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Maintenance Department Q & A

1. Where do you pick up keys?

Front Desk

2. Do you have to sign out the radio?

Front Desk

3. What is the replacement cost of the radio?


4. When must you have your shirt tucked in?

While on Duty

5. Where is the pool equipment located?

In the Pool Area Storage

6. How many gallons of water are in the pool?


7. How many gallons of water are in the Jacuzzi?


8. Where are the flashlights located?

Maintenance Shop

9. What channel is delegated to maintenance?


10. Where are the batteries located?

Maintenance Shop in a Locked Cabinet

11. Where are the extra keys and tags kept?

In the Locked Cabinet in the Maintenance Shop

12. Are you allowed to use the company truck?


13. Is the employee parking storages always locked?


14. If there is an emergency, who do you notify?

Front Desk/ Management

15. When cold, what doors are to be kept closed?

All Passage Doors
16. What is your mangers cell phone number?

17. If you are to leave the premises, who do you notify?

Front Desk

18. When someone checks into the Apartment, what need to get done?
Remove Patio Covers and Place in Storage

19. Are you allowed to take breaks inside rooms?


20. After what time can we have a pastry?

10 am

21. What channel is housekeeping on?


22. What is the procedure to request a room out on maintenance?

Notify Front Desk and Check Availability of the Room

23. What color pants are allowed?


24. What is the ideal temperature for the water heaters?


25. Where can you park your personal vehicle?

Employee Parking Garage