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A Prayer for the Present

December, 1995

Please Lord, help me make my

sacrifices with joy.
I embrace the gifts you have given me, and
endeavor to walk in Jesus’s path.
My sadness is not borne out of incompleteness, but
from not having things as I dreamed.

Buddha taught that “Life is Suffering” to

exhort us to savor life’s sweetness,
as we taste it, and
to be grateful for the Grace received.
Please help me God, to move that knowledge from
my head, down to my heart.

Work of the eyes is done. Now go and do heart work.

-- Rainer Maria Rilke

To Practice This Thought for Today

Use this mantra whenever you finish reading a book.

A Prayer for Protection

December, 1995

Dear, sweet Jesus, protect me.

Father in Heaven, grant me strength.
Holy Spirit, teach me to protect myself.

A Prayer for Perspective

March, 1999

Dear, sweet Jesus, show me your joy.

Father in Heaven, grant me strength.
Holy Spirit, guide my mouth.

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