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Things Move

A Science AZ Physical Series

Word Count: 201


Written by Rhonda Lucas Donald


Key elements Used in This Book


The Big Idea: The world around us is in motion, full of living and
nonliving things that move in ways that can be predicted and described.
Pushing, pulling, friction, and gravity are all forces that affect objects.
These forces can make things move, change their speed, change their
direction, and stop them. Much of daily life depends on motion. We
have to judge the amount of force to use when causing things to move,
stop, or change direction. Knowing how and why things move allows us
to work, play, get around, and complete everyday tasks.
Key words: bounce, down, fall, fast, force, heavy, light, move, pull, push, rest,
roll, slow, speed, stop, swing, turn, up
Key comprehension skill: Cause and effect
Other suitable comprehension skills: Compare and contrast; classify information;
main idea and details; identify facts; elements of a genre
Key reading strategy: Summarize
Other suitable reading strategies: Connect to prior knowledge; ask and answer
questions; visualize; retell

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Written by Rhonda Lucas Donald

Things Move
Learning AZ
Written by Rhonda Lucas Donald
All rights reserved.

All around you, things move.

Things roll, bounce, and fly.
Kids run and jump.

What makes things move?

Lets find out.

Push the

Pull the

Things stay at rest until

a force moves them. A
push is a force. A pull
is a force, too.

A little force can move

things that are light. Empty
swings are easy to push.

It takes more force

to move heavy things.
A swing with a person
on it is harder to push.

Speed is how fast

something moves. Things
can move fast or slow.

Forces can also change

the way things move. A car
can move up or down a
hill. It can turn from side to
side. It can make a circle.

More force makes things

move faster. Less force
makes things move slower.


How are these things moving?


Moving things keep moving.

It takes a force to stop them.

When a force stops a car,

you keep moving. So use
your seat belt or car seat!

If you let go of an egg,

it falls. Crack! A force
pulled it to the ground.

A force also pulls you

toward the ground. This
is why you go down a slide.

Forces move things

in many fun ways!