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The Russian Revolutions

1. Write a definition for the term serf:

2. How did the Russo-Japanese war hurt the Czar?

3. Give three ways that the Russian people suffered during World War I.

4. Write a definition of the term abdicate:

5. After the Czar abdicated, the provisional government under this man took control of Russia.

6. The provisional government got Russia out of _____________.

7. A new group, the _______________ took control of Russia after the November Revolution.

8. What are the two sides in the Civil War?

9. Whose writings did Lenin rely on when taking control of Russia?

10. What is the name of the treaty that Russia signed to get out of the war?

11. What parts of Russia were given to Germany under the treaty mentioned above?

12. What was the cause of the changes in the world according to Marx?

13. What did Lenin believe that was different from Marx?

14. Describe the communist government

15. Who took power after Lenin?