To All clerks: You must Admit &Discharge ALL patients, In/From Admission/Discharge BOOK with correct locations

. You must CHANGE in Eagle: ARMCurrent Admitting Attending that’s covering patient to an ATTENDING Admitting patient to THIS UNIT when pt. is transferred from other Units &/or OR area. Attending can also be changed from BTR screen when pt. arrives on unit. You must change the BAM in Eagle to AF. All PICU patients should be changed from AA to AF, upon patient arrival to the unit. If patient is in house and is transferred to PICU it can be changed in the BTR screen.

TO ALL CLERK’S Paper work that comes via tube station Must be put in Patients charts (THERE ARE 3 SHIFTS)

On Monday’s you must change the Admitting Attending on all patients to an Attending on service for that week, Red &/or Blue teams if a different MD is covering for the week.

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