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Second Grade Weekly B) Caesar Salad w/

News Dough Bread
Miss Miller
Tuesday A) Mild Chicken Curry
Jan 11-15
Contact Info:
B) Mild Potato Curry
408-578-4800 ext 214 (school) w/ Rice
408-510-1831 (cell) Wednesda A) Hawaiian Meatballs
(Please call before 8pm.) y w/Mashed Potatoes

B) Hawaiian
Vegetables w/Mashed
Memory Treasures Potatoes
Tuesday (106) Romans 6:23 Thursday A) Chicken Burrito w/
Jan 12 – For the wages of sin Tortilla Chips
is death, but the gift
of God is eternal life B) Bean & Cheese
in Christ Jesus our Burrito w/Tortilla
Lord. Chips
Thursday (107) 1st Portion of Friday ½ Day
Jan 14 Lord’s Prayer – Our Collaboration Day
Father in heaven, Dismiss at Noon
hallowed be your
name, your kingdom What’s going on this
come, your will be
done on earth as in
I. Spelling – NONE; We
Friday Hymn 83, Verse 1 –
are doing the classroom
Jan 15 As with gladness men
novel Flat Stanley
of old Did the guiding
star behold, As with
II. Christ Light – 6A The
joy they hailed its
12 Spies; 6B Korah
light, Leading
Turns Against God’s
onward, beaming
bright, So most
gracious Lord, may
III. Reading – Birthday Joy
we Evermore your
& The Best Older Sister
followers be.
IV. Math – Using mental
computation to subtract
Hot Lunch 10 from a 2-digit #,
Monday A) Chicken Caesar Measuring & drawing
Salad w/Sour Dough line segments to the
Bread nearest ½ inch, adding
2-digit #’s w/a sum >
100, Representing & XIII. Scholastic – Here is
ordering #’s using base the new log-in
10 blocks, Subtracting information! User
3-facts Name: apostles_2
Password: books2
V. Phonics – vowel
sounds oi, oy, & the
suffix -ful

VI. Grammar – Theme,

Adjectives, senses

VII. Social Studies – Being

a Good Citizen (Taking
a look at our
government from the

VIII. Science – Earth Long

Ago (Dinosaurs)

IX. Music – Fantasia 2000,


X. Art – Finishing our

Stained glass windows

XI. January Birthdays –

Jamie Lynn (10);
Courtney M. (12);
Anthony (31) Happy

XII. Book Reports – The

next one is due March
12, 2010. Get reading
early! Remember there
is an art project due
with it! No 8 ½ x 11
papers for art please. If
you would rather have
your child type out their
book report please feel
free to do so.

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