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Board Agenda

January 14, 2010

6:30 p.m.
Thayne Elementary

I. Call to Order and Invocation

II. Executive Session

III. Pledge of Allegiance and Adopt Agenda

Action needed- Motion to adopt agenda

IV. Recognition
A. All State Music- Star Valley High School- Audrey Luthi - Band, Bass Clarinet;
Melissa Lechner - Choir, Soprano; Michele Campbell - Choir, 2nd Soprano
Logan Christensen - Orchestra, Bass; Megan Saberon - Orchestra, Violin 1
B. State Drama- Angie Lariviere, Meagan Kittrell, Alyssa Erickson, Trinity Charlton,
Ashleigh Armstrong, Madison Wade, Jordan Ames, Cassie Ricks, Kalin Schwab

V. Delegations/Reports
A. Report on Thayne Elementary
B. Monthly Financial Update
C. Cokeville Advisory Board
D. NCA QAR Summary Report

VI. Facilities Update

A. Monitoring of abandoned buildings

VII. Board Informational Items (No Action Required)

A. Enrollment

VIII. Public Comments

IX. Consent Agenda

Section 1
A. Approval of minutes of December 10, 2009 meeting
B. Payment of bills
C. Wyoming Retirement System Resolution
D. Approval for bus purchases
E. Memorandum of Understanding with School Facilities Commission
Action needed- Motion to approve consent agenda- Section 1

Section 2
A. Personnel
Action needed- Motion to approve consent agenda- Section 2

X. Policies
A. BID- Board Member Expense Reimbursement- 2nd reading
B. DKC- Expense Reimbursement- 2nd reading

XI. New Business

XII. Action Item Re-cap

XIII. Next Meeting- February 11, 2010- 6:30 p.m.