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Mizuho Corporate Bank

Technical Analysis 13 January 2010

GBP=D3, Last Quote [Candle], Last Quote [Ichimoku 9, 26, 52, 26] Daily
05Sep09 - 18Feb10
GBP=D3 , Last Quote, Candle 1.69
13Jan10 1.6159 1.6225 1.6137 1.6223
GBP=D3 , Last Quote, Tenkan Sen 9
13Jan10 1.6069
GBP=D3 , Last Quote, Kijun Sen 26
13Jan10 1.6122
GBP=D3 , Last Quote, Senkou Span(a) 52
17Feb10 1.6096 1.67
GBP=D3 , Last Quote, Senkou Span(b) 52
17Feb10 1.6356
GBP=D3 , Last Quote, Chikou Span 26
09Dec09 1.6223 1.66









17Sep09 01Oct 15Oct 29Oct 12Nov 26Nov 10Dec 24Dec 07Jan 21Jan 04Feb 18Feb

Comment: A potential, if crooked, ‘double bottom’ as Cable tests the recent high at 1.6242. This is merely
the first of many upside obstacles of which the next is a large Ichimoku ‘cloud’. Note that 1.6375 is the mean of the
last thirty years so no wonder prices have been hovering around here for seven months.

Strategy: Attempt longs at 1.6210, adding to 1.6140; stop well below 1.6000. First target 1.6240, adding to
longs on a sustained break above 1.6250 for 1.6400.
Chart Levels:
Support Resistance Direction of Trade
1.6137 1.6225
1.6063 1.6242*
1.5925 1.6300
1.5895 1.6355
1.5832* 1.6400

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