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It’s A Real War!

It’s not just a simple War of words

Or just some Partisan ideal
It’s not just politics as usual
This is a War that’s very Real.

Those of us here safe at Home

Can watch those battles on TV
We seem to become immune to it
With all the violence we see.

Those we watch are Real People

Someone’s loved one or a friend
While we can switch the channel
They must watch until the very end.

We feel sorry when we hear

That somebody has Died
We might even shed a tear
But not like all, they’ve cried.

It seems much easier to say

If this War is wrong or right
When we don’t have someone
We’ve sent over there to Fight.

The politicians play their sides

Sometimes blind, refuse to see
If they can’t cross their party lines
They never can be, really Free.

They must admit their mistakes

Have the will to change their mind
Instead of following their leaders
Like the blind leading the blind.

For this War is a Real War

People get hurt, People die
And we must each know the answer
When we ask ourselves the question, “Why?”

Del “Abe” Jones