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King Charles

Born on the 19th

November 1600,
Charles Stuart
became king on 2nd
February 1626. He
was only 5’ 3”
when he was an
adult and had very
weak ankles.

He was born son of

James VI King of
Scots who then
became James I
King of England.
Charles’ older
brother Henry was
Prince of Wales
but died of typhoid
in 1612 so Charles
took over until his
father died in 1625
when he became
King of England.
While he was
Prince of Wales,
he married
Henrietta Maria.
Although he
believed in the
Divine Right of
Kings, he agreed to
the Oath of
Allegiance. He was
crowned without
his wife Henrietta
because of the
controversy around
her being Catholic.

After some dispute

with parliament he
went into a civil war
with parliament on
26th October 1642.
He lost and was
imprisoned by
parliament who
then put him on

He was accused of
high treason and
later executed on
30th January 1649.
A moan was heard
through the crowd
as he was
executed and many
dipped their
handkerchiefs in
his blood.

He is survived by
his wife and six