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Always searching the difference ......

In the electronic small farms it has innumerable prescriptions, I bought of famous marks
and caretakers, ufah ...... I thought, I thought…. e I remembered myself of the salty times
that I survived vendendo candies and that was excellent.
Then I was the kitchen and hands the workmanship

1 - Panetone of 500g (Bauducco)
180 gr. of Nestle' chocolate to milk
180 gr. Of Nestle' chocolate bitter taste
1 can of cream of Nestle' milk, icecream and without serum
200ml of leaf liquor of figo*
150gr. Of nuts ralada, it keeps to 4 entire for decoration
Way of Preparation
Places the Panetone to freeze for 12 hours

Melts in bath Maria the chocolate to make ganache, it mixes well and when it will be in
the correct temperature it are of the fire it adds the raladas milk cream and nuts and mixes
very well and it reserves. It removes the packing of panetone and cut in lateral slices
about 07 the 08 slices. It catches a dessert plate and it places the base of panetone, and
humidifies with the liquor, and pass ganache and thus successively until finishing finishes
it layer, pass ganache for is of panetone and sprinkles with the nuts and decorates. It
leaves in the refrigerator for 12horas. After it can pack the same in sachet of the

*Licor of leaf of fig

È one delights done for my mother, more is easy goes there.
Vc it goes to need for 1 Liter of drink:
03 new leves of fig lavadinha 250ml
of cachaça well good
250gr of sugar crystal
500ml of water
Way of Preparation
For leaving of gravy in cachaça leves of fig per 5 days, in the same day prepares Calda
with the water and the sugar and to leave to be point wire, when to start to esbranquiçar,
must removes the pan of the fire and to place cachaça with the leaf, to mix well and to see
the point have that to be as a liquor, to leave to rest per 03 days and after to coar in the
melita filter delay sufficient, more is very good.