enemies reminded Makeda of bloodrunners. designed to reinforce one another. will give me that knowledge. “Everblight has no form. “That is why you cannot find him. but neither made a move to kill him—yet. Supreme Archdomina Makeda did not need to issue orders to her soldiers. The sickness abated as the dragon’s 112 eyes returned to normal. following at a distance behind the wing-beats of dragons. he cannot be destroyed. Ashnephos said. Ios Dozens of crossbow bolts flew from the mist on their right flank and thunked into the Praetorian swordsmen there. I see it. The runes implied they were twins spawned of Erdross. When he had explained matters to Blighterghast.

The ancestral escorts that kept to her side took two steps
forward and adopted a ready pose, their obsidian blades
raised. They never had to engage. Hakaar the Destroyer
moved with a swiftness fueled by anger at the death of the
primus, his great swords a blur. The first assassin saw his
blade shattered as he sought to parry the ancient guardian’s
stone sword, which continued without slowing to cut him in
half. The second lost her head from a lightning-swift backhand
strike, and the third took a sideways swipe with the side of the
blade that shattered his skull. Hakaar turned and inclined his
head toward Makeda. The bodies were swiftly hauled away
as her officers berated the warriors on the outer lines who had
allowed the Iosans to get so close to her.
Cataphract incindiarii launched a hail of explosive fire
that set the underbrush behind them ablaze, although
their officers restrained them from wasting ammunition
against shadows. After ensuring no immediately reprisal
was imminent, the column continued its advance through
the trees, hacking through underbrush to make progress
possible. Makeda directed one of her titan gladiators back to
the fore to resume assisting in making a path by shattering
through smaller trees.
Her army had adapted well, using all their discipline and
training to respond to the unrelenting harassment attacks
they had encountered since venturing north into the trees
from the Twilight Gate. As her intelligence had suggested,
this geography would be one of their most formidable
barriers to making inroads into the elven nation, whose
few major cities existed at a considerable remove from their
borders. The skorne were well prepared to be set upon, and
Makeda had anticipated their attacks as they carved their
way through the maze-like forest. Still, the advance cost
them time and lives.
The Iosans had clearly spent centuries preparing for this
place to serve as a killing field for any intruder moving
toward their heartlands, with winding paths subject to
assault from small watchtowers as well as defenders
within the adjoining trees. The forest itself was not only
overgrown but also laden with cleverly concealed traps—
spiked deadfalls, tripwires connected to hidden projectile
weapons, and other deadly contrivances.
They had captured dozens of slaves, some knowledgeable
enough to divulge useful information at the hands of their
paingivers. Makeda had what she felt was a reasonably
accurate description of the intervening geography and
the location of the nearest Iosan city, Iryss. Her initial plan
had been to reach this city as quickly as possible. She had
hoped to break its outer defenses and use it as a stronghold
from which to deplete the Iosan armies while her forces
plundered valuable resources elsewhere. They had already
seized multiple mines in the south whose wealth was now
flowing through the Twilight Gate to the Skorne Empire.

The conquest of Ios would be an extended campaign. It
required ensuring she could hold what she seized or see
it razed to weaken the enemy. But the Iosans had left little
exposed here she could exploit to her advantage. The entire
Mistbough seemed to exist solely for defense. There were
few townships or settlements that were not simply minor
fortifications housing garrisons of soldiers, easily abandoned
and containing nothing useful to the conquering skorne.
Three days prior she had captured a small but wellpositioned forest keep, managing to overwhelm its
defenders without doing substantial harm to the structure.
She had manned the keep with her soldiers so it could serve
as a strongpoint in her supply lines. The Iosans had already
made it difficult to get food, ammunition, and other vital
supplies to the vanguard, which had slowed her advance.
The keep was but a step in the right direction.

Cataphract incindiarii launched a
hail of explosive fire that set the
underbrush behind them ablaze.
They marched for another hour before a ferox rider emerged
from the mists ahead—Tyrant Rhadeim. The soldiers at
the fore parted to make way for him, and he leapt from
his snarling mount to kneel before Makeda. “Supreme
Archdomina,” he said, “an army is gathering south of Iryss.”
Makeda called a halt and bid her senior officers attend her
after establishing a secure perimeter. A space was cleared
for Makeda, Rhadeim, and the other leaders to talk. Hakaar
the Destroyer stayed nearby with Aptimus Marketh, the
senior extoller prepared to translate in the unlikely event
the exalted Hakaar wished to address them.
Rhadeim quickly laid out what he and his Praetorian ferox
had observed during their reconnaissance. It seemed the
Iosans had been alerted sooner than they had anticipated
and were already mustering a sizable army. Makeda listened
to his observations closely and gave her subordinate
dominars and tyrants the opportunity to speak and assess
the situation. Ultimately she would decide, but she felt it
was important to observe the strategic assessments of her
officers, letting her know their worth.
It was during this discussion that she heard Master
Mortitheurge Kaleeta at the perimeter asking to be granted
admittance. “Let her pass,” Makeda said to the cataphracts
who had intercepted her.
The severely slender mortitheurge wore a tight metal cowl
that exaggerated her emaciated features. She prostrated
herself until Makeda bid her rise. Kaleeta was the most


Blood Debt: Part Two
senior of the mortitheurges with Makeda’s vanguard. She
had distinguished herself in Malphas before joining the
Army of the Western Reaches at the bidding of Lord Arbiter
Hexeris, who spoke highly of her. Makeda presumed her to
be his spy in her camp, but such was to be expected.
“Speak quickly,





“I have information of relevance,” the mortitheurge said.
“I just received a mystical sending from the lord arbiter.”
Makeda waved for her to continue. She said, “His army,
together with that of Dominar Rasheth, engaged as planned.
They believe the majority of the forces garrisoned at the Gate
of Mists and nearby environs have been enticed to remain in
the west. However, one Iosan general surmised the nature
of their ruse and disengaged. Her forces are headed this
direction or to the Twilight Gate. The imminence of their
arrival is unknown, as is their exact size or composition.”
Makeda directed several pointed questions at the
mortitheurge, from which she learned Hexeris had a
high opinion of this Iosan general, a warcaster, and did
not believe her to be a trivial threat. Reluctantly Kaleeta
divulged that both the dominar and the lord arbiter had
been outmaneuvered by this enemy, despite their numerical
advantage. While Hexeris’ strategy had never been to
fully commit, the accomplishment was still noteworthy.
Whatever his faults, Hexeris was a skilled tactician, and
Rasheth was clever enough not to waste resources.
Makeda felt torn between a warrior’s thirst for conquest
and her more intellectual assessment. Looking at the faces
around her, she could tell most of her officers wished to
push on. They were eager to confront this army from Iryss.
It had been too long since they had enjoyed a proper battle
in the open rather than fencing with shadows. Even the
clash at the Twilight Gate had been unsatisfying.
“Supreme Archdomina.” Aptimus
forward. “Hakaar wishes to speak.”



Makeda’s eyes narrowed. “Very well. I am eager to hear
what the honored exalted has to say.” She had found the
involvement of the usually aloof ancestors to be a mixed
blessing. Their favor had served to her advantage, but they
were unpredictable and unfathomable beings. It was because
of Hakaar she had known of the weakness of Ios’ defenses
and set upon this conquest. She felt grateful but did not
understand the ancestors’ motives and their interest in Ios.
Marketh’s crystal oculus glowed with a silver light, an
indication he communed with Hakaar. When he spoke
it was not with his own voice but one deeper and more
resonant. “Advance on Iryss. In crushing them you will
force their nation to tremble.”


This pronouncement was met by nods and words of
agreement. Among those eager for conquest was the
relatively young Tyrant Zaadesh, a member of a branch of
House Balaash that had been critical of Makeda and who
had recently joined her army. He was staring at the ancestral
guardian with a fixed intensity.
Makeda looked to the towering and powerful form of
Hakaar the Destroyer. His arrival outside the Abyssal
Fortress after she had overthrown the Conqueror had been
heralded as a tremendous sign of support by the ancestors.
Tensions that might have accompanied her rise had been
eased. And yet, Hakaar’s words now came perilously close
to sounding like a command.
She said to him, “Hakaar, your guidance is invaluable.
Already you have given me much wisdom. In this conquest
we have secured significant spoils.” She scanned the faces
of the others before continuing. “But this is not the time to
march on Iryss. We will turn back and fortify our position.
There are potentially two armies advancing on us, one
from the north and one from the west. We do not know
their scope or disposition. We cannot afford to be cut off
from the Twilight Gate. We will defeat both armies, but
doing so here would be foolish. We cannot allow them to
dictate terms of engagement.”
She could see that most of her ranking officers disapproved,
but they were too respectful and intimidated to speak. They
bowed. There was something in Zaadesh’s eyes, a gleam
she did not like, but she ignored it; he was unimportant. She
watched Hakaar. Marketh’s oculus still glowed. He said in
that same resonant voice, “Iryss is the spark by which this
land can be made to burn.”
“Yes. In due time. But not now.” The ancestral guardian
stared at her. She asked, “Hakaar, whom do you obey?”
Hakaar had not moved since he had arrived, but now he
slowly stepped forward and knelt, the same posture he had
assumed outside the Abyssal Fortress. Marketh said for
him, “I serve Makeda of House Balaash. I serve she who
rules Halaak.” Makeda nodded once.
With that, she dismissed her officers, telling them to organize
their withdrawal. It would not be a popular move, she knew,
but she felt certain it was correct. She only hoped ignoring
the advice of such a revered ancestor would not create a
crack in the wall of authority she had worked to build.

South of Fharin, Cygnar

The powerful engine of the Royal Ellena devoured coal
as it churned along its tracks heading north through the
eastern Wyrmwall Mountains, whose peaks offered its
passengers a majestic view. The descent into the foothills
as the train began its acceleration toward Fharin presented
an impressive view. Many of the passengers felt compelled

to crowd the windows on the right
side of the train, watching as the
mountains parted to reveal the
eastern farmlands, with the Black
River a distant divide and the red
Bloodstone Marches beyond that.
Wealthier Cygnaran citizens filled
several deluxe passenger cars, but
the rest of the train was packed
with military personnel and
supplies. Among these passengers
were young recruits only recently
finished with training. Many of
these were less distracted by the
view, their thoughts on the fighting
that awaited them and whether
they would survive to return to
their families.
Near the front of the train there
was a cry of alarm that quickly
spread to the back and prompted
those clustered at the windows to
rush to the other side of the train.
One of the engineers in the engine
car yanked on the steam whistle.
He and the others up front could
not help but stare with slack-jawed
horror at what appeared to be a
migration of enormous monsters
clambering toward the railway.
It looked for all the world like
several pieces of mountain had
torn themselves free from the peaks
and were shambling forward.
These towering creatures dwarfed
more numerous smaller creatures
marching before and alongside
them. In that brief moment of
terror and incomprehension no one
identified them as trolls.
“Should I pull the emergency brake!?” shouted the junior
engineer who had first spotted them.
“Morrow’s sword, no!” The chief slammed the speed lever
to full, applying added pressure to the great engines at the
fore and prompting their gauges to edge into the red. “Pray
we make it past them!”
After certain mishaps earlier in the war, the trains had added
protections, including reinforced cars and thickened armor
for both the wheel wells and the engine. Additionally, soldiers
were specifically stationed with rifles to fire on potential
hazards. The Lady Ellena had recently added a pair of metal

storm turrets, one atop the forward passenger car and one
atop the caboose, though these uncomfortable perches were
exposed to the wind and weather and so were manned only
when trouble threatened. Long gunners even now scrambled
up the ladders, then threw levers to engage the gears that
rotated the turrets to face the approaching beasts.
The nearest of the giant rock-faced trolls had nearly reached
the tracks and loomed over the onrushing train, its craggy
face scowling. It seemed ready to leap forward to intercept
the engine. The engineers had often boasted that their great
engine could smash through just about anything that got in
its way, but none of them wanted to test that claim against


but he was not that desperate yet. though he knew he must. Nevertheless. The giant troll opened its cave-like mouth to let loose a tremendous howling roar that rocked the entire train and blew out the windows of a full three cars.” Ulkor and the nearest champions seemed amused. Ulkor’s words had some truth to them. preferably with as much of his force intact as possible. from unleashing a great rending howl that impacted the swift-moving train like a cannon shot. but that meant the full-blood trolls were lean and dangerously hungry. “You can control them enough for that?” . We can use the mountain kings as our bridge. which the Lady Ellena had crossed. but he gritted his teeth and fought them. The turret was shorn off the train car. These were Hoarluk’s kin from the Gnarls. Though the upper portion of one car had been torn off.” Madrak said. Doomshaper was missed. He was unable to stop that one. Where it narrows south of the Marchfells might be our best bet. Torn from Peak turned to glower at Madrak. The former bounty hunter was with the pygs that had become his constant companions. “The longer we tromp through Cygnar’s farmlands. Though such an impact might kill the troll. It took all Madrak’s will to hold the mountain kings in check despite the well of rage within the one at the fore. which was already on full war footing and hostile to them. Now they were badly exposed. Madrak could not bring himself to allow wholesale slaughter. though. War required difficult choices. sending the long gunner flying end-over-end down the hillside. Ironhide. Just past that. the more we invite them to send an army after us. They had been unable to keep all the trolls fed. and soon the train was past. and mountain kings crossed the tracks to continue their descent out of the Wyrmwall. From a pragmatic perspective. we’ll run the danger of intruding on farrow territories. they had long been steeped in the shaman’s violent rhetoric. They had made remarkable speed winding their way through the Wyrmwall Mountains thanks to the guidance of Grim Angus and the efforts of their fell callers and chroniclers to maintain their spirits and energy through the grueling expedition.” said Ulkor. and Madrak took him aside. Those had been given priority. He had to watch those farther back. Grim and his scouts had helped them evade several potential engagements. but that region is infested by gatormen. They were very different from the kin drilled 116 and trained by Gunnbjorn and from the tight-knit champions of Madrak’s own kriels. Better to cross the river as soon as possible. “You should have let them rampage. of course. one of the veteran champions marching nearby who had seen his struggle. it wanted nothing more than to rip the train from the tracks or seize the people inside and cram them into its maw.” Grim scratched his head. a train disaster and the subsequent carnage could have fed them all. Then we’ll be threading the needle between skorne east of the river and Cygnaran patrols going down it. Their column of trollkin. it would also knock the train off its tracks and down the hillside. It was impossible for mountain kings to travel stealthily. “I have no idea how we’re crossing the Black River. though they had been forced to defend themselves from unavoidable patrols. And the soldiers on that train will warn the army garrison at their next stop. These and many other violent desires poured into Madrak’s mind from his connection to the great beasts. particularly since he could not keep them all close enough to remain under his direct control. Grim said. to ensure they did not turn on nearby trollkin in fits of temper or out of desperate hunger. trolls. being of a ruthless disposition and lacking discipline. he hoped the incidental casualties would be minimal. particularly of noncombatants. but the warlock stared him down.” “Perhaps. and he heard several remark on how Doomshaper would have handled it. “But the people on that train had done us no harm.Blood Debt: Part Two a troll the size of a mountain. looking skeptical. The worst lay ahead: hundreds of miles crossing open territory claimed by Cygnar. and all wore expressions of concern. He did not see an easy way to reach Grissel. together with the car’s roof. “Their hunger may turn them against us soon. named Torn from Peak. Only amid the untamed peaks had they been able to travel without drawing attention. He ignored them. “If one isn’t already on the way. killing the passengers and crew. He could feel the hunger of the great beast. including the dire trolls. They had pushed themselves. Grim soon returned from scouting. Madrak had earned their respect.” He looked north toward the railway bridge visible in that direction. At length the mountain king shook its head and walked on. The forward turret spat bullets into the chest of the creature. Madrak felt drained from maintaining a mental connection to so many. and they submitted to his leadership. No other warlock had such facility at keeping a leash on the ancient trolls.” Madrak listened to the litany of perils and said. not just the mountain kings. sleeping little and marching both night and day when possible.

I think so. They had destroyed the family’s livelihood. and mountain kings all looked as though they had walked through a field of slaughter. He gritted his teeth and prepared for his mind to betray him. adding an orange light to the mist. but he could feel his heart racing. and he felt dizzy. He stared at the axe and noticed its haft was warm beneath his hands. Madrak held no illusions regarding how long this reprieve would last. And soon. It startled him to feel a similar sensation from the mountain kings. Such fare merely blunted the bottomless void of hunger within their bellies. Madrak 117 . would he discover he had killed a friend rather than a foe? He did not like such thoughts.” The last great feast they had arranged for their trolls had come at the expense of a Cygnaran rancher who had cowered with his family in their farmstead while trolls tore apart his entire herd of cattle. After the raid. We need to find another herd to plunder. He suggested the trolls get all the meat while the kin steal as much cheese as they could carry. bringing with it a chill. but they had gone through that meat quickly. and his armor and clothes began to feel hot and heavy. The air around them changed. Was his mood affecting them. He dreaded returning to his mate Kargess and the rest while Rathrok was still bound to his soul. Reassured. A troll or trollkin with a full belly wanted little else from life. He prayed to Dhunia to see them safely home.” Madrak sat down with him to plan a nighttime raid on a nearby ranch spread across several hills that sheltered sizable goat and sheep herds for cheesemaking. The fullblood trolls. as though he were bracing to receive a charging foe. Its recent relative quietude had allowed him to believe things might be all right. his rifle set to his shoulder. At any moment he expected shadowy figures to leap at him from the formless dark. damping all sound and forcing them to slow. As demeaning as Madrak had considered the raid. Their skinners had butchered those animals the trolls did not eat outright to stock up on meat for the next part of their journey.” Madrak replied with a smile. With a pang he remembered the moments after the rite when he had thought himself free of the axe. though. He had not had any dreams or visions from the axe in weeks. and many continued licking their fingers and hands as they fled the scene. hoping to reach the Cygnaran farmlands by dawn. and all were perturbed. All were happily covered in gore. The scout’s goggles could penetrate such mists. and the sky was bereft of clouds.“With your help. Madrak decided he would take his cues from Grim. The kin carried away as many wheels of cheese as possible. and he lurched before catching his balance. He squinted into the rising fog and realized the runes of Rathrok were glowing dimly. His skin was clammy. Better to massacre a few dozen cows than to lose control of his trolls as they passed the next village or small town. and he walked steadily. sheep. An hour before sunrise. but Rathrok was stirring. Madrak began to feel strange. the band set out.” the champion groused. tearing up trees or thorn bushes to swallow whole and sometimes chewing on boulders when there was nothing else. He might have easily dismissed the sensation given how little sleep they’d had. with the hills rising on either side. Madrak sighed as he contemplated his great war band being reduced to goat. The fog enveloped them. Only meat gave true satisfaction. and the air felt drier. The stars and moons above seemed to shine down upon them with particular clarity. not since the ceremony that had awakened the mountain kings. “Not much. taking a circuitous route through the foothills. Such strange fog and unnatural weather would have been in keeping with the powers of the blackclads. Now it was all happening again. thanks to this fog. not trusting his own senses. “It will require keeping them fed. Several others growled at one another. but such was the cost of the war for survival forced upon them. At any moment he expected shadowy figures to leap at him from the formless dark. or the reverse? The champions around him eyed their surroundings warily. which in truth they had. Dizziness seized him. but a thick mist began to form. Madrak felt relieved to know the strange fog was not his imagination. who walked not far ahead. ready for battle. “I saw a likely place. and cheese thieves. Grim was certain there was a sizable supply of drying cheese wheels in a building adjoining the ranch house. A cloying thickness entered his lungs. one of which huffed and snorted in confusion. Madrak looked to Grim. ignoring random shades that sought to provoke him. but those would not last. its success increased the morale of the entire band. Would they be real? If something moved and he struck at it. “Though goats and sheep won’t fill them like those cows did. despite rationing. Anxiety filled him. He was more eager than ever to return to Grissel and his kriels. Madrak wiped his face. “What do you see?” he asked Ulkor cautiously. The mountain kings had proven indiscriminate in their appetites. The temperature had increased markedly.” Grim said. dire trolls.

He lowered Rathrok at once.” Her voice trailed off and she took a step back as she took in the mountain kings emerging from the dwindling fog. . once the eastern capital of the Khardic Empire. She gave him an uncertain look. This was the thought that kept him from ordering his people to attack. and he shared looks with both Calandra and Grim that told him both were similarly unsettled. Their flickering orange light filled the fog without giving any definition. scowling. South of the Iosan Mountains. wet soil. Madrak stared at those who approached—kin and fullblood trolls as armed and ready as they were. They might be under attack. something significant. He did not think the axe had done this—such a feat was beyond anything he had heard of it in any legend—but it reacted to what had transpired. Fortunately they did not seem inclined to lash out. now reddish sandstone and scrub replaced the mud.Blood Debt: Part Two forced himself to accept that the strangeness was real. . perhaps because they had been freshly fed and perhaps because they picked up on Madrak’s emotions of kinship.” “Four hundred and seventy miles. “It must be a miracle of Dhunia. An age of ruin and desolation approached again. Madrak’s mood refused to lift. He lifted Rathrok and readied to throw it.” Grim corrected.” Madrak let himself and his people be led away. which was glowing as though it had been lying within a forge. as though he were headed to his own funeral.” Madrak said. The giant trolls looked down with suspicious scowls. “What are you doing here?” She gave a laugh.” His tone was disbelieving. He walked toward the reunion with his kriels with a deep sense of foreboding. It seemed odd for anyone lying in ambush to give away their positions by lighting torches. perhaps people holding torches. not some illusion. He looked to its edge. Dawn broke in the east and the landscape brightened. There were a variety of exclamations and startled conversations among the gathered kin. Madrak thought. “It can’t be . “Friends! These are friends!” Madrak shouted for the benefit of both sides. his voice raspy to his own ears. .” Madrak pondered this possibility but could not bring himself to believe it. “How is that possible?” Madrak asked her. He took in many things at once. “we were hundreds of miles from here just minutes ago. Calandra said. What had been one of the glories of civilization had become a maze of ruins and half-buried streets overrun by bogrin above and dregg in the burial catacombs below. “You’re almost home!” Calandra said. After a moment of frowning and considering she said hesitantly. “I was going to ask you the same thing! This is remarkable! How . “At least. Grissel’s encampment is just a few miles northeast. it was not the Great Mother. Near Old Korska. hugely relieved he had not simply cast it at the first shadow he had seen. He remembered becoming familiar with the fringes of the Bloodstone Marches when his people had moved into the Glimmerwood and its eastern environs. the trolls following. At the fore of the trollkin ahead and flanked by a pair of axers was Calandra.” 118 Grim was scanning the hills and remarked. Perhaps sensing his uncertainty. Glowing lights bobbed alongside the shadows. She was staring at them with similar surprise. the home we’ve tried to make. “Hold!” Grim said loudly. though she remembered how it had once dominated this landscape. Madrak blinked and looked around as the fog entirely melted away. “We are definitely in the Bloodstone Marches. and grasses of the hills he had left. “You have been sorely missed by all your kriels. even as he mentally clamped down on the mountain kings. “Calandra?” he said. Despite their high spirits. She did not look on the place with nostalgia. For days the portents have indicated an important event would occur here. I came to investigate. Oracle of the Glimmerwood. This time she was more invested in shaping the outcome to preserve . and the way she put her hands on her hips told him at once it was really her. Already enthusiasm was spreading through both sides. Kargess in particular will be happy to see you. at least eighty miles northeast of Scarleforth Lake. and the warriors with Calandra warmly greeted those from the Gnarls as if they were long-lost relatives. Grim began to explain to Calandra about the mountain kings. He shook his head and stared around them as if trying to force the landscape to return to what it had been. . Beneath his hand Rathrok had become almost uncomfortably hot but was now starting to cool. “Where are we?” Madrak asked in a tone combining wonder and dread. most importantly the fact that the ground he was walking had changed. No part of this was right. It was proof of the ephemeral works of mankind. He saw forms moving in the fog ahead. We should have a feast to celebrate your return. Umbrey The wizened figure leaned on her staff as she climbed the windswept hills until she could gain a proper vantage to look down on the shattered and blasted ruins of Old Korska. Chief Ironhide. Its runes were still lit. and she listened in amazement.” “Calandra. His instincts told him that if any higher power were involved. This felt very similar.

This could be avoided. but it preferred to speak through its conduit. It had been a long time. She had known he would set the dragons in motion. There was always risk. if you intervene. when she had plucked the strand of a certain mortal already marked by fate—Krueger the Stormwrath. what he would knock against. She had known Krueger possessed the potential to destroy the dragons.” have sought to interfere with my chosen oracle. She and the one she invited had many old disagreements. You could end this. She sensed a presence behind her and turned to see the robed and vine-enwrapped form of the Oathkeeper. What was taken from me by you will be mine again soon. that would signify something. Wurmwood stood atop the adjacent hilltop. she pricked its neck with one of her steel talons.” “That is already done. arrogant. as he had called himself then. always gambles. The other was not obliged to answer. In such a climate it was necessary to have a means of parley.the great peoples of the north. Do you know the vorld-eaters stir?” “All is known to me. but they could address their differences. she watched as great winged forms rose. The dragons should have been left alone. They were reptilian. massive. They would go where the Stormlord had sent them. He was more stubborn. she closed her eyes and found her crows.” She gave a low. serpentine. She had taken one of her largest gambles recently. She had set him in motion. It was often that way.” “The end you seek is different from mine. I am surprised to see vhat you have been about. She felt some surprise at his last reply. Some plans have failed. making a disapproving noise under her breath. Do so again only at your peril. and he gripped the crossguard in both hands.” The Oathkeeper raised his head higher. A deepening of their conflict. As you say. She did not enter into this lightly. She let the blood of innocence flow into the cracks of old stone.” Zevanna shrugged and said. They had been enemies more than allies. metal. Give up the other matter. cackling laugh. You 119 . and reckless than most. She turned away and looked to the stars and the moons above. “I admit. The seed is planted. scattered far and wide. not now. “No. not knowing where he would fly. as was Wurmwood. Before it could yowl. your oracle did not do vhat I expected. She reached the crest of the ancient hill and began the rite. to unleash their blight and leave lasting scars upon the face of Caen. she sent an invitation she felt confident would not be ignored. “But not all. “I do not think you believe this. Too clever by far. long ago. Through the eyes of crows separated by hundreds of miles across the face of Immoren. “The outcome could be beneficial to us both. even for those such as she who could see the strands of fate and the dance of conflicting destinies. and smoke. then scattered in several directions at tremendous speed. Neither could she compel it. This was not what she had set him to do. All of this. Was it truly too late to shape things? The dragons were such torpid and indecisive creatures. She shook her head. with scales gleaming in various hues of fire. Extending her power through the blood and the stone into the earth. there to descend and ravage the earth. beaded eyes until she saw it. A different Oathkeeper than she remembered. The sword in his hands pointed downward. Once they had not required such intermediaries. “I am here to varn you. No one understood the long centuries of subtle work that had restored Umbrey to Khador. Saw them. letting her see his eyes. Frowning. The outcome was never certain.” She sucked a tooth. All could be undone quickly. rooted as if it had always been there.” Cassius shook his head slowly and said. the fissures of the flat petrified trunk where once a tree had been hewn to form the first great hall of the eastern horselords. if things aligned just so. She ignored the Oathkeeper and said to the Tree of Fate. the blood of countless thousands had been shed as part of their quarrels. She reached into the bag at her side and drew forth the squirming one. Are you villing to accept the harm he intends you? The great serpents vill veaken you. “Warn me?” the Oathkeeper said in Wurmwood’s voice. If it refused to speak with her. Very busy you have been. his hood casting his face in darkness. He had arrived at a clever solution—very clever. It is too late. She looked through myriad pairs of tiny. “It is you who should heed my warnings. like a wildly spinning top. Zevanna Agha. Those with short lives could not understand that stasis was death. She did not think it wished for such a thing.” She looked away for a moment and then he was gone. yes? Vith your help. They soared high above the Wyrmwall Mountains. but usually they fought only through intermediaries. the seed is planted. She did not believe the Stormlord could change this. Other conflicts are of trivial importance. It was time. so reluctant to act. Your attention is misplaced. and through them the entity that looked back at her. by the rash decisions of a few spurious and stubborn mortals. not directly. A declaration of bitter enmity. This will not turn out as you hoped.

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