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Melayo Act of 2010 separates Melisa Cantiveros & Jason Francisco in PBB Double Up

Jason Francisco must not come within three

meters of Melissa "Melai" Cantiveros while
inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

Big Brother is well and back inside the

Pinoy Big Brother house after a week-long
hiatus due to over-fatigue. Big Bro took
back his place from Big Utol, his younger
and naughty brother, who managed the
house while he was gone.

But before Kuya's surprise comeback, Big

Utol surprised the housemates with new
twists starting off with Charchar Change,
where the rulebook was amended to shift the voting power from the viewers to the housemates.

In this fake amendment, the housemates get to choose who among the nominated housemates
they want to be evicted. This was meant to test the character of the remaining housemates who
will now have to eliminate housemates who have become close to them.

Barely recovering from the shock of Char-Char Change, Big Utol set another decree through the
High Court of PBB called the "Melayo Act of 2010," which prohibits Melissa "Melai"
Cantiveros and Jason Francisco from getting close to each other within three meters because the
two have become too violent and physical with each other.

Jason and Melai are undeniably affected by this decree, as Melai is one of the five nominees this
week and could be spending her last week inside. To strictly implement this decree, Hermes and
Kath were assigned to look after the two while the other housemates served as their bridge.

Meanwhile, the voting goes on for nominated housemates Hermes Bautista, Cathy Remperas,
Mariel Sorino, Melisa Cantiveros, and Tibo Jumalon. Watch the eviction night this Saturday,
January 16.

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