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1- The major action of sodium chromoglycate is:
a-mast cell stabilization
c-prostaglandins modifier

d-leukotrienes modifier

2-The action of histamine is :

a-capillary constriction
c-stimulation of gastric secretion
d-skeletal muscle paralysis

e-non of the above

b-elevation of blood pressure
e-slowing the heart rate

3-One of the following antibiotics is resistant to penicillinase :
a-penicillin V

b-penicillin G




4- Inderal is :

a-similar in action to ergotamine
b-similar in action to tubocurarine
c-used as an antihistamine
d-pure b -adrenergic receptor blocker

5- Rifampicin is indicated for treatment of :
a-impaired fat absorption

b-pulmonary emboli
d-neoplastic disorders

6- Which of the following is non selective b1 blocker ?



7- The Latin abbreviation for " After Meals " is :
a- a.c.

b- a.a.

c- p.c.

d- i.c.

8- The latin abbreviation for " Four Times Daily " is :
a- a.c.
b- a.a.
c- p.c.
d- q.i.d.
9- The latin abbreviation for " Every Night " is :
a- a.c.
b- o.n.
c- p.c.
d- i.c.




e- c.c.

e- c.c.

e- c.c.

10- Erythroped A :

a-Effective against G+ve Cocci
b- A macrolide antibiotic
c- Increase g.i.t. motility
d-could be used in pregnant women if need
e- all of the above


reducing the conversion of hypoxanthine and xanthine to uric acid and resulting in direct inhibition of purine biosynthesis due to elevated oxypurine concentration (negative feedback).SA node d-internodal pathways a-ventricular arrythmias c-supraventricular tachycardia d-supraventricular bradycardia e-non of the above e-non of the above b-atrial bradycardia 2 . 13.AV node c-pukinje fiber 18.A disease which is due to viral infection : a-poliomyelitis c-chicken pox e-all of the above b-rabies d-herpes 15. and then the side effect of increased tubular reabsorption of calcium.The heart`s dominant pacemaker is : a. decreased renal tubular transport of uric acid.Allopurinol is used as : a-analgesic agent b-uricosuric agent c-antiinflamatory agent d-antipyretic agent e-agent which increases renal tubular reabsorption *Allopurinol inhibits xanthine oxidase.For the treatment of anaphylactic shock use : a-salbutamol c-acetazolamide e-aminophylline b-diphenhydramine d-epinephrine 12.11.Adenosine is used for : b.The mechanism of action of atropine is : a-muscarinic antagonist c-nicotinic antagonist e-non of the above b-muscarinic agonist d-nicotinic agonist 16.Which of the following is NOT betamethasone side effect ? A-cataract b-hypoglycemia c-skeletal muscle weakness d-sodium retention e-lowered resistance to infections 14.Myocardial muscle tissue property to generate electrical is : a-inotropy b-chronotropy c-automaticity d-contractility e-non of the above " Dromotropic effect" 17. So anyway you havedramatically decreased uric acid concentrations. Oxypurinol also inhibits xanthine oxidase.

Which of the following is released by bacterial infection?(….The term shock signifies : a-hyperperfusion d-bradycardia b-hypoperfusion e-non of the above c-tachycardia 24.Respiratory acidosis is due to : a. which of the following should be considered? a.Adenosine P produces which of the following : a-facial flushing c-marked tachycardia e.19.Increase hydrostatic pressure c-capillary permeability e.Decrease oncotic pressure d.a and b 28. which is NOT true? a-they have lower risk gastric adverse reactions b-good evidence about their effectiveness 3 .a and b 20. by bacterial cell wall during there growth): a-endotoxin d-cytotoxin b-exotoxin e-non of the above 26. b and c b-dyspnea d.Which of the following are causes of oedema? a.dopamine to support blood pressure c.Which of the following is responsible for buffering : a-magnesium c-bicarbonates b-chloride d-potassium e-troponin 21.O2 removal c.CO2 removal b.the amount of water in adult male is about: a-25% b-60% c-80% c-antibiotics d-10% e-17% 27.Which of the following is NOT colloid solution ? a-albumin 5% c-dextran b-ringer`s solution d-beta starch e-albumin 20% 23.airway control d-monitor heart rhythm b-IV of crystalloid solution e-all of the above 25.Patients prescribed non reversible monoamine oxidase inhibitor should be advised not to consume food containing tyramine because this combination causes: a-postural hypotension b-hallucinations c-anaphylactic shock d-muscle weakness and tremor e-acute adrenergic crisis including sever hypertention 29.a . b and c b.CO2 retention e-non of the above 22.O2 retention d.Concerning COX 2 inhibitors .a .In treatment of shock .

a and c 37.b and c b-start lidocaine infusion d. b and c b-hydroxychloroquine d.A disease modifying drugs in rheumatoid arthritis: a-gold preparations c-methotrexate e.Early symptoms of aspirin poisoning are : a-lethergy & fatigue b-skin rash & headache c-throbbing headache & dizziness d-fluid retention hypotension e-ringing in the ears & blurred vision 34.considered anticoagulation with warfarine e.In the treatment of osteoporosis which of the following is NOT true? a-alendronate should be taken 60 min.A patient who is admitted through the E. with an initial diagnosis arterial fibrillation : a-slow ventricular response using verapamil c.c-cardiac toxicity is a recent concern of this class d-they usually administrated twice daily e-combination with non selective agents give more effective action 30. D are essential c-hormone replacement therapy should be considered d-outcome should be assessed with periodic bone density e-raloxifeno is selective oestrogen modulator 31. before breakfast b-Ca and vit.Which of the following is NOT true about infiximuab a.Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for osteoparalysis? a-minimal exercise b-low calcium intake c-male gender d-family history e-minimal exposure to sunlight 33.R.Which of the following is true about surgical prophylaxis ? a-it is given to treat surgery associated infections b-it is given to reduce the possibility of surgical site infection c-should always be given regardless type of surgery d-should be continued for 7 days after surgery e-all are true 4 .Which of the following is the first choice in acute gout? a-allopurinol c-colchicine b-indomethacin d-probencid e-sulfinylpyrazone 32.a and b 36.IL-1 blocker b-used for treatment of severe rheumatoid arthritis c-may increase risk of infections d-administered as IV infusion e-postadministration reactions include fever & chills Inflximab is anti TNF 35.a .

These are non aqueous pharmaceutical solutions: a. liniments and spirits 44.a and b c.HBA1c e.a and b e.syrups .The ability of a liquid to dissolve is : a-hydrophilicity c-immiscibility b-miscibility d-solubility equilibrium 5 .1-5 mg c. b. mouth washes and nasal soln.When dosing insulin which of the following is true? a-initial dose 0..15-60 mg d -should be continued for 7 days after surgery 40. .) b-prevent the accumulation of hydralazine.What first line agent may be considered for an obese type 2 ? a-glyburinid d-nateglinid b-insulin e-repaglinid c-metformin 43. douches and irrigation soln.gargles .300-600 e-all are true b.38.otic soln.b and c 39. d.m and 1/3 p. b and c 41. collodions an elixirs c.a .enemas .m b-regular NPH ratio is 1 : 1 or 1 : 2 c-dose may need to be increased during acute illness d. mucillages and collodions e. c-prevent systemic lupus ( SLE ) due to hydralazine.Goals of diabetes mellitus management include : a-reduce onset of complications b-control symptoms of diabetes c-near normal glycemic control and HBA1c d.Propranolol is often(which gave with) prescribed with hydralazine to: a-reduce the reflex tachycardia (B BLOCKER that reduce that reduce…. d-prevent oedema e-increase absorption of hydralazine 46.When diagnosis of diabetes to be considered : a-WBC count with differential b-oral glucose tolerance test d. b and c 42.Which of the following drugs exhibits dose dependant pharmaceutical therapeutic doses ? a-Na valproate d-quinidine b-phenytoin e-carbamazepine c-lithium 45.6 u / kg / day split 2/3 a.essences .The usual daily dose of phenytoin in the range of: a.b and c e.a .

JAMA 50.In CHF management the following is not correct: a.a and b e.References to check compatibility of drugs in parentral administration: a.effect in selected patient c-spironolactone should be avoided because of the great risk of hypokalemia d-non drug therapy includes appropriate fluid and dietary sodium-restriction e-symptomatic improvement is one of the major assessment criteria for proper therapy 49.A 4 mg dose of lorazepam administered to an adult will act as : a-analgesic d-antihistaminic b-hypnotic e-antiulcerant c-diuretic 53.Which of the following is NOT correct ? a-glitazones are ineffective as mono therapy b-GIT disturbance are common side effects of glycosidase inhibitors-a c-start with small dose of oral agent and triturate up to 1-2 weeks d-life style modification should not be enforced if an oral agent to be started e-lisepro is rapid acting insulin to be dosed immediately before meals 48.47.The drug of choice to control pain during acute myocardial infarction is : a-naloxone d-celecoxib b-bethidine e-naproxen c-morphine 54.b and c 51.What is a major contraindication to the use of an OTC sympathomimetic drug: a-gastric ulcer c-severe asthma e-hypertension b-uncontrolled hypotension d-rheumatoid arthritis 55-Category C in FDA for drug used in pregnancy : a. which of the following is NOT taken at the same time? a-analgesic c-aspirin b-verapamil d-diphenhydramine e-orange juice 52.MERCK Index c-micromedix b-handbook on injectable drugs d.controlled studies fail to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in the trimester and there is no evidence of risk in later trimester 6 .Which of the following is NOT a primary literature : a-gournal of pharmacy practice b-applied therapeutic & clinical use of drug c-new England Journal of medicine d-Loncet e.When a CNS depressant is prescribed .ACEIs such as lisinopril improves left ventricular function and reduces mortalit-blocker such as carvidailol may have beneficialb b.

Which of the following is NOT used in theophylline toxicity management : a-symptomatic control of seizures with benzodiazepine b-activated charcoal to enhance elimination c.V.C.ACEIs are recommended in pregnant women 61.b blocker for tachycardia d-control vomiting with metoclopramide e-methylphenidate to reduce excessive sedation 62.acetate c. injection b.Regarding the use of ACEIs : a-associated hypokalemia could be avoided by giving K-supplement b-effective in reducing proteinurea in diabetic patient c-most common side effect is chronic dry cough d-a good first line treatment for hypertensive diabetic e-dose should be started low and triturated gradually upward in need 7 .When concidering drug therapy for hypertention .There is positive evidence of human fetal risk but the benefits of use in pregnant woman may be acceptable despite the risk 56.V.beta-blokers should be avoided in asthmatic patient e. which is true? a-combination of drugs always preferred b-hydralazine is first line therapy in young hypertension c-furosemide should be administrated before meal to improve absorption d.CO3 b.slow I.b.this medication may cause discolouration of urine 57. c-I. d-I.The long term administration of thiazide diuretics requires : a.M.fetal risk NOT demonstrated in animal studies but there are no controlled studies in pregnant women or animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect that was NOT confirmed in controlled studies in women during trimester c. injection d-IP(intraperitoneal) injection 58.M.What advice would you give to a patient prescribed rifampicin? a-take this medication with food or milk b-avoid multivitamine preparations during treatment c-avoid taking paracetamol during treatment d-possible discolouration of skin is of no importance e.V.Which route of administration would provide the most rapid onset of action response to morphine ? a-oral b-S. injection c-I.either animal study have revealed adverse effect on the fetus and there are no controlled human studies or studies in animal and women are not available d.K+ d.Correct method of parentral administration of potassium is : a-fast I.Ca++ 60. e-rectal 59.Na+ e.

Suspension e.first pass b.mannitol b.Role of B-blockers in angina : Inhibition of beta1 receptor mediated stimulation of heart rate and myocardial contractility. resulting in an improved oxygen supply-demand balance in the myocardium.drug distribution 69.drug metabolism c.psoriasis c.Dopamine antagonist e.Decrease dopamine in peripheral vessel d.When drug absorbed through GIT then go to liver and excreted this process called: a.which of the following need filtration before IV infusion : a.myocardial infarction 75.emulsion c.63. analgesic effect except: a-ibuprofen b.oxytocin c-adrenocorticosteroid hormone b.dextrose 5% d.insulin 71-Azaleic acid used in : a-acne b.naprosyn d.All the following anti inflammatory. 68.sevredol : opioid analgesic 70.aspirin c.growth hormone 8 .dopamine agonist c.5HT1 antagonist 67.which hormone are secreted from posterior pituitary gland : a.Serotonin reuptake b.Role of carbidopa in treatment of Parkinsonism : a.Regarding treatment of digoxin toxicity: a-verify time of last time b-check Mg and K levels and correct if needed d-no antidote for digoxin c-monitor ECG e-supportive care 64.The antimalarial to be avoided in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency a-primaquine b-quinine : c-chloroguanide 65-The following is NOT characteristic of solution: a-thermodynamically stable b-composed of two or more component that exist in one phase c-homogenous d-the solvent and solute can be separated by filtration e-solute doesn`t precipitate as time passes 66.

. c.....not macrolide antibiotic c.b 79-which of the following cause metallic taste : a.captopril b.which of the following are characteristic for Erythroped : a.decrease in liver enzymes function c....... increase duration of lidocaine in anasethia : a.dosage form 78-monitoring for dose in elderly patient: a.not effective against G +ve cocci d.metabolism is high e.epinephrine 77...Drug absorption depend on : a..cimetidine c....metoformin d-.Atropine b.....A .can increase GIT motility d-can not used in pregnant women if needed e..succinyl choline e.propranolol d..76.has amino glycoside antibiotic c-decrease GIT motility d-should not be used in pregnant woman if need e-should be used in pregnant woman if need 82-the optimal size for ophthalmic drops:< 10μg 83.none of the above 81.age b.Amphetamine is used in: defect of awareness in the brain of children 9 ....Drug state e...A and B c.reabsorption is high d.excretion in kidney decrease b.which of the following are characteristic for Erythrosine: a-not effective against G+ve cocci b..

..furosemide c.Omeprazole used to: decrease gastric acid secretion.increase phase 3 repolarization d..adrenergic receptor blocking e..hemoglobin test d-..which of the following has aldosterone antagonist effect a.serum creatinine level b.. rifampicin 90.propranolol c...if patient take Gentamicin for a time which of the following need monitoring test: a..1 November b.84-if packaged are written for expiry November 2006 it mean that can be used till : a.suppress phase 4 depolarization b. 88...shorten action potential 10 ...amiloride b..31 November 85-The mechanism of action of Buspirone through : a-5HT agonist b-GABA agonist c-dopaminergic agonist d-dopaminergic antagonist 86.amiodarone d-Quinidine 92. 87.lidocaine b.spironolactone d. 91-which of the following is antiarrythmic class Ιa:a.Class ΙΙ antiarrythmic drugs produce its action through:a. test c....hydrochlorothiazide 89-which of the following change color of the urine to red nitrofurantoin ..decrease rate of phase 0 depolarization c...Nitroglycerine introduces: coronary vasodilatation.liver enz..

95-lovastatin produce action through:HMG-co reductase inhibitor.Streptokinase is used in ttt of:pulmonary emboli.shake well and then give one drop to right eye twice daily.lisopril .ophthalmic prescription are written through following ( gtt tod Bid ) this mean:a. 100.shorten phase 3 repolarization 94. zinopril or zestril is found in :a-captopril b. 96.give one drop to right eye twice daily b.ramipril d-lisinopril 97. 11 .fosinopril c.adrenergic receptor blocking e.Chiral molecule mean:a-dipole moment b.antiarrythmic drug class Ιb produce its action through:a.93.shake well and then give one drop to left eye twice daily d. 98.give one drop to left eye twice daily c.increase phase 3 repolarization c.decrease phase 4 depolarization d.decrease rate of phase 0 depolarization b. 99-tegretol is used in ttt of:status epileptic.chelating prep.solubility c.″ am″ is abbreviation for: at morning. seizures. d-optical activity.

Nystatin b.Bambuterol is used in:treatment of asthma.fourth generation cephalosporin 103.third generation cephalosporin d.Amphotericin c.warfarin monitoring therapy by:a. 12 .ciprofloxacin 105.Vinca alkaloids produce anticancer drugs :vincristine . vindesine. 102.APTT d.Ganciclovir. anxiety.8 – 1. [ 104.Drug used in ttt of traveler diarrhea:a-ampicillin b.lipid profile International Normalized Ratio ( determine the blood tendency to clot ) normal range 0. 109.101-all the following are antifungal except:a.amoxicillin c.first generation cephalosporin b.ceftazidime is:a.2 PT ( prothrombin time) 110.Which organism are the cause of traveler diarrhea:- 106-diazepam used in:- E-coli. 107-solid to be reduced in size before dissolving called:Disintegration 108-Benzodiazepine mechanism through:binding δ subunit of GABA-A receptor.platelet count c.second generation cephalosporin c.Ketoconazole d.INR b. vinblastine .co-trimoxazole d.

propranolol d.albutrol c-ampicillin d-Diazoxide 115.moist heat 114-which of the following need serum level monitoring with Quinidine:a-Digoxin rash 116-drug used for ttt of migraine and HTN:a-clonidine b.“ Check page’95 “ a.hydrochlorothiazide c.progesterone d. constipation d.Aluminum silicate b. 113-most common process for sterilization:a.dry heat c.hypoglycemic effect b.pindolol 118.hydralazine 117.minoxidil c.losartan d.progesterone and LH 112-vecuronium is used as :skeletal muscle relaxant. vomiting c.which of the following has catharitic side effect:a.ischemic damage e.nausea .can't be used as monotherapy in mild HTN:a.hydralazine b.atenolol e.filtration b.111-in ovulation phase which hormone is predominant :a-FSH b-LH c.Magnesium sulphate c.Calcium sulphate 13 .headache .Side effect of epinephrine is:.

119-normal water can be used in:a.Ecothiophate mechanism through:a-binding to muscarinic receptor b.oral susp. 120.chemical Rx d.………….cholinergic agent c.C c.sod.reversible e. 14 .vitD metabolite c.B.. intake d.spinal anesthesia d. c.2k d.neuromuscular blocker 122-half life for first order kinetic:a.adsorption 125. d-external prep.physical Rx b.Charcoal produce its action through:a.cholinergic antagonist c.make complex with acetylcholinesterase and inhibit its action 121-tetracaine is used as:a-opoid pain b.PPM mean:part per million OR million part 127-all are causes of 2ry HTN except:a.693k 123-adsorption are affected by the following except:a.phyochromocytoma b.parentral prep. b-ophthalmic prep.irreversible 124.Digoxin used in ttt of CHF as has:+ VE inotropic effect 126.0.k b-1/k c.

128-pt CHF take digoxin and hydrochlorothiazide with ray arthritis which of : a-cortizone b-hydrocortisone c-fluticazone d-prednisolone 129-if a drug has the same active ingredient like other drug but not contain the same inactive ingredient this mean :a.pindolol c. 133-Alteblase is used:fibrinolytic (thrombolytic) 134. in 150 ml:7.albumin 2% d.Beta starch c.b 130. 15 .furosemide b. of adrug is 7.5x150/5 =225 mg 131-which of the following is not colloid : A-kerbs solution b.a.Dextran e.Bioequivalent b-pharmaceutical equivalent c.5 mg in teaspoonful what will be conc.pharmaceutical alternative d.conc.5 mg________ 5ml x? mg________ 150 ml x mg=7.bronchodilator (anti asthmatic) 135-podocodeine is used in: dry cough 136-which of the following not used in emergency HTN:a.salbutamol is used as:.labetolol d-………….albumin 20% 132-sildenafil is found in: Viagra.

non polar d.slightly polar c-soluble 142. C in male :a-30mg/day b-50 mg/day d-200 mg/day e.insoluble 141-benzoil not soluble in H2O but soluble in benzene in 25◦c a.miscible e.000 part of water a.vincristine 140.Primidone is prodrug for: ( antiepileptic drug ).400 mg/day c-90mg/day 16 .Daily recommended dose for folic acid: 400-500 μg 145.fairly soluble b.slightly soluble C-immiscible d.cisplatin c.arrhythmia 138.cardiac toxicity c.postural hypotension b.which of the following not used in ttt of asthma:a.137-Doxorubicin side effect :a.Cyclophosphamide d. 144.One of the following is member of phenothiazines group Prochlorperazine ( antipsychotic ) 143.polar b.insoluble e.Daily recommended dose for vit.B2 agonist b-B2 antagonist 139.Which of the following is alkylating agent and anticancer : a-vinblastine b.nephrotoxicity d.Very small molecule(1 part ) soluble in 10.

gel 17 . b. oint . gel e.max.morphine b.constipation 153-which of the following narcotics not used today:a.Hyperglycemia d.“ Check page’97 “ a-30mg/day c-90mg/day b-50 mg/day d-200 mg/day` 147.protein c. gel.connective tissue 155-which of the following dosage form are famous:a.Ergot alkaloids is used as: ttt migraine 149.solution .oint .dizziness e.muscle d. oint.hepatic pt c.nicotine d.Asthmatic pt 152-All the following are side effects of oral contraceptive except:a-hypertension b-weight gain c.solution.Buffering agent used in ophthalmic drops to:decrease irritation to eye and increase stability 150-picosulphate is used as: laxative 151.codeine 154. C in female :. solution c.renal failure b.lipid e.Digoxin toxicity increase with:a. daily dose for paracetamol is : ( 4000 mg ) 148. gel .drug stored in the body in:a.146.fat b.Daily recommended dose for vit. solution .heroin c.oint.

half life ↑ b.phenytoin act on :.a.GABA receptor 166.Levigation 165.increase surface area c.action ↑ e.G+ only b.Heparin can be monitored through :a.NSAIDs produce action through:- decrease prostaglandin synthesis 18 .APTT b.G+ve .side effect ↑ d. d- d.INR c-PT d-IM A Partial Thromboblastine Time ( time taken by plasma to clot) 159-Enixoparin is administrated:a. to dissolve the solid it is called :.In case of hepatic or renal failure which muscle relaxant is recommended:???????? 158.if drug protein binding increased or decreased:a.a.IV infusion 160.half life ↓ c.type of solution c-analyzer d.S.b 161. G-ve 162-solubility enhanced through :a.b 164-when use liquid or oint.3rd generation cephalosporin has:a.increase particle size d.determination analysis of solution depend on : a-nature of solute b.decrease surface area e-a&b 163.G-ve only c.IM b.C.*156.IV c.reduce particle size b.

drug have low therapeutic index c.which of the following cause depression :- b. have a long systemic half-life.reserpine 170.nausea .anticoagulant b. Such drugs need only a low maintenance dose in order to keep the amount of the drug in the body at the appropriate therapeutic level.lipophilic d. Drugs which may be started with an initial loading dose include: digoxin.increase cardiac contractility.antibiotic d. i.Sustained release dosage form is used to a-increase half life b. voriconazole .what is drug of choice in ttt of bronchospasm/asthma:a-salbutamol (albutrol ) b-theophylline d-esmolol e.which of the following not characteristic of theophylline:a.sedation 168.anti asthmatic 171.Drug after metabolized in liver it will become:a-polar b.Loading dose definition : Is an initial higher dose of a drug that may be given at the beginning of a course of treatment before dropping down to a lower maintenance dose. procainamide and Phenytoin . but this also means that. 19 .convulsion d.insoluble 174. it would take a long time for the amount of the drug in the body to reach that level.e.antiplatellet c.*167.………………… 173.quinidine c-propranolol 169. without an initial higher dose. CO c. abdominal disturbance e.453 kg 172.PREVOC is trade name used as:-(ticlopdine) a.non polar c.Pound = 0.relaxation to brochial smooth muscle b. A loading dose is most useful for drugs that are eliminated from the body relatively slowly.

175- in phase 1 in muscle contraction occur:a- depolarization for k in

b- repolarization to ca out

176- half life of drug is 7 days HOW can taken:a- every day

b- twice daily

c- twice weekly

d- every week

177- diltiazim classified as :
Ca channel blocker

178- B carotine is precursop of :
d- pyridoxine

b- thiamine
e- calcefirol


179- Electrical property which produce impulses called :



d- excitability

180- infusion of hypotonic solution in blood cause :
a) shriniking of blood cell

b) hemolysis

c) hyperglycemia

d) hypoglycemia

e) b + d

181- infusion of hypertonic solution in blood cause :
a) shriniking of blood cell
b) hemolysis
c) hyperglycemia
d) hypoglycemia
e) b + d

182- denaturation will happened in body for which compounds?

b- proteins

c- lipid



183- major metabolism proccess in GIT is:a-hydrolysis
c- oxidation

b- acetylation

184- dosage form of nitroglycren when used in malignant hypertension ?
d- Infusion

e- transdermal

c- S.C

185- drug induced lupus like syndrom is associated with antihypertinsive ?
d-nitroprusside Na

b- hydralazine
e- acebutol

186- hypothirodism cause :a-weight gain

b- hypoglycemia

c- dioxide

c-low body temp


187- ACE I mechanism of action as antihypertension :
- inhibition of converting angiotensin I to angiotensin II

188- About definition of first pass effect , it increase with:a- increase rate of absorption
c- increase pka

b- increase biotransformation
d- a,b

189- metal used in rheumatoid arthiritis : gold
190- low density lipoprotein(LDL) act as :
a-carrier cholesterol in plasma
c- good lipoprotien.

b- transport fatty acid

191- true solutions another name is:a- homogenous

b- heterogenous


d- suspension

192-about ophthalmic preparation as single dose which is false:a-sterile
c-should cotain preservative

b- purified


193-most of drugs are :
a-Weak electrolyte
b-Non electrlolyte
c-Non ionic
d-Strong electrolyte

194- antipseudomonas drug :


c- primaquine


195-digoxin differ from digitoxin :
a-Half life
c-Excreted unchanged in urine

b-Excreted hepatically

196- In digoxin induced arrythmia , what is not recommonded?
a-stop digixin administration
b-phenytoin administration
c-give lidocaine
d-give digoxin immune fab
e-electrical cardio

197- which is not asthma properties :
c-Increase mucous secretion
d-Chest pain

198- hormone not excreted from adrenal cortex :
a-Growth hormone
b-Primary product
c-mineral corticoids (eg, aldosterone)
d-glucocorticoids (eg, cortisolndrosterone)
e-weak androgens (eg, dehydroepiandrosterone)

199- All of the following are side effects of methotrixate except :
a-Bone marrow depression


+ve inotropic c.about cardioglycosidic effect : a.Tachycardia e.A&B d-Increase absorption e-Increase distribution 23 .Hypertension d.-ve inotropic b.ACE inhibitors are contraindicated in : bilateral renal artery stenosi 202.Bradycardia 203-all factors affect on distribution of drug except : a-Tissue solubility b-Protein binding c-Molecular weight of drug d-Type enzyme response of metabolism 204-all factors affect on renal clearance except : a-Age b-Sex c-Both 205.b-Alopecia c-Nausea and vomiting e-Drive sex gland 200.Ointment used for : a-Carrier of drug b-Emollient c.mechanism of action of antipsychotic drug : Dopamine receptor inactivation 201.

which of following is least sedative action ? a-Diazepam b-Estazolam c-Triazolam d-Temazepam 210.nicotine b.206.which drug has spasmolytic action? a-Resirpine b-Amphetamine 211-desmopressine used in :nocturnal enuresis &diabetes insipidus 212.Pentoxiphyllin used for : a-peripheral vasodilator b-Hypertension c-Cough suppressant Indications 24 .dopamine b.avoid aspirin containing prepration b-avoid doubling dose from herself c-balanced food with green leaves to avoid thrombosis d-if she pregnant. monitor INR to avoid DVT e-take care about nasal bleeding 209.lady take chronic warfarin .aspirin 207-acyclovir used to : Herbs simplex 208.In hypodynamic shock treatment we used :a. which is not true : a.

atherosclerotic and inflammatory disorders. including shank ulcers.PHARMACOKINETIC CONSTANT :a-Zero order b-1st order c-2nd order d-Mixed order e-A + B 25 . causing disorders in the peripheral perfusion. gangrene.normal water used for : a-Eye preparption b-Parentral preparation c-Solution d-Emultion e-External preparation 214.*Pentofyllin is indicated in diseases.Ceftazidime : 3rd generation 215-about amino glycoside . and in diabetes.C 217.P b-vasoconstrictive c-used in cardiogenic shock d-effective orally e-S. 213. Raynaud’s disease. which is not true ? a-Has gram –ve activity b-Less toxicity c-Narrow therapeutic d-Compatible with other drug e-Usually IV . intermittent claudication. diabetic angiopathy. IM 216. Acute disorders of the retinal blood supply. In acute disorders of the brain perfusion. including ischemic stroke and resultant conditions.about nor epinephrine not true :a-increaser B.

Which of the following is NOT predinsolone side effect a-cataract b-hypoglycemia c-skeletal muscle weakness d-sodium retention ? e-lowered resistance to infections 219.ACEIs are recommended in pregnant women 220-solutions are better than solid dosage form coz: a-Accurate dose b-Easy to handle c-More stable d-Faster action e-B + C 221.When concidering drug therapy for hypertention .antihypertensive used in pregnancy ? Alpha Methyldopa 26 . which is true? a-combination of drugs always preferred b-hydralazine is first line therapy in young hypertension c-furosemide should be administrated before meal to improve absorption d-b-blokers should be avoided in asthmatic patient e.218.One of following NOT used to cover bitter taste:a-Film coat b-Enteric coat c-Grinding of tablet 222-which of following tricyclic antidepressant is tertiary amine? Amitriptyline 223.

a+c 229.224-drug used for peptic ulcer ? Losec 225.A&B e.deltiazem & nifedipine &flocdipine act as . for 70kg patient.All of this affect rate of absorption except:a. what is total dose? (2x70x12)=1680 mg 226-( GMP) mean:.use tow or more preservative may increase the activity and may become suitable d.use another one is suitable b.B&C 231-Aiteplase &streptokinase used in:( Pulmonary emboli ) 27 .PH c-protein binding d.chemical stability b.Good Manufacturing Practice a-Good Manufacturing Protocol b-Good Manu factor Product c-General Manufacturing Protocol d-General Manufacturing Product 227.according to steril method which of the following is false about filtteration:Choice:> able to filtter viscous substance 228-when U know the preservative used with anti biotic is n’t suitable you make:a. infused for 12 hours .drug infusion rate is 2mg\kg\hr .block Ca to intracellular & increase metabolism from storage site 230.add another to increase it is activity c.

gamma rays. 237-Isoproterenol( Isoprenaline ): adrenergic agonist medication. skin rash. 236-Cyclophosphamide (side effects) : Appetite loss. absence of menstrual periods.Light sensitive drug should be storage in:a-Colorless glass d-Amber plastic b-Colorless plastic e-Light resistant container c-Amber glass 235-Electromagnetic rays :.hydrazyline b-terazocine c-propranolol d-captopril e.Itraconazole c-Metronidazole d-bismuth subsalicylate e-clarithromycin 242-Which Of The Following act as alpha 1 blocker :a. weakness.232-Cholystyramin resin act by :. texture change in nails. diarrhea. x-rays. vomiting. color change in skin. hair loss.anion exchange 233-The conc. stomach discomfort or pain. 238-Coal tar uses in: psoriasis & dandruf 239-The most common reaction catalysed by cytochrome P450 is: a monooxygenase 240-The most common phase I reaction is: oxidation 241-Which Of The Following NOT Used In Peptic Ulcer :a-Tetracycline b.clonidine 28 . Of ionized & unionized calculated by: (Henderson hasselbachk equation) 234. nausea. general unwell feeling.

hydralzyine 245.tetracycline b-cephalexin c-cloramphinicol d-amikacine 248.ticarcillin ) 29 .Antibiotic used as anti pseudomonas aeruginosa:a. Chloride c.Isotonic d-free from bacteria e.Amoxicillin d.carbencillin.Meropenem b.Cephalosporin act as:a-Inhibitors of cell membrane function b-inhibitors nucleic acid synthesis c-Inhibitors of protein synthesis d-Inhibitors of cell wall synthesis e-Inhibitors of metabolism 249.lidocaine c.lidocaine c-propranolol d.Bacitracin c.243-comparison between sterile water &water for injection:a.(piperacillin.Which of the following drug has side effect lupus like syndrome : a.pyrogen free b-free from sod.Over dose of digoxine we use:-(anti dote FAB Fragment ).procainamide b-minoxdile d-hydrochlorothiazide 246.A&C 244.Antipseudomonal Antibiotic:.Ampicilline has similar action of:a. 247.penicillin V 250.Qunidine has similar action to :a-procainamide b.

which of the drug used in open angel glaucoma:(pilocarpine ) 30 . 259.251-Auxliar of label are written on box contain CO-TRIMETHOXAZOLE all is true except:a-shake the bottle before use b-suspension c-freezing of drug d-keep out of reach of children 252-Ipratropium bromide :.Anti muscarinic bronchodilator 253-keep in cool place means :a-in refrigerator b-in freezing c-at 10-20 c* d-A&C e-A&B [ 254-Amphetamine act as :- INDIRECT-ACTING ADRENERGIC AGONIST 255-Increase plasma HDL Level :- Reduce Risk of Atherosclerosis [ 256-Waraferin act as:.……… b-vomiting .inhibited blood clot (anticoagulant) 257-cyclophosphamide side effect is:a-blared vision.alopecia c-bone marrow depression d-A&B e-B&C * 258-Action of alpha 1 receptor:………?????………….

Proffered to be taken:a-solu.R 265-Digitoxine toxicity effect in electro cardio chart (ECG):a-prolong P. > susp.first generation cephalosporin.drug &test drug acc. shaped d-prolong B.T.R b-shorten P. > oint > susp. >oint d-any dosage form can be used 262-digoxin toxicity precipitated by : Hypokalemia 263-which of the following drug has anti inflammatory effect :.peptic ulcer 270-Alph 2 Agonist :Decrease blood pressure 271-The equation that determine the acid & base degree is:BRONESTED EQUATION 31 .260-All (ACEIs) are prodrug except:.R b-shorten P. 268-After the myocardial infraction we use :Anti platelet (aspirin) 269-Omeprazol used for :. c-susp. To :AUC (Area Under the Carve ) 267-Cephalaexine is :. B-solu.R c. > solu.R 266-Relative bioequivalent compared bxn std.CAPTOPRIL (prototype) 261-Opthalmic prep.ibuprofen 264-Digitoxine effect in electro cardio chart (ECG):a-prolong P. > oint.

277.000 IU for the correction of the deficiency &for therapy from 100. 279-Bisacodyl used as :.000-50. Of the drug on exp.000 IU/day.prescription only medicine 281-The con. :- 276-Vit. Date is :From 90-110% 282-Surfactant not used orally :- Sod.Laxative 280-POM mean:.All these cases not cure with thiazides except:a-hypercalcemia b-Hypoglycemia c-Hypokalaemia d-Hyeruriceamia e-Hyponatrimia 278-Zidovudine is used for: HIV. A daily dose is 30.000-200.272-ISONIAZIDE used in: TuBERclosis . 273-mechanism of action of Buspirone on:Serotonin (5HT2a) receptor 274-All these cases not cure with thiazides except:a-hypernatrimia c-Hypokalaemia b-Hyperglycemia d-Hyeruriceamia e-Hyponatrimia 275-Which of the following drug of choice for Myxodema (Hypothyroidism ) Thyroxin sod. Lauryl Sulphate 283-The drug transfer through the cell membrane by :a-Aqueous diffusion b-Osmotic pressure c-Lipid dissolve d-Passive diffusion e-NON of the above 32 .

anti emetic) 291. 292-ESMOLO is:Short acting B.HEPARIN 290-Prmethazine used as :Anti histaminic (pruritus .blocker used in emergency in Acute arrhythmia as IV administration . cough .Vit K is antagonist of :.Vasodilatation of coronary artery 287-Anti psychotic act as :.PSORIASIS 285-which of the following make water retention:-(Indomethazine) 286-Nitroglycerin is :.Which Of The Following act as alpha 1 blocker :.PRAZOCIN. 293-which of the following has not effect on drug response:a-nutrition c-mental status b-genetic d-age e-disease 294-cyclizine used in :a-nausea &vomiting b-antibiotic c-bronchodilator d-antihistaminic 295-which of the following is not side effect of propantheline:a-blurred vision c-constipation b-dry mouth d-bronchospasm e-urinary retention 33 .284.Dopaminergic Antagonist 288.Calcipotriol is indicated for :.WARAFARIN [ 289-protamine sulphate is anti dote of:.

296-propencid increase the con. Of penicillin through :a-increase renal tubular reabsorption
b-decrease renal excretion
c-decrease hepatic metabolism

297-one of the following not toxic effect of methyl dopa:a-sedation

b-drug fever


298-patient take cisplatin should be taken with :Granisetron (anti emetic )

299-purified water can not used in:a-ophthalmic preparation
b-IV solution
c-oral preparation
d-oral suspension

300-ascobic acid is :- ( vit. C )
301-Mecanism of action of Tri cyclic antidepressant:Serotonin & NE Reuptake Inhibitor

302-Isopretrenol is :a-alpha &beta agonist

b-alpha blocker

c- alpha agonist

d-beta agonist

e-beta blocker

303-Active immunity can be conferred by :a-anti toxin

b-anti sera
d-immuno bodies

304-Mechanism of action of echothiophate:( Form stable complex which cholinesterase enzyme )
(Indirect-Acting Cholinergic Agonists )
(Anticholinesterases <irreversible> )


305- The latin abbreviation for<state>:- (Immediately )
306- Volume of blood /mint cleared through kidney called:a-total body clerance

b-renal clerance

c-hepatic clerance


307- Ventamix is :- (bronchodilator) (anti asthmatic)
308-Diltiazem not used in :a-heart falier
c-Hypertention (HTN)

b-Angina pectories
d-SA node block

e- Headach

309-Drug used in Diarrhea &constipation :a-polycarbophil



d- a&b

310-Alpha blocker has side effect :311- The dose of cefixime :a-400mg

(postural Hypotention )


312 -the dose of asprin as antiplatelet:a-80mg




313-Alpha calcidiol can not used with patient:a-liver dysfunction

b-renal dysfunction

314-co-trimethoxazol precentage of trimethoprim to sulphmethoxazol is :




315-diazepam over dose ttt with:- (flumanzenil)

316-Thephylline side effect is :
a-skin rash


c -………..


317-Dipivefrine is:a-Anti HTN

b-chelating agent


318- Which of the following Not occur in digitalis toxicity :a)hypokalemia

e)impaired kidney function.

319-class IV anti arrhythmia is :- (verapamil)
320-Patient who is allergic to penicillins use:a) claforan



321-Tetracaine used for:a) Spinal anesthesia
d) vit d metabolite

b) opioid analgesic
c) neuromuscular blocking agent
c) in treatment of Parkinsonism.

322- Sterility through .22 m filter, do not remove:A)bacteria
d) a+c



323-Not used clinically:a) heroin
d)oxycodiene hydro morphine.



*324- Which increase the action of morphine:a ) vit k

e)none of the above.


325-side effect of class 2 antiarrythmic:- ( bronchospasm )
326- In (C.H.F.) congestive heart failure we use digoxin to:a) incr.myocardiac contraction
c) dec.myocardiac contraction

b) increase myocardium excitability


337-Percentage of water acc. c)troponin. means: & 2-tumor secret high cortisol level…… to be taken 4 times daily. To body weight is: 60% 37 .Glucocorticoid drugs 333.N.Q. 332-Cushing syndrome caused by taking:1. ) myocardial infraction:a)albumin d) scurvy b)signs and symptoms e) a & d.327-The least sedating:a) Diazepam f) oxazepam b) chlorodiazepoxide g) buspirone e) probamate 328-drug not decreases LDL:- a)simvastatin c) nicotinamide b) clobifibrate d)propecol 329-RALOXIFINE IS SELECTIVE ESTROGEN MODULATOR CONTRAINDICATED IN DVT PATIENT:- ( true) 330-Promethasine is used for:- (antihistamic) 331-Which of the following Not used in diagnosis of acute (M.d. 334-Vit A avoided in:a) Rickets d) scurvy b) blindness e) a &d c) pregnancy 335-Which not effect of theophilline:a)preiphral vasoconistriction c)dieresis e)stimulation of C.S. b)cardiac stimulation d)relax of stomach muscles 336-Not expected with inhaled smoke of cannabis:a)increase pulse rate c)preceptal changes b)anorexia d)vascular changes of eye.I.s.

d) dec.338-Na picosulfate is used for : laxative 339-Dopamine is used in cardiac shock as:a) increase lung performance c) Don't induce preiphral vasoconistriction e) selective dilate renal & mesenteric b) decrease C.Verapamil can increase effect of: (theophylline & carbamazepne&digoxin….B for how long:????? 38 . c)slow COMT b)slow metabolism by ache d)rapid metabolism by COMT and MAO.force of contraction 340. 345-antihypertensive act as alpha 1 blocker in artery & vein:a)hydralazine c)terazocin 346-bile acid sequestrants: b) minoxidil d)…… …… ( hypolipidemic agents) 347-ACEIs & ARBs r contra indicated in :- renal artery stenosis patient * 348-cycloserine used in T.O.P.) as a liver enzyme inhibitor 341-Used in treatment of parkinsonism: a)amphetamine c)nicotine b)dopamine d)albuterol 342-Aspartame is used as: sweetener 343-Hormone replacement therapy in all postmenopausal women :a) true b) false 344-Properties of catecholamine:a)rapid metabolism by ACHE.

349.natural water can be used in :- external preparation 350-ideal volume of eye solution:a)500micro c)10-50 micro 351-dipivefrene is:352-idoxrubicin is:- b)50-250 micro d)<10 micro epinephrine analoug used in glaucoma antiviral for herpes simplex 353-when pharmacy owner give direction to employee in his pharmacy to monitor policies& regulation it is : -a)danocratic b) democratic d)consultative c) participation 354-ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ACTION OF CAFFAINE EXCEPT:A-CNS STIMULANT C-DIURETICS B-SKELETAL MUSCELE RELAXANT D-CARDIAC STIMULANT 355-NITRO GLYCRIN SIDE EFFECT is:A-tachycardia b-bradycardia c-……………… 356-propranolol is:- (none selective b-blocker) 357-which of the following drug cause tachycardia:a-propranolol b-atenolo C-hydralazin d-…………… 358-enkefaline as peptide used in :a-electrical conduction as neuron transmitter b-similar in action to morphine c-…………………………………… 39 .

BIO AVILABILITY MEAN THE DRUG REACH : A-SITE OF ACTION c-………………………….reduce inflammation and homeorolgic agent 360-the main site of execration of the drug in the body is:A-kidney b-liver C-stomach 361.dry cough c.increase with basic c-for POH *366.glucose intolerance c-arthritis d.pH use to : a-determine acidity b. B ..clofibrate act as :1-decreas HDL 2-deacreas lipoprotein lipase 3-synthesis of cholesterol 4-decreas lipoprotein 362-water used for reconstitution of large dose of parentral is:a-sterile water for injection b.osteoporosis 364-reserpine side effect: a-parkinsonism b-depression c-………………. 365.peripheral vasoconstriction b.BLOOD CIRCULATIO N 40 .Enzyme CYT P450 discovered by :- ????? 367.water for injection b-distal water 363-all of the following side effect of hydrocortisone except:a-Na retention b.359-pentoxifylline use as :a.

368.Which of the following drugs is a systemic amoebicide? a-Diloxamide furoate b-Pyrimethamine c-Emetin d-Sodium Stibogluconate 369-Which of following drugs is the drug of choice for the treatment of all forms of Schistosomiasis? a-Praziquantel b-Mebendazole c-Niclosamide d-Thiabendazole 370-Which of the following drugs can be used for the treatment of influenza A infection ? a-Zidovudine(AZT) b-Amantadine c-Ribavarin d-Vidarabine 371-Which of the following drugs is used in the treatment of Leishmaniasis? a-Pyrimethamine b-Diloxamide c-Sodium Stibogluconate d-Emetin 372-All of the following preparations contain alcohol except:a-Syrup simplex b-Aromatic ammonia spirit USP c-Terpin hydrate elixir USP d-Belladona tincture B.this is a severe:a-Skin reaction b-Bone marrow toxicity 41 .P 373-Wich of the following solutions is used as an astringent? a-Strong iodine soluotin USP b-Aluminium acetate topical solution USP c-Acetic acid NF d-Benzalkonium chloride solution NF 374-an extrapyramidal adverse effects is caused by the blocking of:a-Serotonin receptors in the brain b-Acetylcholine receptors in the brain c-Dopamine receptors in the brain d-Dopamine receptors outside the brain 375-A rare side effect of some anticonvulsants is Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

c-Renal failure d-CNS suppression 376-Which of the following are side effects of phenytoin treatment? a-Acne b-Hirsuitism c-Gingival hyperplasia d-a.Antibiotic c.optic neuritis c.Antiplatelets 382-All these drugs are fibrinolytic except :a.anticholinergic d.Anticoagulant b.Dipyridamole b.Methotrexate b.Steptokinase c.Irreversible a plastic anemia b.Flurouracil C.iron deficiency anemia 381-Ticlopidine is used for :a.NONE 383-All These drugs cause anti-metabolic effect except :a.b.A&B e.urikinase e.and c 377-all factors affect on distribution of drug except :a-partition co-efficient b.Cyclophosphamide 42 .PH d.Rate of blood flow to tissue c.peripheral neuritis d.Cytabrin e.B&C 378-Which of the following is NOT betamethasone side effect ? a-hypoglycemia b-skeletal muscle weakness c-sodium retention d-lowered resistance to infections 379-Which of the following are causes of oedema? a-increase hydrostatic pressure b-decrease oncotic pressure c-increase capillary permeability d-all of the above 380-All These are side effects of Chloramphenicol except:a.

Clorizepam b.Cefprazone d.LIdocaine c. 385-Cardiac arrest could be managed by the following except :a. A 390-One of the following is not from Quinolone group :a.Propranolol d.Imipramine 43 .Cholestyramin c.Oestrone c.Selgitine HCL b.Normal saline 386-Insulin which can be given I.Nalidixic acid b.Carbidopa c.Oestriol d.30/70 type c.Non of the above 387-All These drugs are anti-bacterial except :a.Mestronol b.V.Phenytoin c.Oestradiol 389-Which one of the following has vasodilator effect :a.Lomefloxacin c.Eoxacin D.Quinine c. is :a.Norfloxacin 391-One of the following is not for Epilepsy :a.Ephedrine b.Pergolide d.NPH type f.Vit.Regular type b.urikinase d.Nicotine b.384-All These drugs can be used for Parkinsonism except : a.Zalcitabine b.Nedocromil Sod.Primidone d.Non of the above 388-All These are natural Estrogens except :a.

Respiratory depression c.Amorphous Insulin b.Sod.Three times / Year d-None of the above 400-One of the following is given once daily:a.Protamine Zinc Insulin c.Constipation d.392-Sumatriptan is used for :a.Diarrhea b. Cromoglycate d.Codeine d.Vomiting 398-Which one of these drugs is not used for acute pain :a.Once / year b.Prednisolone 399-Hepatitis Vaccine dose is : a.Rivotril b.Regular Insulin 44 .Astemizol d.Sresolid d.Cetrizine c.Nedocromil Sod. c.Control of Epilepsy 393-All of the following for prophylaxis of asthma except :a.Epanutin c.Ketotifen b.Naproxen b.Treatment of migraine c.Colchicine c.Twice / Year c.Loratidine b.Neutral insulin d.Azotodin 395-All of the following are controlled drugs except : a.Angina Pectoris d.Hypertension b.Diazepam 397-Which one of the symptoms does not occur with morphine : a.Salbutamol 394-All of the following is NSAH [ non sedating antihistamine ] except :a.

CNS disturbances c.None of the above 404-Which Aminoglycoside antibiotic can be taken orally ? a.V. generation Cephalosporin c.3rd.401-Dobutamine is given I.Hyperkalamia d.Tobramycin 45 . because :- a.2nd.Neomycin c.None of the above 402-Amiloride as trimetren causes :a. generation Cephalosporin d. Generation Cephalosporin b.Ist.Not affect K [ Potassium ] 403-Cefaclor is : a.It is not stable in the gastric PH b.Amikacin d.It is eliminated very quickly d.Gentamycin b.Hypokalamia b.It is needed in large quantities in case of oral route c.

Acebutolol. 8. Labetalol. Differ in shape.effective hypotensive when others are contraindicated (B-blockers & diuretics) c.Which of the following is not cardio specific ß-blocker? abcd- Atenolol.Acebutolol: selective ß-blocker hypertensive.labetolol non selective ß-blocker.Differences between captopril and other ACE inhibitors: abcd- Differ in potency.ß-blocker is used for: Essential hypertension. 9. 3. 46 .Has a valuable role in heart failure.Betoxolol non selective ß-blocker. thiazide *4. b. Same effect if given in the appropriate dose.ACE mechanism is: abcd- converting Ag 11 to vasoconstrictor Ag1 converting Ag 1 to vasoconstrictor Ag11 converting Ag 1 to vasodilator Ag11 converting Ag 11 to vasoconstrictor Ag1 2. 5. (captopril is more potent than other ACE inhibitors) Mode of action.What are the effects of Captopril? a.What is the pharmacological & / or therapeutic classification of the following drugs: a. Satolol.Labetalol: nonselective ß-blocker hypertensive. d.Timolol non selective ß-blocker.One of these is not like the others: a. c.Acebutalol selective ß-blocker. b. 7. Ethacrynic acid. Asthama.ACE inhibitors are used in the treatment of: abcd- Hypertension.The diuretic which is used with Captopril is: abcd- Furosemide. 6. Migraine. All of the above.1. Aldactone.Inhibits the conversion of Ag1 to Ag11 b.

Nadolol. 12. Hypercalcemia. Metoprolol. Anti malarial agent. Anti hypertensive agent. Hypernatremia. 18.procainamide is like: abcd- quinidine (anti arrhythmic supra ventricular) Nifedipine.B.All of the following are ß2 antagonists except: abcd Salbutamol. Paracetamol. A & C. 15. Hyperglycemia.: Salbutamol is ß2 agonoist 11. Aspirin.10. b. Amlodipine. Increasing intotopic effect. c. Deltiazem. Lisinopril. Piroxicam. Cilazapril 14.ß1 agonist cause: abcd- Increase in oxygen consumption.Potent vasodilator.Potassium supplement therapy must not be given with: abcd- Triamterene.Which one is not Ca channel blocker? abcd- verapamil.Potent vasoconstrictor. Cinnarzine.Thiazide diuretics cause all the following except: abcdef- Hypokalamia. Increasing ectotopic effect.quinidine sulphate is: abcd- Anti arrhythmic agent. All of the above.Thiabendazole is one of the Thiazide diuretics: a.Nitroprusside Na is: a. (diuretic increase excretion of sodium chloride but lessens potassium). 13. Hyperuricamia.False b. 47 .Potent diuretic. Hyponatrimia. N. 17.True 16. Atenolol.

Atropine sulphate.Vitamin A.Which one has vasodilator effect? A-nicotinic acid. 23. d.Which of these has no vasodilator effect? abcd- Methyl dopa. It is needed in large doses if taken orally. Mebeverine. B. 22. D. 26.Increasing in heart rate and increasing in blood pressure. C.Dobutamine is given I. Ipratropium bromide.Anti arrhythmic agent.Decrease heart rate.d. Prazocin. 24.Cholestyramin.Dobutamine is used as: abcd- parasympathomimmetic. Hydralazine. b.Hypotension. c.fibrinolytic). 25. *20.Nicotinc a B. * I think they are all>anticholinergic 21.Dobutamin.All of these are anticholinergics except: abcde- Atropine sulphate.ipratropium.Benzatropine methylate. anti. 19.Epinephrime has Alpha and Beta agonist activity so cause: a. b. All of the above. (anti-coagualant. Hydroatropine. Diuretic. It is eliminated very quickly. Decreasing cardiac output.Hydrazine is used as antihypertensive through: abcd- Vasodialaton.Urokinase.V.Which one of the following has vasodilator effect? A. thrombotic. It causes nausea & vomiting orally. In cardiac surgery.All these drugs are anti-cholinergic except: a. Hypotensive agent.Nalidxic acid. Butrepium bromide. 48 . 27. Enalapril. c. All of the above. because: abcd- It is not stable in gastric acid of stomach.

The modern method to treat asthma is to use: abcd- Long acting bronchodilator + corticosteroid. 29.Ipeca is emetic agent which induces emesis through: abcd- Stimulation of the stomach. c. Corticosteroid for long period of time. 35. Long acting bronchodilator only. 49 . Seizures.Vitamin A.Urikinase.Treatment of anaphylactic reaction is indicated in the following except: abcd- Hydrocortisone. Chloride. ß2 agonoist.Zinnat contains: A-Cefuroxime.Decresed metabolism & dose must be increased.C. Causes bradicardia. b. Inhibition of the stomach through CNS. CNS.Theophylline does in children: a. 32. All of the above.Theophylline is: abcd- Broncodilator. 30.Increased metabolism & dose must be increased. Human albumin. Paracetamol poisoning. Urinary tract infection (UTI). 36. B.All of these are anions except: abcd- Phosphate. 28. 33. URI. D. Cimetidine. 31.Decresed metabolism & dose must be decreased. GIT infection. Acetate. 34. Short acting bronchodilator + steroids.nintrofurantion is indicated for: abcd- viral infection.Cefaclor. A & B. Stimulation of the CTZ.Introduction of emesis is not indicated in the following except: abcd- Caustic substance ingestion. Sodium. Epinephrine.

b.5 gm. The trade name of amphotrecin B.37. c. A & B.Which one is prodrug: a. Glibenclamide.Which minoxidil. all these parameters should be monitored except: abcd- Urine flow rate.Give two indications for allopurinol: a.Prophylaxis from gout.Triazole is: abcd- Antifungal.Type 1 diabetes advises to use: abcd- Insulin.Vasopressine is used for the treatment of: abcd- Diabetes insipidus (used in bleeding oesophageal varices) Diabetes mellitus type I. Nyatatin. 42.500 ml normal saline 0. 50 .Pivampicillin. None of the above. 44.Ampicillin. NaCl. The trade name of clotrimazole. 46. Blood pressure. Hypertension.Erythromycin. b.Type 2 diabetes advises to use: abcd- Sulphonylurea.9% contains : 4. 38. 45. Body weight. Insulin. Diet control. 43.Enalapril is the prodrug of: Enalaprilate. 39.Treatment of high uric acid & calcium oxalate renal stones. Pulse rate. All of the above.Treatment of gastric & duodenal ulcers. 40. 41. Diabetes mellitus type II.famotidine is H2 antagonist used for: a.

Ethambutol.The duration of treatment of T. 52. 55.Simvastatin is used for: hypolipidemic action.One month. Hypertension. Acne. Cyclosporine.One of the following should be avoided in pregnancy: abcd- Vitamin A. c.B. Lisinopril. 53.acetohexamide (one of silphonyl urea) is hypoglycemic. except: abcd- INH.isoniazide.INH means: a.Isonicotinic acid hydrazide.False. Sucralfate. by CTC is: a.Which one of the following is contraindicated in pregnancy? abcd- Ciprofloxacin. Captopril. Cycloserin.Cytotec is [misoprostol]: abcd- Used for gastric & duodenal ulcer. B. 51 . b. 50. Calcium supplement. Used for the upper respiratory tract infection.misoprostol [cytotec = prostaglandin] inhibits gastric acid by blocking hydrogen-potassium adenosine triphosphate enzyme system [ATP] of gastric cell: a. 51.A & B. b. Calcium. Rifampicin. Contraindicated in pregnancy. D-Six month & over.47. Paracetamol. Misoprostal. Enalapril. 57.B.calcipotriol ( daivonex) is indicated for: abcd- Psoriasis.All these medications are used in the treatment of T. 48.One week. 49.Which one of the following is not contraindicated in pregnancy? abcd- Methyldopa. A & B.Two week. 54. 56. Chlorpheniramine.True b.

64. 65. Chlorothiazide. Aluerin. Normal saline. c. b.Propranolol. Propranolol. should be: abcd- Unionized hydrophilic. 59. C-Warfarin. Anti-parkinsonism. Ionized hydrophilic. Increase metabolism & increases response. 62. (anti spasmodic. Unionized lipophilic. d.Ciprofloxacin.Which one is an OTC drug? a. 66. the drug of choice is: a.Drugs to pass B.All are viral infection except: abcd- Hepatitis B.58. 52 . Zidovudine.Saline solution. Herpes zoster. 61.B.Simple analgesic. spasmonal) 60. Lidocine.Amantadine is used for all of the following except: abcd- Antiviral. Ionized lipophilic. b.Cardiac arrest could be managed by the following except: abcd- Ephedrine.Hydrocortisone.B. 63. Acyclovir. Rifampicin. Influenza. Riketssia.All these drugs are antiviral except: abcd- amantadine.What is the most drug can cause damage if it is given OTC? abcd- Warfarin.At the cardiac arrest (shock).Epinephrine [same adrenaline = a hormone produced by the adrenal medulla on mammals]. For influenza B.chloramphenicol affects liver inhibitory enzyme. Decrease metabolism & decreases response. so: abcd- Decrease metabolism & increases response. For influenza A. Captopril. Increase metabolism & decreases response.

Metformin. Not less than 90%. Maalox.Phenylephrine is used for: abcde- Decongestant. Analgesic.Morphine & morpin are similar in: abcd- Addiction.Na lauryl sulphate.All are OTC drugs except: abcd- Biscodil Aspirin.All of these can be dispensed without prescription except: abcd- Aspirin. Bisacodyl. Uterine stimulation.The concentration of the drug on expiration date is: abcd- From 90-110%. 75. c. b. None of the above. Carbamazepine. Tegretol. Vasoconstrictor and pressor (raise blood pressure). 69.Oxytocin produces all the following except: abcd- Mammalian glands stimulation. 73. Tegretol.Surfactant not used orally: a.Tween. Phenytoin. 71. For runny nose.Oxytocin is : one of the posterior pituitary hormones. Sympathomimmetics.Span 74. 72.All are non OTC drugs except: abcd- Bisacodyl. All of the above. Not less than 100%. All of the above. 53 . 68. Antacids. Miosis. Progesterone release. Labor induction. 70.67.

Strong NSAIDs. (antifungal).Cyproteron (Androcur) is used for: Antiandrogen : decrease sexual ability. b. 83. A & B. Meniere. 7. b. 7. All of the above. 80.Metoclopramide is a dopamine antagonista: abcd- Acts centrally by blocking chemoreceptor trigger zone. 54 .Aspirin. I. c.Itraconazole.Use more than H2 antagonist.Antacid + H2 antagonist. b.Paracetamol. [The drug of choice in leprosy].All these can be used in leprosy except: abcd- Dapsone. Clofazimine. 81.N. Analgesic. Clotrimazole. c. Econazole. 77. Acts peripherally. 78.5 gm in 8 hours. Has an anti-emetic effect. 79.Suprax is: a.Maximum use of paracetemol is: abcd- 4 gm in 24 hours. 82. b.Betahistine dihydrochloride: abcd- case of osteoarthritis & peptic ulcer of elderly patients use: a. Miconazole. 85. 84.Decreases half life.Binding to plasma protein: a.Increases half life.Which one is sporanox? abcd- Itraconazole.5 gm in 48 hours.New & best therapy for peptic ulcer is: a.Cefixime. 7.Four medicines including antibiotic.s disease.5 gm in 4 hours. Rifampicin.76.H.

Voltaren Emulgel is: a. Atovaquone. 91.Ceprodoxin.86. 87.Which one the following is not antibiotic? a. 92. Aldesleukin. c.Erythromycin. Carbocisteine.Diclofenac sodium.Which one is Antiplatelet? abcd- Ticlopidine hydrochloride. Bacteria.A & B.Which one of the following is not mucolytic? abcd- Bromhexine.Dextromethorphan. 95. c. Guaifenesin.Which one of the following is used in Benign prostatic hyperplasia [BPHP]? abcd- Finasteride. Virus. Flumazenil.Prophylaxis of gout. (proscar). Mycobacterium. b. d.Immunocompetent means? Control resistant to infections. b. Ambroxol. b. e.Indication(s) of Allopurinol is (are): a.Cefprozil.Otrivin is: a.Diclofenac potassium. Mevacurim. 94.Xylometazolinel.Finasteride.Immunocompromised means? Low resistant to infections. 90.Phynylepherine. 89. 88. c. 55 . Desflurane. 93.Pneumocystis Carini Pneumonia [PCP] is: abcd- Parasite. Cefprozil. b.Treatment of uric acid and co-oxalate renal stones.Dicolfenac Diethlamine.

Heparin. Anistreplase. Anticholinergic.96. Decreasing the activity of liver enzymes > So increases the activity of warfarin.Anti-coagulant effect of warfarin is decreased by: abcd- Aspirin. 100. Dipyridamole (antiplatelet). Nicoumolone. 102. when taken with warfarin anti-coagulant leads to: abcd- Increasing the activity of liver enzymes > So decreases the activity of warfarin.All these are anti-platelets except: abcde- Aspirin. Influenza symptoms. Verapamil 101. Ancord. abcd- Urokinase. Enoxaprine. Streptokinase. Dipyridamol. Streptokinase. Antibiotic. Dysmenorrhea. (deep vein thrombosis) 103. Presentin. Chicken pox. Vitamin K. Ticlopidine. Dipyridamole.Aspirin is recommended with one of the following.Which one is not oral anti-coagulant? abcd- Warfarin. 98. Phenidione.Phenobarbitone induces liver microsomal enzymes. 99. Anti-coagulant. Increasing the activity of liver enzymes > So increases the activity of warfarin. Rifampicin. 56 .All these drugs are fibrinoltic except.All these are anti-coagulant except: abcd- Warfarin.Enoxprine is taken : Subcutaneous 104. 97.Ticlopidine is used as: abcd- Antiplatelet. abcd- Anti-coagulant. Decreasing the activity of liver enzymes > So decreases the activity of warfarin.

-Pencillamine. 108. Vitamin C. Heparin Paracetamol Warfarin Iron Cyanide Copper & Lead Heavy metals Insulin & oral hypoglycemic Digoxine Opioid Morphine -Protomin Zinc. None of the above. c.Metrinidazole. -Vitamin K.Which one reduces the metabolism of other drugs in the liver? a.Vitamin C. Cimetidine. Saline. 57 . -Desferroxamine (chelating agent). 111.Drug which decreases [antidote] the action of warfarin is: abcd- Carbimazole. 110.Which one of the following is an enzyme inducer? abcd- Rifampicin. (organic compound) -Dextrose. Chloramphenicol.*105.Drug which increases the action of warfarin is: abcd- Carbimazole. -Noloxone. Oral contraceptive. Charcoal. -Acytylcystiene. -Protamine sulphate. -Naloxone. Phenobarbitone. Cimetdine.To prevent more toxicity of digoxin we use antidote which is: abcd- Digbind. Oral contraceptive. 109.Cimetidine. Phenobarbitone. d. -Dimercaprol. Vitamin C.Give the antidote of each of the following drugs. 112. b. Metronidazole. -Na thiosulphate.Rifampicin.Which one induces the metabolism of other drugs in the liver? abcd- Rifampicin. Vitamin K. 107. Digotoxin. 106.The antidote of heparin available in fish is: Protamin sulphate.

b. 58 . b. Ketoconazole.Hepatotoxicity is induced due to these drugs except: abcd- Rifampicin. Thyrotoxicosis. D.Reserpine.The cause of death in morphine toxicity is: a.INH. All of the above.Respiratory failure. 119. Quinolones.A-V block.All these are side effects of chloramphenicol except: abcd- Irreversible a plastic anemia. Rifampicin. Quinolones. Iron deficiency anemia.Vancomycin. Hyperglycemia. B. Peripheral neuritis. 120.Give an example of a drug inducing hepatotoxicity: abcde- Paracetamol. Salt solution. Water. Optic neuritis.The side effects of insulin are: abcd- Local reaction. All the above 115.The common side effect of sulphonylurea is: abcd- Hypoglycemia. All of the above. 121.Pseudomembranous colitis is a side effect of: a. 117. Saline. GIT upset.Heart block. 116. Fluid retention.Clindamycin.113.(urticaria) Hypoglycemia. *114. Fat dystrophy at the side of injection. Ketoconazole.To prevent more absorption of the toxic drug we use: abcd- Charcoal. 118. All of the above. c.One of the following is the main side effect of insulin: abcd- Hypoglycemia. Dipyridamole.

125. 130. Anti-emetic.All of these are antimetabolites (cytotoxic) except: abcdef- Methotrexate.Fluoxatine (Prozac) is: a. Dexamethasone. Domjperidone. b.Which one is not 5 HT3 antagonists? abcd- Tropisetron. Stimulates dopamine.A & B. 126.B. Prophelaxis of migraine. Beclomethasone. Ondansetron. Azathioprine. 127. anti emetic]. 129. Pentostatin. 128. 124. Fluorouracil.All of these are corticosteroids except: abcdef- Methyl prednisolone. Cytarabin.All of these are true for Levodopa except: abcd- Precursor of dopamine. Prednisolone. Does not pass B.All of these are anti-neoplastics except: abcd- Aldesleukin.Ondansetron HCI is used for: abcd- Emecis. c. Antidepressant. (peripheral dopamine receptor antagonist) 59 . Hypertension. Granisetron.SSRI antidepressant. Triamcinolone.Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. Cyclophosphamide.122. Ondansteron [5HT3 receptor antagonist.Levodopa is used with Carbidopa for the treatment of Parkinsonism. Mercaptopurine. Anagina pectoris. Teniposide. Amlodipine. 123.B. Effective in Parkinsonism.Specific Serotonin reuptake inhibitors are used as: abcd- Antihistaminic. Antihypertensive.

All these drugs can be used for Parkinsonism except: abcd- Selgitine HCL. Diazepam. Mebrobamate. Primidone. 132. 136. Selegitine HCL. 60 . 137. Hypnotic. Pergolide.131. Pergolide. Epilepsy. Lysuride. Headache. Phenytoin. 135. Diazepam can cause muscle spasm.The drug of choice for febrile convulsion in children is: Diazepam 250 microgram / Kg.All the following used in epilepsy except: abcd- Sodium valproate. Diazepam is derived from morphine.All the following used in treatment of anxiety except: abcd- Propranolol. Carbamazepine. 139.The following are the indications of Diazepam.Drug of choice in status Epilepticus is: Diazepam.Which one is correct? abcd- Diazepam is not used for long time.All of these are anti-parkinsonism except: abcdefg- Amantadine. Carbidopa. 133. Primidone. Diazepam is taken I. only. Nedocromil sodium (tilade inhaler).M. except: abcd- Antipsychotic. Imipramine. Nedocramil sodium. Homotropine. Phenytoin. 138. Levodopa.One of the following is not used for epilepsy: abcd- Clorizepam. Bromocriptine. 134.

145.Zidovudine is used for: abcd- HIV. 144. -Pyridoxine HCI. c.A & B. Stesolid. Kinasterdin. Epanutin. AIDS.R. P. Primidon.Omeprazole: a. Imipenem. 142. 146.One of the following not used in epilepsy: abcd- Clonazepam. Barbiturates.140. Phenytoin.Acts as proton pump inhibitor. 141.Measles-Mumps-Rabies V.Give the name of: Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3 Vitamin B5 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B9 Vitamin B12 -Thiamine HCI. Carbamazepine.There is one drug used for HIV. Imipramine (tricyclic antidepressant). b. Cefaproxil. -Cyanocobalamine. A & B. Primidone.All of the following are controlled drugs except: abcdefghi- Rivotril. -Niacine -Panthothenic acid. Diazepam. abcd- Zalcitabin.Meningococcal polysaccharide-Measles-Rubella V.U. 143.Controlled drugs present in pharmacy are: In tightly closed shelves. b. Enoxacin. -Folic acid.M.Measles-Mumps-Rubella V.M. 147. c. G & H. -Riboflavin. 61 . vaccine is: a.Blocks the hydrogen-potassium ATP enzyme system.

250-500 mg.Once / year.Child of 10 Kg. b. Two dose. / 4-6 hours.100-150 mg. / day. 62 .000 – 200.Schedule of immunization of HBV is: abcd- Single does. 155. 3000. Regular insulin.One of the following insulin is given once daily: abcd- Protamine zinc insulin.Insulin which can be given I. c. c.000 IU. 2400. Vitamin A daily dose for therapy is: 100. None of the above.Maximum dose of captopril is : 150 mg / day.148. 156. / 4-6 hours. 75 mg. b. paracetamol dose for him is: a. 153.000 – 50.Maximum dose of Paracetamol is: 4 mg. is: abcd- Regular type. Five days. Neutral insulin.Twice / year.Three times / year.Maximum dose of Diclofenac sodium is: abcd- 50 mg.000 IU. NPH type. 149. 151. 152. Three dose.Hepatitis vaccine does is: a. 157. None of the above. 154. Amorphous insulin.V.Vitamin A daily dose for the correction of deficiency is: 30. 30 / 70 type.Maximum recommended dose of Ibuprofen is: abcd- 800. 100 mg. 150. 1600. / 4-6 hours.125-250 mg.

b.Storage of insulin below 00C causes aggregation of insulin.Biosynthetically by recombinant DNA technology using E-coli. Ciprofloxacin. 162.Storage of dusting powder below 00C causes the accumulation of granules. [fluroquinolones] Ofloxacin.Na stiboglyconate.158.Drug is used for Leishmania: a. b. Norfloxacin.Mebendazole. 164. Eoxacin.Lomifloxacin.When you store drug at low temperature you must consider the following: a. [antimalarial] H & I. Ciprofloxacin.Reduces the incidence of coronary diseases in postmenopausal women.Storage of cream & ointment below 50C causes cracking.Co-trimethoxazole contains: Trimethoprim + sulphmethoxazole 1 : 5 166. Quinine. Mestronol (androgen).A & B are correct. 163.Which is not from quinolone group? abcdefghij- Nalidixic acid.Na cromoglyconate. 161. Estrone.Semi synthetically by enzymatic modification of protein material. Sparfloxacin. d. 159.Insulin is preserved at: 2 – 80C. b. Estriol. c.All these are natural estrogens except: abcd- Estradiol.All these drugs are antibacterial except: a. b.Cefprazone. c.Can be taken for life time. 165. Lemofloxacin.Source of human insulin is E-coli by: a. Aminosidine.Zalcitabine. c. c. b.Are ineffective when taken orally. c.All of above. 63 . 160.Estrogen: a.

All of the following for prophylaxis if asthma except: abcd- Ketotifen. 174. Codeine. Nedocromil sodium. Diarrhea. Astemizole.The drug of choice for treatment of amoebae is: abcd- Metronidazole.All of the following are NSAH (nonsedating antihistamin) except: abcd- Loratidine. Ibuprofen. 172. Tetracycline. Carbimazole.Which one of these drugs is drugs of choice for Myxodema (hypothyroidism)? abcd- Thyroxin sodium. Constipation. 171.Affect joints. Clochicine.Which one of these drugs is not used for acute pain? abcde- Naproxen.Benzyl peroxide is a local treatment for acne vulgaris. (for treatment only) 170.167.Do not affect children. Angina pectoris. b.Quinolones are contraindicated in children because: a. Hypertension 169.Affect liver. Azotodin. Gentamycin. Propyl thiouracil. Prednisolone. Chloramphenicol. Salbutamol. Control of epilepsy.Sumatriptan is used for: abcd- Treatment of migraine and headache. Sodium cromoglycate. Vomiting. c. 173. Iodine.Which one of these symptoms does not occur with morphine? abcd- Respiratory depression. 168. 175. Cetrizine. 64 .

None of the above.176. and increases formation of clotting factors. b. a.False. None of the above.True. 177. Eczema.Drug physical dependence is as same as drug abuse. Direct proportion to the rate of administration. 179. = Local & systemic. Fluxetin = SSRI as sedative serotonin reuptake * Inhibitor = Carbimazole = hyperthyroidism.The steady state concentration of the drug in the plasma depends on: abcd- Direct proportion to the rate of elimination.Elimination of digoxin is mainly by: abcd- Kidney.Hypokalaemia. Liver. b.Amiloride as a treatment causes: a.Moduretic is a combination between: Amiloride + hydrochlorothiazide. Indirect proportion to the rate of elimination. Imipramine = tricyclic antidepressant. 183.CNS disturbance. = Oral. 184. Indirect proportion to the rate of administration. A & b.What is the mechanism of action of vitamin K? Vitamin K has an essential role in the synthesis of coagulation factors by hepatic cells.Terbinafine is used topically for: abcd- Fungal infection. 65 .Give the indication of the following drugs: Gimfibrazole = for hyperlipidaemia. 182. 181.Hyperkalaemia. = Parentral only. 180. 178. Candida sp.What is difference between the following antifungals? Terbinafine Miconazole Amphotercin Griseofulvin = Local & systemic. Ipratropium bromide = anti muscarinic as bronchodilator. c. Cisapride = for gastro-oesphegyal reflux.

All of these are antibiotics except: abcd- Cefopodoxin. 66 .1st generation cepharosporins. 193. Inhibits protein snthesis. Broad spectrum bactericidal. iron and aluminium forms a chelate which is: abcd- Inactive & poorly absorbed.Tetracycline when taken with minerals such as calcium.Imipenam (carbapenam) It is the first thiemamycin ß. Jamicain. 189.lactam antibiotic. Gentamycin. E and K. 191.Mesalazine : is used for the treatment and maintenance of remission of ulcerative colitis.Teicoplanin antibiotic has similar effect on gram positive bacteria as: abcd- Vancomycin.Tetracycline with Ca & Mg: Poorly absorbed compound from GIT.3rd generation cepharosporins. b.2nd generation cepharosporins. Vitamin A.Which one is not tetracycline? abcd- Minocycline. 195. 186.Cefaclor is: a. D. Used for acne.Use of tetracycline in its expiry date make syndrome called: Fanconi syndrome. 194. Demeclocycline.Mention four lipid soluble vitamins. Kanamycine. Doxicycline. Active & poorly absorbed Inactive & not absorbed Active & absorbed. Cefaprozil. c. Clindamycin.185.Which is not true with tetracycline? abcd- Broad spectrum bacteriostatic. 192. 187. Loefloxocin. 190. 188. Zaloltabin.

More lipids soluble.All of these are third generation cephalosporins except: abcde- Cefixime.Example of drug-drug interaction: a. Ceftraxone. 197.Metoclopramide is a dopamine antagonist acts centrally by blocking chemoreceptor Trigger zone & peripherally acts on GIT to be used as anti-emetic. OR: Is the concentration of the drug in the blood in a ascertain period of time.Renal failure. Bentonite. Sodium sulphate. Calamine. 203.Less lipids soluble. except: abcde- ZnO. b.ACEI . 204. .Warfarin b.Congestive heart failure.Phenobarbital .Warfarin c.Phenobarbital .Insulin .Digoxin i.Extent of absorption.Heparin g. 202. Cefopodoxime.Aspirin. Cefotaxime.Rate of absorption.P.Spironolactone .What is the definition of Bioavailability of the drug? Is the quantity of the active constituent of the drug absorbed by the blood through the intestine or any other route in a certain period of time.Warfarin d. b. c.All of these are the components of calamine lotion B.Insulin .INH h.Mention two diseases cause Edema: a.196. None of the above. 67 . 199.Omeprazole is: Losec (proton pump inhibitor) 201. b.Vitamin K . 200.Warfarin e.Bioavailability of the drug is: a. Sodium citrate. 198.Potassium sparing K.Biotransformation is: a.Rate & extent.

Physiological and biochemical effect of the BODY on the DRUG.What are the instruction for the patient take Metamucil or any other bulk foaming laxative as Bran.Gemfibrozile: abcd- Increases HDL & decrease triglysrides. Loprazolam.Pharmacodynamic means: a. Nitrozepam. 3 Methyl Glutoryl CoA reductase inhibitor.Drugs need monitor for their serum lavel: Amikacin Warfarin Theophyline Digoxin. b. c. 211. 210.Which one is not benzodiazepine? abcd- Temazepam. Increases LDL & triglysrides. Na citrate + KCl + NaCl.None of the above.205. 212.25 dihydroxy calciferol. None of the above.Mention drugs from HMG-CoA-reductase inhibitor. Clozapine. Simvastatin. methyl cellulose and psyllum? -The adequate fluid intake should be maintained to avoid intestinal obstruction. 215. 208. It is taken by oral route only.For fluxacillin. 213.For hyperlipidemia we use: Gemfibrozile. 68 . 1.Physiological and biochemical effect of the DRUG on the BODY. It is base stable. 214. Na citrate + KCl + NaCl. all these statements are wrong except: abcd- It is better absorbed than Cloxacillin. It is activated by penicillinase enzyme. Provastatin and Fluvastatin. NaCl + KCl + NaHCO3 + citric acid.Caciferol is: abcd- 1. 209. 207.Oral rehydrate solution is one of the following: abcd- NaCl + K citrate + Na citrate + glucose. Increases HDL & triglysrides Increases HDL & LDL.HMG-CoA-reductase inhibitor is: 3 hydroxy. 206.3 dihydroxy calciferol.2 dihydroxy calciferol 2.

Increase coronary flow. 8 am – 11 pm. b. 217. 11 am – 8 pm. All of the above. Ferrous fumarate. c.216. b.Impenem (carbepenem) is: First thienamycin ß-lactam antibiotic. 220. 225. b.Keflex is: abcd- 1st generation cephalosporin. 223.Sympathomimetic drugs: abcd- Increase blood pressure.Physiological and biochemical effect of the BODY on the DRUG. 2nd generation cephalosporin 3rd generation cephalosporin 4th generation cephalosporin.None of the above. 218.Pharmacokynetic means: a.Trimethoprim + sulphamethoxasole.Hypotension.Isomack 20 mg tablets taken twice daily at time interval between: abcd- 8 am – pm.Bactrim (co-trimazole ) is: a.Clonididne used in: a. 11 am – 11 pm. 224. Ferrous gluconate.Hypertension.Ferrograde is: abcd- Ferrous sulphate.Physiological and biochemical effect of the DRUG on the BODY. Increase heart rate.None of the above. 219. 226. 69 .Valtrex is: Acyclovir. 221.Micromedex is: Computer system.Trimethaprim + sulphonylurea. 222.The most common chemical structure of iron in drug is: Ferrograd (ferrous sulphate). Ferrous citrate. c.

b.I. None of the above. 229.Intrathecal means: Interjoint (spinal cord).3.I. G+ve. 236. 231.M.When drug is used for U.One of the following has faster systemic action: a.In a bottle we have NaCl 500 ml.1500 ml. None of the above. c.8 mg = 0. 238. b. b. 232. BOTH. 228.Olive oil + Water + Asq gives: a. 234.Patient having constipation not to take: 235.Suppositories.03.Natural emulsifying agent: Morphine. and to obtain we should add what volume of H2O to get percent dilution 3 (H2O) : 1 (NaCl)? a. 237.S.065 gm 230. Parafon. None of the above.227. it should be: abcd- G-ve. 70 .How much lidocaine for solution of 1/1000 to obtain 30 cc: abcd- 0. 30. c. Gum acacia. Voltic.Emulsion.3000 ml.Solution.C. 0.T.One of the following is not NSAID: abcd- Xefo. 233.Isoptin is present in market in concentration: 240 & 80 mg.I.2500 ml.Isoptin is used in treatment of: Supraventricular arrythmia.Grain equal: 64.V. c.

The drug metabolism in the body occurs in: abcd- GIT & plasma. Protection of lover cells from alcoholism. Gut wall during absorption.Intralipids are: 243.Alcohol present in pharmacy as antiseptic is in concentration: 70% 241. kidney and bowed mucosa. abcd- Pyrithrins. 244. *250. Ranitidine. DDT. Lipid dissolves.The drug of choice for head lice. 71 . Prevention of conversion of acetaldehyde to acetic acid. 240.239. 247. 248. Active while the free part is more active. Liver. A & B is correct. Highly active while the free part is inactive. Osmotic pressure.All of these are precautions of becotide except: Used only at the attack of asthma.Disulfiram is used for: abcd- Treatment of chronic alcohol dependence. Glycerin phenol. 5% alcoholic bicarbonate. Glycerin magnesia.Protein bounds to drug forming a compound which is: abcd- Inactive while the free part is active. O/W emulsion. 246. Less active while the free part is active. Imidazole. 249. 245.Which is present in balms or liniments & not used inburns? Methyl Salicylate.Zantac contains: 12 hours.Klacid is used every: 242. All of the above.One of the following preparations used as otic drops for dewaxing: abcd- 5% glycerin bicarbonate.The drug transfers through cell membrane by: abcde- Aqueous diffusion. None of the above. Primido. Gut wall during absorption & I plasma stream.

Sisomycin.Astemizole is a long acting non-sedating anti-histamine. Makesskeletal mscle relaxation as the effect of parasypathomimmetics.251. Apiramycin.All the following are macrolides except: abcdefgh- Clarithromycin.Peripheral action. 252. Antibiotic. H2 antagonist.The main use of metronidazole is: abcd- Anti amoebiasis. 72 .Tilade inhaler generic name is: abcd- Azelastine HCl. Muscarinic receptors.Dopaminergic receptor. Help the sleeping effect of anaesthesia. 259. c. b.All of the above. 253. A drug which prevents the recurrence of migraine.New non-selective antihistamines act through: abcd- H1 antagonist.Give an example of no sedating anti-histamines: Loratidine – Cetrizine – Terfenadine. 258. Budesonide. F & G. 255.Clonidine is used as: abcd- Antihypertensive. d.Atropine is used as pre-anaesthetic to: abcd- Decrease saliva. Erythromycin. None of the above. 257. Treat the side effect of anaesthesia. Clindamycin. Roxithromycin. ß1 antagonist. Sodium cromoglycate. Azithromycin. 256. Nedocromil sodium. Anthelmentic. Antimalarial.Metoclopramide gives anti-emetic effect through: a. A & B. 254.Muscarinic receptors.

Benzyl peroxide is alcohol treatment for: abcd- Acne vulgaris. Cefprozil. 261. Sisomycin. 73 .Teicoplanin antibiotic affect on G+ve bacteria similar to: abcd- Vancomycin. Gentamycin Mikacin. 267. Amikacin.Aminoglycosides are: abcdefgh- Tobramycin.All these are broad spectrum cephalosporin except: abcd- Cefexime. Angina pectoris. Tobramycin. Dysmenorrheal. Lymecyclin. Cefopodoxime. Carbimazole. Cefotaxime. Neomycin.All these are antibacterial except: abcd- Lomefloxacin. Propyl uracil. Zalcitabine. Kanamycin. Cefuroxime. Tadenn.The drug of choice in myxodema (hypothyroidism): abcd- Thyroxin sodium. 262.Which aminoglycoside antibiotic can be taken orally? abcd- Neomycin sulphate. Aminosidine sulfate. Kanamycin. Tobramycin. Streptomycin. 264. Cefpodoxime.Which one is not aminoglycoside: abcd- Netillmicin. Netilmicin. 265. 263. Rheumatic pain. Gentamycin. Kanamycin. 266.260. Neomycin.

Tuberclosis.Has trade name Biltricide. 270. b.Expectorants are: a.Which of the following has no vasodilating effect? abcd- Methyldopa. 275.Acetates.268. d.Give two side effects of aminoglycosides: Nephrotoxicity – ototoxicity. 274.Baclofen is used for: abcd- Antispasticity with spinal site of attack.Acitretin is used for: abcd- Oral treatment of severe forms of psoriasis and disorders of keratinization.Guaiphenesin. Hydralazin. Pencillin. the drug may cause haemolysis: abcd- Sulphonamide. e.Iodides. 74 . None of the above.Squil. h.Patient with G6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.Bicarbonates.G-6PD deficiency patients must not take: abcd- Cotrmazole (sulphonamide). b. Prazosin.Chlorides. Enalapril. None of the above.Creostesl i. 269.Volatile oils. Paracetamol. Meningitis. Dexamethasone. 276.Ipecauanha. Leprosy. Ketoconazole. c.Give an example of drug inducing nephrotoxixity: Aminoglycosides as Gentamycin. Paracetamol.Praziquentel used for Billhariasis: a. Pencillin.Caused loss of intercellular calcium of the worm. c. g. 272. 271. Tuberculosis. 273.A & B. f.

b. the formation of glucose and glycogen from protein) used in: abcd- Bronchial asthma.Glucocoticoids (any steroid hormone promotes gluconeogenesis.g. 281. None of the above.Use of calcitonin: a. Fenbufen = Cinopal.Generic and trade name of NSAIDs: Acetyl salicylic acid = Aspirin. Naproxen = Naprosyn. 75 . deafness. Primaquine = Primaquine. Oxyphenonium = Anternyl. Cloroquine = Malarex & resochin.To lower plasma Ca concentration in some patients with hyper calcaemia (excessive calcium in the blood). d. Diflunisal = Dolobid.Long duration. Glimipiride = Amaryl. A & B.Generic and trade name of antispasmodic drugs: Hyoscine N butyl bromide= Buscopan & Scopinal. Mebeverine HCl = Duspatalin.e. 282. Alverine = Spamonal. Ketoprofen = Profenid. 279. 278.277.Treatment of Paget disease (hypercalcemia associated with pain). Propantheline bromide = Probanthine. Addison disease. Diclofenac sodium = Voltaren.Generic and trade names of sulphonylureas: Chlorpropamide = diabenase.Generic and trade names of anti malarial drugs. c.Pentobarbital (often used as pre medication in children) differs from phenobarbital in: a. i. Indomethacin = Indocid.Relieving some neurological complications e. Glicazide = Diamicron Glipizide = Minidiab Tolbutamide = Rastinone. Pyremethamine + Sulfadoxine = Pansidar. indogesic and Rothacin. Acetohexamide = Dimilor. Glibenclamide = Daonil & Euglucon.All of the above 280. Ibuprofen = Brufen. b. 283.Faster in action.

76 . Dextromethorphan. Methodone. anthelmentic.Use of gentian violet (crystal violet) : a. Body fluid interaction. 1980.List of the trade name of the following: Pindolol = Visken. >Enteric coated tablets: Are dissolved in the intestine and not affected by the stomach juices e.P.5% according to B. 285. Codergocrin = hydergine. Enzymatic reactions. Acarbose = Glucobay.Sustained release tablets depend on: PH of stomach.All of the above.Controlled released drug delivery depends on: abcd- Ready programmed & no influence of the body fluid. Isobarmiline.284. 1985. Sildenafil = Viagra. 290. Pivampicillin = pondocillin. Morphine. *291. Bufexamac = Droxaryl. c. Khellin = Lynamine. 1% according to U.The concentration of crystal violet paint is: 2.What is the concentration of mercurochrome solution? 2%.Skin disinfectant.P.Antiseptic.S. Orlistat = Xenical.g.What is the difference between retard and entetic coated tablets? >Retard tablets: Are coated with a thin layer of different kind of coating agent which make the active constituent sustained release. 286. Stomach Ph. 289. Hexoprenaline = Ipradol. Isotretinoin = Roaccutane. Phlocodein. b. Omeprazole = Losec. Acitretin = Neotigasone. Passes the stomach & releases in the intestine.Give six generic names of cough sedatives: Codeine. 287. Baclofen = Lioresal. 288.

You advice him: abcd- Go to doctor. Give him a medicine. Consult doctor.A child of weight 10 kg. Patient dose not take medication as the physician's advice. 293.Pharmacy of central hospital is: a. The dose must not exceed 180 mg daily.Arrange contraception.Patient take phenytoin and his hair be less growth. Ignore the case. Doctors advise.Contains store. 296.Send the wife to the family doctor. None of theabove.Roaccutan is prescribed to patient who is women 22 years old. b. Period of medication. no proper time) may be because the dose regimen is not easy or the dose is high or the side effects are clear. This is normal side effect.All of the above. you should call the doctor to tell him: abcd- There is no need to call the doctor.What is the meaning of poor patient compliance? The patient did not take the medication properly (no proper dose. how to arrange: a. Give him another drug.When newly married don't want children. 297.Send the wife to her mother. you ask? abcd- If she is pregnant. Give her the drug directly with no questions. 295. None of the above.292.Central pharmacy only. c. b. Type of medication. 298. The dose is not sufficient. 77 . Accidentally swallowed 10 tablets of aspirin and his father came to you. what can you advice him? abcd- Go to a hospital.Treatment with an anti arrhythmic drug depends on the following except: abcd- Patient sex. The dose is very high. 294. Stop the drug.A patient of 10 kg is given a paracetamol one teaspoonful every 4-6 hours. c. 299.

If you have prescription containing Inderal & the patient is wheezing.P. what is your advice? Call the doctor.What is difference between QID & Q6H? QID = 4 times a day. b.What is the meaning of the following? POM = Prescription Only Medicine. 301.SNF is an abbreviation for: a.A patient has a prescription of Enalapril + KCL. 304. BID = Twice Daily. G. 78 .Patient has hepatic disease & type II diabetics take: Rosiglitazone or piaglitazone (Avandia. 305.Safe and nice formulary. what do you ask him? abcd- Which product of KCL do you need? Do you take any other antihypertensive? Do you need syrup or tablet? None of the above.6. Glustin) 302. Q6H = every after 6 hours. c.Seasonal national formulary.Saudi national formulary. BPC = British Pharmacopial Codex.300. 303. ECG = Electro Cardio Gram.D. = Glucose-6-Phosphate dehydogenase.

we act with fairness. dry place 79 . we avoid. in a plastic vial with a childproof cap. 7.muscle c. b. exert actions resembling those of opiates.drug stored in the body in: a. benevolent. d.connective tissue e. d.Enkephalins are peptides that: a. participative. c. e. we respect the rights of others to make choices.protein d. 6.pharmaceutical alternative d. transmit pain impulses 4. without deception. remove or prevent harm. b. e. we do good to patients.To know the severity of immunodeffiecency in HIV: A-ESR B-LEUCOCYTE COUNT C-WBC COUNt d. in the refrigerator. d. c. are found only in the central nervous system.A patient purchasing sublingual nitroglycerin tablets should be told to store the medication: a. autocratic. in an amber glass bottle with a metal cap.CD4 count 5.if a drug has the same active ingredient like other drug but not contain the same inactive ingredient this mean :a.A. c.Bioequivalent c.The ethical principle of veracity requires that: a. cause blood vessel wall relaxation. d. b. have narcotic antagonist activity. with the original cotton.fat b.B b-pharmaceutical equivalent 3.The style of management in which the owner of a pharmacy emphasizes the development of detailed policies and written procedures for employees to observe at all times is referred to as: a. e.1. we act with honesty. bureaucratic.A & B 2. c. in a warm. b.

without deception. e.five years 15.three years c. and laxatives containing senna 17.therapeutic volume 13 .deal with patient c.You should keep the prescription of narcotics in the pharmacy for : a.Estrogen malate d.rate of distribution c. allowing people access to pharmacy care.6-syncop may occure with the 1st dose of the following : a_digoxin b_salbutamol c_prazosin d_reserpin e-clonidin 80 . respect the rights of patients to make choices. avoid.rate of binding d.Hydroxyurea is: antineoplastic drug 10. Of drug in all body is: a.non of the above 14.drug make urine red other than rifampicin ? phenazopyridine (Pyridium).Estrogen gluconate c.Plasma conc.rate of absorption b.notice effect of drug 12.administration of drug b. act with honesty.8.The responsibility of pharmacist in hospital is: a.all of the above 11. 9.two year b. with drug interaction d. b.four years e.anticoagulant c. act with fairness. do good to patients. d. placing the benefit of the patient above all else.anti-emetic with sever CNS effect d.Following the ethical principle of nonmaleficence requires that pharmacists: a.Which one of the following is taken orally: a-Estrogen b.anti-emetic without CNS effect b.The following statements are wrong about domperidone except: a. remove or prevent harm from people.Pka for normal water in room temperature : 14 16.

18.anti cancer derived from venca is : a_cyclophosamide b_flourouracil c_doxurubcin d-cicplastin 25.Which one is more effective agaienst traveller diarrhea (quinolones have been the drug of choice) : a_amoxiciilin b_ciprofloxacin c_sulphamethoxasol d_erythromycin 19.the main cause of digitalis toxicity is : a_diabetes milli b.which one is antiarrythmic class 1A : a_phynetoin b_disopyramide c_propranolol d_verapamil e_propafenon 24.Which one used to trigeminal neuralgia : Tegretol 81 .digitalis arrhythmia can be treated with : a_lidocain b_quinidin c_procainamide d_propranolol 23.the action of digoxin can reduced with : a-antacid b_verapamil c.antihypertensive produce tackycardia : a)Hydralazone b)Reserpine c)Methyldopa d)Atenolol e)Clonidine 20.hypokalemia d_hypothirodism e_hyperthyrodism 21.hypertension c-hepatitis d-renal faliure 22.

00009 27.Adsorption .0009 e..atropin c.about steady state concentration during IV administration : a.inversly proportional to total body clearance e.the solution contain 9ppm of NaCl the the concevtration of the compound in the solution: a.directly ptoportional to infusion rate d.b&c 32.a&b e.process require CYP450 : a)OXIDATION b)HYDROLYSIS c)GLUCORONIDATION d)DEAMINATION e)SULFERATION 28.09 of following is not alpha 2 agonist : a) Clonidine b) Alpha methyl noradrenaline (alpha 1 agonist) c) Guanfacine d) Guanabenz e) Guanethidine 33..about side effect of quinidine : Chichonism 34..0..which of the following decreas gastric emptying rate : a.26. which is false : a) Oral bioavaiability 100% b) Protein binding 95% c) Half life is 7 days d) Mainly hepatic metabolism by microsomal 82 .9 b.hypothyroism d.directly ptoportional to volume of distribution b.Which one used in ventricular arrhthmia with heart block : Phynetoin 30.metoclopramid (increase) b.inversly proportional to volume of distribution c. which is not true : a) Chemical property b) Physical property c) Reversible d) Irreversible e) A + d 29.c&d 31.009 d.about digitoxin .

dilate arteries only c.cause bradycardia 83 .reticleucyte decrease myocardium contractility b .guanthedin SE are all : a-prevent ejaculation b-orthostatic hypotension c.diarria compare between 2 drugs use: a) Physical appearance b) Weight if comparing bioequivalency : c) Pharmacokinetic parameters if effect : d) Pharmacodynamic parameter c) Taste 37.causes of hypo thyrodism : iodine deficiency .not from WBC : a. vessel relaxation.drug used in ventricular arrhythmia : a) Phynetoin b) Quinidine c) Digoxin d) Procainamide e) Verapamil 39. *44. 43. It dilates arterioles more than veins.phenytoin use other anti convelcent agent : ttt irregular heart beat & ttt painful nerve coduction (neuralgia tolerance : patient need more dose to obtain the same effect 40.Hydralazine.about sid effect of oral contraceptive except : a) Depressoin b) Hypertension 38.arrhythmia due to : dysfunction in generate heart pulse or conduction of it . low hypothulmus&pituitary hormons 41.35.about minoxidil : a .Volatile substance given by inhalation: a) Halothane 36.

anti platlet d.anticoagulant c .Antitussive 52.Mizolastine used as : a.None of the above 54.Aids to anesthesia e.Salmetrol c.Powdered sucrose 84 .Competively blocks Angiotensin || at it’s receptorS d.Anti-inflammatories c.47.Albuterol e.Nortryptiline NONE OF THE ABOVE 55.Increased heart rate c.Analgesics b.Maprotiline (tetracyclic) c.Various opiates may be used as all of the following except : a.Terbutaline d.Lactose c.non sedating -antihistaminic 48.Trimipramine b.Systemic blood vessel constriction 53.Antidiarreals d.Bronchiole dilation d.Which of the following action is not seen with sympathomimetics? a.antibiotic b.Which of the following beta-adrenergic agents is not short acting? a.Pirbuterol b.about digioxin what is not true: taken only orally 50.Starch d.all these drugs are anti metabolite except : Cisplatin 49.Dextrose b.Captopril and Enalapril do all the following except: a.Potassium bitartrate f.The most common disintergrator in compressed tablets is : a.Which of the following drugs is not a Tricyclic Antidepressant? a.Inhibit an enzyme c.Pupil constriction b.Increase rennin concentration in blood b.Raises the blood Potassium concentration 51.

480 mg c.<130/85 c.Sedatives b.Bisacodyl 62.Ibuprofen b.The aim in the management of uncomplicated hypertension: a.Cyclosporine is used for : a.angina c.56.Gums are used in tabletting primarily as : a.Which of the following is found in vitamin b12? a.Nickel c.240mg b.Ultra-short acting barbiturates are used primarily as : a.Magnesium b.<90/65 b.Iron d.for a 4 year old child.Preanesthetic agents 60.treating lead poisoning 59.To supply the myocardium with O2 shortly after myocardial infarction we give : a-anticoagulant b-fibrinolytic c-aspirin d-ACEI 61-Which one of the following cannot be dispensed without prescription: a.Hypnotics c.Doxycycline c.2 g 60.Both b and c 58.Binding agents e.Cobalt e.Aspirin d.allergies b.Lubricants d.1 g d. the maximum daily dose of paracetamol is : a.Manganese 57.Glidants c.Anti-parkinsonian agent e.Antispasmodic agents d.<150/95 85 .Disintegrators b.prevention of transplant rejection d-steroids deficiency e.

A hospital on formulating drugs. A.d. which of the following is true: a.Dosing schedule may affect tolerance d.beta positive 67.5. D.Arranging the electro magnetic waves alpha.gamma.Faster action e.gamma b-beta.Solid dosage forms are better than Solution dosage form because: a.alpha. gamma in an increase ranking in air will be : a-alpha.25 BID 7 DAYS E.25 ONCE DAILY 14 DAYS C. B. All have the same efficacy.3.More stable d.00 QID 7 DAYS 64. and E are antifungal drugs available in the market.Isosorbide dinitrate doesn't develop tolerance 66.25 BID 14 DAYS of thw followimg not related to heparin : a-prevent blood clotting b-decrease antithrombine time c-prevent formation of factor VII d-used in pulmonary empolie 86 .beta negative. The hospital was using drug E for a period of time.Angina pectoris 69.Accurate dose b.Tolerance is a problem when using Nitroglycerin.5 BID 7 DAYS D.Over 50 years patient doesn't develop tolerance c. Work overload.beta d-alpha. alpha c-gamma. According to the following data which drug is best to be used by the hospital: (DRUG COST FREQUENCY DURATION ) A.Tolerance doesn't occur in young patient b. C..beta.a & b and c 65. Efficacy..2.3.2.<180/110 63. beta.gamma.Easy to handle c.Pulmonary eodema b.Indapemide used in : a. and Costs are taken in concern.Essential hypertension c.Gray man syndrom due to : Amiodaron 68.

whereas heparin and related compounds increase the action of antithrombin on thrombin and factor Xa . Colloidal C.Which not effect of caffiene:a)preiphral vasoconistriction b)cardiac stimulation c)dieresis d)skeletal muscle relaxant e)stimulation of C. 70. almost was: 16. Band C 76.S 71. Non-polar D. polar + polar B.extent of drug absorption from stomach d-gall blader state *73. drugs show most multidrug resistance : a)antibiotics b)anticancer c)a&b 75.*Warfarin affects the vitamin K-dependent clotting factors (II.If we have asolvent costs 150 riyal/kg and its specific gravity =1. benzoic acid is much more soluble in benzene (C6H6) than it is in water.At 25° C.Hypertonic solutions can be adjusted by: a-Add Nacl salt to solution b-add any other salt c-Make dilution by add more solvent d-This solution can not be adjusted e-none of the above *72.07 . Polar E.Extent of drug passed in feaces c. non-polar + polar C.EnteroHepatic recycling depend on all of the following except: a-Dosage form of the drug b.The following properties are similar for both solutions and suspensions: 87 .which of the foll.N. non-polar + non-polar D.The following liquids are least likely to be miscible: the cost for 100 ml of the solvent is? The sol.X) . In this situation benzoic acid could be considered to be: A. Hydrophilic B. Both A and D 77. IX. VII. all of the above will be miscible E.05 74.

usually administered once or twice daily E. Headache and constipation. Alopecia 81-Which of the following side effects is associated with the use of norepinephrine: A. Causes release of stored norepinephrine. E. Causes the release of stored acetylcholine. Hypotension E. A marked increase in the level of cholesterol foilowing the initial dose of prazocin. they are. Solute in the solutions and suspensions settle out over a period of time. Tachycardia C. C.Which of the following statements describing first dose phenomenon that associated with prazosin is true? A. C. Causes release of estrogen. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) should be considered in all postmenopausal patients with osteoporosis .Side effects of albuterol include which of the following? A. Both A and B E. calcium and vitamin 0 are essential C. combination with non-selective agents provide additional benefit 79. which is not true? A. B. C. Nausea and vomiting. A marked increase in the level of glucose following the initial dose of prazocin. Both Band C 78. raloxifene is selective estrogen modulator that is contraindicated in DVTpatients 80. which of the following is not correct: A. B. Skin rashes. Hypoglycemia due to increase insulin reiease. Solutions and suspensions are composed of two or more components. D. they have lower risk gastric adverse reactions than non-selective agents B good evidence about their effectiveness in osteoarthritis C.the pharmacological property of amphetamine is: A. Ischemic damage due to vasoconstriction and tissue hypoxia. Does not cross the blood brain barrier. Convulsion D.A.In the treatment of the osteoporosis. A marked decrease in the level of glucose following the initial dose of prazocin. alendronate should be taken in the morning 60 min before breakfast B. C. D. The components of both solutions and suspensions can be separated from each other by physical processes. 82. E.Concerning COX-2 inhibitor. 83. outcome should be assessed with periodic bone density studies E. B. D. b. Bradycardia B. D. Metabolized by phosphodiesterase II. 88 . cardiac toxicity is a recent concern of this class of drugs D.

+ve inotropic b-shorten refractory period in atrial and ventricular myocardial b.increase conduction velocity in AV node c-contraction of myocardial muscle 89 .amphetamine e-isopreterinol 86.which one causes hypotension due to blockage of efferent limb baroreceptor reflex : a. d.Gray (Absorbed dose) is a physical quantity which represents the energy imparted by radiation onto an absorbing material.D.Thiopental is ? a ) short acting barbiturates b ) long acting barbiturates c ) spinal anaesthesia d ) antihistaminic e ) antibiotic 88. 84. c.Which statment about radaition parameters or units is false : a.ranitidine d.none of the above 87.hypotension 85.All the following diazoxide side effects except : a-tachcardia b-diuresis c-hyperglyemia d-hyperuricemia e.bretylium b-phenytoin c.which of the following is not macrolide antibiotic ? a ) erythromycin b ) spiramycin c ) chloramphenicol d ) clarithromycin e ) azithromycin 89 .3 amount of drug is 5 mg in 1 ml what the amount of drug in 1 tsp in microgram : a)5 c ) 500 e ) 25000 b ) 25 d ) 2500 90.Roentgen (Exposure) is a quantity that expresses the ability of radiation to ionize air and thereby create electric charges which can be collected and measuredd.Digoxin action except : a.Becquerel is the transformation (disintegration) rate of a radioactive substance b. A marked postural hypertension 30 to 90 minutes following the initial dose of prazocin.

Milironin has following except : a.phosphodiasterase inhibitor e.slow heart rate d.plastic container c.slightly soluble d.000 part of water : a.which of these have interinsc sympathomemtices effect: a-labetlol d-pindlol b-timlol e-propanlol c-nidlol 99.5-drug have different crystal structure so different in : a-polymorphism b-solubility c-crystalitis d-drug form 98.Light resistant container d.potantiate the effect of CAMP 92.Amber plastic 100 .decrease bloood pressure 97.vasodilation b.taken sublingually e.insoluble 95.To reduce exposure to radiation all are possible except : a-increase the distance from radiation source b-out from the place of radiation c-put shelves e-dcrease the activity of radiation person 93.air tight container b.+ve inotropic b.Very small molecule(1 part ) soluble in more than 10.Clonodine b.How many gm of water add to 5% KCL soln to make 100 gm of solution(w\w)? a-95 94.fairly soluble C-immiscible b.increase ca intercellular d.prazocin 96.Which one of the following cause hypertensive crisis if withdrawn suddenly : a."Protect from light" in usp means : a.vasodilator c.blocker g.91.relax of biliay muscle c.miscible e.which one is not effect of Nitroglycerin : a.DAILY intake of vitamin A for adult female is : a-500 mcg b-700 mcg c-1500 mcg 90 .hydrochlorthiazide c.Amber glass h.

not substrate for chatecholamin o methyltransferase d-all of the above e.The most one of choice in spinal anaesthesia 109.Phenylpherin : a.Vit D metabolitee.ray c) Gama.Morphine causes respiratory depression by: a) depression of respiratory center in brain b) activation of respiratory center in brain c) depression of CTZ receptors center in brain d) activation of CTZ receptors center in brain 105.ray d) a+c 107.used in nasal decongestant b-in high doses stimulate b adrenergic receptor COMT c.used for insoluble drug d.a&c 103. D -gallamine.Suspention eye drop differ than ophthalmic solution in: a-less commonly used b-decrease contact time of drug with eye c.One of the statement considering Tetracaine : a.Vecuronium.most potent anti-inflammatory corticosteroid systemically is : a-cortisone b-hydrocortisone c-triamcinolone d-prednisone e.both a and c 108.In the ttt of T.101.One of neuro muscular blockerb.Bc. C -pancuronium.Which is (are) electromagnetic waves ? a)X-ray b) Beta.Opioid analgesicd. B .dexmethasone 102. 106. E – atracurim 91 .V-Neuromuscular blocker is used of choice in renal and hepatic failure: A -tubocurarine.Calcium-channel blockers mode of action : Increase the inward calcium to cells b) decrease the inward calcium to cells.cushing -like syndrome is due to : a) adrenal hyperplasia c) Hypothyroidism b) adrenal hyporplasia d) hyperthyroidism 104.

0165 m d.0.metronidazole b.muscarinic acting agonist 112.The Molal concentration of 0.g CaCl2 in 500 ml solvent .most described dosage solid form : powder .Has 5-HT antagonist and H1 antihistamine effects : Cyproheptadine 117.0230 m 113.882 b-0.559 d-0.0156 m e.0. Find the molality : a.Parasympathomimetic b.Enzyme kinetics law: A .8687 =0. both types of capsule acting adrenergic agonist. E .All of the above 118.indirect acting adrenergic agonist.0.Body fluid interaction b.Amphetamine pharmacological action: A . B -henry s law.559 M is (Mwt=331. soft capsule .23 g/mol& density of solution =1.b&c 111.indirect acting adrenergic agonist. hard capsule . D . B -direct acting adrenergic antagonist.Enzymatic reactions c. C -franks law.Henderson hasselbach law.all these drugs used in ameobic dysentery exept : a.gentamycin d.95g\cm3.Ready programmed & no influece of the body fluid 92 .Dobutamine is used as : a.157g/ml) is: a-1.0. denisty of the solvent 0. D .Controled released drug delivery depends on : a.diloxanid c.882 c-0. C . tablet .0156 Molal c. E .In cardiac surgery c.tetracyclin 115.Hypotensive agent d.110.Michaelis–Menten law.0165 Molal b.0.575 114.

All of these are antichlonergic except : a.Hydroatropine c.119.blured vision d.constipation c.Atropine sulphate b.Iprotropium bromide e.All the following are side effects of atropin except : a.Butrepium bromide *120.urine retention b.shorting in breath 93 .Mebeverine d.

drug used in abscence seizure(petit mal seizures) >>>>> Ethosuximide 13.of action hydrochlorothiazide>>> inhibition NACL absorbtion in early distal tube 18.Volatile liquid drug given as inhaler>>>>>Amyl nitrite 22.ANGIOTEC is the trade name of >>>>> Enalapril 14.Ceftazidime is >>>>> 3rd generation cephalosporin 9.qqh >>>>> every 4 hours 7.p.Freeze drying is done by >>>>>> Sublimation.Main side effect of nitrites is>>>>>headache 21.MAOI work through>>>>>increase avialability of monoamine neurotransmitter 17.Amantadine is >>>>> increases dopamine release and blocks dopamine reuptake 10.Phase 2 of Arrhythmia>>>>> plateau Phase Calcium influx continues and is balanced to some degree by potassium efflux . unvoluntry movement 94 .Converting big fragments into small fragments is >>>>> Reduction 4.d. 20.Indapamide ( natrilix) >>>>> thiazide diuretic 12.About tonic clonic seziure : occur in children .r >>>>> for the rectum 6. unconciousness .q.Diphtheria is >>>>> an upper respiratory tract illness caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae 11.Phase 1 of Arrhythmia >>>>> initial depolarization is due to a transient and active potassium efflux.Reserpine mechanism >>>> deplete catecholamines from sympathatic nerve endings 16.Bretylium class3 anti antiarrythmic is >>>>> an adrenergic neuronal blocking agent also its k+ channel blocker 8.Terbutaline is used as >>>>>> Antiasthmatic 2. 3.Mech.d= >>>>>>>> four times per day 5.i. Calcium begins to move into the intracellular 19.1.The parameter describing dissociation in solution >>>>> pka 15.s=q.

blistering. soreness. burning. or racing heartbeat or pulse  fear or nervousness  headache  nausea or vomiting  paleness of the skin  pounding in the ears  restlessness  shakiness in the legs. pounding.24.Sulfinpyrazone is >>>>>>>>>> a uricosuric drug 27. and loss of alertness 25. followed by violent muscle contractions( clonic phase) . hives. or feet  shortness of breath  slow or fast heartbeat  stroke 95 . ulceration. itching. lumps. arms. coldness.Phentolamine (Regitine)>>>>>> is a reversible nonselective alpha-adrenergic Antagonist. rash. pain.Consciousness >>>> its also called grand-mal epilepsy and Pit may be start with aura or not and it affect both children and adults. * Side effects of epinephrine : Incidence not known  Abnormal or decreased touch sensation  arm. redness. tingling. feeling of pressure. inflammation. 26. numbness. hands. swelling. or jaw pain  bleeding. scarring. tenderness.The seizures usually involve ( tonic phase )muscle rigidity. discoloration of the skin. back. irregular. or warmth at the injection site  blurred vision  chest pain or discomfort  chest tightness or heaviness  dizziness  fainting  fast. stinging. infection.

slow heartbeat  rapid weight gain  rapid. such as anaphylaxis 96 . ankles. sweating  trembling or shaking of the hands or feet  troubled breathing  unusual tiredness or weakness Get emergency help immediately if any of the following symptoms of overdose occur while taking epinephrine:  Symptoms of overdose  Agitation  coldness of the skin  coma  confusion  decreased urine output  depression  drowsiness  hostility  irritability  lethargy  lightheadedness. dizziness. deep breathing  seizures  stomach cramps  stupor  swelling of the face. or fainting  muscle twitching  pounding. or hands  are cases of hyperglycemia and acidosis have been associated with high catecholamine states.

Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for Vitamin C Age Male Female 0–6 months 40 mg* 40 mg* 7–12 months 50 mg* 50 mg* 1–3 years 15 mg 15 mg 4–8 years 25 mg 25 mg 9–13 years 45 mg 45 mg 14–18 years 75 mg 19+ years 90 mg Smokers Pregnancy Lactation 65 mg 80 mg 115 mg 75 mg 85 mg 120 mg Individuals who smoke require 35 mg/day more vitamin C than nonsmokers. * Developed by the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) * Adequate Intake (AI) 97 .

W.Non rep. = as needed .comp.a.D.NPO = nothing by mouth .C. aa.Cc or cc.asa = aspirin .n.a.dl or dL = deciliter .Pr = for rectum .D5W = dextrose% in water . = each eye.M = mix .O = pint . =every day .Ppt = precipitated . in the night .aq.fl or fld = fluid .DW = distilled water .or c = with . = morning .q. = left ear . both eye .Gtt or gtt = drop.q. = compound. = right ear . = as directed .et = and . mcg or μg = microgram or Ml = milliliter .t.Lb = pound . = lib. = by mouth .fl oz = fluid ounce . cubic centimeter .A.M2 or m2 = square meter ..Prn or p. = every hour .o.oz.D.s.N.p. = pint .½ NS = half-strength normal saline . drops . both ears . = do not repeat . = right eye every .d.c. = at bed time . = every 4 hours 98 .elix = elixir . = in water .a.r.p. = powder . compounded .mEq = milliequivalent .d..Pv = vagenal use .u.p.Pt.e.H = hypodermic . = dispense .d. or disc.Mcg.IM =intramuscular .Noct.4 hr.Pulv. = ampoule .h.h.q.IVPB = intervenous piggyback .d.disp.I.u.b.μ = Greek mu .s.a..F. = twice daily .μl or μL = microlitre . = At pleasure freely . = every .ante = before .dil = dilute .I or L = litre .i. = give of such doses = gallon . OR aa = of each .BP = British pharmacopeia .d.BSA = body surface area .PDR = Physicians. = = milligram .A.m. to be divided .o.c. = each ear. or o. = before meals . = National formulary . = after meals . = water . = discontinue .N & V = nausea & vomiting .div.o. = left eye = to. Desk Reference .ft = make .d. described as written .GI = gastrointestinal .ex aq. up to .gr or gr = grain .cp = chest pain . = ounce .q.IVP = intervenous push .dc.

307 So.3. 1ml/100ml is 1% v/v w / v = g / ml >> eg.0185 ×100 = 1.52 g of NaCl exactly 2000 ml.0.5 ml of MGCL dissolve in 100 ml water e.5 CaCl2= 111 Cl= 35.3 NH4Cl= 53. 70gm-------------X%--------------=1. the con.: 4% w/v means 4 gm in 100 ml 99 .307/2=0.52/57=0.5 MgCl2= 95.3 So. What is the molarity of this solution? a.5% --------------=1gm So. 1g/100g is 1% w/w  % W/V >>>> mass/volum .1 b.0.3/70= 0.4 NaCl= 58. Morality=0.95 ml of MGCL dissolve in 100 ml water   % W/W >>>> mass/mass . 1g/100ml is 1% w/v  % V/V >>>> volum / volum .5% hydrocortisonen what is the concentration of the resulting solution? a) 3% c)10% b) 1.5 Kcl= 74.12ml of MGCL dissolve in 1000 ml water d.90.3gm 40gm--------------2.0005 g e.15 M d-3.1.a and b g : 1000 mg g : 1000000 mc g 4) HOW can prepare 100 ml of 12% MgCl by taking? a.2 Na=23.00 x 10 -4 e-1.0.857% 2) A solution is made by dissolving 17. Mole=17.153 # HCl= 36.85% d) none of the above  30gm--------------1% ------------=0.5 Mg 24.60 b. molecular weight(= molecular mass= molar mass) of NACL=23+34=57 So.6x10 -4  Molarity=moles of solute/volume (L) of solution = milimoles solute / milliliter solution No. Result =1. of Moles(mol) = wt (g) / Mwt(g/mol) So.1) 30gm of 1% hydrocortisone mixed with 40 gm 2.4 3) Fifty micrograms equals: a-50000 ( nanogrames ) c.a and c  mc g : 1000 nano g milli g : 1000 mc g K= 39.12 gm of MGCL dissolve in 100 ml water c.05 ( milligrams ) d.12ml of MGCL dissolve in 100 ml water b.33 c.

of coal tar in 500 ml:30 part present in 195ml of prep. 0.4% calculate the amount of drug? A -0.1 g ------100ml X ------.7. so. x part present in 500ml of prep. of coal tar in 500ml=30x500/195=76. petroleum15 part . zno 150 part.5 g e) 1500 5 tsp.5 c) 500 d) 1.3: 1 b-1:3 c-10:30 d. 50% of substance X solution . ------.5 gm of drug ? a) 0.x 7) 90% of substance X solution . 30cc of benzocainamid solution? a-30mg d-100 b-50 e-130 c-80  1 cc = 1 ml = 1 cm3 0.002 ppm c. how mixing both to give 80% of substance X solution ? a.9 part 6) How many grams needed from drug in one teaspoonful .200mg d.02 g * 1000 = 20 mg 10) How need prepare benzacainamid conc.0.5 g 1 tsp.001 = 0.1:1000.2000mg 0.30 ml ( 1:1000 >>> 1/1000 = 0. according ppm : a. what conc.004 * 5 = 0.1%) 100 .2mg b -2mg e -20mg  c. if 5 one teaspfull doses contain 7.5: 9 B+C 90% 80% 50% 30 10 (alligation method) 8) 2 mg \ L solution . ------.001 * 30 = 0.0. conc.03 g * 1000 = 30 mg OR : 0. 5% w/w >>> 5 g solute and 95g solvent in each 100g solution Present by mass = mass of solute /mass of solution ×100 5g/ 100g * 100 = 5 % w/w 5) preperation contin coal tar 30 part .0005 b) 0.000002 ppm  ppm = mg / L 9) 5ml of injection that conc.2 ppm b.

0.1 ml X ---------. =Y/X Density( g/ml ) = mass ( g) / volum( ml) or( L) Density of water = 1g/ml SG>>> unitless 14) 5ml solu. 80 mg B. What is the dose that the patient should take for each day ? A.0. 400 mg > 80* 2 = 160 mg 101 .30 ml x = 0.5L d. = 5 ml 18) A Patient weighting 80 Kg is supposed to receive a drug at a dose of 2 mg/kg/day.2% amount of drug is :a.01 g * 1000 = 10 mg 15) How many benzocaine used to prepare 1:1ooo.1ml x----------. =weight (Y) /volume(X)/1 So. gravity of sub.5mg -----. 320 mg E.5 = 200 17) drug dose is 5 mg present in 1ml & we give 5 doses of one tea spoonful What is the concentration by mcg? 5 mg -----. 80 cc benzocaine… ? 80 mg 16) The dose of drug is 0. = total / size = 100/ 0. the sp. gravity of sub. Has 0. ? (15mg)  0.002 = 0. amp has con.50 L b.10mg 5 * 0. 240 mg D. 0.None of the above 12) KI solu.5ml per day and the total amount of the drug Is 100ml what is the no.5 L c.11) How many milliliters of a NS solution can be made from 4500mg of sodium chloride ? a.25 ml( 5doses* 5 ml) X = 125 mg * 1000 = 125000mcg  1 tsp. the sp. of doses ?  200 doses NO.1mg  b.1mg c.5*30 /1 =15 13) What is The Specific gravity of substance has Weight=Y & the volume is X ? The Specific gravity =Density of the substance/Density of water So.5mg/ml dissolve in 30ml water calculate the amount of KI in the sol. 160 mg C.

15.0005 micrograms C. Both A and B C.1ml x----------. 1. 500 micrograms E.54 mg/dL E. 84 mg B. HOW many micrograms are there in one tsp of the elixir : A.174 ppm = 2. Both Band C  ppm concentration = mass in mg / volume in liters mass (g ) = mole * mwt 6. is : 2.9 =171 gm 22) A patient’s cholesterol level is equal to 4mM/L. 0. 0.35x1 0-6M solution of sucrose (molecular weight of sucrose is 342.3 g/mole) is: A.95 mg/kg/hr. 1500 micrograms B.174 ppm 24) A 500 infusion bottle contains 11.19) Drug X is a given to a 70 Kg patient at an infusion rate of 0.5 *1000= 500 mcg 21) How many gm of water add to 5% KCL sol.3=2. How much drug we need for a 12-hr infusion bottle if the patient weight is 70 kg: A.5 mg C. 665 mg > 70* 0. 0.5 micrograms D.95* 12 =798 mg 20) An elixir contains 0. to make 180gm of solution(w\w)? 5gm--------------100 Xgm--------------180 X= 5x180/100=9 gm of kcl So. 66.0154 mg/dL C. 0.174x10-3 g * 1000 = 2. 1571 mEq 102 .174 X 10-3ppm B.1571 mEq B. 2.35x1 0-6 moles of solute per one liter of solution mass=6.35x1 0-6 M >>> means 6. 154 mg/dL B. 2.6 : A.729mg of potassium chloride (KcI). 5 micrograms  0. 840 mg D. How many mEq of KCI are present? The molecular weight of KCI = 74.5ml x= 0.174 mg assume : volume=1 liter So sol. the amount of water is:180 . This cholesterol level can be expressed in terms of mg/dL.154 mg/dL D. 798 mg C. 0.1 mg of drug X per ml.174gm/ml E.4 mg/dL 23) The ppm concentration of a 6.35x10-6x342. (molecular weight of cholesterol = 386) A.1 ------.2.174 mg/L D.

559 M is . 1.107 kg 150 * 0.05 riyal 27) 0.8687g/ 111( mwt of cacl2) =0. m d. molal >> m ) molality = no.475 = 0.95 * 500 = 475 g /1000 = 0.475 kg Of solvent .0.make an assumption : Assume you have 1L( = 1000 ml) of solution 103 .0078 / 0. of moles of solute / weight of solvent in kg (Difference between it & molarity ) Mass= density * volum >> = 0.0078mol Molality = 0.0. ( Mwt = 331.07 so the cost for 100 ml of solvent is ? SG = density Density = mass (g) / volum (ml) 1.107 = 16.1.559 d.07 * 100 = 107 g / 1000 = 0. 0.157 mEq 25) How gm of 100% substance X must added to 2000 gm of 10% substance X solution in order to prepare 25% of substance x solution ? a) 10000 b) 400g c) 40 d) 10 e) 0.95 g/cm3 . 729 *1 / 74.07 = mass / 100ml >>> mass = 1.00637 mEq E.37 mEq D. Moles = 0.0165 Molal b.8687g cacl2 in 500 ml solvent .0.157 g/ml ) ? a.0.6 = 0.4 26) If we have solvent costs 150 riyal / kg & its specific gravity= 1. find the MOLALITY ? a.0230 m e.0.882 c. density of the solvent 0.0156 Molal c.0156 m  # ( molar >>M .882 b.0.72 mEq  To convert (mg) to ( mEq): mEq = mg * valence / Mwt = 11.23 g / mole & density of solution = 1.575 molal  Conversion from molarity to molality : 1.0165 molal 28) The molal concentration of solution 0.C.

calculate the grams of the solvent : 1157 g of solution – 185..75mg.5 104 . How much ml we need of each sol.calculate the molality : 0.23g/mol = 185.84 g of solvent 5. ?? 50% 15% 5% -----------45 10 35 50% >> 10 / 45 * 450 = 99.97184 kg solvent = 0.009 d.00009 30) How many gm of water add to 5% KCL soln to make 100 gm of solution (w\w)? 95 g 31) Drug container contain 90 mg each tablet contain 0.09 c.( problem) ( according to child wt ) wt in lb.99ml >> 100 ml 5% >> 35 /45 * 450 = 350 ml ‫ ﻣﺠﻤﻮﻋﮭﻢ‬450 ml ‫ﻣﻞ‬350 -----.559 moles to grams) Mass= mol * mwt = 0.559 * 331.16 g of solute 4.% 50 ‫و ﻣﻦ‬ 10:35 ‫اﻟﻨﺴﺒﮫ‬ Or: 1: 3..559 moles / 0.16 g of solute = 971.find the total mass of solution : Mass= density * volum >> 1. how man doses? 90 / 0.75 = 120 doses 32) Sol.%5 ‫*ﯾﻌﻨﻲ ﻧﺄﺧﺬ ﻣﻦ‬ ‫ﻣﻞ‬100 -------.9 b.157 g/ml * 1000 ml = 1157g of solution 3..575 molal # Dose calculation for children.0.0009% e. contain D15W its volum is 450ml.2.559 moles of solute per 1 L of solution ( convert 0.calculate the grams of solute : 0.559 M >> means 0. 29) The solution contain 9ppm of NaCl the the concentration of the compound in the solution ? a. contain D5W another one contain D50W we want to prepare sol..

10 mg / 4 hour 38) Eight fluid ounce: 1 fl.The dose is too high as the daily dose is 5 mg / kg b.The dose is adequate but frequency should be Q6H only c.3. cotain D15W its volume is 450ml.50 mg every 6 hours b.6 % 37) The recommended dose of paracetamol for 10 Kg child is : a.oz= 30 ml 8 fl.15 mls every 4 – 6 hour d.12 kg x= 120 mg = 5ml 36) The concentration of NaCL in dextrose 5% normal saline (D5W/NS) is : a.9 % c.0.5:1 ‫ ﯾﻌﻧﻰ‬10 : 35 ‫اﻟﻧﺳﺑﺔ‬% 34) The dose of paracetamol for 3 month children to one year old child is : abcdi- 120 – 250 mg / 4-6 hours daily 250 – 500 mg / 4-6 hours daily 60 – 120 mg / 4-6 hours daily 20 – 60 mg / 4-6 hours daily 500 – 1000 mg / 4-6 hours daily 35) A child who came with prescription for paracetamol (whose weight is 12 Kg ) and dose ( 5 ml Q4H to Q6H PRN ) you are going to tell the doctor to tell him : a.The dose is small and a dose of a 180 mg is required d. ?? 5% ---------------------------------.The dose is inadequate and no need to call the doctor e.10 50 ‫ ﻣن ﺗرﻛﯾز‬100 ‫ ﻣﻊ‬%5 ‫ ﻣن ﺗرﻛﯾز‬350 ‫ اﻟﻣﻔروض ﻧﺧﻠط‬3.x ml a.45 % d.225 % e.8 % b.35 15% 50% -------------------------------. contain D5W another one contain D50W we want to prepare sol.oz -----.240 ml b.120 ml  105 .0.0.150 – 300 mg four times daily c. How much ml we need of each sol.100 – 150 mg every 4-6 hours e.1kg x------------.1.The dose is adequate but frequency should be Q4H only  paracetamol>> 10 mg / kg / dose 120 mg for every 5ml 10 mg ------.33) Sol.

4.0065 gm e.1.0.9 NaCl  0.9/2= 0.1.45g d.0.0.9 NaCl b.0.30 ml e.0.5% the concentration of the mix will be ? a.75 % W/W e.15 ml 39) How many gram of magnesium oxide are required to make 300 ml of 15% (W/V) solution ? a.5 milligrams c.2.65 gm b.0.45 NaCl d.0.5% of hydrocortisone what is the percentage of hydrocortisone in the final mixture ? a.9 % d.2 % ‫اﻟﺴﺆال ﻧﺎﻗﺺ اﻟﺠﺮاﻣﺎت‬ 106 .1.4500 milligram e.6.60 ml d.1.065 gm d.25 % c.225 NaCl e.25NaCl c.0.30 c.35 % W/W 42) Grains : a.4.1.2 % W/W b.S ? a.5 grams 41) If 30 gram of 1% hydrocortisone is mixed with 40 g 2.75 *40) How much sodium chloride is required to prepare 500 ml of 0.c.45 grams b.15 b.450 milligrams d.5 gm c.25 % W/W d.45 44) If U mix 60 gm of hydrocortisone cream 1% with hydrocortisone cream (---g) 2.9% normal saline ? a.85 % W/W c.0.75 % b.2.60 e.1.85 % e.None of the above 43) What is the concentration of NaCl in Dextrose 5% & ½ N.

05 * 160 = 8g 160 .8 ml e.45) Nurse ask you to dilute 3 ml lidocain 1% to 1: 1000.1 g (E) Non of above 48) Decilitre is equal : (a) 0.3 ml  C1 x V1 = C2 x V2 C1>> conc.1 L (E) Non of above 49) Patient use (Augmentin 250 mg Tablets) three time daily for one week.100 ml b. Of starting solution V1>> volume of starting solution need to make new solution C2>> final conc.8 = 152 ml of water 47) Decigram is equal : (a) 0.3 = 27 ml of water 46) Solution of 160 ml containing 5% NaCl how much water in this solution ? a. Of new solution V2>> final volume of new solution >>>>> 1 % * 3 ml = 1: 1000 * v2 V2 = 30 ml V2 – v1 = 30 .135 ml d. How many tablet this patient will consume ? (a) 20 tablet (b) 21 tablet (c) 18 tablet (d) 9 tablet (E) 24 tablet  3* 7 = 21 107 .152 ml c.130 ml  0. How many ml of water you will need ? a.2 g (c) 0.300 ml e.10 ml c.2 L (c) 0.100 ml b.6 L (d) 0.30 ml d.001 g (b) 0.6 g (d) 0.001 L (b) 0.

m.i. he take 1000 ml a.160 54) How many gram needed from water to prepare 160 gram from potassium acetate (5 % W/W) ? (a) 100 108 .d.i. ×1 3 days× b.d.d.m. ×1 3 days × q. 750 ml p. How he will receive in 20 days in mg ? (a) 700 mg (b) 1250 gm (c) 1000 gm (d) 600 gm (E) 900 gm  1000 ml + 750 ml = 1750 ml 250 ml----------5 mg 1750 ml-----------x X= 35 mg 35 * 20 = 700 mg 51) Antiseptic contain 150 ml of active ingrident with supply label 5mg for 10 ml How many mg of active ingrident in 150 ml ? (a) 75 mg (b) 15 mg (c) 1500 mg (d) 50 mg (E) 100 mg  5 mg--------10ml x-----------150 ml 52) (Prednisolone) administer as : How many tablet you will dispense?? 3 days× t. ×1 (a) 9 (b) 15 (c) 18 (d) 12 (E) 21  ( 3*3)+( 3*2)+(3*1)= 18 53) Convert temperature 59 Fahrenheit to Celsius : (a) 25 (b) 12 (c) 15 (d) 20 (E) 10  5F= 9 C +160 9C = 5F .50) Patient take drug A (250 ml/5mg).

(b) 130 (c) 135 (d) 152g (E) 125 55) How many gram needed from substance (X) to prepare 30 ml solution (1:1000) ? (a) 10 mg (b) 30 mg (c) 300 mg (d) 0.x ml 59) Dekagram is equal : A) 10 gram B) 100 gram C) 1000 gram D) 1000 mg E) None of the above 109 .03 mg (E) 1000 mg 56) If 100 mg of the drug is administered orally and 70mg of this drug is absorbed unchanged the bioavailability is ? (a) 100 % (b) 10 % (c) 70 % (d) 30 % (E) 90 % 57) You find 20 ml vial of aminophylline with supply labeled 20mg/ml How many mg in the vial?? a) 200mg b) 400mg c) 600mg d) 800mg e) 1 gm  20 mg ------1 ml X mg-------20 ml 58) You find 20 ml vial of aminophylline with supply labeled 20mg/ml How many ml must to be injected to supply patient with 100mg?? a) 6 ml b) 10 ml C) 5 ml D) 20 ml e) 25 ml  20 mg ------1 ml 100 mg ---.

2500 ml. What will be conc. what is total dose? (2x70x12)=1680 mg 65) Child of 10 Kg. infused for 12 hours .250-500 mg. c. b.  500-------1 x---------3 110 .60) Dilute avail of tetracycline for aqueous injection labeled 10000 I.3000 ml. 66) In a bottle we have NaCl 500 ml.5 mg________ 5ml x mg________ 150 ml x mg=7. for 70kg patient. c. b. and to obtain we should add what volume of H2O to get percent dilution 3 (H2O) : 1 (NaCl)? a.5x150/5 =225 mg 64) Drug infusion rate is 2mg\kg\hr . of a drug is 7.U To obtain dose of 5000 I. in 150 ml ? 7. / 4-6 hours.125-250 mg.5 mg in teaspoonful.1500 ml. / 4-6 hours. / 4-6 hours. paracetamol dose for him is: a.100-150 mg.U using water for injection 10 ml ?? a) 4 ml b) 5 ml c) 6 ml d) 7 ml e) non of the above  10000 iu--------10 ml 5000 iu---------x 61) Convert temperature of 50F to C : a) 10 b) 15 c) 20 d) 30 e) 5 62) Convert temperature of 5C to F : a) 41 b) 51 c) 31 d) 21 e) 61 63) Conc.

03. If glucose has molar mass of 180g/mol .0. 68) Grain equal: 64. What is the molarity of glucose solution? abcd- 0. as 1/500 of benzonium chloride to be 1/2000 ? a. The dose is very high.9 m c.45 gm 2.19 m b.=342.250 L 111 . 70) 2 L glucose solution contains 72g glucose.25 gm 0. mol. you should call the doctor to tell him: abcd- There is no need to call the doctor.2M 5M 36 M none of the above 71) 500 ml of normal saline 0. of substance (x) required to prepare 30 ml solution (1:1000)? abcd- 10 mg 30 mg 300 mg 0.3.wt. 30mg None of the above.0.8 mg = 0.065 gm 69) A patient of 10 kg is given a paracetamol one teaspoonful every 4-6 hours.9% contain ….0. 0.5 gm 72) How many mgs. gm NaCl: abcde- 0.03 mg # L water = kg water 73) 100 gms of source ( C12H22011.019 m d.67) How much lidocaine for solution of 1/1000 to obtain 30 cc ? abcd- 0.3 g/mol) are dissolved in 1.125 L b.None of the above 74) How much amount of water added to 250ml of sol.225 gm 45 gm 4. what is the molality ? a. The dose is not sufficient.1. The dose must not exceed 180 mg daily.5 L of water (density of water = 1g/ml).0.

08 *100= 8% 80) Drug container contain 90 mg each tablet contain 0.c.10400 s.0.0062% b.16.10% d.0.g.90.65 s. then the percentage of the drug in the final product is: a.75 L 2 * 75) Amoxil 500 mg taken t. so final cocetration : a.1.g.62% d.250 = 750 ml water = 0.09% 78) 10 gm of drug zinc oxide incorporated in 150 gm of base. d.0.d the total capsules taken for a week equal : 21 *76) 0.i.9.4 L d.All false (right answer is: 6.62% e.4 L  C *v = c* v 1: 2000 * v = 1: 500* 250 V= 1000ml solution 1000.0.1. how many doses? 90 / 0.75mg.g. 77) An ointment is made by adding 15 gm of drug to 150 gm of base. c.0.025 L of drug (x) weighting 26 kg.1040 s.062% c.04 s.25%) 79) Pharmacist add 500ml alcohol to 1 L mouthwash formula what is new % of alcohol present if original mouthwash was labeled as 12% v/v ?? C * v = c* v 12% * 1000ml(=1 L) = c * 1500ml ( 1000+500) C = 0.75 = 120 doses 112 .09% c.9 % b. b.2 L e. so specific gravity : a.g.

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