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About Us:

The Pate’s Science Committee is

comprised of a small group of sixth form
students with a keen interest in science.
The Science Committee’s main function
is the construction, testing and
improvement of interesting experiments
and apparatuses which show scientific
principles, but are too complex or time
consuming to be produced during lesson
time. These experiments can then be
used during lessons to help enhance the
wide learning experience which Pate’s
aims to provide. The other aim of the
science committee is to promote science
as an interesting subject to study to the
lower school. This includes running
demonstrations of larger experiments as
well as helping with the science club for
Some of our Past Projects:
• Flame Tornado – For our initial
project we attempted to build a
flame tornado using a box with
precisely cut holes to control oxygen
flow and thus create a vortex.
• Ruben’s Tube – Our most successful
project entails a noise played into a
tube full of flammable gas with a
line of small holes on top, which
when lit creates a line of flames. The
difference in pressure caused by the
sound causes a wave to form out of
the flames.
Current Projects:
• Railgun – We are attempting to build
a basic railgun which uses a roll of
copper wire to induce a magnetic
field which fires a ball bearing out of
a tube.
If you wish to learn more:
We will be demonstrating some of our projects in the physics department at
the sixth form open evening.
For current Y12s who wish to join:
Meeting are held every Friday at 1.30pm in physics, though we occasionally
work on projects during our other free time. Contact Chris Hall, Ed Morrish,
Connor Thompson 12Y1 or Oliver Price 12B2 or visit out facebook group:
‘Pate’s Science Committee’.