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History of Me

By: Nathan Taylor

January 10, 2010
Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is..

By Michael
Scott in The
Taylor family Tree

Jared Taylor Bill West

Tammi Taylor
Gail Crow

Nathan Taylor

Jerry Taylor Sr

Jerry Taylor Jr.

Verna Celco
Journey to SC
Father's side- My Great Great Grandfather at the age of two
sailed on a ship from Kulm, Russia into Canada where he
then immigrated into Washington State. There, my
Grandfather met my Grandmother in the Air force and
moved to Lyman SC and raised a family here.

Mother's side- I couldn't find any information on

how my Mother's side came to South Carolina
except that my Grandfather came from Georgia
because of a job offer and met my Grandmother
Valuable Item to my Family

Here is a picture of my Great Grandfather

that is valuable to my family...

My hobbies are:
•Socializing with friends
Places I have been

•Omaha, NE
•New York, NY
•All parts of Florida
•Myrtle Beach, SC
My Beliefs

•Comedy is a cure for all :)
Future Aspirations

•Get married and have kids

•Get to college
•Live through and graduate college
•Play football through college
•Get my Doctorate in something
That's the History of Me!