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Location- Slough Street- Pennine road backstreets

Action Point
Look around the location.

The location is very accessible as it is located
near a trading estate, so the traffic is routed
away from the production site, to reduce
congestion, delays and transport issues, and
easily accessible from road next to location.

Talk to people there, organise filming

The location is in an urban environment, and
local residents residing in the area were very
cooperative to allow permissions for photo
shoot to proceed.

Identify the equipment you need to

Equipment required to obtain images required
is a camera. Chosen hardware to use is a
Samsung galaxy 3 with 21x optical zoom, 16
MP to allow best quality capture as possible.
Also to prevent equipment damage from
whether conditions, an umbrella is required to
protect camera from predicted heavy rainfall.

Examine and identify any potential
health and safety issues
(e.g. crowd numbers being controlled,
being set up in a sensible location that
does not block access points or that
damages the environment or frightens
livestock, any road/traffic issues etc…)
Check the position of the sun and
lighting conditions.

Main health and safety risk is access road
where photo-shoot points are located, in which
extreme caution is to be undertaken when
taking photographs and early warning system to
be in effect ( warning of incoming vehicles by a
helper or model not in photo-shoot)

Look for interesting shots and camera

Interesting shots to be taken could be a series
of mid to close shots with lamppost under
lighting, low angle shot under lamppost and mid

Lighting conditions for main location under
lampposts an urban source of light- sun
position will be low at time of photo-shoot or
sun fully set and moon coming out from top left
hand side of photo-shoot location

shots on stone wall along hedge also with low
angle shot opportunities. Another opportunity
spotted is upwards inclining hill opposite road
next to lamppost location.

Check the electricity supply. (For the
majority of exterior locations you will
be using battery power)

Camera battery supply sufficient and will be
charged at 100% and only activated when
photo shoot begins and power saving enabled
when not taking photos to limit CPU usage and
background applications to preserve power for
photo shoot for best possible result.

Check the nearby car
parking/transport routes

Very flexible parking location son production
grounds and located near production grounds
for ease of access. Location relies on two
different transport routes to photo shoot points.

Is the location suitable for production?

Location is suitable for production as location is
suited to music genre’s typical location. Urban
environment is usual depiction of rap/hip-hop
artists, so will be used for production. Also
showing the artists in an urban working class
environment will emphasise the stereotypical
roots of rap artists known as being ‘from the