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2150 S.

Canalport, Suite 2B-2

Chicago, IL 60608
Tel: 773/292-4980
Hotline: 773/292-4988
Fax: 773/292-0333


_________________________________(Landlord Name)

Dear __________________________,

I have the following problems in my apartment that need to be taken care of:





This problem constitutes a violation of the residential lease agreement or is

required under a law, administrative rule, or local ordinance or regulation. Therefore, I
am requesting that you remedy this problem within 14 days. If the problem is not fixed
within 14 days, I will exercise my legal rights and get the repair done on my own and
deduct the cost from my rent. I will provide paid receipts to you along with my reduced
rent, and the deduction will not exceed the lesser of $500 or one-half of the monthly

Thank you.


________________________(Your Name)

Remember to make copies and send by certified mail with return receipt.
This letter published by the Metropolitan Tenants Organization, 2150 S. Canalport 2B2., Chicago, IL 60608 (773) 292-4988.