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Azlin binti Asri


What is art ?
- artistic, produce something that is beautiful, the way of how
someone make something or create something, Art is something we
cannot measured .
- shape, appearance, way in which a thing exists, usual method,
- work, use of bodily, mental power in order to do or make
something, Contrasted with play or recreation.
Art form
- a means of creative expression, as poetry, or a specific creative
genre, as the sonnet, based on traditional structures, standards, and
principles .
- any activity or medium similarly regarded as a means for the
expression of creative impulses or professional expertise diplomacy as
an art form .
Art work
- something produced in one of the fine arts, esp. in one of the
graphic or plastic arts, as a painting, sculpture, carving, etc.
- anything made, done, performed, etc. with great skill and