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The Transition Elements

They are all ________

They form _________ compounds
They are often used as __________
The transition Elements
They often form more than one kind of
E.G. Iron can either lose two or three
________ when it forms ions.
So the ions in iron compounds can either
Fe2+ or Fe3+ so there are for instance two
kinds of iron chloride: Iron (II) chloride
(green) or
Iron (III) chloride (brown). The formulae
Transition Metal
The carbonate ion has the formula;
So the formula of iron (II) carbonate will be
FeCO3 and the formula of copper (II) carbonate
will be
These compounds break down when you heat
them: they turn into CO2 and the
corresponding oxide. Oxygen is in group 6 so
the formula for the oxide ion is
O2- The formula of iron (II) oxide will be
Transition Metal

The hydroxide ion is OH-

This ion is in sodium hydroxide
When you add sodium hydroxide to a
solution of a transition metal you get a
precipitate of the corresponding
Transition Metal
Sodium hydroxide solution contains the
Na+ and
Copper sulphate contains the ions;
Cu2+ and
All transition metal hydroxides are
insoluble so you will get a precipitate of
Copper hydroxide (blue)
Precipitation Reactions
The equations are as follows;
Sodium hydroxide and copper sulphate
2NaOH + CuSO4 = Cu(OH)2 + Na2SO4
And for sodium hydroxide and iron (II)
These reactions can be used as a test to
see what transition metal ion you have
in solution:
If you add sodium hydroxide to the
solution and you get a green precipitate