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Comet Mouth

I was wondering,
Took time to escape,
I was looking straight ahead,
Dabbling in diabolic ways,
Crossing the lines of the divine and hellatude,
Criss-crossing again,
Now able to have a good laugh,
My gashes no longer wounds,
My actions are enough to prove,
Counting curses like how many people are in the room,
I’ve learned,
Comet mouth,
No excuse,
Can’t blame or damn the witch for clouded rainy days,
I’ve learned how to cross between measure and time,
Blankets for a troubled mind,
And all this time,
I was the one in my way,
Such a funny concept I couldn’t grasp,
Now that I got that,
It’s time to let myself succeed,
In any way,
In every way,
I find possible,
No longer counting down,
I’m counting up to the next outlet push,
Pull back into position,
I am my own religion.