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Lit & Comp I

Winter Poem Project

Choose one option.

1. Create a photographic essay that captures some of the ideas,

feelings, and images from the three poems that we read. You
should include at least two photographs for each poem. The
photographs should be on a poster, and beneath each
photograph you should write the line(s) from Burns, Dickinson, or
Stevens that inspired the photograph. You will present your
photo essay to the class.
2. Create and perform an interpretive dance based on one of the
poems we read. Turn in a short (between half a page and a page,
single-spaced) explanation of how you came up with your ideas
for your interpretive dance.
3. Shoot and edit a short video that combines images with a
reading of one of the poems that we read. Turn in a short
explanation of how you chose to compose the video.
4. Write a letter either to Robert Burns, Emily Dickinson, or Wallace
Stevens. In your letter make clear that you have thought
carefully and deeply about their work. Ask questions. Express
your own thoughts about winter. The letter should be about a
page single-spaced. (NB: Make sure before you choose this
option, that the poem you have chosen really means something
to you.)

This assignment is due on Tuesday, January 19. (For Red:

Wednesday, January 20.)