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Wednesday, January 13, 2009 For Immediate Release:

Contact: Mike Kehoe 573-680-3428

Jefferson City, MO – Mike Kehoe, small businessman and Republican candidate for the 6th District
State Senate seat, announced the 4th quarter accomplishments of his campaign today. Kehoe
collected $87,058 for the quarter ending December 31. This brings the campaign’s total funds raised
since July 16 to $208,678. Kehoe expressed his appreciation and excitement about the encouraging
support his campaign is receiving. “I am pleased to announce that our campaign has enlisted
hundreds of volunteers who believe in our common sense approach and strong family values. We
continue to reach out to voters in the 6th district to communicate that message. Our website had over
1,359 visitors this quarter for a total of 2,854 visitors since the site went up in August. In the past 3
months, we have participated in dozens of parades and community events. We attended 47 events
throughout the district and enjoyed connecting with voters across the spectrum. In addition, we
raised a total of $87,058 in the 4th quarter of 2009.”

“Since announcing my candidacy on July 16, I have spent the last 167 days talking to voters
throughout the 5 counties in the 6th District. In the 4th quarter alone, our volunteers made over 7,000
phone calls to solicit input directly from the voters of the 6th District. They have expressed the desire
to see a fresh new face in the state capitol who will fight to grow central Missouri jobs, stimulate
growth in our economy, and fight to keep health care affordable,” Kehoe said.

In closing, Kehoe reiterated his appreciation to those who have stepped up to help at this stage of the
campaign. “I continue to be humbled by those who are willing to give their time, talents, and hard
earned money to support our campaign efforts. I am excited to report that 180 people have signed up
to volunteer on the website at and we have had 521 donors since July
who have offered their financial support,” Kehoe said.

4th Quarter Facts about Mike’s Campaign: Totals since July 16 announcement:
Total donations: 181 521
Total donations under $100: 33 140
% of contributors giving $100 or less: 18% 27%
Events attended: 47 103
Web visitors: 1,359 2,854
Total Cash on Hand: $156,447
Contributions: $ 87,058 $208,678

Citizens to Elect Mike Kehoe · P.O. Box 105527 · Jefferson City, MO 65110
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