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Newsletter of the North Penn Model A Ford Club

August, 2014
Club Officers& Board Members


Next meeting Monday Sep. 8th @ 7:30 p.m.
Penndale Middle School

September Refreshments
Yeager, Kernechel, Valeri, Volpe
October Refreshments
Gormley, Whitmire, Ditzler, Russo

President Kathy DeHaven

(215) 256-6703
Vice President Steven Sensenich
(610) 828-3191
Treasurer Philip Christ
(215) 345-8495
Secretary James Ford
(215) 645-6763
Historian James Reed
(215) 257-7418

2 Steven Sensenich
4 Franklynn Koehler
9 Ruth White
12 Gladys Ditzler
14 Marcy Abrams
14 Doug Perkins Jr.
22 Tom Hudecki
22 Ray Sague
24 Tina Ivans
25 Ray Bosler, Jr.
27 Richard Landis
31 Eugene Yeager

Sunshine Elaine Henderson

(215) 357-8081
Membership Richard Longcoy
(215) 672-4988
Crossroads Editor Eugene Yeager
(610) 584-5920

Activities Committee
Carl Berlinger is looking for volunteers in order
to form a committee to recommend future club
activities. Please share your talents and help
with planning club events.
Carl can be
reached at or (215)
884-6076. The preferred method of contact is
email, but if you do not have it a call is fine.
Tom Hudecki is acting as Technical Liaison for
the club. He will be planning Tech Talks at
the meetings and Tech Sessions to be held

about once per quarter on a Saturday. If you

have an interest in a specific topic or a skill in a
specific area and would like to be featured as a
presenter, please contact Tom at or (610) 202-5779

June 14 Club Picnic at Mermaid Lake. 19
Model As and a total of 23 member cars
attended on a perfect weather day. A tour laid
out by Kathy Dehaven consisted of four stops
to pick up slips of colored paper which were
later used to raffle gifts and door prizes.

Presidents Column
As the summer envelopes us with its heat and
humidity, I am reminded that just a few months
ago we were complaining about the snow!
Close your eyes and picture it are you cooled
off now? While its a bit too hot to go for a ride
of any length right now in the Model As, the
cool weather will be back before we know it
and well be on the road again.
Ive had several requests in the past couple of
months for members who might be willing to
show their car for an hour or so at a local
charity event, participate in driving someone for
a charity event, or even drive for a wedding. I
had solicited some members for a couple of
functions recently, and it was lots of fun. If you
are thinking, well, Id like to do something like
that, please let me know. Ill maintain a list of
willing volunteers, and when/if something
comes up, Ill send you a note or call you
before I give out your name, and you can
decide if its something you might like to
participate in.
These would not be club
sponsored events and most likely would only
involve a few cars at one time. Participation
would be strictly on a volunteer basis. So, if
you are interested in placing your name on a
list for possibly being involved in an event in
the future, please let me know.
Enjoy your summer!

Building marshmallow skyscrapers.

14 members met at Molly McGuires for a meal before

the show.

Carol Allens 35 Ford

Peppermint ice cream courtesy Ed Roth

June 21 Lansdale Under the Lights.

Twenty members, three potential new
members and six model As participated in the
650 car entry show. Gary Volpe won 3rd place
in the 1900 to 1940 class with his great 1929
Roadster against tough competition.
Garys winning entry.

Valeris Tudor

Dini & Dinky

Tom Hudeckis pick up

June 28 Elmwood Park Zoo Beast of a Feast.

14 members driving 8 Model As spent a
delightful evening attending a Roaring 20s
celebration of the zoos turning 90 years old.
Those of us bringing Model As received allyou-can-eat-free food from Maggianos Little
Italy and free drinks at the cash bar. Thanks to
orchestrating our participation.
Dino Mazzottas 29 Tudor

A fox sound asleep

July 4 Oreland parade. Rain in the morning

dampened spirits and caused some to cancel,
but the parade went on in spite of the weather.
Below are some pictures of last years parade

Giraffe feeding was also featured

The Eagle Has Landed

The dog on the piano is the last entry in every

Oreland parade.

Editorial Column
Eugene Yeager, Editor Crossroads

Now that the summer car season is in full

swing, there are events and activities going on
all around us. It is nice to join friends and to
have the opportunity to pick and choose
among these happenings.

Ambiguity & Idiosyncrasies

If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why
do we still have monkeys and apes?
I went to a bookstore and asked the
saleswoman, wheres the self help section?
She said if she told me, it would defeat the
Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?
Why do they put Braille on the drive-through
bank machines?
Why is there an expiration date on sour

Cars and parts for Sale

Charlie Kerpers 29 Phaeton is running and he
would consider selling it along with the
following parts:
1. Kwickway (the make) Brake drum lathe.
Will do Model A front and rear drums,
only you will need some adapters for the
2. Kwickway brake-lining grinder. It will
shave by the thousands at a time.
$300 for the pair or $200 each.
Contact Charlie Kerper at (610) 539-8427 or
Cell (484) 356-9471.

Member Bill Abrams (610) 304-3092} is looking

for a couple of 17 inch Beauty Rims like the
one pictured here. Does anyone in the club
have one for sale? They don't have to be
perfect but he would like to have them in good
condition. 1 or 2 would be great.

Cars Purchased
Dean Mazzotta has purchased a fine 1929
Model A Tudor. Tom Hudecki and Jerry
Watson helped him and his son solve some
initial issues, once more demonstrating the
helpfulness of our members.
Cars Restored
Tom Hudeckis phaeton restoration is just
about finished. Only a few finishing touches
and shake outs remain.

Bill Abrams also has a Model T ? Cam Gear

Wrench (5Z812) which he would be happy to
give to anyone if they can use it. It is in very
good condition as shown in the following

Era Fashion
Hats for all face shapes Model A era.
The Rectangular Face

The Oval Face

The hat should emphasize the beauty of the oval
face by repeating its symmetrical curves.

A rectangular face is essentially square at the top

and the bottom. You should try a hat with a crown
that is also this shape. The brim should be uneven,
which results in a breaking of the length of the head
very becomingly. Avoid hats that accentuate the
height of the face.

The Triangular Face

Choose a hat with an irregular brim that has some
width and softening curves. This will call the eye
of the viewer away from the pointed chin. Avoid
hats with points arching upward.
The Square Face
The square face is at its best when it resembles a
rectangular face shape. It is wise to avoid a hat that
is of a regular, square or bucket shape. Aim for a
hat that peaks up pleasantly with a height giving
look. Its curves are softening and reduce the
angular look.


. Let's talk about the gas adjusting knob, ( the knob on your choke rod ). What does it do, and is it
working properly, and how do I work it. Some drivers will blindly open the adjusting knob a quarter
turn or more because someone told them and leave it there. That is a general rule and is a starting
point. Every engine is different. Well, here is how I work mine. When I start the car, I turn the knob
slightly to the left and the engine will respond by running slightly faster and smoother . I can then get
out of the car and walk away from the car without the car stalling I do not need to keep the car
running by raising the throttle or pulling on the choke more than once. When I drive the car a little
while and come to a stop sign or a traffic light, I notice the engine not idling smoothly and I will turn
the knob slightly to the right. This will smooth out the idle and it will run slightly faster and smoother . I
do not touch the knob again until I start the engine when it is cold. When I am turning the knob to the
left, I am making the gas mixture richer and is good when starting and cold weather. When I turn the
knob to the right, I am making the gas mixture leaner, and I will be getting better gas mileage and I
have adjusted the carburetor for its maximum performance. If you leave your knob in one position all
the time, your engine may not be running at its best. If you turn the knob and you notice no difference,
the seat in the carburetor may be worn and it may need attention.

Member Profile
From Howard Kriebel


The reluctant tale of a youth misspent, in a time long past with more to tell than one cares to re-think.
However within the parameters of the NPMAFC newsletter and challenging the copy associated with
the magnificent photo gallery, I pen the generous recollections of one known by the family as Noise
Covered with Dirt.
My fathers family were long associated with farming and then the steel business, having been
read out from the Schwenkfelder fellowship for making hay on Sunday, moving to Conshohocken
marrying into the Wood Family in the middle of the 18 th Century, the men becoming Tool Makers and
Machinists, Grandfather Kriebel designed and made the first tire molds for the Lee Tire Company.
My Mothers Family, the Lynn and Lewis clan arrived with Penn in 1683, migrated to the areas of
Hazelton/Scranton and by the Civil war were pretty well known for their Coal Empire. With the great
influx of middle-Europeans into the mines, things changes and the clan sold out, one moving to
Northern California, becoming a Redwood Baron in the Eureka area, another moved to Australia and
the third brother moved to Philadelphia and joined the Roberts clan(another Welshman) and founded
PenCoyd Steel in Manyunk. Now up to the 20th century.
NCWD was born in Philadelphia in the depths of the depression, things had changed with the
fortunes of the family and we moved In with my Mothers family in Roxboro. The early years were
very captivating for NCWD, with all of the machinery and great old cars. The family still owned a large
compound on the Schuylkill between Miquon and Shawmut, where the Lewis family and the
Lockwoods shared a dock on the river. Mr. Lockwood had a treasure trove of really neat old cars
(they were called Junk then). There was so much to explore, and wow, to access all of that old dirt,
what an opportunity to cement my Moniker. My Mothers uncle, Capt. John Lewis had achieved
some fame in the early years of horseless carriages, having raced his cars around Fairmount Park
before the teens. A few of these cars were still up at the compound, and I think they succumbed to
the war effort in the mid 40s. Mr. Lockwood had a brother who would appear every so often, usually

for a bit of Refreshment, as I remember. He was a Merchant Marine Captain who worked for the
Sun Oil Company, and would regale us with stories of the high seas. He was the Captain of the
Pennsylvania Sun which in the 1960s would sail from Marcus Hook to Kuwait and also to Port
Arthur Texas, a friend and I were guests(signed on as crew) on one run in 1968 to Kuwait, what a
trip! Did you know that the cargo holds for the oils had to be covered with a gaseous vapor of Carbon
One of Grandmother Lewis neighbors had a 1931 Model A Ford 4 door sedan and he worked
(with several other men) at Stanley Flagg in Pottstown. Imagine driving from Roxboro 6 days a week
to Pottstown, from 1931 until 1941 when he replaced it with a 1941 Plymouth.
Every Sunday, after Church, I would go up and watch him work on the A. I can still remember him
telling Grandmother. Keep that dam kid away from me, he asks too many questions. Down the road
there was a construction Company with a large garage, Wow what an opportunity to watch the
mechanics work and learna new vocabulary.
By 1942, most of the men Folk were off to war, PenCoyd had been dismantled by the US Steel
and my daily excursions to the ruins in Manyunk came to an end and we moved to Norristown to be
with the Kriebel relatives. There I met my best friend, Walter, whose Dad had a magnificent old
Garage next to the Garrick Theater. It must have been a really big Blacksmith shop as on the 3 rd floor
there was the largest bellows I have ever seen.
Each day after school, Walter and I would walk down to the Fosbenners garage and meet
the most interesting people, the weekly visits of the Parts Salesmen, the curiously strange old cars
that Fossy had to keep running during the war years, and boy all of that grease.
Well, Walter and I had many great rides in Fossys old 31 Chevy pick-up, hanging on to the roof rain
gutter for dear life standing in the bed. Then those great rides from Norristown up the Ridge Pike,
often to haul a wreck from Mile Hill in Fossys 31 Packard sedan converted into a wrecker. I
remember one winter night riding up there in a snow storm, we were on the back and tossing snow
balls at things we passed. What a treasure trove of memories. Then came High School and CARS,
and driving lessons, and at long last freedom of the road. People say there are no miracles, well,
they never rode with us, and there must have been a whole gaggle of angels on every ride.
Then I got my first car, a 1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible, really shot, worn out and not running,
remember, these cars all went through the war years and got little care. Well, it was my first frame off
restoration and the parts were in 3 garages, neighbors taking bets it would never get together. I asked
my Dad to help me carry the frame out back to scrape it cleantoo heavy was the reply. When He
left, I got in the middle of the X and picked it up and carried it out, more than once, until it was ready
for paint. Then the engine had to be placed in the chassis, again..too heavy, and again, hefting and
groaning, the engine was back in the chassis and I got a new name from the neighbors..THE OX.
Well it took 2 years of spare time and lots of advice from men who were willing to share their
knowledge. One man, Alan Kemper offered to paint the car, what a marvelous craftsman. He painted
the car with DuPont Duco (lacquer) in Titian Red (1954 Buick Color), then a white top and red and
white pleated leather interior. WOW, what a (as my more worldly cousin said) skin machine, I was too
dumb to know then what he meant. Then finishing the next stage of education, and meeting a great
young lady at Church, and then having her help me do a valve repair on her Dads car, I decided that
this was the one, and now 58 years later, boy was that the best decision I ever made, talk about
miracles and gaggles of angels looking out for a misspent NCWD.
The next few years passed quickly while finishing several graduate degrees, 25 years as an
Adult Scout Leader, Wood Badge Instructor and member of the Councils University of Scouting
and onto to restoring a 1717 Farm house barn and building a shop, raising 2 great Sons (more
NCWD), building a neat copy of Penns Letitia House making lots of Chippendale and Sheraton
reproductions to fill the house, having had a career spanning Teaching, Counseling ,Preaching,
building houses, making furniture and restoring more cars than I want to remember( not really,
several more still to go), it has been a really great time, with unpaid obligations to more people that I

can ever thank, for their patience, kindness, support and guidance, I must admit, yes, there are still
more miracles awaiting all of us, if we just pause and watch life unfold as we continue to share the
long road of meeting , greeting and helping others , passing on the goodness others gave to us.
Thanks for your time in reading these meanderings of one former NCWD, the Big Ox and now most
likely one recognized as an irascible curmudgeon. Hk

From Deb Valeri

This is the only time you will see this phenomenon in your life.
Calendar August 2014
Zon My Din Woe Don Vrij Zat

10 11 12 13

14 15 16

17 18 19 20

21 22 23

24 25 26 27

28 29 30


This August will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays.

This happens only once every 823 years.
The Chinese call it 'Silver pockets full. "


Future Activities

June 14

June 21

June 23

June 28

July 4
July 4
July 19

NOTE: Club sponsored events are listed in Bold type.

On your own events should not require membership in a club other
than this one, unless otherwise noted.
Club Picnic New location Mermaid Lake. Meet at
Schwenkfelder Church at 10am if you are interested in driving
together on a short tour, arriving around 11 AM at Mermaid
Lake. Or meet us at Mermaid Lake, 1002 Jolly Road in Blue
Bell at 11:00. Bring your favorite covered dish or dessert with
a serving utensil. There are outlets if you need to plug
something in to keep it warm. Burgers and hot dogs, drinks to
be provided. Rain or Shine. Organizer Carol Allen
Lansdale Under-The-Lights car show Early sign up available at
Fee of $15.00 to register that day. Attendees should be there by
5pm. There will be Peoples Choice awards. Club members have
been dining at Molly Maguires before the show. Let Kathy
DeHaven know by Friday, June 20 if you want to go to dinner so
that she can make a reservation.
Monday evening from 5:00 to 9:00 PM Great Race participants
will be arriving at the Valley Forge Casino as a stop on their way
from Maine to Florida. All are encouraged to come out and greet
the participants.
Elmwood Park Zoo Invitational. Celebrate Elmwood Park Zoo's
90th anniversary at our "Roaring 20's" Beast of a Feast! We have
been invited to show our cars throughout the Zoo for this event
which benefits the zoo. 6:00-10:00pm on the zoo grounds. Cars
may be left overnight in a secure setting after the show. Contact
Barry Papiernik @ 610-247-1609 or email him at so that they plan a parking spot for you.
Oreland Parade 9:00 AM meet on Twining Road in Oreland.
Contact Carol Allen if you are interested.
Glenside Parade 4:00PM. Contact Carl Berlinger for where/when
to meet.
Strasburg Railroad Rolling Antique Auto Show & Run, Strasburg,
PA. Ride the train, race a steam locomotive 10AM to 3PM. Two
steam engines. All day activities. Old fashioned picnic grove
bring picnic lunch. No fee. 2 free tickets per car. Only stock cars

Aug 2

Aug XX
Aug 24
Aug 30
Sept 1
Sept 6

Sept 7-12
Fall 2014
Sept 21-26
Sept 20
October 4
October XX
October 8-11
October 11-12
October XX
October 26
October ??
November ??
November 22
Dec XX
January 1, 2015
January 4, 2015

1941 or older. Organizer: Gene Yeager

Macungie Car Show. Breakfast before the show at Dave and
Sue Woods 1335 Gravel Pike, Zieglersville . Contact Dave if
you are attending breakfast so that he has a count 610-2096442; email You are welcome to
bring a dish to share, but no obligation. Make sure to bring
folding chairs for the car show. Car show participation is not
Plan on arriving at the Woods around 7:30 AM. Dave will ring
the bell at 8:00 AM. If you can arrive early to help Dave with
parking cars, please let him know.
Haines Car Show, Hoppenville, PA
DVR Picnic, Mermaid Lake. Contact Carol Allen or Phil Christ for
Duryea Day, Boyertown, PA
Ludwigs Corner Car Show, Ludwigs Corner, PA (Labor Day)
Hay Creek Festival, Geigertown, PA. Car show, Hit/Miss
Engines, Crafts; Free admission with antique car. Contact:
Frank Gormley. Meet at Harleysville Walmart at 8:15 AM to
drive out together.
AACA Sentimental Tour New Hampshire (must be AACA
Carl Berlinger will be discussing possible events and dates in
the Fall for Club Sponsored events
AACA Glidden Tour Ohio (must be AACA member)
Schwenkfelder Fair and Car Show, Worcester, PA
Roctoberfest, Snyder Square, Hatfield, PA
Fall Carlisle, Carlisle, PA
Hershey Event, Hershey, PA Flea Market (9/11), Car Show (9/12)
Hay Creek Apple Festival
Haines Truck and Car Show, Hoppenville, PA
DVR Frost Bite Run
Model A Club Fall Picnic and Tour ??
Fall Tech Session. Pete Watson facility, N. Broad St.,
Mardi Gras Parade, lunch, Lansdale, PA
Souderton Holiday Parade
New Years Day Run
Holiday Party, Bay Pony Inn, Lederach, PA.


Carls Car quizzes

Answers to last months quiz and this months

From Sis

Which carmakers products were named for

Western Places
1. Malibu
2. Monterrey
3. Coronado
4. Tahoe
5. Santa Fe
6. Sedona
7. Phoenix
8. Sierra
9. Dakota
10. Tundra
11. Durango
12. Colorado
13. Aspen
14. Outback
15. Tucson
16. Tacoma

Plymouth, or De Soto

Butcher Paper

Eastern Places
1. Granada
2. Cordoba
3. Sahara
4. Montego
5. Seville
6. New Yorker
7. Fifth Avenue
8. Capri
9. Monaco
10. Milan
11. Versailles
12. Caribbean
13. Calais
14. Newport
15. Daytona
16. Sebring
17. Alpine


Who doesnt remember the library card and the musty

smell of the library?


"When pigs fly" - The first flight of a pig took place at Leysdown, Kent, England. 1909.

Kathy Dehaven got a great Cruise One bargain on a car rental for she and Tom on their next road trip.
Look out Beverly Hillbillies!


Fender Skirts & Supper

From Sis

Recipe Corner

I miss those made-up marketing words that

were meant to sound so modern and now
sound so retro. Words like 'Dyna Flow'
Ultramatic 'Electrolux' and 'Frigidaire'.
Introducing the 1963 Admiral TV, now with
'Spectra Vision!'

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner

On a smaller scale, 'wall-to-wall' was once a

magical term in our homes. In the '50s,
everyone covered their hardwood floors with,
wow, wall-to-wall carpeting! Today, everyone
replaces their wall-to-wall carpeting with
hardwood floors. Go figure.

From Steve Sensenich

Crme de Menthe Pie

Makes 1 9 inch pie

3 cups

Miniature Marshmallows

1/3 cup

Half & Half


Green Crme de Menthe

3 Tbsp

White Crme de Cacao

1 cup

Chilled whipping Cream

1 each

9 inch chocolate cookie crumb


Combine marshmallows and half and half in a

glass bowl. Microwave at medium high until
marshmallows are melted, 2-4 minutes, stirring
once or twice during cooking. Blend in Crme
de Menthe and Crme de Cacao. Refrigerate
until cool and thickened but not set.

A Birth Certificate shows that we were born

A Death Certificate shows that we died
Pictures show that we live!
Have a seat. Relax . . .
And read this slowly.

When marshmallow mixture is thickened but

not set, beat whipping cream in a chilled bowl
until stiff. Fold marshmallow mixture into
whipped cream. Pour into crust. Refrigerate
until set, 2-4 hours. Garnish with chocolate
curls, if desired.