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Tamil to English Situations

1. /i - Welcome home
2.F A A- Welcome to
Salem (Pat: welcome to Place Name)
3. HP- What would you like to eat? (Pat: what would you
like to do sth)
4.c H MAl?- Would you like to eat fruit? (Pat:
would you like to do sth)
5.c H MAl?- Would you like to eat anything?
(Pat: would you like to do anything)
6. pv MA- I like to drink juice (Pat: I like to do sth)
7. F- How did you come here / How you came here
8. - I came by car
9. A- He comes by car
10. F- Why did you come here / Why you came here
11.c P- What do you do now / what you do now
12.c AP- How many-ith class do you study?
/ How many-ith class you study?
13.c AP
- Which / What class do you study? /
Which / What class you study?
14. E F- Which shop did you buy the cloth ? /
Which shop you bought the cloth?

15. J- Is your daughter married? / Does

your daughter get married? / haveyour daughter got married?
16. A ?- How long has your
daughter been married? (Pat: Howlong has sb been married)
17. P?- How long do you work here?
18. A AM
- Our daughter has been married for 5 years / It is5 years since our
daughter got married.
19. A- He married (to) Malar / He is
married (to) Malar / He got married (to)Malar
20. C C J- He married young / He got
married young
21. - I have to marry / I have to get married
22. AQ- How much is this pen?/ How
much you pay for the pen?
23.A - How many pens (do) you have?
24. JAP- How many times did
you go to Ooty? / How many timeshave you been Ooty?
25. J a - 1)
Everytime / Whenever I go to temple, Ipour water to that tree: 2) I go
to temple. At that time, I pour water to that tree.
26. CKL - I came from
Singapore yesterday only.

27. J v - I reached the

railway station.
28.J v 10 E - The train arrived
to the station at 10 PM.
29.J v 10 E - The train came to the station
at 10 PM.
30. H 10 A - It is 10 days since I eat
good food (Pat: It is Time since Sent1)
31. M ?- Can I help you? / What can I do
for you?
32. A - You carry the luggage.
33. - Lift the luggage up / above.
34. - Go above / up
35.L F G- Stand by the window
36.L G- Stand against the window
37. A- The fan is above the table ( Pat: sth1 is
above sth2; st1=F )
38. A - You bring / pull him here
39. c m- How long ago did you
go to salem?
40. A- They hit / kill each other / They
hit / kill among themselves

41. Q - I
myself walk that much distance.
42. A - Don't tell this
43. c - Why (What for) did you hit him?
44.c K- How dare you (to) hit me?
45.J JA J M- You untie the robe that
ties in the luggage / You untie the tyingrobe in the luggage.
46. HC HJ - Tie the cow in the bar
47.F JA HC - You bring the goat
that ties in the tree / You bring the tying goat inthe tree.
48. vFK A - You take him to hospital.
49. - He got injured (hurt) seriously / He
was seriously injured (hurt)
50.YA JL - Get up fastly from the bed.
51. - You go to shop. At that time,
you see him / When you go to shop, yousee him
52. J - First, You go to shop.
After that, you see him / When you comeback from the shop, you
see him
53.Q - Don't phone (call)
him hereafter.

54. I H- You eat the food without being

left over ( Pat: be left over )
55.eIA H- Eat the remaining cake / Eat the left
over cake.
56.v b GJ A- The gas is low / The gas is running
out / The gas runs low
57.v bM- The gas is over / The gas run out
58. e - Nothing is left
59. W - Keep the box upside down
60. H - Make him eat (Pat: make sb do sth)
61. E - Lift (raise) the cloth little bit
62. - Raise your hand
63. () - Lift the luggage
64. A - He goes by shaking his head / He
goes, at the same time, he shakes hishead.
65. - He gives more trouble / I am
unable to stand / bear his trouble / I can't bear /stand his trouble.
66. HFA- Malar has given birth to baby boy
(Pat: sb give birth to sb)
67. H- She bore him three
children (Pat: bear sb a child/son..)

68. F H- I was born in salem (Pat: sb was born in

place / year)
69. F - Keep this in mind ( Pat: keep sth
in mind )
70. A- I bear the food cost or expense /
I pay (for) the food expense.
71. A?- Is there any sugar? (pat: Is there any
72. eF A?- Is there any sugar left? (pat: Is
there any sth left?)
73. M- He died / He expired / He passed away
74. MF M- He died in accident.
75. L M- He died of fever ( pat: die of
disease )
76. - It is me.
77. - He and I did this (pat: he and I)
78.vFK JC- It is long time since I
went to hospital.
79. A - Go to the shop and buy
the chocolate.
80. F?- Has the milk-man come? / Did the milkman come?

81. v J?- Has salem bus gone? / Did salem bus go?
82. F?- Has the current come? / the current or
power has come?
83. H H - There is no use of believing
84. P ( ) K MKC - You inquire or ask
the doctor about this.
85. E 6- It is 6 o'clock now.
86.A 30 A e- It is 30 KM to salem from
87. A - You go and bring him
88. - You ask him to come here (pat: ask sb
to do sth)
89.K - You ask him pen (pat: ask sb sth)
90.A OA - Walk the bicycle
91. HC A - Walk the child.
92. A- The child walks.
93. F A- He asks more money for the car
441. 1970 L CA- I live here since / from 1970.

442. 30 CA- I live here for 30 years

443. M P A- I sincerely grateful
for your help
444. AM- He is so old that he can't
445. ?- So what?
446. HA- I still eat.
447. HM- I still do not eat / I do not eat yet.
448. Q H HM- I am
yet to eat / I have to eat hereafter.
449.FK F- Don't scold like that / such that.
450. - He is such a nice person
451. J FF- Please make sure that
the door is locked
452. - That's why, he hits me.
453. - That's what I told.
454. P - Those who like to come with
me, please come.
455. 10 1000 - (In) those days
10 rupees were equal to Rs 1000.
456. A- There is fan

457. A- The fan is there.

458. N A- He goes through forest.
459. N A- I go through / via attur.
460. F - I heard the news through / by
461. A- There is a tension all over /
through out the town.
462. 9 E FF- The shop opens till 9 o'clock / the
shop is opened till 9 o'clock.
463. J 10 - Upto 10 people can sit in
the room.
464. H A - I am used to drink coffee.(pat: be
used to do sth)
465. H CA, ( H
)- I used to drink coffee (pat: use to dosth)
466. NJ - Go this way.
467. F - Which way is north?
468. NJ A- He is on the way.
469. - What book you want?
470. K- Don't know what to do.
471. - Ask him to come here.

472.c - What you do is wrong.

473. H- What to eat now?
474. ?- What for this fan?
475.Q M- What if it rains today
476. - When we go to salem?
477. - Whenever possible /
felt, you come here.
478. - Please tell me where to go.
479. Al - Stay where you are / Don't
480. ?- Who to vote?
481.M A - Who to ask the question?
482. ?- Whose is this?
483. ?- Whose book is this?
484. ?- Whose is this book?
485. A- Why he is angry?
486. A- Why does'nt he leave yet? / Why he
does'nt leave yet?
487. A?- Why he leaves?

488. - I come with you.

489. AKA- I acknowledge him as
student leader.
490.e - Don't accuse me.
491.FF a - Pour the water in utensil.
492.FF - Put / pour the flour in utensil.
493. P M - Light up the Vilakku using ghee.
494. - Don't rub the floor.
495.E P - Clean the floor with water / Pour the
water on the floor and clean it.
496. c H- You call me as Malar.
497. - His uncle brought up him.
498.H OJ ?- Can we go out to eat?
499. F - Don't advise me on anything.