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5 Days 2010

5 Days Committee Positions

o Positions
 2 High School Donations Director (Catholic & Public)
 In charge of arrangements for each school donation bin
 In charge of organizing a high school challenge
o Getting collection results and comparing them
among schools
o Declare winner and possible prizes for the winning
 1 Wrap-Up Events Coordinator
 In charge of overseeing and organizing both wrap up
o Beer night and general wrap up
o Wine & cheese wrap up for EGADZ, sponsors and
 Some specifics:
o Work with the Deuce to organize wrap-up event,
including organizing band, drink specials
o Organize ticket sales
o Recruit as many people as they need to help plan
and run the event
o Work with Marketing Manager to promote wrap-
up event

 1 Assistant Wrap-Up Events Coordinator

o Help the Wrap-Up Events Coordinator

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 1 Community Donations Director (Credit unions/banks/retail)
 Responsible for the arrangements of donation stations
at retail outlets and/or Credit Unions
 work with the Marketing Manager/Team to create and
set up appropriate signage
 1 Collections Manager
o Keep a tally of the donations as they are being
o Organize collectors
 Responsible for ensuring all donation are
regularly collected and taken to EGADZ
 4 Donation Collectors
o Responsible for maintaining collection stations
and dropping off donations at EGADZ under the
direction of the Collections Manager
o Help others and work the booth in the tunnel
 1 University donations coordinator
 Contact student societies, USSU, Colleges, etc
o Inform staff and university of activities
 Organize the set up, placement and take down of
donation locations
 Work with the Marketing Manager/Team to create and
set up appropriate signage at donation stations and
other locations around campus
 Classroom organizer
o Book classrooms as needed

o TOTAL: 11 Volunteers Needed

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