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Gilberto Alicea

Objective: A position as an Aircraft A&P Maintenance Technician

Summary of Qualifications

• Over fifteen years professional experience in aircraft maintenance.

• Proficient in analyzing system operations.
• Experienced in the removal and replacement of aircraft systems
• Resourceful, self motivated.

Professional Background

Aircraft Line Mechanic

Performed scheduled and unscheduled line maintenance on the MD80 and Boeing 737-
300/500/700 and 800, 767-200/400 and 777-200 aircraft.
• Performed service checks, “A” & “B” checks.
• Troubleshoot and repaired aircraft systems.
• Recorded and tracked maintenance actions on computer media.
• Documented aircraft parts utilization.
• Researched, procured and maintained aircraft components.
• Inspected quality of maintenance performed, ensuring compliance and safety.
• Examined aircraft parts for defects and malfunctions.
• Determined usability of components by consulting and interpreting aircraft maintenance
• Repaired, replaced and adjusted aircraft components utilizing hand tools and test
• Four years experience on commercial aircraft, (MD80, Boeing 737-300/500/700/800).
• Certified airworthiness authorized on MD80 and Boeing 737-300/500 aircraft.
• Fourteen years experience in military transport aircraft; C130 A/B/H and C141 A/B.

Education and Training

Airframe & Power Plant Airman’s Certificate

Community College of the Air Force

A.A.S. Aircraft Systems Maintenance Technology

Graduate Aviation High School, Long Island city, New York