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Personal pronouns

Specific memory aids for case General memory aids for person

First person (I/we)

Nom ego

Acc me

Gen mei

Dat mihi

Abl me

Nom nos Compare ‘nous’ in French.

Acc nos

Gen nostrum Compare with other genitive plurals.

Dat nobis

Abl nobis

Second person (you)

Nom tu More French!

Acc te

Gen tui

Dat tibi

Abl te

Nom vos Again, think of ‘vous’.

Acc vos

Gen vestrum

Dat vobis

Abl vobis
Third person (he/she/it)

m f n


Nom is ea id

Acc eum eam id

Gen eius eius eius

Dat ei ei ei

Abl eo ea eo


Nom ei eae ea

Acc eos eas ea

Gen eorum earum eorum

Dat eis eis eis

Abl eis eis eis

Reflexive Third Person (himself/herself/itself)

Explanation: Similar to other pronouns, but it cannot be used in isolation, only in

context. It always refers back to the subject, and gets its gender and number from
there. E.g.
puella sibi cenam paravit.
The girl prepares dinner for herself.
puer in templo se celavit.
The boy hid himself in the temple.


Acc se

Gen sui

Dat sibi

Abl se