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Women’s Bible Study Registration Form

Spring Semester 2010

Soul Feast

To register, complete this form and submit by one of the

following methods:
1) Mail to Blacknall Presbyterian Church, c/o WBS 1902 Perry Street,
Durham, NC 27705.
2) Place in the WBS mail slot in the staff hallway at church.
3) Email to (turn in check on first day of

Date: Thursdays, January 14th – May 6th

Time: 9:15 – 11:45 am
Place: Fellowship Hall
Registration Fee: $20.00 (as able)
Description: The session will include social time, small group time,
worship/praise time and teaching.
Children’s Program: Provided for new born through pre-school age
children including a teaching time correspondent to the adult lesson
for older children at no additional charge, donations accepted.
Drop-off time for children: 9:00 – 9:20 am

Please complete the following information to register:

Street Address:
Email Address:
Home #:

Registration Fee: $20.00 (checks made payable to BMPC, WBS on the memo line)


Children’s Program Enrollment:

Parent’s Name:

Names of children with date of birth: