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Ottoman Turks Ibn-Rushd Ming dynasty
• Which word in this list is
most important to the
Zhenghe Beijing Black Death chapter?
• What 3 words would be
Hundred Years Renaissance Marco Polo next in importance (don’t
War have to be in this list, but
had to do with your “most
important word”)?
Francesco Giotto Christopher • All words need to appear
Petrarch Columbus in Wordle (hyphenate
“multiple word” terms)
Iberian Castile Aragon • Write a thesis statement
Peninsula that incorporates your 4
important words
Inquisition Vivaldi ethnocentrism • Write an introductory
paragraph you’d use for
brothers a “full-fledged” essay
explaining why the “big
Polynesia Society Islands Maori word” is important in
post-classical history

Sufi movement