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School Schedule (Detailed))

Subje Goal Strat/ Ti Invol

ct Res. me ved
To read I read a chapter,
Bible through the children colour, 10 All
Bible. draw or build
then narrate
what they have
To learn sight Use sign
Langu words one at language cues, 10 All
a time. sight word cards
age and games using
indivualised list
of words.
Children Using book lists
Narrat listen to from AO, 30 All
stories read narration die,
ion out loud three
times per
children narrate
what they have
day. heard.

Narration 1: All together (10-20 minutes)

Narration 2: Isabella and Charlie (alternate)
Time Isabella Charlie Patrick
10 Read to Free Free
Time Time
10 Free Read to Free
Time Time
Narration 3: Isabella only (20-30 minutes)

Subject Goal Strat/ Ti Invol

Res. me ved
To practise Using lined Charlie
Handwr writing paper children 10 Isabella
letters of trace, copy and
iting the
write one line
each in best
correctly. writing.
Read to all At morning tea
Poetry from AA time 5 All
Milne and
finish RL

School Schedule (Detailed and cont.)

Subject Goal Strat/ Ti Invol
Res. me ved
To learn Using CD and
Foreign Latin. Getting Started 5 All
with Latin by
Langua Linney children
listen and
ge practise.
To learn Using Math on Isabella
Maths maths the Level 30 Charlie
concepts practise one
based on concept each
respective week making
Year Syllabi. use of real life
situations and
hands on

Time Isabella Charlie Patrick

10 Computer Teach Free
10 Teach Practise Free
10 Practise Comput Teach

Subject Goal Strat/ Ti Invol

Res. me ved
To work Be outdoors
Heath through a each afternoon 10 All
variety of using program
physical provided.
and health
Science, Working Charlie
Other SOSE, Art, together to 30 Isabella
Music and complete
Handicraft. related tasks.