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Boom Gen-X

Boom + Older

How can the 60-20 age group in 2020
support the 65+ age group in 2020?

What about revenue, tax base (direct &

indirect)? What about income, jobs and
social stability? Technology never sleeps.

Are assumptions about the size of the

under-20 group valid?

Caveat: We can do that with a different

economic paradigm, one less steeped in
neo-mercantilism, institutional kleptocracies
and worship of ideologies that sound good
but fail in practice.

But as long as money is created from debt

alone, it won’t work. Debt grows faster than
the real world, which is why we had jubilees
in the ancient world.

But even a jubilee is only a start to what is

likely to be a fundamental change in the
way we see work, economy, goals and
distribution of money and wealth.