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My personal philosophy agrees with Nelson Mandela’s quote ‘‘education is the most powerful

weapon which you can use to change the world’’. I strongly believe the purpose of education is
to enrich the lives of persons as they develop holistically. I believe that all individuals are
lifelong learners therefore I will continue to upgrade my skills. I also believe that education
should improve the lives of persons as they apply the knowledge they receive at each level of
education to better their lives and help others.
Technology is any form, mode or principle that seeks to make resources easier to handle and
tasks much simpler in life, I embrace all technological advances that make my life easier as an
educator. Educational technology is the effective use of technological tools in learning. Some
of these tools include aspects such as media, machines and networking hardware, as well the
theoretical perspectives for their effective application therefore I will make good use of these in
my classroom to enhance the teaching learning experience of my students.
I strongly believe that technology is the vehicle to take students and teachers to higher levels of
learning. Technology allows teachers to cater to the new generation students who according
Prensky (2001) are called Digital Natives. These students think and process information different
from their predecessors and able to multitasks and learn quickly. It is my view that technology is
the appropriate and necessary for development of all individuals. There are various goals of
using technology in education such as, it makes learning easier, it allows me to cater to the
learning styles of my students, apply differentiated instruction, provides greater collaboration
between educators as well as students and it gives student a sense of autonomy.
As an educator I will be able provide technology integration in all my lessons throughout the
curriculum. In preparing for my lessons I will be able to do extensive research to enhance the
interactive audio – visual presentations. I will provide my students with more

hands – on experiences as this will cause them to learn at greater levels, I will invite my students
to do some of their homework and projects online at various websites that I have created. I will
educate parents to do basic computer tasks like audio recording and movie making so that they
will be able to help their children to create these.
The different categories of technology include information technology, assistive technology
administrative technology and instructional technology. As an educator I am most intrigued
about instructional technology which as it will enable me to provide effective instruction to my
students. Dale’s Cone of Experience has influenced my choice of instructional strategies
therefore I will allow my students to learn more by doing and I will provide individual and
collaborative learning experiences for my students such as games, making models, creating
songs and stories and class presentations which I will record to track their progress. I will use
technology to differentiate instruction by writing several activities in my lesson plans that cater
to students at varying literacy, numeracy and technological levels. I will use technology to
address diversity by recording each child’s learning style and special needs in order to plan
activities to cater to these. I will use several assessment strategies including performance based
and open – ended assessment. I will use the knowledge gained to be a better teacher than I was
yesterday. As said by Nelson Mandela said, ‘‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you
can use to change the world’’, based on this philosophical standpoints, I will change the world
one student at a time.