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Mr. Chris Boss


Emily Dvorchak


December 10, 2013


U.K. Territory Preferred Photographers

BusComm Consulting

Executive Summary
As per your request, I have reviewed six photographers in the U.K. territory and have determined
those best suited for our preferred vendors list. Finalists have been ranked from first to sixth choice.
Rankings were based on types of photography offered, quality of website, and past clients. A brief
analysis of each photographer will be provided.
Selection Process
In order to make the best recommendations, I outlined a specific selection process. Please note that
since our company has already screened all finalists on the basis of price, I did not consider rate in my
analysis. Additionally, I chose not to determine rankings on the basis of photographic quality. Since
each photographer has already been named a finalist in the U.K, I have concluded that each person
could offer work of appropriate artistic quality. Although the output would differ according to each
photographers creative interpretation of the world, the differences between these creative styles
would be difficult to measure and rank. I thus decided to look elsewhere for noticeable variations.
Specifically, I ranked each of the six photographers on the basis of the following criteria:

Ability to encompass the specific clientele needs of architectural, commercial, food, portrait,
and industrial photography within work,
Quality of website, and
Past clients.

I believe these measures will lead to an accurate ranking of finalists and will create the best possible
preferred vendors list for our company and our clients.
The following is in my opinion the most appropriate ranking and analysis of the six finalists.
John Gilchrist is the first place choice. His work comprises all five types of images in which our
clients are most interested. He actually dedicates a section of his website specifically to commercial
photography, which leads prospective clients to examples of food, industrial, and portrait work.
Another section of the site, entitled Edinburgh, consists mainly of photographs of architecture. His
website is easy to navigate, and a plethora of information can be found on multiple different pages
relating to his mission, background, experience, and reasoning for taking specific photographs.
Viewers also need not look far to locate a list of the clients with whom he has worked. The list includes
leading agencies such as Sheridan & Co. and large-scale organizations like the Edinburgh Airport.
Although some galleries depicting examples of his work are locked to the common viewer, his
credibility of experience makes up for this shortcoming.

Martin Garnham is the second place choice. Though not as extensively as John Gilchrist has done,
Garnham does offer a sufficient synopsis of expertise on the homepage of his website. Since his
areas of focus include product marketing and corporate portraits for brochures, press releases, and
web sites, he would likely be well suited to the corporate needs of our clients. Although lacking
representation of industrial photographs, he provides examples of portrait, architectural, commercial,
and food photography on his website. Past clients are listed clearly on the homepage, and consist of
well-known companies like Park Inn Hotels and Valerie Wade Design.
Dan Burman has been selected next. He specializes in portraiture and focuses heavily on music. His
corporate event work would fill the commercial need, and his photographs of London depict
architectural experience. However, he lacks experience with food and industrial photography and for
this reason he has been ranked below Gilchrist and Garnham. Despite this, he has been ranked
above other finalists because his website is easy to navigate and provides some useful information.
For instance, we know that he has worked with a variety of organizations including Aavaz, The British
Orthodontic Society, and The Food and Drink Federation. He provides testimonials from these and
other clients who have been pleased by his work, indicating he would likely be helpful to many of our
clients as well.
Richard Alois is the final photographer recommended for use on our preferred vendors list. He has
been ranked as such because his website provides a somewhat limited amount of information
regarding his expertise and experience. He describes photography as his own creative outlet and
hobby, and thus clients are not emphasized or listed. However, he would likely be capable of fitting
the corporate needs of our clients since his work encompasses all types of images they require. An
extensive variety and amount of photographs are provided to prove this. Capability is further
supported by the fact that this photographer currently runs a marketing agency in London.
Sin Trenberth has been ranked fifth, and thus should not be included on our preferred vendors list.
Her work focuses heavily on wedding and dance photography and lacks the variety desired by our
clients. Trenberth works most extensively with actors, actresses, and performers, and specializes in
the areas of publicity and editorial magazines. While her experience is well portrayed on the website
through YouTube videos and short descriptors, it would not be best suited to the needs of our
corporate clients.
Jeremy Hilder has been ranked last. His work focuses mainly on dogs, nature, and portraiture, and
lacks the variety that our corporate clients desire. He has been ranked below Trenberth mainly
because of the structure of his website, which is difficult to navigate. Hardly any information is
provided regarding his past experience, and a list of clients is absent. His ranking determines that he
too should not be included on our preferred vendors list.
I hope my assessment fits your needs and will be valuable to BusComm Consulting and its respective
clients. If you have any questions or comments regarding my recommendations, please feel free to
contact me at any time. I would be happy to further discuss this matter.