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Chemistry 12 Lab Manual

Lab # :19c________________________
Title: Determination of a Solubility Product Constant
Name: _______________
Date: ________________
Mrs. Taylor

Objectives:  State all the objectives listed in the lab. 

Data Table:
Test Tube #







Vol 0.010M 
Volume of 
H2O added 
Volume of 
0.020 M KI 
Volume of 
H2O added 
Precipitate or 
no Precipitate
at which 

Questions and Calculations:

For each of test tubes A to F calculate the [Pb2+] in the final mixed solution. In using the appropriate
dilution factor, remember that the final volume in each case is the sum of the volumes of both the lead
nitrate and the potassium iodide, i.e., 20 mL

Adapted from Heath Chemistry 18A

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) 6. Plot a graph of solubility (moles per litre) against temperature. how would you proceed?   ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Adapted from Heath Chemistry 18A Page. From the results of the temperature at which a precipitate dissolved.Chemistry 12 Lab Manual 2.). the solubility of PbI2 is given simply by the [Pb2+] alone. If you were given a saturated solution of lead iodide and asked to determine the KSP of  PbI2 from it. Follow up Questions:   1. 4. 5. (Since in each situation the [I-] was twice the [Pb2+]. make up a table showing the temperature. (This will be between the trial ion product of the last test tube giving a precipitate and the trial ion product of the first test tube not giving a precipitate).6 - ©Lockwood . Calculate the value of the trial ion product for each of test tubes A to F (given by [Pb2+][I-]2. 3. the Ksp' and the solubility in each case. What is the trend in the solubility as the temperature is increased? 7. Repeat for [I-] in the final mixed solution in test tubes A to F. State the range of values in which your experimental Ksp must lie.

7 - ©Lockwood .  ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Adapted from Heath Chemistry 18A Page.10M KI than it will be in pure water?  Explain your answer?   ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Conclusion:  State the results of Objective 3. Would lead iodide be more or less soluble in a solition of 0.Chemistry 12 Lab Manual 2.

8 - ©Lockwood .Chemistry 12 Lab Manual Adapted from Heath Chemistry 18A Page.