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Summary of example in the Novel (Quotes)
In Eldest Murtagh is a symbol for the evil that everyone is capable of. The author first shows how
Murtagh is taken and presumed dead, later in the novel it is revealed that Murtagh has become a
Dragon Rider who serves King Galbatorix.
Ex. “The Urgals must have taken them! But why? They don’t keep prisoners or hostages” (Paolini
Ex.2 “And there in the center of the plateau, on the edge of the Burning Plains of Alagaësia, stood
Murtagh” (Paolini 645).


The Novel Eldest is mostly about the characterization and development of Eragon and Saphira into
more powerful warriors. At the start of the book the authors demonstrates Eragon’ weakness and
toward the end he shows his new ability to defeat superior enemies in battle, this is direct physical
characterization and development.
Ex. “Soon afterward, Eragon fell victim to three bouts of agony while fighting Vanir…” (Paolini
Ex. #2 “Playing Zar’roc in a circle, he darted past Vanir’s guard and struck him upon the upper arm,
breaking the bone” (Paolini 533).


Throughout this story Paolini uses the reader’s imaginations and his own to create imagery of
beautiful fictional places, people, and other wonders.
Ex. “…the women were clad in an iridescent tattoo of a dragon....” it is also written, “ then they each
lifted a bare foot and brought it down on the packed ground with a soft thump. And again: Thump.
On the third Thump, the musicians struck their drums in rhythm. A thump later, the harpists plucked
the strings of their gilt instruments, and a moment after that, those elves with flutes joined the
throbbing melody. Slowly at first, but with gathering speed, Iduna and Nëya began to dance,
marking time with the stamp of their feet on the dirt and undulating so that it was not they who
seemed to move but the dragon upon them. Round and round they went, and the dragon flew endless
circles across their skin.” (Paolini 467-8).


The author uses conflict as a very blunt literary element, examples of this can be found in the battle
of the Burning Plains at the conclusion of the Novel.
Ex. “...putrid orange vapor and was covered with masses of struggling men” (Paolini 634).


Paolini uses foreshadowing in this Novel by writing that, at the start of the novel, Saphira and Eragon
need to gain wisdom and power. This foreshadows that they will overcome this conflict because the
author knows that it is very common for conflicts to be solved or overcome in modern novels.
Therefore he can use that to foreshadow that Eragon and Saphira will increase their prowess to his