30 Days of Boredom-Day NIne A Writing Experiment By AJ Mars Now was a day for suffering, with a kind heart

but unable hands go I to life’s tomorrow. For nineteen years I had been sheltered, snuggled tight in the feeling that my life would unfold simply and wonderfully. For nineteen years I believed that all would work out, not without misfortune, but that fate would see me through this life in a grand style. My confidence did not shatter in an instant, though the last threads were rudely snapped, but an invidious rot had already weakened the fabric of my sanctity. The withering would have been much slower if left alone, but it is now clear to me that Fate would never have left me alone to live and die a simple life of more-or-less happiness. For now, let us speak not of my decomposition of faith, let us not tell the tale of its sundering. Let us, or rather just me, use simple words, simply, as I tell the tale of my return to this world of dreams after departing to the land of the disenchanted.

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